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Making your mornings bearable with the best morning radio show around! We're real and we're funny, and we do it all authentically. Whether it's the entertainment news, listener drama or a peek into our own lives, we serve the laughs while bringing you into our world so you can take a break and escape yours. Check back daily for new episodes with Bert, Kristin, Davi, Moe & the entire Bert Show Cast! Be a part of the show: call us toll free at 1-855-BertShow or visit (

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  • applejack0220
    I am an independent. I tolerate ALOT regarding political propoganda, but, wow, the entire cast puts off the air that their views are the “right” views, with no consideration for the opposing view. One female cast member has become THE COVID downer—no joy allowed in anyone’s life anymore. One cast shares entirely too much info about sexy time with his woman. (Will check back on how that relationship is going in 10 years.) I am a small fish in a big pond. Thanks for allowing me to share a review.
  • jahdjkf
    Can Cassie go?
    Cassie is SO ANNOYING. Can she please not have air time?
  • OneMoreSong828
    The best morning radio show EVER
    They are simply the funniest and best at what they do. I’ve been listening for 20 years now. I used to commute to downtown Atlanta for my classes at GSU and that’s what I’ll listen to every day. 20 years later, I’m still listening to them commuting to/from work. The podcast actually change the game to where I can split the first and second hour so I can tune in whenever I want. Thanks for good laughs for the last 20 years and please keep this going for 20 more years!
  • standy Klom
    Davi, Davi, Davi, Moe…
    Quit listening, not a fan of Bert, but I always end up missing Davi and Moe. Davi is radio gold!! Talented, funny, fun, creative and interesting. Also love hearing her and her husband. Best example of what a healthy, loving relationship should be that I’ve seen in awhile. Moe is so genuine, real, funny and has an infectious laugh. These two make the show. Love the podcast because I can ff through segments I don’t like. Like when Bert gets all creepy talking about him and his gf playing the piano…no one wants that visual 54? and 33?…If you’re looking for an intelligent, smart show, this isn’t it. Just a fun, silly, escape for a couple of hours.
  • $Delphine$
    Nothing but vaccine propaganda
    I’m so over this show. Can’t even coherently cover awards show for MUSIC yet will have multiple segments about vaccines and now purposely misconstruing what Nicki Minaj said in order to push more propaganda. And I say this as a vaccinated person. Stick to talking about what you know and stop only talking about hip hop artists when you think it’s something negative that they’ve done. Enough is enough.
  • Sheila Iversin
    No thanks
    This show is so lame. I found them because they do popular radio show segments like war of the roses and second date update. However they contact the other individuals via email? So odd and not entertaining. I’m surprised they have listeners
  • Poojjjjj!
    I love the Bert show! I’m from the ATL area and just moved to Charlotte and was sad that I’d be missing the show. I found y’all on the Apple podcast and was elated! I listen to it to and from work and it makes my day. Thanks for being such great hosts! :)
  • chrysm87
    Post-Vacation Joy
    Love to hear the joy in your laughs now that you're back from vacation. It brings a smile to my face!
  • kashkell
    Thank you
    I live in Philly and found the Bert show on Facebook and I’m in love. With the show and Moe lol.
  • JessicaSmith8583
    Legit my fave podcast ❤️
    Listening to The Bert Show during the day makes me so happy! Working from home can be quiet (and a little lonely sometimes) but the fam from TBS makes me feel like I’m not alone. They are the bright spot of my day!! So so good!
  • ArianaGrande5
    If it says one star that’s a accident
    It tried to fill the stars in one by one, BTW I love this podcast
  • Renee KS
    Love the show
    Love the show, long time listener, listen to the full show every day. PS - the David storyline with his travels are really dull, sorry David :)
  • Kaylastoppedlistening
    Love Bert Show but get off your high horse about the vaccine
    I adore the Bert Show and have listened almost every day for over a decade. But they really need to get off their high horse about the vaccine and actually do some research. 9000 vaccine deaths reported on VAERS, signs of decreasing cancer and autoimmune T-cells in the vaccinated, the list goes on. They need to get educated before shaming the unvaccinated for making INFORMED decisions.
  • ABlueMan9919
  • Mwhyte1983
    Awesome radio show
    My favorite podcast!
  • Yodie Doe Doe
    The Bert Show
    OK I’m hooked. The date with David did it! Better than The Bachelor tv. Who needs reality TV when you’ve got date with David
  • prosandcons2
    Never fails to brighten my day (minus K. Lee)
    Love this show!! Amazing group of individuals that discuss funny, relevant and real-world issues like old friends. The dynamic is awesome, and everyone balances their unique perspectives with keeping an open mind - so refreshing given today’s polarizing world. I will say, K. Lee makes things uncomfortable with a couple of borderline uneducated/rude comments (his discussion on adopting kids…YIKES). Just a warning for some listeners, especially those that are “liberal minded” - be prepared to cringe hard every once in a while when K. Lee talks. But to be clear, don’t stop listening just because of a couple uncomfortable comments from K. Lee. As Bert says, they joke about everything and you can’t pick and choose jokes - you have to take the show at face value.
