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Ready to build your real estate empire… but not sure where to begin?
Think of us as your personal trainer.
From detailed breakdowns of real-world deals… to one-on-one coaching sessions and a warm, welcoming community… hosts Ashley Kehr and Tony J Robinson bring on a wide range of guests to tackle the “newbie” questions you've wondered about but might be afraid to ask.
Looking to 10X your real estate investing business this year? This show isn’t for you.
Looking for your first, second, or third deal -- or envisioning a more modest portfolio? Step right up. 
Every Wednesday, we’ll arm you with the tips, tools, and roadmaps you'll need as you embark on your journey toward financial freedom.

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  • Jet91Jackson
    My Favorite REI Podcast Right Now
    I’ve been listening to the Original BP Podcast for years and I also love the On The Market Podcast, but I find myself gravitating towards the Rookie Podcast more and more everyday. They cover all the details and strategies a rookie investor would need to know and I love hearing the challenges people have ran into and overcome on their journey’s. Not to mention Ashley and Tony compliment each other very well. Keep it up guys, you’re helping more people than you know!
  • DatingShame
    Like, sorta, you know, kinda sloppy
    Admittedly I have a pet peeve over people who use the above filler words excessively and I recognize there is a time and place where each serves a useful purpose but I find it impossible to focus on their content when every single sentence is chocked full of these mitigating words. It’s strikes me as lazy language: instead of considering what they are trying to convey, the hosts (and many of their guests) like, kinda, sorta, you know their way through the interviews. And that, like, you know, sorta, you know, rubs me, like, the wrong kinda way. Language has meaning and when 15+% of the language used by these podcasters serves no purpose other than to pause the topic at hand, it perturbs the focus one would otherwise have.
  • Think It Plan It Do It
    Review as Written by Myself in 5 years
    Review as written by myself in the year 2028 This podcast completely changed the trajectory of my life, my family’s life, and my friends’ lives. Five years ago, I felt stuck in an uninspiring, corporate job, but Tony, Ashley, and the podcast’s guests brought me the knowledge, confidence, and motivation to take daily action towards my goal of obtaining financial freedom through real estate investing. The podcast’s weekly inspiration, along with my daily actions led me to where I am today, which is financially free with 15 doors. Without this podcast, I wouldn’t have known about or had the confidence to execute the multitude of strategies that I used to build my real estate portfolio. This show truly taught me everything, including, but not limited to, deal sourcing, structuring, financing, acquisition, management, and the numerous strategies associated with each. I have now been able to spread my knowledge and love for real estate investing to family and friends, who are now on their own paths to financial freedom. Who would’ve thought that a podcast, daily action, and Tony reading this review during the introduction of a podcast episode, and therefore making me accountable to the thousands of listeners, would have led me to where I am today? Thank you Tony and Ashley! - Frank
  • chooch'in
    Real answers to real questions
    I get so much knowledge from this podcast- Ashley and Tony are by far the very best at B.P. to help educate rookies on what to do. You actually explain things in a way we can understand. I had zero knowledge prior to my recent year of research and then found this show just when I was feeling like the info I seek would require payment for some overpriced “boot camp.” I’ve listened for awhile now and after the last episode I heard(Ashley explains “points”) I knew it was time to leave my review. Researching “points” was on my agenda this weekend and I feel like she provided enough information to begin the full understating how they work and how to use them to my benefit. You guys are truly just great, your willingness to give answers others would charge for is the real golden ticket I’ve been searching for. I’d like to ask though- are either of you taking on any remote interns or willing to offer some mentorship? I’d even fly out to you and buy you dinner just to get your advice and guidance for a few hours. Thanks for all you do and offer-💚 Becky
  • Angelbaby650
    Thanks for the indispensable adventure, Real Estate Rookies!
