Sexier Than A Squirrel: Dog Training That Gets Real Life Results


In Sexier Than a Squirrel, the Official AbsoluteDogs Podcast, veterinary behaviourist Tom Mitchell and international agility competitor and professional dog trainer Lauren Langman talk training your dog, transforming your dog training struggles and getting real-life results through GAMES!

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  • Lmstransky
    No useful info, just a long infomercial
    I have listened to two episodes, both unreactive dogs, hoping to pick up some chips. However, there is little advice given. They’ll make obvious statements like, “You want a confident dog who trusts you,” but they never tell you what to do to make your dog trust you. They just say that they know of helpful games, but they never teach you how to play any of those games with your dog. Instead, they just share customer testimonials and direct you to purchase their workshop packages. This is not an educational podcast. It is just a long infomercial. Waste of time.
  • Jada2424
    Not so much a podcast, as an advertisement for online sales.
    Admittedly, I only listen to one episode, and got a single training tip and bombarded with tantalizing tidbits about how much more info I could get from their website. Hard pass for me.
  • sunnydaymountain
    Grateful to be learning from T&L
    Found this during a hard week of learning how to raise my pup Peako. Love this podcast - I pair it with Sexier Than a Squirrel training and feel very supported. I learn something new in each short episode and also learn their underlying approach better, which is present in all their teachings. They are clear, consistent, positive, and so helpful. Peako’s happy behavior at the moment is Middle! Thank you so much!
  • Dynamo Deb
    Helpful, Informative & Fun!
    I love this podcast. At first I was hesitant, because Tom and Lauren's energies felt so chaotic to me. I kept tuning in tho, because I always walked away with a new tip or understanding. Now I look forward to each and every episode. These two are literally buzzing with ideas and are so enthusiastic about helping all dog owners fall in love with their role as a puppy parent. I love everything Absolute Dogs including this podcast!
  • MarisaLacy1996
    THANK YOU!!!
    Wow. I just listened to a past episode about barking because my normally quiet dog started barking like crazy in our new apartment (we only moved yesterday! It’s a huge change). As a dedicated dog mom, I right away started to find ways to help my pup feel more comfortable in our new home. Thank god I found this podcast with such incredible trainers! I found my answer and so much more. Definitely my favorite new podcast and I’ll be listening to as much as I can!!!
  • Zephyrluna
    Progressive dog training made accessible!
    My journey with Absolute Dogs and the Sexier Than a Squirrel podcast started with a Naughty But Nice (NBN) rescue dog we fostered. At the time, I devoured all the newest science and training I could get my hands on to help her through her behavior issues. I quickly discovered that everything I knew about dog training and animal behavior has been completely upended within just the past few decades (granted, research has been out there far longer, it just hadn’t made its way into the dog training lexicon yet). A lot of the best wisdom and advice out there is directed to the sport/working dog audiences though. It’s available for pet dog guardians, it’s just not as accessible. Enter Sexier Than a Squirrel. What started as a hastily assembled online dog training challenge that dogs and their guardians could do under lockdown orders has turned into an incredible, accessible resource for pet parents and their pups (and sometimes cats or horses). Although they can sound like they’re trying to sell you something, dog guardians can get a HUGE amount of value from free resources (like this podcast). Enthusiastically recommended!
  • lady16130
    Love the podcasts!
    So much learning and information. Great advise and learning to understand my dog.
  • amyeb1
    Love this podcast!
    I love listening to the dog training advice on this podcast. It is upbeat and positive and a lot of fun as well as info.
  • griffinmaus
    Yes! Nice! And what ever your positive marker word might be.
    I have fallen in love with absoluteDOGS! The message of positivity and fun is exactly what we need in this world; with our dogs and with our fellow people. This is a community of yay-sayers. Tom and Lauren are wonderful. So personable and real. Enjoy the podcast and buy into the entire training program. This is how we become better humans.
  • Squirrels don’t have a chance
    DriveTime Delight
    I listen to STAS podcast whenever I run errands in the car— it’s the perfect break from too much news. Lauren and Tom’s energy and positivity is inspiring and the topics are super timely. I always learn something and with Lab Sammy in the back seat where he loves to loll we can try something new when we get where we’re going!
