The Left Right Game


Tessa Thompson stars as an idealistic young journalist trying to make a name for herself by following a group of paranormal explorers, obsessed with a seemingly harmless pastime known as the Left/Right Game. The journey takes her into a supernatural world that she and the other members of the expedition can neither handle nor survive.The Left Right Game Premieres Monday, March 23rd, with new episodes releasing weekly through May 25th.Subscribe today wherever you find your favorite podcasts and visit for more information.

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Recent Episodes
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    Mar 23, 2020 – 00:41:01
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    Mar 16, 2020 – 00:02:30
Recent Reviews
  • duramax47
    confusing to follow at times & audio fluctuates too much
    listened to this on a road trip in my truck with two other people and we found it hard to follow at times. I wish there was more of a narrative explaining what was going on at times because it seems like they just expect you to figure out what’s going on through the sound effects which can be annoying. many times we had no idea what happened to the characters and we were left to decide on our own (?? Maybe that’s the point??). also, be prepared to change the volume - A LOT. It can be super, SUPER hard to hear at times and then five seconds later your ears are blown out from crazy loud sound effects. other than that cool idea and I think I kinda get where they were trying to go with it but can be annoying. Also, sound effects on episode seven with the deer was definitely not a deer but an if you’re nit picky like me those types of things can be annoying. good listen besides that though.
  • MariaHP0706
    Weakest of the bunch
    Q code produces great podcasts, this is definitely one of the weaker ones, I just couldn’t get into it. The characters didn’t really make me care about the story.
  • FunkyBananaFruit
    One of my Favorites!
    This podcast kept me listening, intently. From the first episode to the last, it was amazing. Great quality, interesting topic, great actors, and an amazing plot. If you are into fiction podcasts, DEFINITELY give this one a listen!
  • Squizzil
    Stumbled upon this on Instagram and was enthralled at every moment.
  • HelenRA
    Great soundscape but the story lacks substance
    The soundscape is undoubtably fantastic. You will want to use your good headphones for this one. There were times I was sure I was going to get run over by a car, and I was alone in my bed. The acting is also good, but the problems lie in execution, script, and premise. The whole "Alternate Reality" and "Found Footage" story tropes are played out. They have been done to death in several genre podcasts and the Left Right game adds nothing new to the idea. The framing sequence feels redundant and tacked on. It adds nothing to the main narrative and would have been better as a second season. There are times when the amazing sound quality gets in the way of your suspension of disbelief. Why would everyone on this cross country trek be so perfectly mic'ed? Why would everything everyone says be so distinct and clear? And once that suspension of disbelief is shaken you start to notice other problems with the narrative For example. Alice (subtle), our main character buys in way too early that something paranormal is going on. She is supposed to be a journalist but she has remarkably little sceptisim. Or, if this is "Found Footage", when did she record the intros and outros to each installment? Did she add them in later, or was she recording them on the fly? It is remarkable that she stopped and started each recording just as someone was about to say something useful or move the narrative forward. And of course there is the constant problem with audio dramas where awkward exposition has to be spoken. That dreaded moment in every serialized audio drama where a character has to awkwardly describe what it is they're looking at like no one has ever done in the history of conversations. It is an unfortunate part of audio dramas, and I don't envy podcast writers trying to figure out a solution. Now, I might be nitpicking, but once my suspension of disbelief was shaken it was a slippery slope to pedanticdickburg population me. All that being said, it is entertaining if a bit basic. It is worth listening to for the technical acheivment, and the story is just engaging enough to keep you going and perhaps even hope for a second season.
  • Arthur Fortune
    Confusing At Times
    Great premise and good acting, but difficult to follow at times. It seemed like the producers were so focused on sound quality that they forgot we can’t see what is happening and need some narration or dialogue. It was like listening to a game on the radio where the play-by-play guy goes silent for minutes at a time.
  • I may or may not be a witch
    Episode 8. Just Call it an Elk, bruh
    Deer don’t make that noise. Seriously. This is like the third or fourth podcast that uses elk noises and says “deer”. Plus elk are WAY freakier than any lil ole deer. People can google what an elk is if they are confused. Literally the only complaint about the show I have. Very good otherwise. Didn’t realize it was a star cast when I started listening.
  • DoIHaveToUseANickname?
    Great! Very surreal!
    I consider this to be somewhat of a psychological thriller. It isn’t exactly scary, but it does a FANTASTIC job or making listeners uneasy. The writing and narration feels oddly familiar yet strange, like waking up from a dream that you don’t quite remember. However, be prepared for certain sounds and events that may make people uncomfortable. Bloody, gushy sounds mostly. And deaths. Also gunshots. These sounds are far and few, occurring only once per episode, but be warned.
  • Brando131
    Hard to follow
    This started out great and then got EXTREMELY difficult to follow. I just gave up after awhile.
  • King waffle
    Sometimes hard to follow
    For instance, what happened to her arm? Was it when Denise and Alice were fighting over the other girl?
  • Profit Prophet
    🦊 meh 🦊
    Didn’t finish. The midroll ads were pretty intolerable.
