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The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show. Clay Travis and Buck Sexton tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and current events with intelligence and humor. From the border crisis, to the madness of cancel culture and far-left missteps, Clay and Buck guide listeners through the latest headlines and hot topics with fun and entertaining conversations and opinions.

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  • virginiaboy
    Love this show BUT…
    Clay and Buck are top class in knowledge and analysis. BUT the thing is EVERY Podcast has an audio pop/click glitch in them and it drives me INSANE!! So 4 stars until that is addressed. This level of show should have no audio quality issues.
  • haarrbbaa
    Rotten gambling ads
    Spare me the pathetic gambling ads
  • The Ox 20
    The Ox
    Clay and Buck are fantastic they are a true tribute to Rush. I enjoy the show. Great job guys!
  • Solutellc
    Clay and Buck ???
    I truly like them, but that doesn’t mean I like the content recommendations that they push on me. By the way. Commercials don’t count as content.
  • jmacproi7
    Great, but needs to be split up
    Love the Clay and Buck show (helps keep things light and not dour), but needs to be split up so there is a podcast channel with ONLY their show and not all the other hosts. Unsubscribing because i am trying to stop the auto-play for all the other “shows”.
  • obreza
    Best New Podcast!
    I love the Buck and Clay podcast!!!! It’s my new fave! You two are a great duo, keep up the excellent programming!!! Love the Sunday Hang!!! It’s more casual and love the conversation between Clay and Buck!!! Keep up the good work!!!
    Clay Travis is the best
    I really enjoy the show and Buck Sexton also. Jay Cutler needs a podcast. Clay still owns libs daily
  • kkn00001
    Remove all shows expect Clay and Buck from feed!
    Fan of the Clay and Buck show, but can’t stand all of the other shows forced on this feed. I have to unsubscribe. Have a clay and buck only channel and I come back
  • holdenolive
    Now we get to listen to you sell coffee everyday. Capitalism can be exhausting.
  • happysam213
    Still a conservative if I don’t agree with you
    Unfollowed today. I have been a huge fan of Bucks for over 5 years now. There was a time when I literally planned my day around his podcast dropping in the afternoons. But today Clay said something to the effect of “if you vote for RFK, it’s because you don’t have the balls to vote for Biden, and you’re a moron”. This is the most hateful, close minded thing i have ever heard from this clown. I’ve been a conservative since I was old enough to know what it is, and to reduce me (who has listened daily for a long time) to a “moron”, is beyond the pale. This is why people are tired of politics - individual thought is frowned upon. It’s a shame!
  • Stantastic00
    Need better editing
    How many minutes of each 37 minute segment is additional commercials? Not worth the time. You would never hear Rush say he would vote for a Democrat! Yet Travis would vote for Newsome and RFK Jr. The JOCK has got to go. Travis is a jock that limped into a JD and couldn’t make it as a practicing lawyer. Tired of his word salad and constant repeated phrases. Uses three times the number of words needed. And the 1/3 time spent on sports is a waste on a current events politics talk show. REALLY makes one miss Rush.
  • BobF-GA
    Stop with all the different podcasts!
    I subscribed to the Clay/Buck Show, not 10 other podcasts that clutter up my queue. The number of different shows I did not subscribe to showing up is getting exhausting! Nobody else does this. Put them in their own queues and let me choose what I want to listen to!
  • Ben77339
    Upload less and another star
    Love Clay and Buck. Didn’t sign up for the 37 other podcasts that get uploaded every day. I understand trying to boost the signal for other voices, but the end user has to weed through too many uploads to get to what they want. Let Karol Markiewicz et al find their own way.
  • Dukearu
    President’s Day show
    Thank you for working today like most of us have to. My other regular go to podcasts wimped out, slackers! Buck, De Opresso Liber.
  • Mike5591637
    Too many ads.
    I realize that some ads are necessary to keep the lights on but my time is valuable to me, I have better things to do than listen to interminable ads. I used to be a faithful listener of Buck’s, have fallen away because of the high ratio of ads to content. Note that I used “ratio” correctly, not the made up meaning that the kids use now.
  • yuri.jarrett
    Love the show
    Love the show y’all have great chemistry and complement each other well. Love how buck is learning about sportsball. Keep up the great work.
  • asjenny14
    30 Year Listener Quitting Because of Adds
    I have been listening to the show since I was searching years old and my mom would drive me to my piano lessons and have Rush Limbaugh on the radio. I have always loved the show and it breaks my heart to have to stop listening. But I cannot continue to hear the commercials that they promote. Constant commercials about getting the Covid vaccine and gambling are against the values I hold dearly. So I will stop listening even though I enjoy the content.
  • T2166
    Liberty Safe
    Really? You may want to do some research before blindly taking money. Which if you’re that lazy then all of your thoughts are questionable too!
  • groovy squirrel
    Rush is dead…
    And this podcast smells like him.