  • korintiger
    P1 lister here
    Listen in every morning
  • lizpaul8175
    Funny. Funny. Funny
    Four of my absolute favorite people. If you don’t find yourself laughing while listening to the show your just a straight grump. Lol.
  • jenwil10769
    Stumbled upon this and it’s so positive and uplifting!!!
  • LaurMichelleH
    Amazing podcast!
    I listen daily! My FAVORITE show for over 10 years!! Awesome segments to keep you laughing and entertained
  • drenecoop
    Thanks for laughs & the gasps
    I honestly feel like The Bert Show & I are family. You know how you’ll always love your family, but sometimes you don’t like them so much? Ive had my moments where I don’t always agree with a BTS member but I always come back to listen. I truly LOVE these guys. I’ve loved listening to the show on my forty five minute morning commutes but now I’ve become an avid Podcast listener. So now I can enjoy my evening commutes listening to the Bert Show. Thanks for always making me laugh as well as making me gasp.
  • JessJennK
    Great Way to Stay Caught Up!
    I’ve been listening to the Bert Show every morning for the past 10 years. (Maybe more) I love that I can actually catch up on segments I miss in the live show and don’t have to wait for the next time the show does reruns while everyone is on vacation.
  • Funsizedjas0827
    Long-time listener
    This show is brilliant. The topics are far-ranging and fun and the hosts always have thoughtful opinions on each topic. Whether it is giving opinions when listeners brining problems to the hosts or keeping listeners updated on the latest entertainment news, the segments of The Bert Show are almost always entertaining and insightful. I feel like a better and happier person when I listen to the show and I’ve listened for over 10 years despite leaving the Atlanta area in 2017. Amazing show. Give them a chance to put a smile on your face! They’re like the best friends you’ve never had.
  • divorcesbydanielle
    Funny and Real
    I’ve listened to the show for awhile and feel like I know the hosts and love following their lives. Love listening to the podcast so I can listen to everything at once! Thanks for getting me through boring chores and long car rides.
  • Katie Carver
    Love the Full Show episodes!
    Much like everyone else, I became a full time work from home employee due to COVID. The only thing I missed about my commute was listening to The Bert Show. The podcast made that possible! I listen every day when the full show episode is uploaded. Thank you Bert Show for being a bright spot for so many people!
  • AmandaKay1981
    Best Morning Show ever!
    L O N G time listener. I love these people and I’ve never met them. Can’t go a day without my daily dose of TBS. 💙💖💜💙
  • Donna003
    Best Morning show ever!!!
    100% love this pod cast. I love everyone on the show. It’s cool they share their personal experiences. And the advice….priceless. As a female it’s nice to hear Mo and Berts views on different situations. Just to hear how a man views things differently then women. Kristen words things better then anyone I know. And Cassie and her strong stands. You rock Cassie. I would always want you in my corner, and Davi…you my girl. I would love to burn a fatty with you. Keep up the good work Bert Show. We love y’all!!!
  • tonyamichellejordak
    Best show ever!
    I found the Bert Show 19 years ago. I have been a P1 ever since! I have been through all the ups and downs with all the members past and present. I have loved every one of you like family! You tell your personal stories and that connects with the audience in a tremendous way. We feel like we are all getting through this thing called “life” together. Thank you for ALL that you all have been vulnerable enough to share with the rest of us. I absolutely love the podcast as well. Sometimes I can’t listen when you are on air but you better believe I’ll catch it on the podcast. I also love Broadly Speaking ( hearing Cassie and Davi curse is the best!) and In the Moement. Moe’s energy and laugh is contagious even when I’m in a bad mood. Again, thank you all for everything! Keep up the great work!
  • admevans86
    I have been listening to the show for years, only briefly omw to work in the morning. I would be so sad to have to get out of the car to go into work, and occasionally be a few minutes late because I had to hear the end of a segment. Well, I’m a little late..but just discovered the podcast! I AM OBSESSED! It’s all I listen to. I seriously don’t know the last time I listened to music. So much that when you guys go on vacation I go back months to old shows from before I discovered the podcast. You guys give me something to look forward to everyday! Love you guys!
  • Dylan1444
    An amazing morning show, filled with a lot of amazing personalities. Can’t say enough about a good mix of comedy and reality. I listen to it every day on my way to work and every day on my way home. Keep up the amazing work.
  • Player one too many
    Love the diversity of the show.