  • Maigirl646
    The acting was great and the story was good, but towards the end there were many holes in the writing, where the sound affects fell short of telling what was happening. There was also no ending! I have no idea what happened in the last few minutes of the series....
  • Jefferdean22
    Starts out great, but...
    Production value is really high. Quite well done. The premise and the characters pulled me and kept me engaged until the last couple of episodes where everything falls flat and I got really bored. 5 stars for the premise, and for the first half of the series. 1 star for the last couple of episodes.
  • Movie Reference
    Starting out amazing… gradually declined in quality
    Man the first three episodes of this show really pulled me in. After that… I had no idea what was going on. There’s just a bunch of noise and sound effects. I have no idea what was happening to anyone. Great start - too bad the rest of the series didn’t make sense.
  • Qwerty titleholder
    Amazing story
    I really loved this and even though it was a bit hard to follow what they were doing at points do to sounds with no description I feel like it really stuck to its strengths. The sounds and overall feeling just hit right. I do feel like I must of missed something though; everyone’s saying that they hated the ending and it made no sense but I thought it wrapped up pretty nice. A story made for its journey is interesting.
  • hytgfredsxcvnmhuikk,nbgfv
    Trust the negative reviews
    The only emphasis of this podcast is the sounds with a bit of dialogue tossed in to make it seem like a story. No plot, to real character development just a series of sounds going nowhere
  • SonnyMS
    Absolutely AMAZING
    SciFi Horror fan here with a pretty vivid imagination. It was like I was there or watching a movie. But also like some horror ASMR. It was relaxing and thrilling at the same time. I feel empty with it finished so will look for something else by same people or re-listen. Few parts were hard to imagine first time through so had to rewind like the elk/deer scene but once I got a grip of it the imagery is jarring. Absolutely loved it. Need more yesterday!
  • BBridgewater
    Great story
    Great story but the ending left me feeling like I must have missed a few things throughout the story which was disappointing.
  • DrVodnik
    All but the ending
    This was such a great story and a real joy (and terror, in a good way) to listen to. Would have rated a 5 if the ending was better conceived.
  • Tyler Ferraro
    Amazing story
    Captivating, unpredictable, thrilling. Great audio effects. Love Tessa Thompson
  • Andy Ralston
    Great Story, Needs Better Description
    I absolutely love the storyline, the concept is chilling and the vibe of the whole podcast is amazing. However, there are many parts where the actions of the characters aren’t described well and you’re left wondering what actually happened. Some questions are just never answered as to key plot points and this is why it didn’t get 5 stars.
  • gokittygo
    Now Where?
    That was so engrossing. I’m going to miss it.
  • MimaDb
    Season 2?
    Overall this was a great podcast with a good story line. I thought the acting was great with the exception of Blue Jay to be honest. Not a fan of the ending, so I’m hoping that there will be a season two!
  • janjanime
    Great! Ending was confusing though...
    I read this series on reddit after the first episode came out and I absolutely loved it! Even after reading it all though, the last 2 episodes, especially the VERY last episode, was very confusing. I understood everything until then hahah but over very great!
  • LopsidedT
    Hoping for season 2
    Really enjoyed this podcast. It is a compelling premise ( even if not original to the production) and was well-acted and produced. I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t realize last week’s episode was, in fact, the last of the weekly releases indefinitely (denial? Lol). Not a lot else to look forward to these days, unfortunately. Anyway, it’s a good ride- if you’re on the fence about listening, you should jump in the passenger seat and see where it takes you.
  • EmpressCirque
    Read the Reddit Story First
    Absolutely amazing retelling of the classic story, but I highly recommend reading on reddit first just to ensure you don’t get lost anywhere. The acting is beautifully done and adds so much to the story that I found myself in tears multiple times during my commute. Everyone involved should be so proud of their work here because it shows that they are fans of the original story and sought to pay the proper respects to it. If you’re looking for an amazing audio drama, look no further.
  • amanduh04
    The makings of an AMAZING show!
    This story is so interesting that the podcast does not do it justice. Granted it is very immersive, however, I feel like what they wanted to portray is so imaginative it is hard to make out with just otherworldly sounds. Apparently the story is on Reddit and it makes more sense as it explains more. I also feel like this could easily be stretched out into more episodes. Like I said, it be make a crazy amazing show!
  • copperfoxfinley
    Swept away
    It was intense, even emotional at times. Left a good bit to the imagination but i liked that. Once i started i couldn’t stop till the end. It was a fun concept.
  • Menunka
    The sound is great and I love the story line, but I have idea what’s happening, the last couple of episodes are impossible to understand.
  • HthYuj
    Don’t let the haters fool you!
    It’s a great listen. I’m reading some of these reviews and find myself confused. I think people that can’t follow the story lack the imagination needed to follow along. I’m listening and seeing the story unfold in my mind. I binged the entire season. Really hoping for a second one!
  • Ravishing Rick Rude
    I was so excited to listen to this but it fell completely flat and lost me. Immersive sounds were cool but not enough to recommend.
