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Rescuing the art of homemaking from the daily grind with red lips (and no jumpers).

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  • hashtagsarah
    Love it!
    Love the podcast and recommend it to anyone who needs a little inspiration and a kick in the pants to live their best life. I came for the gardening content and stayed for the food and fashion advice.
  • MMouse28
    My new favorite podcast
    I’m binging from the beginning now because this is one of my favorite podcasts ever! This is so inspiring to me to be a better home maker. I’ve been listening for maybe a week or two and I’ve already started growing tomatoes, ordered some jovial foods flour to make sourdough with, just bought some yogurt starter culture... and more things. These ladies have inspired me In a lot of ways already and it’s pushing me to be better!
  • Hikergirl48
    Mixed Review
    The concept is good and I really enjoy the value that they place on the home. In a world where all our attention is constantly being drawn away, it’s important to look inward to our homes, are families and our hearts. That being said, sometimes it feels that these ladies are so drawn in that they have blinders on to the realities of many would-be listeners. Their version of “poor” while meant to represent rock bottom and speak to a “you can live this lifestyle no matter what your budget” is not real poverty. Their belts may have been tight but they still had choices which many people do not have. Also, while I’ve enjoyed many of the products from their sponsors oftentimes the show feels like one big infomercial. Yes, sponsorships pay the bills but do we really need 20+ min of advertising for a 1 hour show. The “what I’m sipping” segment is just not entertaining anymore. I loved their “Better Not More” and “Hospitality” themes, I just wish there had been more actual content to support those themes that wasn’t trying to sell me something.
  • luckiley
    Finally, I’m home.
    Female role models like I’ve never had in real life. Wholesome, honest, and warm. The first podcast I listen to and don’t have to brace for nonsense. Thank you ladies.
  • GretheMack
    Thank you!
    I feel so disconnected from the loud & noisy world we live in lately and have been looking for a podcast that I crave & can enjoy in those few moments I get as a SAHM. And boy, did I find it. Thank you! I've been binging since I discovered you 2 weeks ago but you're episode "We're Going Off" from April 2020 and that is what has encouraged me to write this review. Just thank you. I look forward to continuing to spend my time with you ladies.
  • rociogarden
    Real life conversation
    My teenage daughter has been following you two delightful talented honest women, and I finally listened to a podcast she sent me several months ago. And now I can’t stop listening! My daughter told me you were my people: Tasha Tudor, Monty Don and aprons and linens and cottage gardens. Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m a mom of five 8-18 surrounded by garden beds and over flowing bookshelves. Three cats, series of kittens, two rabbits (to start breeding) and a little flock of hens. I’m homeschooling and getting a surface pattern design career going while working a part time job. It’s a little (a lot!) nuts. Your podcasts encourage me and make me laugh on my drives hone after taking my children to their dad for weekends. Thank you for your honesty and laughter!
  • ProfProductive
    More please
    They have me over here with a PhD trying to convince my husband that it would be a really good idea to just darn it all (sewing pun intended) and get a cow.
  • Gumbolily
    My hubby and son built me a sauna outdoors for Christmas. It’s a Finnish style, wood heat, no electricity. It’s soooo awesome! You ladies need one on your property. Then you cold plunge by standing in the cold air in winter or roll in the snow. Love your podcast. It’s like chatting with my girlfriends.
  • Retired SLP/Marmee
    Resonates with retired SLP
    Love you ladies! I wanted to say that Homemaker Chic also appeals to retired people, too! I spent over 30 years as a speech language pathologist, as well as trying to cultivate a beautiful home and family life. Now, I am enjoying being a full time homemaker! Thank you for sharing your thought provoking ideas about this most important job in a woman’s life. It is a breath of fresh air to listen to your podcast!
  • Casey22596
    AMAZING!! One of the best podcasts!
    By far one of the best podcasts that I’ve listened to. Angela & Shaye are so relatable, honest, and of course funny. I thoroughly enjoy the less structured episodes where they are just chatting and catching up. Especially the most recent 5/11 one. I was busting up laughing in my car listening to the stories about the spilled eggs, salsa, wine!! LOVE listening to 2 episodes a week! Just need to get caught up on previous seasons!
  • Ewilliams2019
    Love it
    I love listening to these ladies every week. They have encouraged me to work harder to make my house a home. I also just love to listen to the banter of two friends.
  • Tlmauk27
    Wonderful way to be encouraged
    I love these ladies! Their friendship banter as they dish out pearls of wisdom, tidbits of life experience, and just plain old good advice is priceless. I find myself laughing along with them as I listen while doing chores, cooking, painting, etc. I remind myself “choose your hard” and “it’s not going to do itself” in those moments where I just wanna pout and slouch on the couch. After 10 years of being a lackluster homemaker I feel like I’ve become a semi-successful “home cultivator” after listening to and being cheered on by them. Thank you ladies and I’ll see you on Patreon soon!
