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The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show. Clay Travis and Buck Sexton tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and current events with intelligence and humor. From the border crisis, to the madness of cancel culture and far-left missteps, Clay and Buck guide listeners through the latest headlines and hot topics with fun and entertaining conversations and opinions.

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  • American Goverment
    Great job
    Hey Clay and Buck, I just want you to know you guys are awesome! Keep up the good work 👍
  • Nav-vet
    Miss you Rush
    The more I listen to these guys the more I miss Rush! Fairly decent political analysis. Buck better than Clay. Maybe Clay should stick to sports. One man’s opinion.
  • Frank Rocks
    Great show!!!!!
    More Buck
  • wdwr
    Getting harder to stay tuned
    Buck is great, I want to hear more of his analysis and opinions but Clay constantly interrupts him. Clay uses many words to say very little and is constantly repeating himself. This collaboration will not last
  • holdenolive
    Pretty good
    I’m not sure it’s been mentioned on the podcast, but did Buck work for the CIA? Clay-please stop constantly interrupting Buck. You both have a lot to offer. Please up the level of professionalism and seriousness
  • shla99
    Covid shot
    Health and Human Services is advertising the covid shot on your show.
  • CPAnnTX
    Establishment shills
    I listened to Rush for 30 years. I assumed these guys would be cut from the same cloth. They are not. I don’t believe they ever attended the School for Advanced Conservative Studies.
  • SD!!!!!!!!!!!
    Guest Host Todd Herman
    Awesome Host!! Todd Herman! I have been listening to Todd every day since the passing Rush, and he surpasses all expectations every show! Truth with GOD at the center!!! Thanks Buck and Clay for having him on!!
  • StingrayZL1
    The Rush Limbaugh Show should have never ended but should have carried on with the Big Three guide hosts of Todd Herman, Ken Matthews and Mark. Clay and Buck are a good team, but not close to the level of the Big Three, to say nothing of the GOAT.
  • rinohater
    RINO shills
    With you bought and paid for clowns on our side were screwed. Maybe you guys, Hannity and Carl Rove can hook up with the Lincoln project and have a RINOthone
  • Mailman3066
    Good stuff
    Reasonable and intelligent broadcasting.
  • cjbo1968
    I like the podcast, but you guys have far more adds on your podcast than any of the other shows I listen to.
  • Thack SF
    Barack Hussein Obama Ran A Reagan Campaign?
    Clay, I had turn off your show after you went on about how Obama’s Campaign was like Reagan’s… Really? My recollection is different than yours. Reagan had “Morning In America” while Barack Hussein Obama said we were “bitter clingers” and that America had to be “fundamentally transformed”. You’re losing me… one star for today.
  • Jbrb4
    Great Show!
    I miss Rush, but I enjoy Clay and Buck. I think they are great, especially for Millennials. They make sense, they are not arrogant but bring intelligent commentary to the conversation.
  • sick of her!!
    Anne Coulter has become vile and all she wants to do is blame Trump. We need new leadership in the Republican Party. Clearly Mitch McConnel played a huge role in defeating certain candidates. Ronna McDaniel needs to go. I like your program , but I refuse to listen to Coulter.
  • Nursefor30
    Clays vacay
    Dear God Clay, don’t go on vacation. Buck needs a partner if you’re away. His rambling is a channel changer.
  • BobCastleRock
    Coffee talk with Buck and Clay.
    No substance. Just read headlines and talk mostly about themselves. What a poor replacement and waste of air time. Maybe Buck could do it by himself , but definitely get rid of wordy CLAY.
  • Kris561_
    Fun listen each day
    Much better than Rush ever was. Two level-headed guys in a world of insanity, and great at pointing the insanity out. Only complaint, if there is one, is that Clay says “because” way too often. Guess it’s just a southern thing.
    Election Fraud Denier
    Sorry folks all done listening to you. If you don’t address election fraud then Republicans will NEVER be elected in the majority again. This is especially true in state wide elections where corrupt big cities can produce an unlimited number of fraudulent Democrat ballots. So no more senators, governors, state AG’s, Sec. of State, or presidential electoral college wins.
  • mercorn32346
    Losing me
    I was raised on Rush. I’ve also listened to and have been a fan of Clay since he was on sports radio here in Nashville. I’ve listened to their show since day 1 after taking over for Rush. However, I have found myself listening less and less to the point where I am no longer listening at all. Reasons, 1. There is literally 90 minutes of talk, 90 minutes of commercials. I am BEYOND sick of the commercials. 2. Im done with Clay. He constantly interrupts/talks over Buck. 3. Clay constantly repeats himself and it’s so tiresome. 4. Im a sports fanatic but also a political junkie. I tune in for politics, not Clays constant ramblings of the games he’s going to, games he went to, his continual pushing of outkick. The show has become stale, Clay has worn me thin and ENOUGH WITH THE COMMERCIALS. Im done.
  • Rod Espinoza
    The future of conservative talk radio is here!
    I do my best to keep an open mind (tougher to do as I grow older). Was worried about conservative radio after Rush passed. I’ve listened to Clay and Buck from the start. I love it; it’s like watching your kids grow up! The show gives me insight to the younger generations, and how they think, as well as how they practice conservatism. Keep up the great work, I’ll continue to listen and be a proud “radio parent”.
  • reklawdniw
    Stop the commercials
    Stop the commercials. I don’t need a pillow. I don’t need an app. I don’t need a new phone for the love of God stop
  • hateWatchmanApp
    Boy do we miss Rush!
    We knew Rush would be hard to replace but this show is just not very good. I turn it on nearly every day but within 10 or 15 minutes I have to turn it off because it’s just so awful. Give it up on Covid and all the fake outrage. Sure wish they would’ve picked someone like Brian Kilmeade to fill Rush’s time slot.