  • gordie's mum
    Episode 71: the dog that chased a chicken
    I had to smile as I listened to this episode. Fourteen years ago I took my dog to an all day training class, and the instructor was trying to get us to train our dogs to ignore the caged chicken in the middle of the yard. I had zero success, so the instructor took my dog and popped her choke chain so swiftly as my pup went near the cage. Yes, on the next pass my poor girl circled round with her tail firmly between her legs, so she ignored the bird, but at what cost? This training just felt SO WRONG to me. My current dogs and I are now enjoying playing games and training the Absolute Dogs way - tails wagging and I’m smiling, because this just feels RIGHT!
  • CreatingMagic
    Super show, Good boy! Good girl!
    This podcast and your Sexier than a squirrel challenge 2.0 has saved the lives of our 2 rescue dogs! They were heartworm positive when we adopted them and they received their heartworm injections last week. I was desperate for a way to keep them calmly engaged and entertained and a non-drug way to keep them quiet for 60 days. The games and how playing these games shape the dog’s brain is invaluable. Now on day 7 of 60 days of no activity they are both off of their tranquilizers and calm around the house, a fantastic result! Thank you Tom and Lauren, Good Job!
  • pdxbike
    Amazing and fun way to train your dog
    Tom and Lauren of Absolute Dogs have changed our life with our dog. They have an amazing games-based and fun, positive way to transform dog behavior. This podcast has lots of excellent information and they have many additional and excellent resources available via Facebook and their own website. I have learned a lot from Absolute Dogs, but the biggest ah-ha moment was that my dog had zero disengagement and needed to learn this skill. He could not disengage from toys, other dogs, the environment, smells, people, etc. Tom and Lauren haven given us the fun games to play with our dog to teach him how to disengage. Now we can see our dog figuring out on his own how to disengage from things at times. This has greatly enhanced our life and our dog is much better behaved. Check out this podcast and their other resources. It takes consistency and time to see the changes, but it is so worth it!
  • Natasftw
    But their product or don’t bother.
    I gave the podcast a listen as it had promise. Through 25 minutes, they gave almost zero useful information and instead promoted their 25 day challenge every few minutes. It’s essentially a 25 minute rambling advertisement for the challenge. If the challenge is as inefficient as the podcast, there isn’t a price I’d pay. I deleted the remaining casts I had queued up. I don’t need the advertisement again.
  • LiladyKT
    Infomercial NOT a podcast
    They aren’t actual offering advice but giving vague ideas that you will only understand if spend hundreds of dollars on their products. It’s not a podcast it’s an endless infomercial.
  • Lil, USA
    I really like this podcast it has a lot of useful information however, I find Susan consistently interrupting Tom incredibly distracting, and frustrating .
  • aegvgf5703
    Big ad but little value
    They talk about what they’re going to do, but never actually deliver the goods.
  • MaryCGroves
    Unable to Download or Play
    I would love to give this podcast a listen but I am only able to play the most recent episode. I did some research and found that the reason that I get a pop up that says “this episode temporarily unavailable” isn't the player that is causing the issue its the third party providing the podcast file. The issue is that with new software updates to the iPhone or iPod the podcast files must also be updated. I’d appreciate the ability to listen to this podcast.
  • Laughing Dog
    Pretty sure these guys just want to sell you things
    Feels scammy. They seem like they’re the type of podcast that is too in love with itself as well as the hosts and themselves with no actionable content. Also the last episode was a 20 minute ad copy for $100 box of probiotics for dogs (and it wasn’t clear how much it would last for but something like a month I suspect) made by either the host Or someone who uses the same graphics for branding that promised to cure everything from dental health to behavioral problems oh, and collect email addresses. Wow. Unsubscribed from this mess.
  • meganb-
    Great info
    Really informative and best mindset for dog training I’ve found to end confusion and frustration.
  • Kathleen_Valentine
    The missing link!
