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Take an intimate look inside the minds of swimming's highest achievers with one of the world's best swim coaches, Brett Hawke.

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  • SSUProf
    Perfect for swimming nerds
    I was a competitive swimmer as a kid, but am a lifelong fan and Brett really appeals to my needing out that I love to do about swimming. The interview with Cielo was amazing. Keep up the good work, mate!
  • Admin1414
    Great access to athletes for interviews makes a great and popular podcast.
  • acoulsonwright
    Really enjoy it.
    Love it.
  • Mike Masters Swimmer
    Best swimming podcast
    Best swim podcast hands down. Great variety. Brett is a great interviewer and really digs deep with his guests. With his own experience as an olympic swimmer and coach, he has a wealth of knowledge that he openly shares. Recent interview with Ukrainian swimmer Andrii Govorov gut wrenching but important for world to hear.
  • ArlieSmarts
    Underwater Development
    Best swim podcast there is! Really enjoyed the Beats Nelson underwater development episode.
  • swimsaraswim
    Great Podcast!
    This is a great podcast for both swimmers and coaches and is so helpful in continuing education
  • Oxiblock
    I love the context that you guys have been putting. Keeping building it up.
  • wallyyyyuyyyyyy
    Best podcast of all time.
    This is the way podcasting should be done. Their Olympic coverage was the best sports broadcasting I have ever seen. I don’t think there is another show that gives you a look in side the world of elite athletes like this one does. It is not only motivating but highly educational. Brett Hawke is an amazing interviewer. He asked the right question and let’s the guest answer them. His experience as a elite swimmer and coach gives him the ability to relate to his guests like no other interviewer can.
  • Hottie Bambaladie
    Great Content
    I love this podcast for its fresh & relevant perspective on swimming. Information is presented in an interesting & engaging format!
  • coachpullano
    Nate and Brent are moving the right direction!
    Nate and Brent are moving the right direction! In a sport that can sometimes be seen as “old school” and “isolated.” Nate and Brent are digging deep and doing the leg work to create a collaborative culture of constant learners, and innovating the sport to move in a coach and swimmer friendly manner! I applaud them both for their hard work and eagerly look forward to each new episode!!
  • moonlighyfarm
    Great information
    Great insight and information here for swimmers!
  • Clhoover
    THE must-listen podcast for the swim community
    Brett’s experience, insights, and honest approach to delve into the unvarnished truth makes for an always fresh and informative podcast. He seems to know all the luminaries in the swimming world and they seem willing to talk with him since he typically has some form of shared experiences with each of them. Every episode has been worth the time to listen to.
  • mightymom323
    One of the best Podcasts ever!
  • Swimws
    Great content
    Great guests and awesome discussions on ever you topic!
  • rileybridgmann
    amazing podcast
  • CaliT01
    Really inspired by the Dara Torres podcast. Thank you Brett for making this available.
  • Keaton.Williams
    A great swimming oriented podcast that dives deeper than just fast swimming. The podcast interviews a wide range of swimmer, coaches, and other professionals in the swimming community. Especially through COVID, this podcast has helped provide a swimming connection.
  • Gdoghuugdwk
    Informative show and enjoyable conversations with some of the best. Just started watching and already enjoying it.
  • swimmery
    What the great sport of swimmers needs. Let’s capitalize on this year!
  • hannihooni01
    Very enjoyable
    Just starting-have made my way thru a few episodes already-loved Dana Torres one
  • 🐅💨
    More women
    This is a great podcast but it’s mostly dudes. Need more women interviewed
  • what?nickname?
    Great podcast! It was a pleasure to hear Chico’s story. Good luck with the new platform!
  • JJ Langhals
    Find what you’re looking for
    Weather you are a swim coach, swimmer, former swimmer, or just someone wanting a deeper understanding of the swimming world, then inside with Brett Hawke is the show for you. Great guests from all over the swim world. You’ll learn something new from every episode.
  • Orlyed84
    Elite Swimmers Psychology
    It is a nice conversation to get to know the Mental Game and the Challenges Swimmers face in Training and Pre-Competition, the Waiting Room. Awesome Job. Keep going.
  • masnorm
    Outstanding Podcast
    Inside with Brett Hawke is a great listen. Easy conversation with many of the great athletes and coaches in swimming past and present. The interviews are packed with genuine dialogue coaches, athletes, and fans of any sport can devour. Thank you Brett for providing us with an elite podcast for the world of swimming.
  • Tim Hochradel
    Subscribe today
    An amazing platform to hear directly from these incredible athletes and coaches. Brett asks the questions that people want to know and allows listeners to hear about the human side of these swimmers who are so often judged or not given the opportunity let people who they are and what they are about.
  • rel76
    The best swimming podcast
    The best swimming podcast around!!!
  • peterlr121212
    Thanks Brett!
    Awesome work, glad you’re doing this. -Peter R.
  • shackswim
    Swimming’s best podcast
    This podcast is for everyone in the swimming community. Bretts guests are current and former world class coaches and swimmers. It’s interesting to hear the different perspectives of the day in the life of swimming’s best. Brett’s conversations with his guests go into detail about the mental side of the sport to the specifics of what they are doing in training. Each episode I learn valuable information to share with my swimmers. Brett is a great guy and this podcast shows his cool demeanor and his love for swimming. This is the best podcast on swimming in my opinion. Thanks Brett!
  • samcoachswim
    Best Swimming Podcast Ever
    Inside with Brett Hawke is exactly what swimming needs. With the Olympics fast approaching and the ISL’s first season wrapping up, its perfect timing. This podcast gives you a real inside look at swimming’s finest coaches and athletes. And I don’t mean that cookie cutter stuff you get at clinics and on some of those other swimming podcast and programs. It’s just two real people having an honest conversation about their experiences. It’s entertaining. It’s authentic. And it’s extremely valuable. In just a few episodes I’ve learned so many lessons that I can apply to my life instantly. Brett’s cool demeanor and tone makes is so easy to listen to, I find myself wanting more at the end of every episode. And between Brett’s experience and the quality guests he brings on, you aren’t going to find a better source of information on not only swimming, but coaching and even life its self. This is truly the beginning of something very special. If you care about swimming at all, you need to listen to this podcast.
  • Moe Aisling
    Thank you!
    THANK YOU for making this podcast! It is motivating, reflective and enlightening. I love hearing about the inner workings of high level competitive swimming (Olympivs /ISL). AND the college level conversations are much needed. It’s hard to find a more honest and open look into the NCAA for swimmers who are interested and those of us who have gone through it! This podcast is helping me put away my swimming regrets & it is showing me ways to be a better coach.
  • RyanCarver
    Insightful , Inspirational & Well Presented
    This podcast is well presented and informal. Brett comes across as relaxed so the dialogue between he and his guests flows making it easy to listen to. I have enjoyed the 6 episodes that are out so far but two in particular, #001 with Jack Roach who has an open and forthcoming perspective on life, athletes and philosophy and #006 with Lenny Krayzelburg who brings energy and appreciation to his views and experiences in swimming. Both were very inspiring to listen to.
  • Big Mac11
    If you love swimming, you’ll love this
    Genuinely, the best look inside the minds that give us our olympians, our world record holders, our highest achieving and performing athletes.
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