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Our Webby Award-nominated show matches kids ages 6-12 and their story ideas with diverse, beloved children's authors. Each episode chronicles the magic that grows through author-child collaboration and features an immersive story time read aloud by the author. Bonus episodes feature author interviews with our host Betsy Bird! As a Common Sense Media Seal Selection, our show is recognized as a great choice for kids and families for its engaging stories, valuable content, and diverse voices, characters, and messages and has received an A+ for educational value. Our show has also been featured in Wired, Time for Kids, Parents, The New York Times, and CBC and wasThe Week Junior magazine's 2020 Podcast of the Year. Our theme song and music is composed and performed by Andrew VanWyngarden, the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter/musician and co-founder of MGMT. Our companion activity book "Imagination Lab: Experiments in Creativity" is a New York Times/Wirecutter "Best Gift for 10 Year Olds" pick. This podcast is a Literary Safari Production.

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  • Rarewarrior1118
    Please publish!
    As a mom of a kiddo with a rare disease the story “A Nose that Knows” was everything I could have ever dreamt up for my kiddo. As she listened to the episode she regularly was like me too!! I do that too! The story gave to life everything she experiences with hints of humor and a very fun joyful and positive spin. I would fight to help get those stories in every hospital and the hands of kids who go through this everyday. As mentioned there is not a ton of awareness around childhood cancer, or disease and it is such a huge thing for kids to overcome and having a story that they can feel seen in is huge! To have representation for these super brave kids in stories feels life changing!
  • Vbuggy022912
    Make more
    I listen to it all the time but I need more episodes! Pls!
  • Smash boom Best Friendie
    I love this show, but I would like new episodes please. Otherwise, I highly recommend this show
    To “story seeds” producers
    You guys work so hard in this show can’t wait for new episodes also even though I’ve stopped listening (I’m ten) my brother asks me constantly to put in the and I quote “stories show
  • Rikki VB
    My heart is bursting!
    I was recently told ‘children are angels in work clothes’. I don’t have kids but I have 2 amazing, funny, happy dogs names Carmelo 🦮 and Jett 🐕‍🦺. Carmelo just turned 8 on June 7th and Jett will be 4 in August. Carmelo and Jett are my best friends and I would be lost without them. They both came into my life when they were babies and it’s been an honor to be their Mommy! I understand the importance of having your besties by your side when times get tough. They have both given me strength and courage when I needed it. Jocelyn is SO BRAVE 👸🏻 and will live a ✨long and healthy life.✨ The amount of generosity that is overflowing from her is admirable. Sharing the joy Sally gives you is healing magic. Sally is a super hero covered in fur! 🐩 Spreading love, peace, wet kisses and snuggles is what life is about! Katharine’s ability to tell a story with great detail, humor and relatability is truly a gift. I’m sure Stan is proud of his Mom. Betsy, production staff and theme song are on point! You had me singing ‘Story Seeeeeds’ 🤣😂 The song is giving me Reading Rainbow homage realness! 💪🏾💪🏾 Two thumbs up from me! 👍🏾👍🏾 And 8 paws up from the pups! 🐾🐾🐾🐾 Peace & Love, Dutch 👸🏾, Carmelo 🦮 and Jett 🐕‍🦺! 💕
  • Bukise2768
    Great pod
    Kathrin Applegate is so cool! Love the one and only Ivan! And I love dog’s to ive got to pet all the dog’s!!
  • MomSlice1
    Brilliant Show!
    We love this clever show, the authors, and the kids we hear. Thank you for sowing seeds! ❤️✨💖🪴🌱✨🙏
  • unicornjuju
    Could be better
    The podcast never uploads and it’s kinda anoyying could be better. Overall it’s good.
  • Pondering Pen
    Enchanting and magical
    Enchanting and magical. The Story Seeds podcast takes us back to being a kid. Where books are wondrous and captivating and with characters we fall in love with. This podcast is a must for adults and kids alike. It’s a dose of creativity mixed with honesty and humanness. An all around wonderful listening experience!
  • Pippa&Teddy
    I love Story Seeds!
    I love writing, and this shows kid-authors writing stories!
  • Hotdawgz
    Good podcast!
    I listened to an episode for the first time and it’s rlly good!
  • Megan GW
    Our family’s favourite podcast!
    We love listening to this podcast together. The kids featured have amazing story ideas, the authors are fantastic, and Betsy Bird is an incredible host. We are looking forward to the next season.
  • Lesley the Book Nerd
    Thank you!
    A podcast for story-loving kids, kid librarians, kid teachers and anyone who loves a good story! Thanks for being here!
  • Turnface08
    This is such a wonderful idea for a podcast! I love that the kids get to work with established authors to create things together. Anything that’s working towards the betterment of our future generations is worth listening to. Definitely recommend this one!
  • Adelie E age 8
    The first episode was super interesting. The only trouble is I want the story to keep going!
  • Losing Steadily
    Smart and FUN!
    This podcast makes me regret that my kids are grown! The authors are paired well with the children, and I love the mutual respect and trust that develops as they meet and discuss their ideas. Betsy Bird brings an informed, polished cohesiveness to the overall program, which is entertaining enough for the entire family to enjoy together.
  • Astrid Criddle
    Hello! I’ve started listening since my mom introduced me to this podcast. It is REALLY AMAZING, and if you haven’t listened to this before, I suggest you start to. It is a wonderful and inspiring podcast for kids who like writing (like me), or just for curious kids who want to hear a story. All in all, I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS PODCAST!!!!! (And if I could give it more than five stars, I would.) Ten billion stars for the story seeds podcast!
