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Simple Stories in Spanish is a weekly production of the Small Town Spanish Teacher. Listen along as she tells easy to understand stories to help you learn or practice the Spanish language. Wherever you are in your language journey, Simple Stories will help propel you forward. You can find transcripts of the stories at You can support the creation of these stories by buying me a coffee (or taco!)

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  • Flgatortx
    Understanding Negative Reviews
    Those who give this negative reviews must remember that the speaker is speaking very slowly for us beginners. The only way she can do this is to elongate the vowels (one can't elongate a consonant). The result is that which you call a "poor American accent". We understand that, but look past it knowing the vowel sounds are actually shorter. I deeply appreciate the time, thought, and effort she has put into it. Printing out the transcript as you listen really helps you read and get up to speed. A wonderful, and unique tool for beginners.
  • Cassie Schultz
    Super great pod
    What a wonderful tool for learning Spanish! The narration is fast enough that it holds my attention and slow enough that I can understand most of the story. I also really appreciate learning the key vocabulary at the beginning of each episode. Camilla does a fantastic job with this podcast and I am very gratful for all of her hard work!
  • Meilocat
    Thank you
    Very helpful. Thank you so much for making this available to people learning Spanish.
  • puzzlescholar
    Stories are great, accent not so much…
    I’m a new listener but wavering about continuing. I’m half Chilean and wanted to brush off the rust a bit. The stories are great but this woman’s accent is sooo fricken white it’s distracting. I find it pretty off-putting, though her enthusiasm is sweet.
  • flightattendantparis
    This is very much helpful for my continued Spanish learning journey
  • Hoeu SS
    I love all these simple stories - big hug and thanks from Cambodia
    Thanks for sharing all these simple stories . Really enjoy and I can also learn little by little Spanish. Again , thanks from a new student de Camboya.
  • Salocowen
    Narrator has poor Spanish accent
    I couldn’t get past the first few sentences. The narrator is obviously a white lady who has a difficult time with the sounds of the spanish alphabet.
  • Rad0102
    Not a great accent but I don’t care!
    I consider myself an advanced beginner and recognized immediately that our gracious host was not a native speaker. However, the grammar, vocabulary, and narratives couldn’t be better. As advertised, these are simple (and enjoyable) Spanish stories. Thank you.
  • MissAmyBooks
    No getting around the accent
    I’ve tried to enjoy the stories & I appreciate the effort, but the speaker’s accent is so atrocious I just can’t. It almost sounds like a parody of an American trying to speak Spanish. I feel like my intelligence is being insulted listening to Spanish spoken so painfully slow & over-pronounced.
  • Jamzzz Down South
    Excellent stories
    These Spanish stories have been perfect for my intermediate level of Spanish learning. They offer many topics, which give me practice listening to many different words and phrases. The speaker is interesting and animated and just seems delightful. Thank you for the work you do! Sincerely, James
  • LittleMustardSeed
    Terrible accent
    Terrible accent
  • DeutschEnglish
    Good For Learning
    I’ve been learning German for 7 years now and just started learning Spanish. This is probably the best audio language learning source I’ve ever found. It is so learner friendly. By the way, if anything the accent makes it so much easier for a beginner to understand. Keep up the good work!
  • Bishop RB
    El color del Cuervo
    I was really enjoying your stories until this one. Sheesh! You teach the young ones racism at an early age. The white birds are pure loveable, and smart, but the black birds are lazy, dumb, and eat trash. Give me another break!
  • AntoninaBallerina
    Why listen to wrong pronunciation?
    The pronunciation will teach you to be incomprehensible? I’ve studied and spoken Spanish for decades, not ever reaching fluency. I think this is a road own a terrible way of beingmisunderstood AND not gaining comprehension
  • lisaj.08
    Spanish pronunciation lacking
    Cute stories but the Spanish words are not being spoken properly in Spanish and are often extended out like “de” sounds like daaaay. That’s not necessarily discrediting the teacher, but you need to hear the words from a native or one who will pronounce the words more like a native.
  • Shelllllyyyyy
    Good for beginners
    I think You do a great job in this podcast and I enjoy listening to the episodes while Driving. Thanks! From a listener in Steamboat!
