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GOLF’s Subpar, hosted by featuring former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his long time friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz, pairs colorful segments with in-depth sit-down interviews with the game’s biggest personalities. It will be available across’s platforms every Tuesday.

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  • NCgolf45
    Best in golf
    I’ve listened to every golf podcast out there. This is the best one by far and Sleez is the best personality in the sport right now. Keep up the great work
  • gjtfjuu
    Simply the Best
    Colt and Sleaze are very entertaining and their relationships with tour players is second to none. Many days 1 hour is just not enough.
  • RA Davis
    Great show. Stop banging the table
    Love the show, but some guests are borderline unlistenable because the guest or host talks and bangs the table. Thud! Thud! Thud!
  • tommy quon
    Best golf pod period
    Colt Knost is best in the business. Well spoken let’s guests speak. Does his homework and it shows
  • rams guy
    Great show
    Funny and some golf behind the scenes. Very cool
  • Man Frog
    Every episode is the same thing. The hosts are adolescent alcoholics and sound like they are constantly either drunk or hungover. They also have gambling they bet on everything. Since they see the world through those lenses they attract guests that are the same. They spend an hour talking about getting drunk and dealing with hangovers and sprinkle in drunken practical jokes that they, or their guests, played on other people. It's an hour of drunken locker room talk, which would be entertaining now and then, but every episode is the same. Heck often times you hear about the same practical joke on multiple episodes. They also have a feature called the emergency nine where they basically ask the same 9 questions to every guest. Snooze!! So if you are interested in wasting an hour of your time listen to this podcast.
  • TKInLG
    DJ Episode
    DJ clearly needs a lot of help and his solution may work for him, but careful folks. That solution does not work for all and for many only sends into deeper problems. Love the podcast but please keep the talk to golf. This one got old fast. Honestly, if it were so great the Russians, Chinese, athletes would be all over it.
  • ajshxbzbab
    Great interviews, need production quality inprovements
    Love the show gentleman. When your guests are in person, they constantly bang the table while talking and it gets in the way of your quality interviews.
  • Gillis Golf Guy
    These two are the best and I strive to be like them! Thanks guys!
  • Baileym1976
    Love it
    Great golf news and insights. Always great insights and they got me started drinking Dewars
  • smoothrocky
    Entertaining but Inconsistent
    They have some shows and guests that are off the charts entertaining followed by a string of duds…they need a better talent booking team vs the bar at Whisper Rock.
  • Nonickname 1954
    Ian interview sucked
    Get some hockey guys back on boys, starting to get a little dull
  • bjonesgolf
    My favorite podcast
    Love you guys and the content. Can we please fix the guests audio, I’m driving down the road adjusting it constantly. Keep up the great work!
  • eb + bear
    Awesome Podcast
    The chemistry between Colt and Drew and then with their guests is off the charts. The casual vibe with a little ball busting thrown in makes this a must listen for any golf fan. My only nitpick is I wish they would get into more of the controversial golf subjects of the day (like LIV), but I understand who pays their bills and I respect their decision.
  • Gswany777
    Best golf podcast out. Hands down
    I tune in every week for Colt and Drew’s latest episode. Amazing interviews with tour pros that make me laugh throughout. Love all of the great tour insight and weekly betting picks. #1 podcast in my library.
  • CoastieJ
    Great podcast amazing guests
    Keep up the good work guys. Stay true to your style, don’t become a morning zoo!
    Love the pod…
    Please keep up the great work fellas. I stay amongst it lol
  • thgfer
    Sub Par to the moon
    The only Golf Podcast worth listening to
  • Dubai-Mark
    Brilliant but watch your ears!
    One of the best golf podcasts, so many great, informative interviews and hilarious stories. Love it and we’ll worth a listen, keep it up! However, guys get your s@@t together on with the audio quality!!! So many episodes with horrendous quality sound, levels all over the place. Chip in for a proper producer and sound engineer please for our ears sake!
    Definitely some great interviews.
    These guys always get just enough juice from their sources to make their interviews great. Definitely worth listening to.
  • Gulanator94
    Awesome show if your a real true golf fan.
    Colt and sleez really bring every player and person they have on there show. To life in what it would be like to play with these guys and they are awesome at some great picks. And the real lot make you want grind everyday and just play good golf and Get Amongst it. On the coarse.
  • KMazzie
    Listen every week!
    LOVE Golf Sub Par! I never miss an episode and it actually makes me look forward to the Tuesday morning commute. I know the repeated joke on the show is that 0.5% of your listenership is women 🤷🏼‍♀️😆 but as one of them I give y’all two thumbs up 👍🏼👍🏼
  • NobleGlassArt
    Bad look
    Greg Norman should have no place to spout his nonsense.
