The One Piece Virgin


Follow along as a grown man reads One Piece for the very first time, one week at a time! If you're a fan of One Piece, you can relive the excitement of the series from the beginning. If you haven't read One Piece yet, you can read along with us!


Animak, The One Piece Virgin. He has been an Anime fan for over a decade and has seen / read hundreds of Anime and Manga titles (but not One Piece). He also runs the AnimeUproar YouTube channel.

Nux Taku: Anime YouTuber and One Piece stan.

AllDayAnime: Anime YouTuber and even bigger One Piece stan.

+ many more special guests.

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  • kttsstlettsxy
    I miss nux
    This pod is the reason i have caught up to OP, but lately the eps have been boring. We need some new guests to keep the energy up!
  • Dddddddddddddddddl
    Gozen and teking 101 episode is best
    Thank you for the podcast you need to listen to teking more and if you demotize this also I’m listening to podcast right now(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:((:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:
  • Hendew B
    Captain Morgan???
    I started one piece when I caught covid in 2021. I caught up in 2023 18 months later. I’ve been listening to the podcast for 3 days and I’m on the Chopper episode now but I’m loving you guys! I can’t wait to catch up on the podcast to hear the progress made. I do have one question tho… Did anyone catch the panel where captain Kuro kills all the marines and leaves 1 alive and has Jango hypnotize him? That marine was captain Morgan and his capturing of Kuro is what got him the promotion! Kuro broke his jaw and is the reason he has the iron jaw! Go back and look at the panel! It’s Morgan 100%
  • bluenote17
    Thank you
    I started one piece in 2020. Wish I knew this was around then. Love what you do. I’m at 150 on here. Love seeing it through your eyes for the first time
  • fortnight lover6969
    One piece
    One pice is life
  • Pillboi!!!!!!!!!!
    Great but….
    A lot of chapters have come out since the last episode. Update the podcast already!
    Y’all needa drop a new episode
    is been 4 months we need to hear them thoughts mane
  • desedants
    N u x
    Nux carries
  • I Love Ella The Most
    Wano criticism
    Animac I think part of your struggles with wano comes down to the fact that this is your first time experiencing oda’s story telling week to week. For me it’s way better binged. Ask any one piece vet on how arcs were received week to week (even marineford/ Enies lobby/ WCI)
  • lov majoras mask
    Good podcast
    I love the podcast and just started it I have read to the most recent chapter and love reliving past experiences!
  • king of black wrath
    One piece bird
    I like how one piece has a lot of mystery like will of d Enel emu and everything but no seem to talk about the bird from alabasta
  • The One Piece Virgins rival
    Nux……. Shanks stopped Kaido without lifting a finger
    Hahahahaha…… A GAMEEEE THEORRYYYYYY, Thx for watching
  • Blueberry Fathead
    Learn ‘em.
  • ProfessorPatel
    Amazing for old arcs, but unorganized and sloppy in current
    Awesome for catching up and getting perspectives from other virgins without getting spoiled. Now that we’re all caught up, it’s a lot more unorganized and bounce around too much, even though they’re covering way less chapters. Lots of details get confused too. Love the guys, they just gotta tighten up and structure the recap more.
  • duhgyihffyjh
    Love it
    So I finish one piece or at least the English dubbed part and I want to see somebody react to it but than I fin this podcast I think it will be a good podcast so I listen to it an ho do I find Nux taku and I mean I love this guy he is my favorite YouTube and I watch all his vids and it’s amazing to see nix talking about one piece and this is my new favorite podcast thank you for making this it’s amazing.
  • the moaning guy
    NUX and Briggs!!!!!!!
    This podcast is very fun I enjoy listening to this. Gg NUX & BRIGGS!!!!!!!!!!! 👀 👃 👄
  • Pry Watkins
    Poop poop pooop faaaaaart
  • Galaxyllama2.0
    Love it
    I love the podcast with all of the laughs and spoilers but I don’t even understand them because my parents won’t allow me to watch anything anime related anymore but I just keep listening because I have nothing else better to do but each episode always makes my day better, even with not understanding them anymore.