  • pap1100
    Love their show
    I love listening to their show. Entertaining and knowledgeable.
  • Jenciebstsjrbrjsjwv
    Why Spanish ads?
    The contend is good, but has always had too many ads. A serious discussion has to be cut short just to hear an ad read by the hosts yet again. However, now the feed has Spanish ads at commercial breaks. Even if Hispanics are listening to the podcast in record numbers, they have to comprehend English enough to understand the hosts. No need for Spanish ads!
  • MidasJudas
    How many commercials do you need?
    Getting worse and worse!
  • Jenhanpink
    I vote Buck for main host
    I gave it a 4 cause I do like the show most of the time. Buck is my favorite host. I would like to listen to him for the three hours. His knowledge and presentation is much better than his cohost. Clay tends to repeat himself way too much and I get the general sense he likes the sound of his own voice.
  • love-305
    Love this show!
    Lots of common sense!
  • Tony from Germantown
    Great content accurate and thoughtful
    Funny and thought provoking
  • patriot rey
    Socialist candles
    Buck, your joke-meter needs tuning. Clay’s joke is worthy of first-rate stand-up comedy.
  • Joe Bagz
    Rest in piss, junkie rush limbo
    I pray clay travis walks in front of a bus sometime soon.
  • rewiew1979
    Reddit Radio
    I did not expect anyone to replace Rush but this is painful.
  • Danykasd
    My favorite radio show!
    I am a Rush baby and like every Rush fan I was devastated by his loss. Honestly no one can replace him because he was G.O.A.T. I hesitantly started listen, expecting nothing! Well now it is my favorite show! I am always sure to tune in or download the podcast I missed! Out of most of the conservative radio show host Buck and Clay do a great job not making you feel like tomorrow is the end of days! Surprisingly each show that ends leaves me feeling positive and hopeful just like Rush!
  • NigelJamaal
    A must listen!
    Tuning in everyday to stay up to date with everything going on, from two hilarious, yet seriously conservative voices! Amazing show!
  • Allister McAllister
    Great show, misleading name.
    When my friend told me about the Clay and Buck show I was very excited. Finally a show about my two favorite shooting sports: clay pigeon shooting and deer hunting. The show frequently gets off topic, but their commentary on politics and current events is so good I almost don’t mind when they forget to mention shooting sports.
  • Mike5591637
    Don’t forget the Senate race in New Hampshire.
    It is a close race, Don Bolduc is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, a solid Constitutional Republican. See if you can interview him.
  • reckless love 35
    NEVER trust animals
    Animal thunderdome has returned! I can’t wait to learn more valuable lessons such as “all pet snakes escape eventually”. Also, bring the tiger hunter back!
  • dakotakidd52
    Spanish Advertising
    Like Your show. Listen to every minute until i hear an all spanish advertisement. I then turn it off and listen to another podcast. Rush would not put up with this.
  • Low Country Fan
    Love the show!
    I was on vacation at a family members house whose political views are the exact opposite of mine. I was going through political discussion detox, and my saving grace was listening to your podcast when I went to bed. Keep it up guys, your fantastic!!
  • Drcampbell1983
    They are parodies of themselves. Thought it was a joke podcast until sadly they revealed themselves as sincere.
  • Silence Dogood304
    Just okay
    As an avid listener of Rush Limbaugh, I tried to give this show a chance out of respect for the great El Rushbo. Unfortunately these guys offer nothing that Rush did. No wit, no humor, very dry. They are constantly talking about COVID as if it’s on everyone’s minds still. It’s not. This is their go to topic every day. No in-depth analysis of politics except to skim some of the headlines. Ben Shapiro should have been named Rush’s successor, not these guys.
  • 805CHIP
    Better late than never!
    Guess I’m tech challenged since I couldn’t figure out til now How to Leave a Review! Love your show, I listen almost 5 days per week (unless those work meetings get in the way…) Thanks so much for all you do! Still wish I was getting the signed book though! 😉
  • nc-ken
    Despite Clay Travis
    Just when I thought I couldn’t like Clay less, today he admitted to being a royal watcher. If it weren’t for Buck, this podcast/radio show would be unbearable.
  • grainaxe
    Great show
    I believe in two things: The Clay and Buck show and boobs.
  • KempinAintEasy
    Clay and Buck are the best
  • squarehead54
    It’s like Rush with hair!
  • Jackboy66
    I have been listening from Milwaukee since day 1, in June of ‘21, and wasn’t sure how I felt at first about them being able to replace such a great icon, whom sadly I only started listening to regularly in his last year, despite knowing about him for 25. I must say that it did not take long for Clay & Buck (or Bud & Trey as one critical listener described them, lol) to grow on me. They both seem very approachable and I would love to have a beer or two with them sometime! They are extremely relatable, down to earth, and not afraid to present truthful facts in an articulate, honest, and cordial fashion. Their voices of logic, reason , and sanity NEED to continue being heard by many more people! I wish them well in their continued endeavor of informing and educating listeners about so many of the things that other media neglect or even cover up from the masses!
  • Gary Clark NOLA
    Clay and Buck
    Your one stop for news, sports, and wedding planning. Brought to you by the best bearded Bros of broadcasting.
  • AndreaIsKindaAwesome
    Unsinkable air craft carrier fan
    Keep up the great work fellas! Happy scooting buck!
  • jack logan
    Once you've heard one show, you've heard them all. Clay - data data data. Buck - they lie they lie they lie. Ron Johnson interview. Data data data. They lie they lie they lie. Ron Johnson interview. Repeat! Guys, you've got to stop having every show the same. And here's a novel idea, how about criticizing some terrible Republican leaders ala McCarthy and McConnell and Cornyn. They're awful and need to be replaced!
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