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Tessa Thompson stars as an idealistic young journalist trying to make a name for herself by following a group of paranormal explorers, obsessed with a seemingly harmless pastime known as the Left/Right Game. The journey takes her into a supernatural world that she and the other members of the expedition can neither handle nor survive.

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  • Matt65590
    Great show. Meh ending.
    The production is great. The storyline is good and intriguing. All the actors did great. I’m not going to remove a star for it, the ending is not terrible, but it’s anticlimactic, forgettable, and I felt like they just didn’t know what to do with the storyline so it just kind of ends. It kind of makes me wonder what the purpose of the British friend was, he went to look for her, but nothing, literally nothing, it just ends. No explanation that I recall of how he got the tapes or how she could have gotten the tapes back “out of the road.” It might not be a plot hole since no explanation was even attempted, but it feels cheap. Again, it feels like the show was going full steam ahead and then just derailed in episode 10. Those might be harsh words for a 5 star review, but the first 9 episodes were among the best audio drama I have ever heard. Episode 10 isn’t terrible, but I feel like they producers were just tired of making it and called it quits.
  • SingThat
    Hooked from episode 1
    This podcast immediately sucked me in. A wonderful and fully immersive experience. Definitely worth a binge-listen.
  • Incon777
    Interesting story but wish we knew more of it
    If this was a voice acting critique it would be five stars. Same with production. The narrative suffers from a lack of explanation. There are ways to do found-audio storytelling that still tell the story but there are massive story gaps that are filled with albeit spectacular, but unclear sound effects. Was left intrigued but rather unsatisfied.
  • Elhat88
    Very confusing
    While I hate over explaining narrative in podcasts, this show goes the exact opposite. It wasnt until I googled the show did I find out there are more explanatory versions written. The podcast seems to be aimed at people already knowledgable of the story line, as anyone else, I dont know how they could infer whats going on in this very confusing story line. I had to replay so much just because i had no clue what was happening. A lot is said that means nothing, and nothing is said to mean a lot.
  • uhliveone
    absolutely stunning
    what incredible show. i was quite literally on the edge of my seat (and scared!) throughout this series. this was well produced and well casted. Wishing for another season but it’s perfect as a capsule. love love love!
  • girlwes
    Love it!! Please do a season 2! Tessa Thompson is the bomb
  • laielu
    Would love Second Season
    Great show; wonderful acting, effects, and story! Looking forward to a continuation!
  • Austenfan
    Riveting beginning, weak ending
    The first few episodes were stellar. The second half, especially the last few episodes were confusing. Too many sound effects with no explanation of what was causing the sound, a complex plot that could not be communicated clearly, developments in the story explained away in a single sentence. And then it just ended. Kudos to the beautiful and soothing voice of the main actress.
  • Zorli
    Compulsive Bingeable
    Once I started I didn’t stop! Each episode is well written and voice talented acting. Packed with binging action and adventure.
  • Chef_Ninja
    Why ?
    Why aren’t half the episodes working ?
  • san unclemento
    Bizarre and Engaging
    Quite a creepy story. I think they really tapped into something with this one! Recommended!
  • hencmekxbanencjsmxba
    Mostly great show about a bad (road) trip
    Episodes 1-6 (3.5-4/5): really tense, suspenseful series of vignettes that really build tension without arriving (narratively or geographically). Episodes 7-10 (4.5-5/5): genuinely excellent story. Great characters, twists, and moments I’ll remember. Excellent: - Sound design. My goodness, please listen with quality audio output. Production team delivered. - Tessa Thompson and W. Earl Brown. Skilled actors show their talents. Subpar/adequate: - Some of the writing and supporting cast. Couldn’t tell where the disconnect happened, but people in tremendously stressful situations didn’t always talk or sound like it. This isn’t an absolute rule, but it seemed noticeable to me. This show is not for everyone, and the Venn diagram of people who “just don’t get it” and people who don’t like it does not make a circle. Totally possible you will get it and just not like it. That said, I think most people who give the team a chance and meet them on their terms will find it a rewarding ride.
  • dubsosaurus
    Unfinished business
    Why can’t Qcode make more than one season of anything?! Their shows are so good but they just drop them and leave you hanging. Getting pretty sick and tired of this and wondering what the heck I even am paying for with my subscription. Thanks for another let-down Qcode.
  • Would like tiger pictures
    Enjoyed it
    Unlike most QCODE stories this one actually has an ending that isn’t just a cliffhanger to a second season that never happens. Interesting premise.