  • Kick4par
    Great stuff
    This allows me to listen to a truly beginner level story and mostly follow along. The original stories are entertaining and her enthusiasm and gestures (on YouTube) really make it understandable for a novice. This is for day one of high school Spanish class. Stop the hate. If you don’t like the accent, get OVER yourself. This is a great program that helps listener understand it better.
  • hawkfly
    Have seriously enjoyed this podcast
    As I continue learning Spanish, this podcast was been the perfect supplement to practice my learning and comprehension. Keep it up!
  • Tenaishuz
    Pronunciation left wanting
    Spanish stories is great idea because it’s really hard to find long Spanish passages to listen to, targeted for spanish learners. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it past a couple of minutes. Many of the words are not pronounced properly, at all. Too bad because it’s a good idea left wanting.
  • Atohi
    Concept is awesome, execution is okay.
    Brilliant idea. Stories are great. Accent can be distracting. It’s not horrific but it’s an Americanized accent of Spanish.
    American accent in Spanish is not conducive to learning how to speak Spanish.
    I really tried to like it. Nothing wrong with the podcast except for the accent. Why anyone would think it a good idea to teach Spanish in a very valley girl American accent is beyond me.
  • Motorboatin
    This is what I needed for comprehension
    I have been working hard for a couple of years trying to teach myself Spanish. I have learned a lot of vocabulary. But really had a problem understanding people as fast as they spoke. I am still working on that, but about a month ago I found this podcast, and it seems to be exactly what I needed to train my brain to hear people and comprehend as they speak. I’m really grateful for this.
  • Ms_ShortnSweet
    In absolutely love this. I really hate that I don’t use my Spanish anymore. This will really help me back into the practice of listening and translating.
  • radelashmit
    Lives up to the name!
    Glad to find simple stories using a variety of topics and therefore a range of vocab and grammatical tenses. It is obvious that this is not a native speaker, but (granted that you do not use this as your only learning source) it is good for language learning to hear a wide range of accents. It is good listening practice when so many others are too simple, too short, or too complicated and fast.
  • Bonicole
    Just try a little bit harder with the accent
    It’s so distracting to the message and as an English speaker learning Spanish, that must be saying something.
  • AmandaLuvsFrogz
    Great show!
    This was not only educational, but entertaining! I recommend it to anyone trying to learn Spanish and improve their listening interpretation. Two thumbs up! 👍🏻👍🏻
  • V voronin
    This podcast is GREAT!
    Thank you very much for these stories. They are perfect for the level that I am currently at. They compliment my spanish Learning. Your are very articulate and interesting. I look forward to hearing more.
  • squakydoodle
    What a gift!
    Thank you so much for u Taking your time and sharing your talent, professora!- a note to people bashing her accent- I have been to and conversed with Spanish speakers from all over the world. Like in the US, the accent is even different by the región. I know Mexicans who can’t understand Cubanos who can’t understand Spaniards who can’t understand Venezueleaos and the Spanish in central Bogota Colombia is COMPLETELY differently pronounced than the costeño Spanish in Cartagena. This is a way for beginners to learn vocabulary and could easily be understood by a typical native Spanish speaker.
  • Sparkleee55
    I found your podcast today and heard the latest one, I want to learn Spanish and this is exactly what i was looking for! Thank you so much for taking your time to read it and making it easy to follow along!
  • Julian Mayfield
    Good Concept Poor Execution
    The stories are written to be very comprehensible for someone with elementary Spanish under their belt. However, the accent is just so off I worry that student’s might have their ears attuned to her speaking. I listened to four stories and found that they ranged from decent to emotional to rather trite.
  • 39737393629
    I am learning on Duolingo and it’s helped my Spanish a little but I have a feeling this podcast will help me with real life situations please keep making more episodes
  • horrified 963
    Who told this woman she could speak Spanish? Her accent is terrible, she sounds like every Ugly American. And if this were not enough, she also makes mistakes - in grammar, gender and probably other aspects that I didn’t listen long enough to uncover. If someone would have done a similar podcast in English, using the “typical” Spanglish accent, there would be no job there! For this to be broadcast as an acceptable language-learning tool is racist. This should be removed!