    I feel like I’ve finally found what I’ve been search for for years! When I was younger, I swore I’d never get dogs again because of the way they were treated. It seemed really unfair and didn’t sit well with me. But then I met Koda, my Rhodesian ridgeback, boxer, pibble mix, who was about to be put down for severe separation anxiety at 10 months old. He drastically changed my life and my views and I have been determined to help him find his happiness! He’s about to be 4 yrs old and if it wasn’t for Tom and Lauren’s training styles, techniques and understanding of dog behavior, my Koda Bears would still be a wreck of a dog with a stress bucket the size of a thimble and everything in the world filling it that thimble, constantly. We joined the Training Academy, joined the Sexier Than A Squirrel Challenge, ditched the food bowl - thanks to the ditch the food bowl - raw ebook that we got from joining, and now we are anxiously awaiting to join the Pro Dog Trainers! My bonded pair of dogs have been transforming every single day. They are happier, calmer, enjoying life more, we’re having a blast together every day, and so am I in turn am so much happier and enjoying life more! I can’t thank these two enough and all of the wonderful people that help make this happen!! Truly amazing stuff here!! Thank you!!!!
  • lptx2020
    Great intro to training concepts
    No ones going to be able to fix your dog training struggles in a 20-30 minute podcast- this is an intro to give you a feel for their training philosophies and what all they have to offer. They’re enthusiastic and engaging and they keep me motivated!
  • AnonABC123
    Great tool for Noise Training
    Definitely gonna try the DMT technique that the hosts explain to help my dog; she gets so stressed out by random noises!
  • GreyDogs
    Great Practical Information
    This podcast gives you access to top pro dog trainers for free. If you love your dog, you should check it out!
  • Andrea PSU
    Good in combination with the training videos
    This is a good podcast in combination with the training videos. I think it would be hard to follow if you were doing the videos at the same time.
  • LewisKIT
    LOVE this podcast, learning SO much. Thank you 😊
  • Almuoc
    Border Collies
    The Information you shared was excellent. I just wish you would spend less time interrupting each other and bantering and more time sharing relevant information.
  • Kdackattack
    Where are the tips?
    Lots of philosophy with no actual tips or instruction. Finally in episode 3 he was about to give a suggestion for dealing with a behavioral problem but like every other episode she interrupted to talk about nothing useful.
  • Kobernuss
    Constantly talking over each other
    Even though this was a targeted add I really needed help with an aspect of my dogs personality. This is NOT the place to find it. It is near impossible to follow what they’re talking about. They constantly interrupt each other, go off on confusing tangents and generally give absolutely no useful information just anecdotes. They used a targeted ad after I audibly mentioned something about squirrels and my dog to my mom over breakfast. So basically they’re just another sad business who exploits the lack of privacy we have on our phones to hawk their product just like big corporations that I also do not support.
  • Ncd318
    One long infomercial
    This is nothing more than cheerleading for their course, which you must buy to get at all the “really great” strategies they tee up but do not describe in any useful way. It is delivered with all the breathless excitement of an old infomercial for a revolutionary new cleaning product. If you buy into that junk, you’ll probably love this. For me, it’s a miss by a mile.
  • Agilk9
    Love the training info
    Love the training and behavioral info, but wish you’d spend less time talking about the free downloads. Can you put that info in the show notes?
  • SFBeachdog
    Endless blather
    I’ve listened to two episodes. The blather is endless. It’s likely there there is good training advice somewhere in there, however, if you want to demonstrate that you’re a decent dog trainer try not boring your listeners to tears with blather. My dogs like me to get to the point, they aren’t stupid, and neither are your listeners.
  • sabre 🤓
    Love this Podcast!!!
    Thank you so much for such a great podcast!!! I just recently found it and I am already all caught up! I love your concepts, games, and the wonderful work you are doing for our furry friends!! Keep up the awesome work!!
  • bull001
    Good advice but...
    Made it through 1/2 of episode 1 but couldn’t take the lady talking. She always interrupts and speakers really fast to try and get her point in. Annoying.
  • Starbellie1
    I’m bringing sexy back!
    Tess or Contessa my possible Cusinu or Aussie mix rescue is a Diva. For the last two years she has been unexpectedly pessimistic, over eager, unable to chill out and fearful. She has fallen in love with the games most of the time and we are only getting better. I’m loving the podcast keeps me hopeful and inspired. As Ian Dunbar says “face the beast.” Thank you for being on this journey with us as I learn to be a better companion for the Contessa.
  • alittlekato
    More training content needed
    These trainers spend a lot during each podcast session building up dog owner confidence but lacks useful content. I would love to hear more useful tips throughout. I am hesitant to purchase any of their Materials because of this. I also can’t get this start link that they keep referring to during the sessions.