  • sad and got banned
    Great use of indescriptible sounds and vague endings
    If you hate visual imagery and love to hear random sound effects with little to no explanation of what’s happening, this is the story for you? Are you the type of person who hates closure at the end of stories as much as I do? Great, this story does a great job of leaving all your questions unanswered! Do you love characters who are clueless and have no depth! Well I have good news, you’ve found the left right game.
  • KeanaBabe5292
    Great story! Very creepy
    Loved this story. Caught my attention right away. Hated BlueJay’s character though
  • @9
    Don’t waste your time.
    Finished the series for closure and confirmation this is rubbish. 1. The constant QCode plugs in the middle of the story was a buzz kill 2. The audio was mostly a “drive” sound. Dialogue was abrupt and predictable. 3. The British guy served NO PURPOSE. He is better off building Legos. 4. Better options out. Hope the TV series is better.
  • AddictedToSpaceshipAlarms248
    So sick
    Dopetastic. Loved it. You got a problem with it? You got a problem with me. Come see me. We can handle it. I stay strapped with C4. Only sad part was I kiiiiinda wanted.. oh wait I don’t wanna spoil anything ok bye
  • sarpod44444
    There will never be a season 2
    Best original story to come out of r/nosleep since Borrasca. There will not be a season 2 from the original author - there was never one written, this was the end. And thank goodness for that - this is the perfect ending and doesn't need any elaboration.
  • FlyersNfillies
    The best QCOde story Ive heard yet. Really entertaining, maybe a bit too short. At times it was hard to tell what was going on too. All in all was really good does a great job keeping the listener engaged start to finish.
  • That Crazy Guy!!
    Season 2 please!!!
    The show is just so much fun! Twist after twist writing and acting so great, off the chart. Really hope you guys will do a season 2.
  • Ameliahruby
    My fave fiction podcast of all
    I’m so glad I stuck with this through the first episode. Once we got into Alice’s tapes, I was hooked and the story went so many places from there. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • isa :-)
    season 2!!
    we NEED a season 2!! so many questions left unanswered! i love this podcast so much
  • gamermargot
    Everything I hoped for, and more!
    I read this short story a few years ago, and it has been one of my favorites of all time ever since. This popped up in my recommendations to listen, so I decided to. Everyone involved absolutely did it justice, I couldn’t believe how much every twist and turn affected me in the exact same way it did years ago! Love this rendition, definitely recommend giving it a listen with headphones to get the full immersion!
  • scarylilbug
    So good
    1 year later of listening to audiobooks/podcasts all day at work and this is still one of my favorites. I wish they had more reviews so they could make another season !!!
  • DustMePink
    More please
    I loved this podcast I really wish you would make more for this one 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
  • Scar.2658
    Season 2 please
    After listening I wanted more, really hope a season 2 will come out After listening to Borrasca, and the quality of story and production, I am working my way through Qcode. This was not disappointing, I really hope for a season two.
  • Metaltiger22
    Actually good
    Had me from the beginning and I never looked back. Like driving into the tunnel (heh) Half of these podcasts should have been shows and most of these shows should have been podcasts. They need to get Jordan Peele on this asap lol. This would be a great show/movie.
  • transparenttspacedream
    It’s been 3 years since I listened to this and it’s still the best fiction podcast I’ve ever listened to.
  • lyd3513
    New season please
    My favorite story podcast I love this show!!!
  • vb27!
    Perfection in the Form of a Podcast
    *wags finger knowingly* great job guys.
  • AleahLani
    My #1 as an avid podcast listener of all time
    The production quality, story, mystery, audio quality, actors’ voices…everything about this podcast makes it THE BEST podcast I’ve listened to of all time (well…since 2016 when I started listening to podcasts). I typically appreciate nonfiction podcasts, and still this takes the win. Congrats to everyone who made this happen! You’re incredibly talented. PS. Please make season 2 ASAP
  • Breeze01
    Exceeded all the expectations, this was a fantastic listen. It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. THE ENDING!!!!
  • Blueoxbox
    Writers need a little help with English expressions
    Good story and sound affects to get you into the story. There is way to many “F” works used. It’s used so much it gets hard to listen to at times. They use it like a very uneducated person that can’t express themselves any other way. The people in these stories need a little more depth than that in my opinion.
  • Dffujnbkop
    Most creepy horror podcast I've heard.
    It knows when to end, as well.
  • willmac02
    At times I was lost
    Reliance on sound effects during the story left me in the dark for some key parts. Also, the ending reminded me a lot of Star Trek The Motion Picture. A bit lackluster and without a profound moment that brings everything together. But worth listening to.
