Small Things Often


Give your relationships a boost in 5 minutes or less with Small Things Often from The Gottman Institute. We provide simple, proven, quick tips to help you deepen and enhance your relationships!

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Recent Reviews
  • LordeFell
    Long formPlease
    Long form please. Episodes 1hour long please
  • audhall
    Easy to process and implement
    Quick tips to help you through various conversations and scenarios. So helpful.
  • MaraEst
    Love this!
    Thanks for putting this together
  • kittbred
    Love the Gottmans
    Great advice packaged into quick segments.
  • Kamoores
    Where are you?
    We just found this Podcast and so sad to see no new episodes. Please come back.
  • JennK0225
    Love this podcast!
    I love how only for a few short minutes I can gain so much information and tools to help improve my relationship. I love engaging with my partner on the topics after I listen
  • SaraLynnH
    Thank you for inspiring!
    I love that this podcast is to the point when I want to be inspired but have less time. It gives a new perspective for a quick change of thought.
  • metallicpumpkin
    Helpful and practical!
    I love this podcast! Very helpful and practical info. Helps my boyfriend and I immensely. I’d give a 5 star but downgraded to a 4 star because the narrator speaks entirely way too fast. I appreciate the aim of keeping the episodes short and sweet but the fast-forward nature makes it difficult to digest (and enjoy) the information.
  • mamioso
    Valuable Content!
    The basic truth given serves as positive encouragement to life! I appreciate these brief insights, based on research, that can impact my day to day living.
  • JenaPoodle79
    Good information. Needs new narrator.
    Good information. The narrator has a nice voice but it doesn’t feel appropriate for this content. The gravity of this information is being lost through it.
  • ButterflyKeepsRiding
    Simple & powerful
    Thank you so much for keeping these short! These are such great tips and worth playing them more than once!
  • smark1214
    I love how short they are - able to get in and listen to a few and get out without it feeling too heavy. Great work!
  • capital one stole my credit
    Please do a Five minute podcast
    I really enjoy the information provided but I think they are TOO short. Try using all 5 minutes please. I know it would be beneficial for me.
  • LeslyeA
    Technical problem?
    I like the podcast a lot, but it sounds like it is in fast forward?
  • Mrs.D.2019
    An ABSOLUTE for your relationship
    These short teachings have truly helped me love my husband better because I can communicate with him better. Healthy communication was not my strong suit coming into our marriage, and the Gottman Institute was recommended to me during marriage prep. I have watched all the YouTube clips I could find, and now consider the weekly podcasts an essential part of my week. I listen to them so that I can grow as a whole person, especially in my role as wife:) If you can continue to share how to handle having conversations after a long day at work would be great. Also, any tips for juggling family holidays would be appreciated.
  • Nzolo1
    Short yet impactful
    Bring a fan of Gottman books and methods, I was very excited to find a podcast from the institute. The daily tips given are no nonsense s as nd based on actual research. I also enjoy that I don’t have to set aside a chunk of time to listen like other podcasts. Short, sweet and positive and impactful podcast. Keep up the great work!
  • mmhaomd
    Short and compelling
    Thank you!
  • Barrbb
    You Don’t have to solve your problems
    Thank you for this!!! Simple but powerful!
  • Roneil604
    Favorite pod
    Listen and make your day and self better for it. :)
  • baylee.acosta
    Quick and Helpful!
    I love having quick tips available from one of the leading research institutes on marriage and relationships! Hope to see more Podcasts from The Gottman Institute!
  • kimv1208
    Look forward to it!
    I look forward to new episodes! They are quick and up-beat, addressing real relationship issues with practical suggestions.
  • Kayvee721994
    Similar and Effective
    Small tidbits of information to improve all of your relationships.
  • Musicguy1405
    Great way to start the day
    Concise, simple, but proven ways to improve marriage. Takes just two min to listen each episode
  • Atxonetime
    Good reminder to focus on the positive. And where focus goes energy flows!
  • Wonderbread1993ya
    Quick, bite-size research based tips for relationships!
    Looking forward to future episode!
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