  • NonaKathleen
    My go to for a treat
    I love the information in these podcasts. They are full of information and use non-traditional thinking about how we can train our dogs. I love when a new one comes out; it is my treat for the week to just sit back and listen.
  • Masha-Lotte
    Great teachers
    These podcasts are filled with background information and specific real life skills and tips, all for free. I try to get just about everything Tom and Lauren put out -- and it's a lot -- because they always find a way to give new and valuable information even on subjects they've addressed before. The podcasts are no exception. Their method of training has lead to my spending more happy and relaxed time with my dog. And you've heard that dog training is really training the owner? This owner has benefited from Tom and Lauren's positive "brain changer" concepts, too!
  • veryunhappyas are others
    Needs improvement in presentation
    I really like the the concepts of dog training this podcast presents and am working with my dog using the games with some success but I find that Laura constantly interrupting Tom when he is speaking is very disruptive and makes it extremely difficult to follow the conversation. Aside from it being very rude of her it makes the whole podcast disjointed and hard to follow. Take turns speaking instead of interrupting ! Please!
  • Momofskippy
    OK now what.
    Skippy loves the games and did the first two with no problem. But I can’t do the games while walking down the street. I may be sexier than a squirrel but not another person or dog or the smells of previous walkers. As part jack terrier, smells are king. I matter not, no matter how sexy I am at home or even my backyard where smells are familiar.
  • Im_LeeLee
    Will you have add’l episodes?
    Looking forward
  • 🔉🤑🐉🏹
    Please make more episodes 🥺
    Ware are the episodes? I’v been waiting for ever for more episodes I think it’s good podcast but ware are the episodes
  • SaraBeth G
    Keeping the faith
    I am thrilled that I found you when I did. I have a 2 year old pit- boxer who I have started worrying that there may not be hope for him and that I may not be able to keep him and I am so glad to be starting your games and videos and books and podcast and community. It’s been a week and already things are changing. I feel such hope because of your optimism and encouragement and expertise. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • negative charlie
    Flip dog training on its head
    Tom & Lauren are brilliant! Experts in the field of concept dog training! These two have a natural chemistry, are hugely entertaining, inspirational, life changing transformational! These two have changed my world & helped me with my dogs more than any other trainers/training out there. If what you’re doing isn’t working, jump in and learn all while having fun! Keep the vibes positive & the training fun Love you T&L!
  • Clare Owings
    Sexier than a Squirrel Podicast
    Can’t wait to hear more! Looking forward to exciting, informative and things to implement going forward. It was a little hard to hear Lauren at times but Tom’s voice came thru loud and clear! Congratulations on your growth into something new!
  • LHansen907
    Loved the content, but fix the audio
    As a Training Academy member, I’m a huge fan of Tom and Lauren and their training methods and concepts, so I’m excited about the podcast series! Only negative feedback is that the audio for Lauren is poor - sounds like she is too far from the mike, or that there is only one mike for both of them. Tom comes is very clear, but Lauren is hard to hear.
  • Lagoodluck
    A ray of sunshine for dogs and owners
    Tom and Lauren bring a refreshing level of positivity to dog training. Training with games has made all the difference for myself and my dogs. They are all about really getting to know your dog and what it is he or she needs. Play the games and most of all have fun. An added bonus is the effect they have on our lives. Not only do they help us reshape our dog's brain, they bring about positve changes in us.
  • GreenJim
    Engaging and fun way to train you dog!
    Tom and Lauren are energetic and positive and bring a really fun an engaging way to work with your dog to the table!
  • Me5014
    Not Your Typical Dog Training Advice
    This is a great podcast! I love that Tom and Lauren come at dog training from a “What do I want?” rather than a “What don’t I want?” standpoint. Working in the solution instead of the problem opens up a whole host of possibilities for dogs and owners who are struggling. In this episode they talk about the fact that a dog’s brain can actually be reshaped so he is able to think and act differently from how he has become accustomed to thinking and acting. Wow! Can’t wait for future episodes to be released!
  • Dana Escobar
    Sexy Dana
    These guys are so talented and generous with the wealth of knowledge and information that they share. Having been converted to games, I love this perspective. It automatically removes so much pressure and enhances my relationships with my dogs. I can’t wait to hear from them in future episodes ❤️ - Sexy Dana
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