  • Lara Blanton
    Started SOOO Awesome
    The sound quality is like NOTHING I have heard before TRULY top notch, which is why it has 2 stars. The story, whew, I was hooked and could not wait until the next episode. Then, I couldn’t follow the storyline and had no idea what was happening! It was a bunch of sounds with no explanation. The ending, the same, I don’t know what I just listened to but I know I unsubscribed because I don’t care about a second season, at all.
  • Well I'll just write a letter
    You’ve got to read the Reddit story first
    I can totally understand the confusion within the reviews. The Left Right Game was easily one of the best stories I’ve ever read on r/nosleep but tbh, it did not translate well to podcast form unless you’d read the story on Reddit first. I’d have been utterly lost. There are some changes in the plot and some things are explained in the story that aren’t in the podcast that make things a lot more clear. But trust me when I say it is an EXCELLENT story, and you will have a greater appreciation for the podcast after reading it on r/nosleep.
  • Rutherje
    Confusing 😰
    I really wanted to love this, but honestly I just ended up lost.
  • lqb17
    What did I just listen to?
    While this started out strong but there essentially is no ending. Seems like towards the end things were just thrown together and so many questions went unanswered.
  • lldopej
    Interesting but
    Too many crazy loud sound effects that didn’t reveal what actually transpired in the story line.. worth listening to but expect to be scratching your head wondering what is going on
  • Queen Will always Slayy
    Can’t wait for more!! Keep up the good work!! :) Edit: was good while it got towards the end.. like all I can say is what the?! Why the sudden ending like that?? completely made no sense sorry not sorry
  • ppppodcastluvr
    Finished it all
    Nice audio design but certainly hard to follow the plot at points. I started feeling introspective and began deriving my own personal meaning from different dialogue between characters which is why ultimately I ended up liking it but if you’re attached to the plot and need concrete resolution, you’re gonna have a bad time. Take it for what it is and see what floats to the top for yourself.
  • silhavy
    Scratched my audiodrama itch!
    I love immersive audio drama and this one is well done. I binged it and was totally sucked in. Some unevenness in the plot/pacing but it’s exciting and very well produced. Plus, you get to listen to Tessa Thompson do her best NPR voice....
  • Tw. Mars
    Great story
    I really loved this story, I’m not sure why so many reviewers didn’t like the ending. I thought the ending was absolutely perfect!
  • QuantumSavior
    Podcast and chill!
    Bone chilling with AMAZING character building! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode. Edit: just made it to the end. I think this is the end? If you’re making this a tv show I suggest a rewrite to the ending.
  • Terry Turdle
    Bummer ending
    Dang was really into this. Ending completely incomprehensible. It’s not a waste, but if I would have know how confused I would be at the end, would’ve passed. Rob tho, he gets both these stars.
  • ElleCBrown
    This seems to be the standard for QCODE
    This is the third QCODE podcast I’ve listened to, and it’ll be my last. They draw you in with a unique story and good sound effects, but once you get mid way in, it all goes downhill. The sound effects take over until there is no discernible plot. And the finale for The Left Right Game actually made me angry — what was the point of everything we just struggled through? If this was a “story for the sake of the journey” then that’s fine, but it was still wrapped up so poorly.
  • mholmes07
    Lost alllll over again
    This is my second one of these now: amazing build up, sudden endings. It’s the disappointment of Lost alllllll over again. 3rd times a charm with one last QCode story, otherwise I’m out.
  • skssbai
    A wonderful story brought to life
    It’s been making my morning routine way more interesting, I’ve laughed, cried, and gone “oh no”. It’s a truely immersive experience reminiscent of the golden radio days, reminding me of listening to garison Keller (or however you spell it) from npr with my parents on weekend drives. I love it.
  • szekstr
    Started out good
    Started out really good, story intrigued me liked the voice actors and the sound effects are GREAT but the storyline has gotten so jumbled and confusing. It almost seems like they’re making it up as they go and each recent episode has gotten farther and farther from where I was hoping the story may go. Has great potential but failed to have a coherent plot line.
  • sarlicio
    What is even going on?!
    I am a semi fan of Qcode podcasts in that they try to be unique and always seem to have an interesting plot. But the stories always end up just falling flat for me. The Left Right Game is by far the worst. Half the time I have no clue is even happening. Although the sound is great, it doesn’t do anything to describe what’s going on. And rewinding and listening to an episode a second time does nothing to help. I can’t believe I’m even staying with this’s just ridiculous and makes such little sense at this point. Not even enjoyable.
  • Whydoesthereneedtobeanickname
    Exciting & weird
    If you want to get the most out of this podcast I highly recommend listening on headphones or speakers to get the full effect. It really isn’t the same as listening on your phone. I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. It wasn’t as scary as I had originally thought but it was really interesting.
  • Vicki was here today
    Interesting but...
    I had no idea what was happening half the time. There was a lot of shouting (Bristol! Rob!) , breathless public radiolike descriptions of random things, and unidentifiable sound effects. It was good at times and incomprehensible at others.
  • laalaa2333
    Left Right Lame
    I was enjoying it however there were a lot of sound effects with no explanation of what was going on in that moment. So you had no idea what was even happening. This story started to get way too confusing. I don’t even understand what happened in the end. Did not make any sense whatsoever! Disappointed
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