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Paige Spiranac is one of the most "followed" golfers in the world. Find out why and get to know her in an entirely new way.  Not only does she love playing the game, she's a massive fan of the sport and golfers at all levels. No matter your skill level, Playing A Round is the place for Golfers and Sports Enthusiasts to have a really good time. Paige doesn't take herself too seriously. She's sexy and playful and ready to give you a little T&A (Tips and Advice) so listen up! Golf is known to reduce stress, release endorphins and offer a wide range of mental and physical benefits...just like this podcast. Get ready to Play A Round with us.

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  • TwIlliamD
    Not enough to bring me back
    The first episode I checked out centered around how much the two of them don’t like to golf. While some points were interesting, the takes on amateur youth golf and college team golf, for instance, mainly it seemed to be a lot of rants on why they don’t like golf. Add in the poor quality of the sound on the podcast and I’m off to Rick Shiels.
  • Jacksparmo
    Golf Tips
    I originally started listening to this podcast for the behind the scenes stuff related to the PGA etc, but I’ve been most impressed by the golf tips that are sprinkled throughout, they have really helped parts of my game.
  • ange322
    Great Pod
    First time listener and first time golfer (after watching the Masters) and would highly recommend this pod! Have been following Paige for a while, but deff cool listening to her talk golf and about the Masters! Excited for the next podcast!!
  • GinnyWeasleyZzz
    Playing A Round
    I've been listening since the beginning and really enjoy the content. I became an OnlyPaige member; my wife recently began playing golf and is really benefiting from the instructional videos! Keep up the great work!
  • cc misfit
    Golf and so much more
    This podcast is a fun and interesting. Behind the scenes of famous golfers and influencers. Love it.
  • halongtime
    Real golf talk
    Amazingly refreshing podcast from the world famous Paige. She and Sam provide deep insights and very real thoughts on everything golf — on and off the course!
  • asada man
    Paige gives a great insight to her life outside of what you see in the media. She does a great job of covering both sides of her game and always gives her honest opinion. Great pod to listen to on the range, in the car or at home.
  • Robortega
    Must listen if you love Golf and love to laugh!
    I’ve been following Paige for a while on IG and somehow just realized she had a podcast so I tuned in! Her and Sam just feed off each other and truly enjoyed listening to the podcast. There’s plenty of insight into Golf and I actually learned a few things from listening. Most importantly they make the show great to listen to. Can’t wait to listen to more podcasts in the future!
  • DJ E-Spin
    Hole in One
    As someone that has always liked golf but is now obsessed I have begun following more and more subscriptions and podcasts. This podcast is just one of the many things that I have added to my follows. It’s is definitely recommended for an easy yet fun listen!
  • Hagen A.
    Awesome golf podcast with tons of unique, fun, and interesting info. Great insights on tournament recaps, player breakdowns and much more.
  • hiimrichie
    Pod game is strong
    Been listening since the start. Great weekly content and the Paige-Sam duo is the best yet. Cheers and Go Aztecs!
  • km5612906
    One of my favorites podcasts!
    This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to and it’s never the same conversation with any of the special guests. It’s impressive the knowledge Paige has and you can tell how passionate she is about it! She does such an outstanding job running the show.
  • truelistener
    Great show
    Podcasts is a great listen to. Very fun and entertaining. beautiful, talented women talking golf at the same time educational.
  • Czr Q
    Making golf fun
    It seems like Paige has figured out the golf podcast format that works for her. It makes listening while working fun and I look forward to new episodes
  • BrittyNichole1
    I love Paige!
    This is my favorite podcast. It’s funny and cheeky but at the same time provides great information. I found Paige on YouTube last year when I first started playing golf and all her content has helped me so much. Of course she is beautiful but aside from that she really knows her stuff! I wait for this podcast every week!
  • GregThorn12334
    Great show!
    Covers a little of everything. Awesome perspectives, and just a fun time!