    I've been an avid listener of BiggerPockets for the past two years, and I can proudly say that their invaluable insights and support have led me to a significant milestone. Closing on my first out-of-state rental, located 2,997 miles away from my West Coast residence, was both nerve-wracking and exhilarating. The guidance I found within the Real Estate Rookie and BiggerPockets community, Thank you Toni and Ashley who have played an instrumental role in my successful investment journey. BiggerPockets podcasts, including BiggerPockets Money and BiggerPockets Real Estate, delivered exceptional information that jump-started my investment endeavors. Through their episodes, I have absorbed the do’s, the don’t s, the practical tips, and learned from seasoned investors, and gained a solid foundation to navigate the real estate landscape and truly feel ready for any obstacle along the way (which a lot have been to thrown at me this last 45 days of closing). What truly sets BiggerPockets apart is its power to forge connections. I've connected with fellow investors, forming friendships with individuals I met virtually through platforms like Facebook and Instagram. I can’t even imagine the relationships I’ll build when I go to BP Con or real estate meet ups in the future. The connections proved invaluable as I faced challenges along the way during the closing process. Each hurdle became an opportunity for learning, and I am grateful for the support and wisdom shared by the community. While the road to closing was marked with its share of bumps, I've emerged more knowledgeable and confident than ever. With the closing behind me, I am eagerly looking forward to the next steps in my investment journey. Thanks BiggerPockets! You have truly been an indispensable companion on this adventure, and I can't wait to see where the future takes me.
  • Lehlend Spinks
    If you can get past the first 10 min…
    They start the show by hemorrhaging words for the first 1/3 (10min), AND THEN they use the remaining 2/3 (20min) to relay some really good info. I promise you, if you’re interested, it’s worth just skipping ahead to the content of the show. Lots of valuable info and helps make you feel like you’re part of a team of newbies, not just you out there, all alone.
  • DelaRogue
    Exposure to Realistic Real Estate
    This show is great for people like me who work a full time job but want to learn more about investing. REI seemed overwhelming at first but listening to Ashley and Tony weekly helped me get more comfortable with all the terms being thrown around and investing in general. I am on the Bigger Pockets forums now and learning as much as i can before i execute my first deal. Thanks for all the tips guys!
  • Jrschmidt2012
    The best information out there!!!
    Thank you for providing so much useful information. I haven’t made the first purchase yet but I’m in the middle of moving to a new market. I don’t think I would be as confident as I am without this podcast. Keep it coming guys!!!
  • TonyDeRosa
    Thank you Ashley and Tony!
    As a new real estate investor as of 2022, this podcast has helped shift my thinking on the tangible steps to take (e.g. deal analysis) and key considerations (financing, insurance, partnerships, tools, etc) to get more deals done the right way. My wife and I used to have more of a mindset of spending our earnings to enjoy the fruits of our labor, but we’re now taking actions we would have never considered like house hacking the lower level of our primary residence for greater long-term security. This podcast has guests with diverse expertise and features lots of advice based on real user questions. Thanks Tony and Ashley!
  • Scottydude2314
    Constantly coming back for more knowledge
    Everything I run into a situation I come back here look for the episode that relates to the situation listed take notes and execute. Thanks so much for y’all’s help. Closing on first 12 plex this month!!!
  • GinaLu
    Wealth of RE information!
    What a great podcast full of excellent REI nuggets! Thank you for sharing your journeys, finding inspiring guests, and providing a wealth of information for new real estate investors. When I was looking to get started in REI, I came across Bigger Pockets and the Real Estate Rookie podcast. Listening to this podcast gave me the confidence to break out of analysis paralysis and jump into REI at the age of 41. I found a partner who brings the majority of the capital, and I bring the sweat equity, managing rehabs and rentals. We purchased our first property, a BRRRR SFH, in Feb 2023. We closed on prop #2, an out-of-state STR, in April 2023. I just placed our first tenant in door #3, a MTR, in July 2023. All of this was going on while we both maintained full-time w-2 jobs, and I juggled the responsibilities of being a wife and mom to 4 kids. This year has been a whirlwind of experiences and successes. To Tony and Ashley, I want to say a huge ‘Thank You!’ for all you do to share your knowledge and experiences with new real estate investors.
  • Mgraziano11
    Incredible Info!