  • fiction is great
    Chrissy Christie
    I signed up to get the clay & buck show: I’m now getting 5-6 shows I didn’t dorm up got nor did I ask for these nor do I want them. I want to listen to your show yet font want the rest. How go I shop getting these or do I just need to say goodbye? Tz
  • G-Steg
    I've tried
    I try to listen to these two but it seems they're both talking into an echo chamber with little forethought. I think they're better alone, when a single guy has the pressure to perform on his own. It seems they're both sitting there getting rich blabbing conservative cliches. Rush was a hard act to follow, sure, but I listen elsewhere now. But if they'd bring back Mark Stein, well...
  • Turk34655
    Missed Rush
    I’m an Avett Rush listener for about 25+ years ,Rush had his on agenda and you guys repeat the same thing over and over , the show just became like any other show and nothing special. Nothing to offer to listeners. Wfla should replace you guys with bangino
  • rkemm
    Too many other podcasts come up
    Hey, Get these other podcasts off your network please. I subscribe to your podcast but then these others come up when I refresh and knock off the Clay & Buck podcasts I haven't listened to yet. So annoying. Thank you
  • nycgirl1985
    Merry Christmas / Buck’s Story
    Merry Christmas to my favorite podcast hosts ever! Happy Birthday, Buck. And safe travels to Clay and his family. Thanks, Buck for sharing your childhood story of overcoming your speech impediment. This proves that anything is possible- with perseverance and the right support system. As someone who had my own set of challenges in school, and many academic and social frustrations in my formative years- I can relate. I can also say that I made it out ok on the other side, and I am thriving :) Keep sharing these type of personal stories, they are so inspiring, and a true testament that dreams can come true. Keep up the good work on this show. This show is my place of refuge: a common-sense, conservative outlet in a world of liberal lunacy. Merry Christmas- and God bless!
  • SCRighty
    Good show but too many ads
    I like this show, but the number of ads makes it un-listenable. My other podcasts don’t have nearly as many ads. I’m all for making a buck, but this is a bit gross.
  • Kennycole3
    Do Rush right
    I am pleased that Clay Travis has come to the light. I do know he’s a lawyer but I’ve known him as a sports guy for the last 6 years. His politics have certainly swung to the right since I know he was a democrat early in his career. How based he is now is indicative of how far left the democrats have become. The show is new, but clay is a funny and genuine guy who I trust to be truthful. I don’t know much about buck, but so far I’m enjoying his takes. He’s got a little too much New York in him, but maybe Florida will rub off on him.
  • august dog
    I noticed…
    There is a market for dumb losers who have no other skills than complaining. My god, these two mothers are annoying. Listeners, obtain lives!
  • muahoneybee
    I love listening every day to this podcast. It truly gives me a realistic view of what's going on in politics. I think they're somewhat tactless with callers, not quite as smooth as Rush Limbaugh used to be. But I love to hear them analyze every angle of the current topic.
  • Bonesaw383
    Common Sense in a world of nonsense
    Honest journalism DOES exist…..and it is here. Clay and Buck will not steer you wrong
  • otisdog5150
    Right? Right. Right.
    Stop saying right after every statement!!!! Do you have no confidence in what your saying????
  • NY Joe De
    Love the show BUT
    Why do the guys give fat slob Christie a platform so often, when they know he’s just an anti Trumper ( after he didn’t get AG nod) without bringing Bridget Kelly or Bill Baroni on show to say what they know about the jerk. Remember this guy recommended Chris Wray Remember this guy closed a beach during Covid so he can use it alone like an emperor. Remember this guy prepped DT for first debate with criminal biden, where DT didn’t do well. Remember, to stay relevant, he sold his soul to CNN, sworn enemy of truth.
  • Gegy007
    Down to earth common sense guys
  • Zach Pi
    Full of republican talking points and grievances
    I listened to a couple episodes after it came up in my search of podcasts and sure enough the amount of victimhood, replacement theory, and fear of a world accepting of change beyond their insular world was very apparent. They certainly are drinking the FOXNEWS and NewsMax Koolaid.
  • 46moo
    Unrequested Podcasts
    Two things that would have resulted in improved ratings. Stop pushing all the unrequested podcasts into the list. I did not ask for them. Also, stop believing you get to tell me who I have to vote for Clay. If you want to continue riding the fence trying to indirectly defend the recent indefensible (“move to the center”) statements from Trump, that’s your choice, but it will cost you credibility and integrity.
  • Thack SF
    Unrelated Podcasts
    I really enjoy the Clay and Buck podcasts. If I want to listen to Tudor Dickson et al, I’ll subscribe to their podcasts. It’s annoying when an unrelated podcast starts playing after I listen to hour one. My setting is “show unplayed podcasts” After I listen to yours, they disappear, but the page is cluttered with all these shows that are not C&B. It’s a little annoying to have to go in and click on every show to make them “mark as played”.
  • SuperDave310
    Rush is Right. So are they.
    In reading other comments, it makes me laugh how it’s obvious some of the posters have never heard the show… some are all “too much Trump!” And others “not enough Trump!” And to the one who called them anti-democracy fascists, you have no clue what those words mean. Clay Travis and Buck Sexton are very good at what they do— each has a lifetime of broadcast experience that have prepared them for the monumental task of taking over the golden EIB mic from the late GOAT Rush Limbaugh. And they do it well. It’s topical, sometimes giving factual perspectives that no other media outlet will give, including other conservative outlets. I listen daily, fast-forward through the commercials, and I’m always smarter on the other side… they never tell you what to think but give you the tools to do your own look-see to know if they are correct. Occasionally they miss the mark, but they nail it almost always. I’m thankful for what Maha Bucky and the lovable little hairball known as Clay does. You guys are getting it right.