  • 3PuttJohnny
    All Things Augusta Recap
    New to this podcast, love it!
  • BigJoser13
    My weekly ritual
    I go to work super early and I tend to listen to Podcasts since it’s a 45 minute drive. Hearing Paige’s voice is the perfect morning. Her and Sam’s back and forth banter are truly entertaining and I wish there was more.
  • HuntingGood
    Authentic Hilarious Perfect
    Paige always has a strong opinion and let’s everyone know! Yet she is able to admit when made a mistake. It’s refreshing to hear a personality speak their own opinion that’s not skewed by outside influences. She is bringing a “different crowd” into golf, simplifies the game, and is very funny! I was hooked after 1 episode. The introduction of Samantha Marks has been a complete success IMO. The combination of golf knowledge, skill, and marketing savvy adds so much! They bring out the best in one another. It’s always exciting to see what they will come up with next 🔥it’s the only podcast I subscribe ✅ Huge fan ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Cestoe24818702
    Can't get enough of you miss Paige, i listen to you and see your videos on Facebook, insta and apple podcast . Keep on doing you!
  • erikferner
    Great Advice for Visiting The Masters
    Great podcast especially the experience of being at The Masters on a Wednesday. I was able to go on a Wednesday and Thursday in 2019. The difference of the 2 days is night and day due to the Par 3 and being able to take pictures. Totally agree that Wednesday is the best day. The Oatmeal Cookie is awesome but more love needs to go to the BBQ sandwich!! Speedwalking to a spot with your chair should be an Olympic sport!!🤣🤣
  • 184STU///M3
    Hilarious content, the best hot takes, and quality reviews of professional golf happenings. Arguably the best podcast in golf. 👍🏻
  • SirMint
    Enjoyed the Masters Episode!
    Been entering (and losing) the Masters lottery for years so listening to the details Paige and Sam experienced was awesome. Can’t wait to experience it one day myself! Subscribe to the podcast to hear golf talks!
  • CHHC1995
    Amazing podcast
    Been listening since Day 1. Love the new format. A must listen if you are a golf fan.
  • TB311
    Masters Recap
    Great Pod, must follow for all things golf! Regarding the Masters recap, spot on! Was able to go Wed & Thurs so reliving Augusta National was awesome! Pimento cheese = overrated! Breakfast-chicken sangy might be best item on menu along with a “Domestic beer” are a must have! The ladies killed it!
  • Very Helpful Tips!
    Exciting Golf Podcast
    I love watching golf on Instagram and YouTube, but sometimes I just want to listen to a professional talk about their game and give tips for improving your game around the course. I’ve already picked up some great tips from Paige that have made my short game a lot better. I look forward to more great tips in the future!
  • Jakeroger530
    Overall great and much more fun way to learn about golf
    Paige brings a new aged view and expertise to the game of golf in her podcast. She has a great ability to keep it light while also being informative to the viewer. Also love her personal stories regarding golf or anything she has experienced. I recommend this to the most experienced golfer to someone just looking to enjoy themself.
  • Gran1325
    Love the podcast! Paige is the best!
  • Matthew S - podcast lover
    Whether you’re a new listener or a long time fan, trust me when I say this newest season of PAR really has leveled up. Through different iterations of co-hosts and formats, Paige and Sam seem to have this podcast really thriving if you love golf and enjoy discussing it in a casual manner
  • ScottB0609
    All Things Augusta Recap
    Really enjoy this Podcast. I used to listen to the radio all the time when I was younger and never realized Podcasts could be as enjoyable, this is a lot of fun. The Golf Community is great and let’s all enjoy it. Paige, great job and not for nothing thanks for the Youtube tips on playing the game. Cheers
  • Bammmer
    Love this podcast and Paige!!!
  • TylerMade91
    Look out Rick Shiels Golf Show
    I’ve always enjoyed listening to Paige and Co. discuss whatever it is they happening to be discussing, but lately they’ve been on FIRE! Love the show, and always look forward to each new episode. It has replaced Rick’s show as my new favorite golf related podcast!