    I have been wanting to get into real estate but unsure how to get started. I was introduced to this podcast and community and I am so glad I was! I feel like you guys break down the confusing world of real estate investing and make it possible for people like me. Thank you for all the support and sharing of knowledge you two provide! I look forward to the release of each episode!!
  • Mmk2255
    I am now an investor!
    So many thanks to Ashley and Tony. I love the entertainment, knowledge and motivation from the hosts and their guests. I started listening four months ago and just closed on my first property. I met Ashley at a conference recently and she’s even more genuine in person. My next goal is to meet tony! Keep up the boring banter and thanks for everything!
  • i am daryl
    Very entertaining and informative.
    Ashley and Tony are great. I love how they will stop and explain something that they think the listeners wouldn’t understand as a rookie investor. Their are so many terms and a lot to understand as someone who is new to investing into real estate. They do a great job slowing things down to explain terms and how a deal works or what the guests was saying in ABC terminology so that you can understand it. Also the story’s ,vibe and laughter , keep every episode flowing and enjoyable.
  • Johnnnnnny B
    Amazing Podcast
    Amazing podcast & very educational. Thank you!
  • Jenbean16
    Truly, the best podcast for rookie real estate investors
    Ashley and Tony, I love you guys! I’ve listen to over 100 bigger pockets podcasts, and recently listened to one with the two of you on it. I really loved the information you both provided, so I immediately followed your podcast and wow, the wealth of knowledge that has come from the two of you in just a few short days is unbelievable! Listen you guys, if you are truly new or relatively new to the real estate investor Market, this is THE podcast to dive into headfirst. Between BP and Real Estate Rookie podcasts, I feel like I have my degree in real estate investing for beginners ha! keep up the good work!
  • StuCat11
    Probably useful if the self serving humble bragging could be edited out
    Let me start by saying I have a personal policy of listening to at least three episodes of any show that I am trying out before making a judgement. On this show, however, I turned off all three episodes within the first 5 minutes. I must say that when your show includes the term rookie, you’re obviously targeting people new to the arena. How would it not seem alienating to rookies to be humble bragging about attempting to rub shoulders with people to mooch free rides on their private jets? Thanks. But if you are the type of people I am going to have to network with to make money in real estate I’d rather find something else. Nothing about this show was appealing. Begging for 5 star likes and reviews then requesting us to keep the negative reviews to ourselves is embarrassing. Put out quality content and you wont have to manipulate people into getting what you want, but as your private jet story shows, it’s just who you are. Good riddance
  • Coach Mick.
    As Advertised!
    This podcast is exactly what it sounds like - a resource for rookies! So refreshing to have an honest place to learn & grow. It’s a perfect balance between advice, examples, inspiration and fun. After listening for a few months I had the courage to buy my first property. Wouldn’t have taken the leap without listening to relatable rookies on the podcast. Thank you bigger pockets, Tony, Ashley and all the guests who are willing to share their story. I never thought I could get into real estate being a teacher in Colorado but this podcast showed me that there is always a way!! Appreciate you guys.
  • Alyssa A. 🫶🏻
    Favorite podcast!
    Been listening to real estate rookie for the last year. One of my favorite podcasts for being a newbie in real estate! Always have the best guests, inspiring stories and advice.
  • Cassandra1234321
    Amazing podcast!
    I started off listening to BP podcast and as much as I loved it I felt like it was out of my league as someone who is just beginning this journey. I found the Rookie podcast and I am so thankful I did! I love this podcast. Not only is the information so helpful but the hosts truly make the show! Their personalities really keep you listening and all their guests are amazing! They keep the show organized which helps newbies understand the material. I love that every time I turn it on I can listen to a new episode and that they explain EVERYTHING! Great work! Keep adding more shows please! My only complaint is I am having a hard time figuring out how to submit a question but other than that 5 stars! Keep adding more content please! 😊
  • sherrij68
    Learning so much
    I love Tony and Ashley! I listen on my long drive to work on Thursdays and look forward to the real estate lessons from their guests. I’m a nurse practitioner and new to real estate. I took the advice of some of the podcast guests and found myself a mentor, a JV partner, met lots of new people at the local REIA meet ups and ready to find my first flip. I have a team together and I’ve been writing letters to target populations and feel I’m almost there! My goal is to do some flips to fund rentals and keep scaling. I’m so excited to start this new career and I love it! Thanks so much for all the free education, I learn something new in every episode! - Sherri Perry
  • Awesomerdude
    Anything. Offer Pockets!!!