  • KD2120
    I am learning so much just by listening to this on my daily commutes to work. Thank you so much! Be on the lookout for a donation from me to “buy you a taco!” Lol Muchas gracias! Regarding her accent, she is actually making it easier for us to follow to get the basics. Also, it would be very disrespectful and disingenuous for her to try to imitate a Mexican or Venezuelan accent because she is not from those places. She is an American and I appreciate her not using a fake, stereotypical accent because then that would come with a host of other issues, especially in today’s times.
  • Jdhaiaooshdbb
    Not a native speaker
    Her accent is pretty good, but clearly not native.
  • Jess Elston
    Great Way to Learn
    I listen to these stories every night when I wash the dishes. If it is helping me, it can help anyone. Bravo. Keep it up! Estupendo
  • Bryan de Florida
    Camilla is the BEST!!!
    Listening to her wonderful stories has helped my ability to comprehend conversation in español. Helped me exponentially!!!! Muy bien y mucho gusto, muchas gracias!! Yo comienzo mi día con Simple Stories in Spanish!!!
  • ClaytonCouponer
    Love this podcast!
    Thank you for this podcast! Learning to pick up my speed and this is great as a transition.
  • 757670011034
    If there were transcriptions it would be great.
  • Baerchen123
    Simply awesome
    Well friends, I speak eight languages and am just now adding Spanish to that. As an experienced language learner I can assure you that listening to diverse sources, accents, voices etc actually aids learning, not hinder it. Add to that, that while she has an accent, her pronunciation as such is correct. Considering thrn how much heart and love this lady puts into her project here, I must say that it’s nothing but great and praiseworthy. Keep up the good work. It helps me greaty. :)
    Great For Beginners Needing Listening Practice
    if a leaner has intermediate reading/ writing skills, but is not accustomed to listening / conversing in Spanish, this podcast is a great resource.
  • Veeoni
    Cringy to be honest
    I’m still learning Spanish but this is hard to listen too. She tries to speak so clear and slow that you can’t understand what she’s saying if that makes sense. It’s almost like she’s not pronouncing words correctly. There’s no accent. As a beginner I’m gonna skip this one.
  • Boogie_do
    Tantas divertidas
    Just what I needed! Gracias. Your stories are tantas divertidas!!
  • me sheesh
    Good but they should have a sheet to read at the same time
  • Spartannugget
    The accent
    I enjoy the level of Spanish in this podcast but the accent is incredibly off putting
  • Busy Mom-teacher-rancher-wife
    I like her accent. And the person who criticize it is rude.
    I am just learning Spanish and I like her act is the way it is because it helped me to understand it. I understand the stories better. Sure I know the word that she’s trying to say and to me it doesn’t detract from the story at all. I’m super enjoying this I hope you do a lot more of them.
  • StephaFefa
    The accent could be better.
    The stories are fine, and I like that you can get the transcript if you want to. About the accent, it is a bit cringy at times, but I don’t want to put her down for it. I’ve always thought that my accent was bad, but hers is about the same as mine. For her to be an actual teacher of Spanish in real life, it would seem as though she would have a better accent to be honest.
  • cwhezey
    Super helpful
    If you are learning Spanish and are kind of in between beginner and knowing something this is the podcast for you. Thanks so much!
  • OFAP
    Great for “almost intermediate” listeners.
    If you’re at the point in your Spanish where you feel like you’re starting to pick up a lot of vocabulary, understand sentence structures and some verb tenses, but are struggling with “hearing” - this is a great place to start. Está suficiente despacio a oir las palabras y entenderlos. A great resource in your journey towards fluency.
  • Anjuer
    Great for listening comprehension
    This is just what I was looking for. I am not a great listener, so this is helping with my comprehension. The pace and clarity is also helpful because she enunciates well and does not speak too fast. I love this. I plan to keep listening and hope that this podcast continues on for a long time!
  • Di runner
    Great Podcast for Working on Spanish Listening Skills
    I’ve been looking for a great podcast like this to help me with my Spanish listening & comprehension skills for a while. All my Spanish learning is theoretical if I can’t understand the language when it is spoken. Most other apps are either way too advanced, way too easy, or way too boring. This podcast is perfect! It has interesting stories, spoken at just the right speed, and the host has a wonderful, calming voice! It has helped me so much with my Spanish and it’s an important tool in my learning process. I hope it continues for a long time!!
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