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It's simple: Netflix Is A Daily Joke is a joke a day podcast featuring a daily dose of your favorite Netflix comedians. One joke a day. Every day.

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  • Sam’s club xxxxxx222222
    I am trying to do stand up but I’m too nervous about messing up
  • BottlrUp
    Ok, this is one of the BEST podcasts I have ever listened to.
  • Super Nintendo listener
    Greatest podcast ever
    This podcast has all the best laughs but it needs more Trevor Noah jokes
  • Luczaza
    Look forward to it
    Love the daily dose of fun. Keep them coming.
  • RockstarDude342
    Great podcast
    Love to hear snippets from the shows on Netflix. Gives you a sneak peak at the show to see if you’ll like it or not. Would love to hear more Gabriel Iglesias, Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Burr, Trevor Norah, and Phil Wang, but I understand that that’s dictated over which specials are released lol
  • A from texas
    Do it!
    Here to reply to Ravi O'Li - do comedy! I'm sure the world needs your hilarious POV. I'm sure your city has an intro improv class that will get you more comfortable being on stage and opening up but thru the persona of fictional characters before you start standup as yourself. Good luck! Hoping one day you come across my timeline :)
  • A40ftSloop
    What happened to real comedy?
    80% of this stuff isn’t even funny. Like everything else, comedy has lost its edge. Very sad
  • Ravi O' Li
    I want to try my hand at comedy, but I’m an introvert. I live through them cringeworthy and all.
  • SScaredy- Catty
    Need more Sheng Wang and Jim Gaffigan!!!!😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙
  • FUBARinDetroit
    Mostly good
    Patton and Hannah need to go. Otherwise good stuff😃
  • badvalgal
    Cool n funny
  • Stien42
    Not funny.
    Off balance attempt at humor with agenda. I kept listening for a month. Every day is attempting to make fun of one political point of view. Only in one direction. Not funny.
  • kitkats lover
    I love everything about it
    It’s really funny but the episodes are repeating
  • Love it. Its a staple
    Short and sweet
    Love! Laughter is so necessary
  • Love radio.
    When I’m at work having a bad I listen to this podcast, makes my day work better.
  • Fuchs hung declined
    the episodes are repeating
  • 😻😻😍😍❤️❤️🦄🦄
    Love it! Very funny!!🤣😂❤️💕
  • Eureka1127
    So fun!
    Makes my day funnier, and I like hearing comedians who are new to me!
  • Brownidgirl19
    I enjoy hearing new comics
    It’s a great way to become introduced to new comics, you get a quick piece of their stand up and don’t have to listen to a full set if you end up not being interested in a specific person. If you do end up enjoying the piece you like, find the full set on Netflix and enjoy. Highly recommend.
  • tmoney5959
    Repeating episodes?
    Pretty sure the episodes are starting to repeat or just posting same bit, if that’s the case time to unsubscribe
  • junior chomsky
    Excellent joke format
    This format of a few minutes of joking each day is refreshing. What a great way to start may day - with laughing. If a comedian is really funny, then I’ll follow up and watch the whole set on Netflix.
  • Meganm007
    Should keep to the more offensive jokes. Theres gotta be better ones
    Chelseas Handler, Lets be honest, she’s not the funniest person I’ve ever heard but the line “I will eat a cat to piss off PETA”. Or however it went…really? That’s just not funny. But the rest so far have been really funny. Listen to at least 1 of these jokes at the beginning of my shift to brighten my day. Then I switch to true crime lol. More Hasan Minhaj!
  • MW3_King
    Love it
    Helped me through 2020
  • Festus Necrogums
    Needs better sound engineering
    It’s a great concept, but the sound needs to be leveled.
  • EddieSLC
    Great idea, poor execution
    A fun idea for a daily dose of stand-up humor that fails to live up to its potential. Poor acoustics and low-volume recording by usually mediocre comics (only occasional really funny bits) interspersed with visual bits that don’t translate to audio (nothing funnier than mime on the radio!) make this much less than it could be. Luckily, it’s only a few minutes invested/wasted and there’s an occasional pay-off, plus it’s easy to skip the bad ones.
  • Brokethemold
    Fewer Explicit Please
    I like a daily joke but most of the choices I can’t let my children hear. I turn them off. I’m not interested in vulgar
  • BEST KAJ[insert sound]FAN
    the computer voice is weird
  • comedy nerd567$$$
    Love the pod but.....
    I love the pod, but I wish there was more than one a day.
  • BriblueeyedBigBooty
  • Pbskidtheone
    George Lopez podcast
    It sounds like Ray Romano?? Lolol
  • Mdkinla
    Really disappointing.
    I can’t remember what I was listening to or watching when I heard about Netflix joke of the day. It seemed like a great idea. Hear a joke, discover new comedians all while combating the isolation of staying safer at home. I could not have been more wrong. With rare exceptions the “jokes” are mostly misogynistic, and the comedians (mostly men)... I would be completely shocked if this podcast content isn’t curated by 100% men. It seems like the joke was on me.
  • Freddie bag of donuts
    Too many “offended”
    Comedy is dead in the cancel culture.
  • Hamstergrrl
    Love it
  • starsun200
    It is a good podcast
  • EA Levin
    Just not funny
    Listened to one episode. Wish I had 4 minutes back.
  • Sallenicar
    Too much profanity
    I just listen to one episode, it is not my kind of humor.
  • Abarnes_LA
    Nice way to start the day
    I used to listen to the news every morning and recently I supplemented that practice with this. It’s made a big difference in my mood to start out with comedy, and it’s also great to get introduced to specials I haven’t seen yet. Agree with other reviewers in that the audio mixing could use a little polish - sometimes the intro music is way louder than the set. Not enough to knock off a star, but hopefully the producers read this and adjust.
  • EvaRani
    Fix Volume for 5 stars
    Great to have a mix featuring tidbits from variety of comedians. I like it for my road trip or short breaks but volume feature HAS to be fixed. For some, like Ray Romano, I blasted speakers but was unable to hear.
  • anonfromatl
    Volume is off
    I like the podcast, but the volume seems to be too low as compared to all the other podcasts I listen to. I have to always adjust volume every time before and after podcast. Gets annoying.
  • Tripple Rico
    Not for me but you might like it
    I listened to about 7 episodes. It’s probably great for people who don’t have an issue with gratuitous cussing and very crude jokes, but that’s not for me. Each episode is about 5 minutes and sounds like it is part of a Netflix comedy show, so the podcast is a way for Netflix to promote their shows. Perhaps if I listened long enough I would come across a few comedians who are funny without the cussing and crude stuff, but I won’t do that. Maybe I’ll hand-select a couple of the better known comics and see how those go.
  • thxhgfuft
    Hilarious Humor😂
    Busy Buster
  • mindofsp
  • Auntpatrice
    It’s comedy it’s great!
  • eblmn7
    This is an awesome idea and concept. But I cannot get over how fast they make the joke to be when in reality, it’s not that speedy. And I think it ruins the delivery of the comedian. Still cool but not the same of the actual joke given.
  • Luke_a_like
    A bright spot in my day
    This pod is a bright spot in my day during this CONVID-19 BS!!
  • Psychab
    This has been so amazing to listen to when there is so much negativity and fear going on with COVID-19. I laugh out loud all the time and it lifts my mood. Thanks for the refreshing break every day, wish it was longer then 5 mins.
  • EllieTheElephants
    Thank you, Ellen on the go.
    In the podcast, “Ellen on the go” they talk about this. Thank you Ellen on the go, I will appreciate this in the near and far future. 1st rating!!
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