  • saltyflock
    Great for homemakers but maybe they should consider a separate wine podcast?
    I feel like the whole wine plug overtakes every episode? 😬Love their other content though!
  • drummLady3
    Thank you!
    I can’t thank you enough for being REAL! I know we have to be grown ups and rally ourselves at some point. But knowing I’m not the only one who walks past the disaster until I’m mentally prepared to handle it, SIGH...... Thank you! I love you two so much. And this podcast! I laugh, I cry, I cry while laughing, I relate, and I find strength to move on. You are my people. Thank you. 🥰
  • Btremb
    Inspiring and funny 👑
    This show is like water for my thirsty homemaker/ homeschooler/ wannabe homesteader soul. I’ve been cleaning my baseboard at night and giggling to myself instead of binging on Netflix, God bless Angela and Shea 💖 (Psssst.... Monty Don! Be a guest.... we love you, please!)
  • RC Farm
    I laughed so hard I peed my pants
    The episode where I knew you really were my peeps...rotten broth, looking the other way at big messes and many laughs. The truth hurts. Comedians are funny; but it’s only funny because I’ve done the same thing! Sharing this messy life with you while planting my sad looking tomato seedlings in the garden.
  • Angie Tarrant
    Spilled Eggs and Secret Salsa
    This one was for me, even if no one else can relate. This was the year that I had a very sad and unacknowledged Mother’s Day. My seedlings are looking sickly and I just felt like a total failure. After hearing this show, I felt like I’m going to be ok. When Angela told about the salsa and just closing the drawer, all my sad tears turned to funny “I’m not alone” tears of hilarious laughing!!! Please don’t ever change! We all need your honest take on how life really is!!!
  • BrookeEBailey
    SO GOOD!
    So so SO good! Listening to this makes getting chores completed around the house a joy! After the kids go to bed, I play an episode, wash the dishes and clean the counters. Shaye and Angela have motivated me in my homemaking and they’re so real and relatable. Can’t get enough of them. Thanks girls!
  • ladyrebel79
    Your Time is Too Valuable
    All-around a terrible podcast. Not sure if it’s alt-right talk radio or about the Royal family. Also, these two women interrupt and one-up each other. One host, on-air, told the other host to talk into the mic. It was so rude, awkward, and unprofessional. I do not get the feeling that they enjoy making this podcast together. At times, they are very judgmental towards their perceived listeners while also mentioning that they don’t like negative feedback from those very listeners they think they offended. It’s really strange.
  • Maine Missus
    Kindred spirits! 💄💋
    So happy to have found my niche in podcast form: intelligent and cultured women with down-to-earth sense of humor and joie de vivre! Edited to add: where’s the merch, girls? I’d love a little red scoopneck HC tee for working out in the garden! 🌹👩🏻‍🌾
  • awatkins2313
    I love this podcast
    I have been a listener for a while now and I love how real and transparent Shay and Angela are. Thank you for encouraging me in being a mlm and homemaker!! 💯 recommend
  • Maudibella
    I tried the Season 6 episode and I gave it a good 30 minutes and I didn’t care for it: pace was slow, not entertaining, didn’t understand the purpose, too many random ads.
  • Nicolette DeCicco
    I adore this podcast. While doing dishes, laundry, doing all the “stuff”, the conversations between Ang and Shaye breathe life into my home and the captivity that can be the daily grind. I am finding more joy, inspiration and purpose in my life at home. You two are a blessing.
  • TandLGilb
    A Chat Between Friends
    I really love listening to Angela and Shay, I find them to be encouraging and love listening to their perspective. The podcast is like listening in to a phone conversation between best friends. The content may not get very deep episode to episode, but I still enjoy listening to what is on their mind. I do skip the first 15 minutes of the show, this is the longest ad section of any podcast I’ve ever listened to! Wish this would be more concise.
  • VNBcoco
    Angela wants to know what’s WRONG with people..
    They completely ran out of anything relevant to talk about after season 1. But I kept listening because I enjoyed the first season so much, even with all the bad fashion trends they love. Their love of the royals was what broke me. Angela’s question asking ‘what’s wrong with people’ that believe the royals are evil occultists was too much. A quick google search about the queen and her prince being wanted for crimes against native children in Canada (with mass graves uncovered) should wake you up. Jocko Wilink just did an EXCELLENT podcast on the Salem witch trials where they went back in history to occultism in Europe, and how involved the royals were even then. This isn’t crazy conspiracy theories, it’s well documented. This is not the podcast for me.