  • Jman093
    Animak from anime uproar
  • wordwaster
    Bad chemistry
    Constant tangential interruptions and clear disagreements on what the tone and theme of the show should be makes this painful to listen to. Love one piece, but these guys give me a headache.
  • 1995DCP25
    Friggen good work
    Love the pod! Been listening for a while now, I have no idea what you three look like but just by voices I know I can beat Briggs in a fight, nux I don’t think I could take on and animac it would be a good fight….keep it up boys!
  • Hi Howard
    Always loved nux and the rant cafe crew and this podcast got me through the last year always having something funny and entertaining to listen to op chads 4L
  • med man 87
    I love this show
    I found this podcast whole looking for stuff on one piece. I'm so glad I did you guys do a great job going thru everything. I hope to catch up with you mad lads. Shout to knocks and Briggs
  • MiloPrince
    Enjoyable podcast, poor cohost
    I’m just starting this podcast, but it really feels like this Knucks person truly doesn’t respect the concept of the show. He just keeps screaming over the hosts and anyone else trying to have a conversation, and just continues to vomit out spoilers. I’m sure he’s fine to talk to, but he’s rude and that’s what makes him annoying.
  • ZonquixoteZoflamingo
    The One Piece Virgin Virgin
    Found this show randomly while looking for podcast to listen to at work and was instantly addicted. I’m caught up with the anime and manga and to go back and hear all this info and lore from beginning to end has been amazing. Nux & Briggs and the guests are hilarious and informing especially the living One Piece encyclopedia Tekking101, really think you guys should replace animac with a different virgin because his incessant whining about being interrupted and people going off topic is mad annoying. The rants, Nux’s comedy, and everyone else make this show highly entertaining and animac just gives me a nagging headache but other than animac’s presence on the show this show is GOLD.
  • Rdawg22357
    Hunter x hunter
    You need a HXH virgin like hunter hunter is probably one of the best anime out there it’s comparable or even better than one piece I just finished it and it’s really good like the world building is amazing and the characters are very love able
  • samanthajoadair
    Another annoying grown men bickering podcast
    Again, remove the Knucks person and more people will enjoy this podcast. He is dreadful. I understand y’all are friends, but he is NOT a podcast person. He is not a likable person. LOL. Unsubscribed.
  • Mikhail Blowinoff
    I love it but...
    This is perfect! I read all of One Piece in 6 months and just found this pod after I caught up to 1010! It’s a great fix for a OP addict who just wants more content lol. It was crazy to find that all the people on this pod are youtubers i follow... except for Nux. Man, Nux is corny. He messes up the flow of the conversation. I’m sure he has some good things to say, I just wish he had a better understanding of when he should say his jokes. I wish Nux could go to a stand up or improv class so he can learn better timing because right now, it’s like he’s the whitest person on the dance floor.
  • Inquisitive Weeb
    Inquisitive Weeb
    Less a review more a question, do you still get the same shock and feels from manga as anime?? Im 3 ep behind since im waiting on weekly Eps. But i wanna listen 😩
  • I hate Bounty Rush
    Nux and Brigs
    Ok so those Words mean everything to me nux and brigs are the franky and brook to me, Brook the energetic type that brigs is and NUX IS FRANKY THE ABSOLUTE CHAD AND EVEN THO WE MAY BE IN THOUGH TIMES NUX THROUGHS A MEME OR TWO PUT THERE BUT FRANKY SPREADS THEM CHEEKS AND SAYS SUPERRRRR
  • Water2310
    Things didn’t go as plan and I blame my savior animac
    Just picture it’s a normal Tuesday evening and you’re sitting there eating a bowl of fruity pebbles when you discover... one of the best podcasts ever!!! I hadn’t plan on rewatching one piece a third time until it was mostly done (bout 80-90%) but this podcast made me dive right back in and now I’m watching along with the podcast... but more binging both. Love you guys, gotta thank the legend Ragnar Briggs because I found this while listening to one piece dnd which is another legendary podcast... frankly I think Briggs is secretly the one piece!!