  • michelleinfl
    So Much Potential…
    It was a fun listen for sure, but if your hoping for any sort of profound or coherent ending-you’ll be very disappointed. I, for one, was very disappointed & that is the main reason why I’m giving 3/5 stars. Another reason being the reliance on sound effects to convey parts of the story that would have greatly benefited from narration (or better sound effects). I found myself being totally lost at various points throughout the series-& after reading the reviews-I found I was not alone in that feeling.
  • K-Fine
    Like if public radio alliance podcasts were easy to follow
    I LOVE shows like Tanis and Rabbits and I’m always looking for new alternate reality type shows. This one is perfect. It’s much less convoluted than a lot of the others while still being super engaging. I just wish it was longer!
  • KarlisaJade
    This was a great story. It keeps you tuned in, invested and trying to figure out what will happen next.
  • Surf_Smexy
    Loved listening to this while driving to and from work! The audio teases the imagination. Instead of “show” and tell, it’s “hear” and tell, and I love it. The story is awesome! And the audio is incredibly crisp. My favorite are the moments we hear what we don’t understand. It plays on the horror of the unknown, because it could be anything our twisted little mines come up with.
  • Mirmy941
    Great story
    This series kept me so interested I couldn’t stop listening!! I do wish they would come out with a season 2
  • Larseniowa
    I want to like this more…
    But the character from the “framing” story is annoying, and only serves one relevant plot point, which doesn’t deserve an entire storyline of its own. The purpose of “bluejay” is to add drama and tension into the plot, which the story has plenty of without her, making her both redundant and irrelevant, as she also does not contribute to the overall plot. As many others have said, the foley and audio elements are poorly matched to the plot, and frequently fail to contribute relevant information to the story.
  • Malcarn
    I’m a huge fan of audio dramas, this by far is one of the best. Reminds me of how good things were before the mass commercialization and cash grabs of the current state of pods. This story is up there with the original “We’re alive” podcast. Awesome work guys, and thank you.
  • phillosophy123
    A Great Novel made a Good Podcast
    The story overall is really great and if the story existed in isolation I would have given it more stars. The problem is that there were many times that I didn’t understand what was happening just from the sound effects. If you liked this you should check out the original Reddit story (Has Anyone Heard of the Left Right Game) because it is not only more descriptive but also differs a bit in the end. At the end of more than one episode I found myself googling “What happened Left Right Game” for the finished episode. Upon finding posts on reddit that addressed this many people mentioned that they also couldn’t follow based on the sounds alone. When you read the original story there are certain elements and characters that are described in detail whereas in this podcast they are either not described or described with language so in descriptive they might as well have said nothing. For example and without spoiling there is one episode where the primary description of a figure is something like “What’s wrong with his face!”, but in the original written reddit post/story the physical description is gone into in depth. Overall this podcast is definitely worth a listen, the story is great, but this adaptation would have benefitted from less reliance on sound effects and more on exposition and narrated descriptions.
  • JaneBerlinH
    Among the best
    At this point in in time and space I have listened to at least 75% of all fictional podcasts in existence and so far this one would definitely make it into a list of top fictional podcasts. I think I’m the top 10 for sure
  • Neens_21
    Great Start Poor Finish
    Truly amazing premise and it followed through until the last 3 episodes. Those last 3 fumbled the bag. The ending tried being profound but just felt boring to me.
  • Sceadwian
    Awesome production
    I’m only in season 1, so some of this may be addressed in later seasons. The ‘commercials’ constantly talk about this fantastic Sonos sound, but the volume balance is so annoying. If you’re not listening with headphones, it’s really hard to pick up some of the dialog sometimes - I’m using an echo dot as a speaker, and sometimes it’s SO uncomfortably loud, and sometimes SO quiet. Like the podcast equivalent of the movies where dialog is at a whisper followed by a big bombastic gun fight. It’s super frustrating to constantly have to adjust my volume to not blast myself with screeching tires and whatnot while trying to hear people talk.
  • Tusvm
    Really enjoyed the left right journey, and the way it came to fruition. I think you will as well!
  • Hturk
    This was amazing!
    Its is awesome to find something extraorinary in a sea of ordinary!!
  • iamcercone
    I read the r/nosleep version of Neontempo’s “The Left Right Game” as it was being written and posted live and this podcast does it a disservice. I think the story around the narrator being embellished to lead the listener to question whether Alice is real or a figment of the narrator’s imagination does a great disservice to the actual story reported by Alice. Besides this the podcast starts off very good and quickly goes downhill as it’s hard to know what’s going on in certain key points because the producers rely on audio engineering to tell a story that, in podcast form, leaves a lot of story telling context on the cutting room floor and leaves the listener clueless as to what’s going on in the latter half of the story. I would have preferred a more strict adherence to the original story.
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