  • Yzsutty
    Clay needs to make some space
    I listened to Rush since 1990 and am following this show in his honor. It’s getting harder and harder to not fast forward or skip when Clay filibusters or consumes limited time with complicated 4-part questions. Clay needs to listen and give space. I listened for the conversation, insights and guests.
  • User in AZ
    Prefer the Review show
    Quick take to catch up on today’s news and what the NYT and NPR podcasts are not broadcasting
  • Jkb22008
    Outkick political division
    Enjoy Clay and Buck who are the perfect mix for political commentary.
  • Virden Benefits
    Agree with others
    Like the content but way too many commercials
  • Pickypicky3496
    Too much Trump
    This would be a great Conservative podcast if they dialed down the Trump talk. Trump will lose us the election. Let’s talk about ALL of the viable Republican candidates. We are not just supposed to wave our hands in the air and say well the polls point to Trump so they must be accurate and there are no other options. That’s not conservatism.
  • Marketman57
    Weak and Weaker
    Rush not impressed and neither am If you’re a Fox News (News for Stupid People) fan, these guys are perfect for ya. Clay and Buck spend most of their promoting themselves and various products. Neither is MAGA, and both are so vanilla that it’s almost sickening. Ask them if President Trump is right, “the 2020 Election was stolen” and they’ll hem and ha for five minutes about absolutely nothing. Truthfully, these men are auditioning for next gigs Fox or ESPN. Hey Clay. Hey Buck. Listen up, “STAND FOR SOMETHING OR YOU’LL FALL FOR ANYTHING like Keebler Elves at 2%.
  • Zed_55
    Cult of zTrump.
    Former patriots who became anti-democracy fascists. I agree that the US should be strong. But, defending a seditious conspiracy against our elections is way out of bounds. Sad when CIA officers become fascist. Instead this podcast should stand against Russian aggression and their propaganda designed to divide us. NOT amplify it and spread it. It’s a right wing plot to amplify “Citizens United” to make the USA a disgusting Oligarchy.
  • jrmeelep13
    Why do you think they are not showing up to vote. They tried protesting, they tried to show they weren’t messing around on Jan 6 so if this doesn’t happen then they are giving up. Good luck when this group of people give up on this country then it’s gone. So you might want to think twice before you call them names!!!!
  • James Rockfish
    Needs more great content less commercials.
    Great content, but I listen to podcasts to get away from all the commercials played on terrestrial radio. Compared to other podcasts this show has way too many. Ridiculous
  • suffocating in LA
    Agreeing with the other recent reviews
    I am turning off your radio show/podcast most days because there is too much talk of the former president. It’s exhausting and tiresome, it’s as if 2022 was memory holed. There are so many important things that we need to be discussing but it’s the same conversation day after day, unbelievable. We need a candidate who will beat the current one. I live in a blue state and people will run to the ballot box to vote against DT. I’m sorry for the injustices and angry as well, but the only thing that will rectify the horrible position our nation is in is to put a Republican candidate that can WIN!
  • Kjindigo
    Wrong. Check your facts on immigration
    I’m a conservative but I do know about immigration and it’s ignorant to say Dems want illegals to come because they will vote for them “in the next election.” That’s so ignorant. It takes years for LEGAL immigrants to achieve citizenship status and vote, even if they marry a US citizen! Check the facts and quit sounding ignorant.
  • 843Chase
    Can’t take it any more.
    Listened to Rush everyday for years. Listened to you guys everyday since you took over, until now. It is beyond obvious that Clay just likes to hear himself talk and is also very repetitive with the points he attempts to make. Buck, I’ll continue to listen to your solo stuff, but I can’t take Clay any longer. I’ll be riding with Glen and The Blaze.
  • SammiG0203
    You lost me
    The government can’t keep secrets from us bc the more people that know, the harder it is to keep the secret? What kind of ridiculous reasoning is that?! That’s all they’ve done for decades! They pretend like they’re trying to protect us, but it’s bc they need to control us. How are y’all not aware of this? I’m kind of shocked, actually, at your naivety. Also, how about not treating Chris Christie like he’s some intellectual scholar?! Gross!
  • ginmar426
    WAY TOO MANY COMMERCIALS!!!! I listen to many podcasts and none of them have this many commercials. It’s ridiculous!!!!! In fact, some podcasts delete commercials that play on the radio or tv show, or at least most of them. Clay dominates the show. Buck’s show, when he was on his own, used to be a daily listen for me. I rarely listen to to Clay and Buck. Stop with the sports analogies! Not everyone is into sports, including Buck, who it seems like he only seems like a valid person if he can talk sports with Clay. I don’t believe that. Buck is a superior podcaster, analyst, and personality, but he is definitely second fiddle on this show. Give Buck his own show again!!!!
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