  • Zolo4president
    Nobody understands Zoro
    Love the podcast and trying to catch up on all the episodes but as a long time OP fan I can’t tolerate this Zoro disrespect. He’s the only one of them to go toe to toe with an Admiral and not get demolished but Sanji gets all the love. And after NOTHING HAPPENED we see why he’s the first mate. Love the podcast but put some respect on my dudes name.
  • wilkery
    I found this and decided to read the books, next thing I knew I’m reading like 10 chapters an hour and watching like 15 episodes everyday
  • rowillet
    Animac is a hater
    The “what is the one piece” ep Nux was on his best behavior and animac still was sharp with him for meme of and joking around. Animac needs to chill, he made jokes that were half a s funny ( will of Dio? Cmon Mac).
  • Who cares my nickname's taken
    Luffy is the true king. That is all!
  • Naruto has no plot holes
    Naruto has no plot holes
    Well welcome to the "waiting weekly for the new chapters" gang animak.
  • jjorgevargas26
    The best in the world
    I love this podcast so much. One piece was already my number one manga but this podcast has maybe appreciated it even more.
  • jegusPersona
    Loaf of Bread, Coke Zero, Licorice, Bandages, Toilet Paper, Baking Soda, Meat and Cheese.
    My uncle died last week Happy Birthday.
    Y’all should brush up on your OP facts with tekking
    Really starting to lose interest when animac has become more knowledgeable about one piece than the self proclaimed chads.
  • danman5788445
    One piece boys
    Decent... in wano you can tell they are all ready to be done with this podcast so you can unsubscribe. Animak has no clue what’s going on and they’re all just phoning it in at that point.
  • StrawHatAndrew
    Love it
    I love this podcast but I’m wondering where can I listen to the read through?
  • MikeyaVel
    The truth
    Hey guys this show is amazing I popped One Piece of my cherry this year. With the gusto of Nux I have now caught up watching the anime for the second time! And now I am restarting once again in true mad-lad fashion. Except this time I am reading the manga. This is my first manga and you guys help keep my insane hobby fresh. So thank you thank you thank you. Luffy would stan Wolverine
  • Trizzshady
    Mute Button
    Everyone should have a mute button for Nux and be able to mute him at any point. His interrupting is ridiculous. This isn’t your YouTube channel man, it’s not all about you. Love this podcast and love hearing Animak’s experience but Nux seriously brings it down.
  • ACaylen
    Very cool!
    Very cool! Very cool! And very cool!
  • A-BAY
    Fun podcast with room for improvement
    The podcast is a lot of fun for new and old fans of One Piece and the hosts bring in fun and passionate guests every week. The amount of interrupting by Nux and the complete derailing by Animak if someone talks at the same time as him does hurt the flow of the conversation significantly at times. If Nux could try to avoid talking over others and Animak could be a bit more understanding of audio delays and the dynamic of 4 person conversations it would improve my listening experience to 5 stars.
  • Lestaaaaaaaaay
    10/10 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️
    Amazing show always look forward to listening to all the different perspectives from different One Piece fans one thing about Fujitora is that when he’s first intoduced he was gambling and how he liked it at first he was supposed to capture Luffy but then later ended up betting on him
  • Yadisaurous
    Awesome show
    Just waiting for animak to choke out nux for driving him insane
  • Hanzer14
    NUX!! AND BRIGGS!! and animak feat. other people
    this is such a good podcast I can finally hear you guys just talking about each arks, without restrictions. I could listen to you guys talk about one piece all day, and its so nice to have such a variety of personalities. with nux for the comedy, animak for the incredible analysis, and briggs for the chill atmosphere and chadness.
  • xTitanfalll
    Got me into one piece
    I love this podcast it got me into the one piece manga i only just finished alabasta today but i am catching up with the podcast and i enjoy hearing the opinions you all have about the manga as veterans in the series i know if this is read i wont hear it for a while but i will catch up someday
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