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  • zero§7
    Almost immortalized
    Compleatness Consumes Controversy
  • asked4nickname but taken?
    Selling Copyrighted Media
    I don't pay for free stuff
  • Mister E seeker
    One and only!
    Only way this could get better is if they put more content out more often. But you can get access to the archives via subscription.
  • parler#1
    Who bought the rights to this?
  • Happy Customer!!!!123👍👍👍👍
    Art bell tape vault better than this
    Art bells the best but this podcast is a joke compared to art bell tape vault.
  • Dante Reeder
    Art Bell THE GOAT!
    Upload more art bell shows please he’s the best when it comes to talk radio!
  • Pikachusuzy
    Love Art Bell
    It’s great to hear Art Bell again! I sure miss him on AM radio.
  • Jeri Lawler
    Love Art. Too bad he’s most likely a killer
    If you didn’t know the story his first wife died in a Laughlin hotel room of an “asthma attack” and he was remarried just a few weeks later to a much younger Phillipina woman and left the country for years. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • saintket
    There are other podcast feeds with the full shows + list. This one just directs to a pay gate…. Art would be sad
  • Frank the ape
    Ariel art
    I really hope that in the future, I will see protégés of Art Bell in the podcast world.
  • geo1310
    Listen to this and you are listening to the best.
    Art Bell is an icon for all conspiracy and everything out of the ordinary. This show is timeless and every episode takes me back to the late 90’s and beyond. I remember listening to the shows live This archive is awesome.
  • Salty///Dog
    I ❤️ Art Bell
    So happy to find this! It was my dads favorite show and I love falling asleep to it. Thank you thank you thank you :)
  • jwest787
    Legendary Art Bell
    It was the only place to hear this type of information and great conversations every night. Some of the best interviews of all time. The Malachi Martin interviews are the best shows on talk radio ever. He is dearly missed.
  • Mr. Xmaz
    Art was/Is still the best
    Nothing like him before or since, the deep voice perfect for a late night. I don’t know how many days I would struggle on 3-4 hour of sleep because I didn’t dare miss anything. He is an American Original. And he is missed.
  • billthick
    Twenty stars
    Best podcast ever
  • suzannemelody
    Art Bell
    I miss him so much.
  • Gutstringman
    Great pod cast
    This is absolutely the best way to hear Art Bell’s wonderful library of science and UFO interviews with top rate professionals and scientists and scientific research professionals
  • The Blood Taker
    What a great throw back!!
    I miss this show with his voice! This is great.
  • Casey BW
    Art Bell Fan
    Miss him💔
  • gentle extraterrestrial
    Nocturnal eye openers
    So happy to hear these iconic and weirdly relevant stories years later. And so good to fall asleep to. Forever in our (he)Art.
  • Jim (Aka) Vrod
    Fantastic trip back in time!😎
  • Aileydude
    Always interesting and entertaining!
  • UteFam
    He’s Back!
    Thanks for sharing Art Bell, I’ve missed listening to him.
  • veertype
    One of the greatest late night radio shows of all time
    Always loved this show and was excited to see someone reposting episodes. My only complaint is the release schedule. I want more episodes faster.
  • Hetujcdt
    One of the BEST Art Bell
    I started listening to Art back in the late 90s. My parents actually turned me on to his program and I was a night owl so I loved to listen to his guests on all the topics I found fascinating. This us when I discovered that the world we live in is not as it seems. That was what lifted the veil from my eyes and I craved more. Unfortunately trying to tune in to his show on 1210 am was not the clearest station.. and it always seemed to get staticky on the good parts!! I love listening to his shows now because I know I missed a lot. I’m a coast insider now and I miss Art Bell big time. He was real… he didn’t sell out and his guests were always a lot more interesting then what coast to coast has today. I think that show is being censored now. Thank you for having this available. 💜
  • VonDutch616
    Pay for shows??
    I’m not paying for shows I can find elsewhere.
  • Gnatnelson
    Treasure Trove
    I love listening these episodes. Such great topics and Art is such a great interviewer.
  • xcrghjjj
    Thank you!!!
    Art has come back to us! Best day ever. Burned through the episodes already…..great feelings of well-being and nostalgia for those days. How about resurrecting Malachi Martin interviews, pretty please? I remember the fright to this day. 😮
  • Nicholas55555
    Art Bell is the Best
    I believe as many others who started podcasts or radio shows that cover these topics… The Best came first! Please keep these classics alive God Bless you for keeping the Legend alive
  • SolidHand
    Texas Coal Miner
    Long Live Art Bell/ worked through many night shifts with Mr Bell’s interesting topics and unique delivery
  • J22792
    The AM waves
    Will never be the same without you Mr. Bell. Luckily for us you will forever live on through your broadcasts. From one time traveler to another till we meet again RIP
  • hieyes
    Art Bell miss you
    I couldn’t sleep with out listening to Art Bell
  • AJCarro1
    My headphones are glued to my head!
    I’m so grateful for this podcast. Radio like this is dying but the genre lives on through Art Bell and your podcast. Thank you!
  • SOTG_Dallas
    RIP Art
    Listening to Art takes me back in time. Interesting to hear topics he brought up years ago are now more popular. I wish Art was here to discuss aliens and other topics.
  • gbeaber
    Love to listen to calls com in.
  • Lukaya
    Please post more podcasts??!!!!
  • Humhoney
    Can you keep an episode up?
    Thankful for this offering, but c’mon! Keep the episodes up! { * }
  • bbFAN28
    So much fun!
    Back when crazy AM radio was just entertaining and not dangerous 😃 Thanks for putting these eps out!
  • ajz035
    The master of Late Night
    No one has replaced him he was the very best. Keep them coming especially Ghost to Ghost were great. . It’s a . 5 in my books.
  • jjintc
    The Master
    No one can interview like Art Bell. He was the master. I love listening to the old shows. Thank you for giving us a second chance to hear him again.
  • Lofi Digital Monk
    The OG Returns
    Just add all the Ghost to Ghosts. Art Bell > Terrestrial Radio
  • axv71
    There are reviews from 2020? How is that possible? There aren’t”t any episodes showing for that time!
  • Nishaan Sandhu
    It’s so good to hear Art Bell and some old full episodes! Such a treat. So excited for more, thank you!!!
  • Lavander Blu
    More, more, more!!! Thanks!
  • peggyreavey
    Coast to Coast AM back in time
    My husband and I listened to Art Bell every night for years, but had to quit when Noori showed up. Noori helped pave the way forTrump, no doubt. Art was a magical, open-minded visionary who also was quick to ( kindly) identify a phony. Since finding this podcast we, once again, have listened every night, and will be signing up with patreon. Thank you!
  • Jcheesmond
    First time poster long time listener :)
    Listening since I was 15... 33 years back on am radio middle of the night in the east coast! My wife found the full episodes here, elated!!! Any chance more will be posted?
  • N.Weaver
    Please keep the full shows!
    Please, make the full shows available.
  • vexyah82
    Amazing nostalgia
    I used to drive cross country and tune into this show back in the day on the AM dial. Such a sweet memory to hear Art Bell’s voice and his mastery of radio on this.
  • Profit Prophet
    🛸Keep up the good work! 👽
  • okay2084
    Thank you!
    Thank you for posting! Art Bell is like no other. Hope you do more!
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