  • MaysaaBazna
    A wonderful podcast for kids and adults alike!
    The Story Seeds podcast is simply brilliant! I love listening to how a seed of originality and creativity from a child evolves through the craftsmanship of authors into those beautiful co-creations! It is a unique project that I greatly appreciate as an educator and a mother. Listening to your podcast fills me with happiness and inspiration. Hats off to its creators for their amazing work! I have been recommending it to everyone...
  • susan269
    Perfect for kids who love audiobooks
    My 6 year old loves listening to audiobooks. This podcast is perfect for him because it gets inside the writers’ minds and is a great jumping off point for him to use his own imagination and writing skills.
  • Z76
    I like it so much!!!🥰🥰. Great prodcast! Love it 😍!
  • Poseidon2010😀🐶💙😶😔😚👌
    So Good
    This podcast is so good and it is so informative. I love it, Story seed podcast, I have my own podcast too, It is a book review podcast for kids, it is called Chattin’ About Chapters. Keep Reading. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤗🤗🤗😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀😄😄😄😄😄😁😁😁😆😆😆😆😀🤩
  • Lhamoland
    Hits the right note
    It’s so refreshing to hear a podcast for young people the host speaks to kids rather than at them. I appreciate how this show creates a space for young people to be heard and seen. The authors model great listening amd as a parent, I have been trying out some of their techniques and tips with my own child.
  • Bob111119
    I love this!
    This is the best podcast ever!!!!!!
  • ChrisGrabenstein
    Great For Young Chris Grabenstein’s
    I wish this had been around when I was a kid. A great and fun way to learn about how to turn a spark of an idea into a roaring story.
  • schroederapps
    Perfect Podcast For My Kids!
    I am an avid podcast listener but have had a hard time getting my 7-year-old twins to share my love for the medium. Story Seeds may be changing that: for the first time, my kids are excited to listen to a podcast, and this one is a good listen for all of us. I love how it encourages my kids to be better readers, but also better writers and creative thinkers. If you have elementary-school-aged kids, this is a total recommend.
  • Shakabry
    Creative, Engaging, and Fun!
    So many podcasts are about creators showcasing their talents. As good as they are, the individual pockets of knowledge, more often than not, act as a one-way street. They have little to no quality, artistic instruction for which the listener can implement into their own works. This is where Story Seeds breaks the mold. By teaming up with seasoned, published authors, young writers bring their own tales to life for all to see… er, hear! As fascinating as it is to experience how a budding storyteller works, greater still is the confidence this well-structured podcast brings to its listeners. All you need is a seed (idea) to plant and grow! Hosted by the incomparably enthusiastic and engaging Betsy Bird, Story Seeds not only delivers on the educational front, it also scores huge with production value. Each week, I am continually impressed by the flawless editing and seamless addition of sound effects. Creativity is an elusive seahorse! That’s right, an elusive seahorse! Perhaps that could be a story seed worth exploring? Maybe not. Rest assured, this podcast is not shy about growing bright and energetic young writers. These creators are all about nurturing ideas. It’s a great listen, one that creatives of all ages can use to revitalize an enjoyable, literary education. Subscribe!
  • Markle100
    Smart and fun
    Engrossing and inspiring, this podcast is guilt-free entertainment for your kids. And, with is cinematic production and outstanding sound design, it’s absolutely unhate-able for adults. My almost 4 year-old listens to the episodes over and over (just sitting still and listening!) and we’ve both learned quite a bit about the creative writing process along the way. Highly recommended!
  • Isaac Ebey
    Isaiah D
    Absolutely love you guys! I really like stories, and have written a few myself. I love the idea! Absolutely a five star review!
  • MosaicMarj
    Wow! Inspires imagination & curiosity
    Story Seeds is coming at a perfect time for kids and families to gather together, be inspired and uplifted, and perhaps think of how they can sprout their own seeds! Inspires imagination and also critical thinking and planning skills. Super fun and really juicy.
  • blanchie72
    Podcast Gold
    During these uncertain times these podcast is very uplifting and positive. Keeping my kids candle in their eye about to give up. My son is HS senior and his graduation has been canceled. Our Seniors 12th graduation will hopefully be rescheduled not Cancelled. We will surpass these informed and together. We will survive n thrive. Live these changes with a positive attitude and we will a long prosperous life.
  • SariWilson
    Inspiring podcast for kids
    This is an amazing and inspiring podcast for kids. My daughter loves it! And it puts such a smile on my face. The production is great too. I can’t wait to hear more episodes!
  • Vasudeva99$
    Great podcast - creative, fun and inspiring!
    This has got to be one of the best children’s podcasts I have listened to. It captures the creative spirit of children - if we give them the right tools it’s amazing to see how far they go... and what better way than by giving them a voice! Love the story seeds theme song- definitely recommend story seeds! Can’t wait for the next episode !
  • arteny
    The Story Seeds Podcast
    The whole idea of children saying their seed idea and have it developed by a writer is such a leap into the future. It really blew my mind- like harvesting an energy from a new and perfect endless a beautiful source which is the imagination of children.
  • Sheilameister
    Great teaser for what promises to be a fascinating kids podcast!
    Am excited to hear the whole series now!!! Especially the story of Electric Kitty!!! Kudos to the creators of this podcast for introducing kids and authors to new amazing ways of brainstorming ideas for stories!
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