  • djw1022
    Best Golf Pod
    Best podcast out there! Great hosts, great guests, great conversations! Two guys who just get it and know how to get amongst it, both on and off the golf course. Colt is awesome and Sleeze is a funny S.O.B. Every podcast meets expectations and more. These are the type of guys that will start your car while you’re looking for the keys! Coupla UNITS!
  • Tyler CLT
    Great show - Scottsdale episode?
    Hey guys - love the show. Currently planning a trip to Scottsdale and would be great to her your thoughts on living there, places to play, etc.
  • Chaunce de Leon Viscante
    Best podcast I have ever listened to!!! Sleeze is a legend!!!
  • C. Powers
    Best Golf Pod
    Colt and the Sleeze are by the best golf podcast out there - the only podcast I have to tune into as soon as it drops
  • Hdbxuujdiejchhdbxbxy
    Love Podcast but Audio an issue
    Same as everyone else on here guys… love the podcast but ya gotta fix the audio issues on this. You’ll have three people speaking all at different volumes. Great guests, just please fix the audio!
  • Kash Dad
    Very Entertaining and Informative
    Unique perspective versus other golf media. Funny…
  • golf homie54
    Pump up the volume! Can’t hear y’all on the highway lol
    Pump up the volume! Can’t hear y’all on the highway lol thank you for all you do
  • Justinawesomeallthetime
    Josh Gregory Interviewing
    The audio was all jacked up. Awesome interview though!
    Audio is also subpar
    Could be a solid listen if the audio wasn’t all over the place 40% of the time. Also it gets annoying when sleeze talks over colt non stop
  • MCAS515
    Best Golf Podcast
    This podcast is pure entertainment mixed with authentic golf bombs! These guys might comb the ‘golf desert’ better than Spaceballs.
  • dhueydallas
    Love the podcast! great insight into the game Great interviews, super fun!
  • RWTrojan08
    Outstanding podcast
    Always great content and funny. A must for all golf fans
  • D.Mitch
    Good overall
    Outside of giving a platform to that bigot Fuzzy Zeller a couple weeks ago these guys usually do a good job on this podcast.
  • ehotwill
    Best golf podcast or just best sports podcast period!
    This is my favorite sports podcast. You get very insightful interview because they are conducted by fellow players who knows and understands the inner thoughts of people they are interviewing. You get to hear the true unvarnished comments you will never see or hear on TV. I hate interviews conducted during golf tournaments because the questions are very general and bland and thus you get boilerplate answers from players(except maybe Phil Mickleson). The funny stories they tell that are too racy for tv interviews are gem! I love the variety of people they have on their show. I am waiting for the one “white whale”(Anthony Kim) they are trying to land!! Keep it up guys!!
  • Reachingforpar
    Great job on the interviews. You should consider some LPGA tour members to interview.
  • chefhasbeen
    Great Pod, needs a sound engineer
    I really enjoy the content, stories, and insights of the interviews. It is unlistenable when guests hit the table when emphasizing a point. The mics pick it up and all you hear is the thudding. Once that gets fixed, the sky is the limit.
  • VegasGolferBC
    This is THE Chicken Dinner if you golfers know what mean. 👍👏
  • KevinLsavannah
    Love the podcast. Always listen. Please fix the audio. I have to keep my hand on my volume the entire time. The Harman podcast was hard to listen to. Thanks
  • golfboy1995
    Seriously fix the audio
    Every episode, the mic audio is all over the place for the guests and hosts. Need to turn it all the way up for the guests then panic and hit it all the way down when hosts speak
  • AppleUserCA
    Best golf podcast
    Keep it going
  • DSchneid32
    New favorite podcast
    Funny entertaining and get to hear great inside stories and personalities. Keep up the great content guys!
  • Mr sme11b0b
    Best golf podcast
    Absolutely fantastic show, great content every week
  • TV jug vgf in
    Try by r
    E ex wife ecc C d
  • M. Albright 51
    Great content, Audio double bogey
    Host Volume is low & tinny, guests completely different, y’all need an engineer on the case- bummer man, makes listening almost un…
  • Roscoe BK
    Go back, listen to the episode with Mike Commodore. Good luck explaining to your wife why you are sitting on the back porch having finished mowing the lawn laughing with tears and snot bubbles flowing. Good stuff.
  • Jdtyfffhjjv
    This podcast is awesome. What a great team these guys make. Very entertaining. Keep up the good work.
  • jdelpy
    Best golf podcast out there! Keep up the great work boys👍🏻
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