  • JBDub1988
    Better than Pimento Cheese Sandwich
    Always a good follow on social media and the podcast. Enjoyed your take on Augusta, but stay strong on the Pimento Cheese Sandwich take!
  • meeeeejhbd
    A Great Listen
    I enjoy the different view of the Golf World and players. Plus Paige and Sam are real and just speak their mind with no regrets!
  • Nathan Stepp
    Great podcast to listen to if love golf!!
    This won’t let you down if you like golf.
  • TheRunningMan19
    All Things Augusta Recap
    I never want the episodes to end either🙂. Glad you two enjoyed your time at The Masters. Listening to the podcast has become something that I look forward to every week. Really enjoyed last weeks episode, but I think this weeks was even better!
  • Phillip Lozito
    Fantastic Podcast!
    Paige does a great job of being funny, relatable and real! I had the pleasure of meeting her in Augusta and in she is the same on the podcast as she is in person!
  • Return_of_theZach
    Paige & co. bring a fresh, fair, female take to fairways
    Paige, Sam, and all of her guests are awesome. This podcast is fun, informative, and offers fresh, interesting takes on the game, PGA Tour, LIV, and all things golf. No weird obvious bias, no bro-washing the game or sexism found here. Just honest opinions, great stories, fun discussion and debate, and fantastic insight on issues, news, pro tour events and majors, and everything a golfer and fan would be imo Incredible listen from a very talented influencer/creator. Paige is very much in the know and has an insider’s perspective from her competitive playing experience to now exploring the content and podcast space in the golf world. Check it out!
  • DrunkGolfer
    Go off!
    Solid podcast. Great topics, good conversation, and all relating to the best sport on the market!
  • GPad23
    All Things Augusta Recap
    Just a tremendous job here. Love the insight into the advantages of going to a practice round as opposed to Thursday-Sunday. For those of us that would love to get there one day this was a great BTS look at experiencing Augusta. Who even knew they had a breakfast sandwich!? Great job as always.
  • jker987
    Best golf podcast around
    Paige drives it over the net with every episode. Here We Go! Steelers! Here We Go!
  • jack_jackkkkk
    Awesome Podcast!
    Great all around podcast! Golf talk without it being boring :) highly recommend for golf addicts like myself!
  • Jkess0505
    All Things Augusta Recap
    Paige is a joy to listen to. Not only is she gorgeous, but you can also tell her personality would be a pleasure to be around. She is the golf guru!
  • matt_carli
    My New Favorite Podcast
    This is instantly became my new favorite
  • swingje
    Great listen!
    Every golf fan should give this pod a listen — it’ll be worth your time.
  • nickyboonz
    Best pod for all things golf & more!
    Quite new to the golf world but that’s okay! Paige breaks it down in a fun and informative way that everyone can follow. Looking forward to more new episodes!
  • Aholla87
    Love the podcast
    A great listen, very entertaining to hear Paige’s views and insights
  • Sazid K
    Enjoying the revamped PAR podcast with Paige and Sam!
    I’ve been a loyal listener since the first iteration of the PAR podcast and I think this current version of it with Sam and Paige has been filled with a lot of chemistry between the co-hosts, more focused segments which has been great to listen and also them doing more remotes has been a great change of pace to the pod! Paige is always so vulnerable and open on the pod and I really appreciate that! Sam has been a great addition to the pod and of course the Q &A (dubbed T&A) segment is always filled with knowledge insight and levity!
  • Hunter1031
    Top notch!
    Love the podcast. Always insightful, quality content.
  • South Texas golfer!
    Best Golf Podcast!
    Huge fan! Best golf podcast around! Paige does an excellent job talking about the great game of golf and also sharing her take on other interests and other sports! Been listening since it 1st came out! Keep up the great work!
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