    I am a rookie in real estate, but I feel confident that this podcast has given me enough ideas to start. I plan on using this knowledge and helping my family.
  • Listenerrrrrrrrrr
    Get to the point
    Please cut the fat
  • Meowmix131
    Helpful advice for rookies!
    After finishing the Bigger Pockets book I became hungry for more information. I started listening to this podcast and I was blown away by the wealth of information. When I started researching more about it, there was so much junk I felt like I had to sift through. Most real estate gurus just seem super cocky and use inflated wordage and don’t actually explain what they’re talking about. These two really slow things down and help explain the basics. If you’ve read Brandon Turners book, they explain things similarly. They’re easy to listen to and have become part of my routine on my commutes. I purchased Ashley’s book and it really pushed me to make the next move. My husband and I purchased our first investment property this last weekend! I felt super prepared and confident after all the info that Ashley and Tony and their guests have taught me. I’ve recommended it to all my friends who are curious about real estate investing. Thank you again!
  • u251
    Fantastic advice
    I am learning so much from you guys!
  • Kelsey Porter- Iowa
    Great for rookies
    As a full time REALTOR
  • JeremiahJohnson1
    Great content!
    I love all the information. Great content. I’m on my second property with 3 doors total. House hacking it currently doing MTR for traveling nurses. I’ve been studying for 2 years and have read over 20 books many from Robert Kiosaki. I’ve read multi family millionaire as well. Love the BP family!
  • Djehjwjsj83383883
    Needs host change and better interviewing
    I’m sorry, but I find it very hard to listen to Ashley. She talks like girls and women that change how they speak in middle school to try to sound a certain way. Something about the way she speaks is hardly tolerable to me. I forced myself to listen to the most episode on an hour-long drive, and the guests were giving appropriate answers to the questions but the hosts would jump in right away without room for a breath to ask them another question or to elaborate on something ridiculous instead of letting them speak. Ashley kept asking the most irrelevant, basic questions. They were asking things that were already said, numerous times. Even after the interview ended “we barley touched on this” and proceeded to repeat something they had indeed asked the guest. I think this content could be great but as other raters have said, there are issues with the way the content is presented, the interviews, and the voice.
  • jlopez8894
    Rookie podcast vs others
    Truly love listening to this podcast as a rookie because Tony and Ashley always take a step back to further explain the basics of real estate so it’s understandable for us rookies! When I listen to the bigger pockets podcast with Rob and David Greene, you can feel the difference in pace as they talk more strategy and don’t always go to explain the terminology but they do sometimes! Either way I Love this podcast and I hope you keep sharing the amazing motivation, inspiration and stories to all.
  • Bashwr82
    One episode in
    I’m only one episode in and all I can hear is here say the word “like” over and over. I stopped counting at 45. I can’t focus when that’s all I hear. Keep up the great work otherwise.
  • DrGoldstein79
    Informative & motivational! 👍
    This show is so great. They cover a wide range of RE investing topics in an accessible way. Ep. 273 inspired me to try something new. Two months later, I’ve closed on a deal and am excited to get it going!! Thank you Ashley & Tony! 👏👏👏 -David
  • BornandRaisedSF
    Simply the Best
    Better than all the rest! RIP Tina. Feel like they nailed the format and content really well for rookies like me. I started listening to current episodes and now I’m going back and listening to one’s that pertain to my strategy and interests. It’s all so incredibly helpful and the hosts seem like two of the friendliest, empathetic people which what I want in a podcast host! They also ask their guests insightful questions and appreciate how they ask guests to explain concepts and spell out acronyms for the benefit of the audience. Truly couldn’t recommend more for the real estate investing curious.