  • megan bl
    I look forward to these ladies every week
    I found my people here at homemaker chic. In a world where homemaking is almost pitied I find so much inspiration, room for grace, encouragement and find myself laughing along with them regularly. Thank you for taking the time away from your families to encourage other homemakers on the journey with you.
  • jnkworth
    My husband and I have discussed our “plan b” recently. We’re on the same page!
  • chanbc95
    So. Much. Yes.
    I don’t know what I used to look forward to every Monday and Thursday, but holy moly do these gals get me in EVERY way. They’ve given me the sweetest reminder that serving my home is enough purpose, because God instilled it within me. Keep up the truth and hilarity and I promise to buy new socks 😂
  • hamilton98582635
    Motivating and fun
    Every week I look forward to the days where another episode is released! These girls are like having your best friend with you. I catch myself laughing frequently! For me this podcast is just the motivation I need to step it up that week. When I listen I’m more intentional about how I’m spending my time. Last night after a long day at work I came home opened a bottle of wine and made a nice meal for my husband.It’s not about the big things it’s all the small events that make up your days. I find myself repeating the words “choose your hard” multiple times a day to myself. The comments below are negative regarding sponsors. Yes, I agree sometimes things feel rehearsed but I believe that the brands that are their sponsors were carefully chosen. They are all reputable brands with great products and they fit the show! I love the wine segment because no I’m not a wine expert but it’s fun to try something new!!
  • Ttown Jess
    Complete. Waste. Of. Time. Last year they started off strong but after about season 3....LAME. Between the 20 minutes of plugging sponsors, laughing uncontrollably with zero content, royal worship (gag), thinking themselves to be far more talented than they truly are, you’ll find most titles to be completely misleading and wonder why in the world you hung in listening for an hour just to be irritated you completely wasted your time. The complaining about “the grind” is so worn out I can’t stress that enough. These are content creators, by choice mind you, then complain about the work involved. Just hoping to save others out there that enjoy a good podcast while doing chores to find something else. This is the first bad review I’ve ever left anyone by the way. I realize I don’t HAVE to listen and always do just that, move on but in the beginning this was a very good listen that I kept hoping would get good again. Now after so many wasted hours I’m just OVER it. They’ve ran their course and no longer relevant. I’m completely amazed by the 5 star reviews. Those must be the people who have zero respect of their own time whatsoever. Do yourself a favor and pass this up along with their YouTube videos or cook books. I give 5 stars for being LAME content creators on all platforms.
  • LiberteaT
    These ladies are the BEST!!!
    You two put Homemaking in it’s rightful place, as Divine, fulfilling, fun, and hard! I love listening to you both so much and watching your videos. You have changed how I think about myself and my role as a mother, homemaker, wife and woman. Thank you SO MUCH!!! Keep up the good work, sending you both lots of love!!
  • robinssimplenest
    Where have y’all been my whole life?!
    So fun to laugh and cry and commiserate with. Seriously, where have y’all been my whole life? Finally some ladies that are real and down to earth and hilarious as all get out.
  • lizzysartdesign
    Best podcast I’ve ever found
    I have been binge listening to this podcast the last two weeks while I work in my garden. It’s inspiring, relatable and funny! Keep it up!
  • tinamax4
    Want you both as my BFFs
    I just wanted to say thank you both so much for your podcast! I am a new mom and your podcast has helped bring me back to life on some especially difficult days during this tumultuous season. Your content is spot on, so transparent, witty, smart, wise, etc. I just wanted you to know that your time and effort into creating this show is making an impact. THANK YOU!
  • 300 Sunshine
    These Gals Are My Spirit Animal!!
    Discoverd recently this podcast through Shea Elliott's YouTube Chanel, and I have binged through Seasons 1 and 2 in a matter of days, foregoing all my other podcasts! I love, Love, LOVE THESE LADIES! They are authentic and full great tips and stories! I love to listen, even when they have no topic at all and are just riffing on life! And I've finally found some ladies who are not ashamed of being people of faith, but who are also sassy, brassy AND classy ... and FUNNY AF!! Can't wait to binge my way to their current episode, but really enjoying the ride along the way!
  • Trioforfive
    Giddy Girls
    Ok podcast. They are silly and make you laugh for sure. Not as informative as I had hoped as far as homesteading goes and they tend to go off subject. If you think you would enjoy listening in on two besties phone conversation then you will enjoy this!!
  • sphializbethbauch
    Life changing
    These women are bringing joy, beauty, and faith back into homemaking and it will change your life
  • Iack stick
    The Best
    This show is the most inspiring, lovely and fresh (and Funny) bit of wonderful ever. I love how both Shaye and Angela just really have tapped into the pulse of the odd stay at home homeschooling homemaker , like spot on. I have laughed and learned through every episode. These are definitely my people, makes my day so much better, more productive, and inspired. Thank you!!