  • WhitRoman
    10/10 Quality Show
    Very out of character for me to be leaving this review but I just randomly felt the need to this morning! I am a person who can’t ignore a feeling, so here I go. I have been listening for about 2 years now while commuting to work and am obsessed! I think all of you have something different to bring to the show that makes for good a mix of perspectives. For the review that mentioned y’all have the same views all the time; well having a variety of opinions on common human decency is probably not a good thing. I believe the shows overall opinion is to be a kind human and I really do not see a problem with that. Also, Bert: you be a “12 Year old girl” and talk about your fiancé all you want. It shows you’re happy and excited about this new journey for you. I am sad for me when you all have vacations but happy for you to be living your best lives! I am also excited to hear about your stories later down the road on the show. I do not think people realize it is hard to find content in everyday life. You need to have the chance to have experiences to talk about & a mental break from it all. Ok, rant over. Just felt the need to defend the 1 star reviews because I know you’re unable to on the apple podcast app. Appreciate y’all and also enjoy your other podcasts as well! Great show, cast, and overall content!
  • RachelMcknight82
    Best show EVER
    I’ve been listening every day for 20 years 🙂
  • Theguz2
    Love this show!
    I absolutely love this show! All of you have a great dynamic together! And I love the different opinions you share and how you are all able to respect each other’s opinions even if you don’t agree. Of course there is also the comedy of the show which always has me laughing out loud! *The only thing I think I would like to see “change” is that Cassie’s name would be included on the opening of the show with everyone else! :)
  • Brewer2180
    I love the group!!
    I’ve been listening for years and since theirs a podcast now, I love it so much more!! Keep doing your thing!!
  • Ashley_928
    Love it
    I love this show! I listen to it everyday at work!!! Came across an episode on my Facebook page over a year ago and have listened ever since!!!
  • kjpickett
    Bert Show
    Listening to this show makes Me so happy. Thank you!
  • P1Jenn
    Flipping LOVE y’all!!!
    P1 from day 1, and that is not an exaggeration. I remember the first day the Bert Show was on air. You have kept me laughing through all the stages of life…high school, commuting to college and to my first job, through my marriage and divorce, being a single mama, and now remarried to an amazing man. It’s crazy to think how a radio show has been a part of my life for so long. I lost you for a while because I had a five minute commute, but now that I’ve found this podcast, I am ADDICTED and listening every. Single. Day. My only complaint, I wish there was more, but I guess you guess have lives too! Haha! Anyway, thank you for years of laughter and cheers to many more!!!
  • mbrady0684
    Hilariously entertaining! Local Atl fan since day one!
    This show and I go way back! I have been tuning in to this show since I was in high school and I am 37 now so yeah we go wayyy back! Wow it’s crazy to think that it’s been like 20 years since the show started and I became a lucky listener🥰If you’re looking for a fun podcast featuring awesome people being amazing and doing great things and you wanna laugh with them while they talk about a WIDE variety of hilariously relatable things then check them out! You won’t be disappointed! And if you’re not into that sort of thing then something ain’t right w ya! 😜Bert Show family- I know y’all will prob never see my comment, but I’m sending y’all good vibes and a big thank you for brightening up my days. Hope you feel the love cuz it’s coming from right here in Dunwoody, GA🍑
  • kegnot82
    Gets worse every day
    I used to love this show but it’s turned into more of the political propaganda I’m trying to escape. They are always right, never allow anyone with another point of view to speak and feel their way is the only way. They are just as one sided as the rest of the media. Im an independent and tired of listening to them shame anyone that doesn’t share their opinions. Hopefully, they will realize how bad it’s gotten and go back to when the show was good and stop trying to push their views on everyone.
  • Rox-a-roni
    Moe told me to
    Even though they totally roasted me on air, 5 stars.
  • Bugg88
    Love listening to yal! I’ve never been a podcast person but yal have changed me. THANK YOU! I do wish you only posted the full episodes so it was easier to find to add to my playlist.
  • llmayo
    Couldn’t do it without my Bert Show fam!
    I commute 58 miles to work EACH WAY five days a week and couldn’t imagine it without you guys! I truly love all of you but I am undoubtedly Davi’s biggest WV fan!💙💛💙💛💙💛 Keep the greatness coming!
  • Jenn648
    Love Kristen really happy she’s back from maternity leave
  • k-Bridgers
    Love you guys!!!!
    Thank you guys so much for all the life advice and different perspectives on things. Thank you CASSIE I have now opened a Roth IRA. I don’t know why it felt like she said it more than 10x but yeah. It. Stuck!!!
  • Heyitsmebecccat
    Please only full show
    I love the podcast, but please only post the full show instead of the segments!
  • SaraYogaNovice
    Makes my day
    13 year listener who just moved from Atlanta to San Diego. Such a treat to listen to yesterday’s full show every morning. Three people have stopped me this week to ask why I was laughing/smiling so much. Love these people and their genuine, hilarious, and insightful conversations.
  • Lesleyzeb
    The only thing keeping me sane working from home
    Longtime listener, and I can’t always listen live with a kid in virtual school, so this podcast is my ESCAPE after a day of work and school chaos. Love the current cast especially, you guys are like family!
  • bkclanton
    Love these wonderful people.
    I’ve been a fan of The Bert Show for years! I used to get so annoyed when I’d have sit through an Ariana Grande song to find out if Joe Nobody sent flowers to his wife or “secret lover” and now I don’t have to! Love, love, love! More Cassie, please - love that B.
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