  • Inés Cruz
    I love this podcast so much!
    This podcast is such a treasure to me. I love that these ladies share their authentic experiences and perspectives. The negative reviews make me chuckle... There is nothing wrong with loving the *positive* European ancestral traditions that have been passed down by ancestors! AND, just because Shaye and Angela pine for the old days, does not mean they support slavery. In fact, they advocate over and OVER again for sustainability, and not supporting slave labor from chain businesses! Modern day slavery... Hello... Anyway, this 20-something lady here loves pouring a glass of wine and listening in while cooking, cleaning, or gardening! I know learning these skills and getting inspiration from Shaye and Angela would make ALL my ancestors happy, both the indigenous Mayan, Middle Eastern, AND continental European ones! Also, one more thing to say to the negative reviewers-- Nothing good comes from an accusatory, victimhood mindset! If you don't like the views of these ladies, maybe let that inspire you to start your OWN podcast, instead of trying to control and bring down others. :)
  • healthy marriage
    Came for information stayed for the conversation
    I started listening in 2020 and thought it would have more tips and tricks such as how to garden, bake bread, cook, decor, keep house etc. I got better. I got advice like “choose your hard” and the knowledge that even those who look like they have it together laugh at life blunders sometimes.
  • Aka Killer24
    So inspirational to listen to gals doing the things I aspire to do!!!
  • garsandos
    Just simply the best podcast
    What a wonderful podcast full of fun and amazing conversations . I’ve just discovered this podcast and am in love. Thank you for doing this, it means a lot to me and all the listeners who had a rough year. The world is in need of you two ladies!
  • Natus'ka=MUA
    So refreshing!!So FUN!!
    Oh what a breath of fresh air. It’s like a conversation with your best friend, with laughing, going off script, lol, losing train of thought in the beginning and then talk about really great homemaker topics, reality of life and motherhood. I love that they even make the sponsored content enjoyable and funny and throw in bits and pieces of their every day lives in that too. It’s not preachy, it’s not 10 steps to a better you. It’s a delightful and fun conversation between friends and they make you as a listener part of the conversation. A lot of times I nod along and laugh out loud and think: MEEE TOOO!! OMG, I am so glad I am not alone in this ( whatever the topic). Oh and when Homemaker Chic gets together with the Daily Connoisseur, it’s JUST a treat!! Thank you ladies!!! 🌹
  • @anniehunny
    I adore these hillbillies, they’re wonderful!
  • kalen in ky
    Refreshing and funny
    How refreshing to hear two women talk, laugh, and share without fear of being “canceled” or pressure to say or do what is expected. They share helpful advice, sweet and hilarious stories, and they aren’t perfect or trendy or following a script that the world might want from them right now. They’re authentic. And it makes being a woman feel empowering and freeing again, even if they go against what culture wants them to do. Bravo for bravery, grace for the occasional cringey moment, and gratefulness for the light heartedness they bring. Great work, ladies. Keep going.
  • L in rural NJ
    Like listening to a chat with friends
    Shay and Angela approach life and friendship and farming and family with so much grace and humor. While my life looks very different from theirs, I still get so much out of listening! Also worth mentioning- they’ve managed to create and maintain and closeness despite living so far apart- it’s a great inspiration to those of who have really felt the sting of social isolation in the pandemic to hear their fabulous conversations and know that deep, wonderful friendships aren’t contingent upon close proximity.
  • mamaof4AZ
    Wish there was more substance/content
    I have really enjoyed listening, and have listened to every episode, but I do agree with other reviewers on a few points. The sponsored portion of the podcast is entirely too long. Hearing about what you’re sipping is just not all that engaging. And I do wish the title of the podcast or the theme of the season had more to do with the content being shared. Most episodes go off the rails and there could be a little more substantial content being offered.
  • indiemusicloversocal
    Wish there was more content
    I want to keep listening. I think respecting home-making is so important. The program is giving less and less. Mostly advertising Dry Farm Wines. Laughing, sooo much. I really hope they prepare more and give more insights and information.
  • thehomemademama
    Best parts of my week!
    I found this podcast, or rather it found me, in the late Fall of 2020. I have thoroughly enjoyed the banter back and forth between Shaye and Angela, the wisdom in all things home, gardening, cooking, family life, and the overall encouragement I feel everytime I listen! I cannot recommend this show enough!
  • KJ476
    Love it
    Heard about this podcast from one of the ladies of the Fruitful and Fearless podcast, it’s so great to know there are other women joyfully prioritizing their homes for the sake of their families for His glory and having fun🥳
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