  • Logan Barrera
    Bigger pockets is a MUST for me in the mornings. It’s just part of the routine. Been listening to you guys for a little more than 6 months now and really would love to start investing in real estate. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now, I got some knowledge but really don’t know where to start in today’s world. My question is how can a broke college student start investing in real estate?
  • Dandbpete
    Love it!
    So many great speakers and information!
  • Jayjones32
    I’m just starting to try and get into real estate and listening to guys is awesome and very informative thanks guys!
  • Hilarious!!! LOL!!
    These 2 Are Great!
    This show is great for beginners! The hosts and guests provide great insight and actionable advice that really helps get the ball rolling in your investing career.
  • wernote
    You’re saturating my sponge
    I’m new the Real Estate investment (haven’t secured my first deal yet, but hopefully will this year!) and have learned SO much from your podcast! The information is concise and relevant, easy to listen to and understand. Thank you so much; keep up the great work!
  • NicoandCasey
    My Lighthouse in the storm
    There is so much advice (much of it contradictory) for real estate investing that it feels like you are being tossed about in the ocean during a storm. There seems to be risk and the potential for losing large sums of money no matter where you decide to go. Worst of all, you feel like you are in it alone. Bigger Pockets, particularly the Real Estate Rookie Podcast, has been my guiding light. Your advice is sound, and the guests you interview remind me that anyone can start this journey. I haven’t closed my first deal yet, but I’ve been making many connections in and out of state, and it’s only a matter of time. Keep up the great work!
  • Joey19822000
    Great Show & Provides Easy to Understand Knowledge
    I love listening to the show and often listen to past episodes when I have run out of new episodes. They do a great job presenting fundamentals and specific concepts in an easy to digest way. Love the recent side hustle topics. I’m a vending machine and Etsy shop owner and can relate to the power of multiple income streams. Keep up the awesome work!
  • WelcomeHo
    So grateful!
    I’m THRILLED write a 5 star review for Ashley and Tony! I have closed on my first property and I’m looking forward to placing tenants. I truly wouldn’t be here without all of the guidance, tips, and strategies provided by Ashley and Tony. I am so grateful for you two!!
  • :)BrittG
    5 Stars!
    I’m an elementary school teacher in the Los Angeles area. I have always been told I picked the wrong career if I want to own property in LA. Real Estate Rookie is helping me emerge from that lie I’ve ignorantly bought into & providing hope and practical steps to finally move towards real estate ownership! This Pace Morby episode is so motivating! Thank you Tony & Ashley!
  • AnthonyF352
    This podcast changed my life!!
    I am 25 and recently closed on my first home. It will be a live in and value add through sweat equity. I started listening to this podcast about a year ago and it has changed my view on real estate in general. The information in these podcasts is simply explained, helpful, and organized. Tony and Ashley have the best energy and tailor the content to all audiences. Thank you!
  • MacNeil2712
    New love it
    My brother and I have talked about getting into real estate for years. After struggling financially for years i recently paid off all my debt. Credit cards loans everything except my car loan. So now that I see it may soon be possible I’ve taken it serious. And he told me about bigger pockets last week. I’ve listened to 2 a day. You guys are awesome!
  • Seppe12345
    Love this podcast!!!
    Truly exceptional! Ashley and Tony have phenomenal on air chemistry. Both informative and entertaining! Just what a rookie like myself needs to find the tools and inspiration to get started. -Rob T in CA
  • wblakec
    Sober Living Home
    I loved your episode about sober living homes. Bigger pockets motivated us to open our first house here in VA. Grand opening is in august and we are planning on implementing brrr and opening a woman’s house down the road. Love Bigger pockets!
  • brfoye
    Finally appreciating what I have!
    I absolutely love your content! I married into a house hack. Through the years we wandered into a few more rental properties. My husband is in the trades and knows a lot of people, so fixing things is easy for him. He took on the maintenance side and placed the management stuff into my lap. I had no idea what I was doing and had a poor attitude towards the rentals. Then I found your podcast! For the first time in my life I’m actually excited that we own these properties. I’m grateful for your knowledge and I see these properties as a great tool. I don’t know if we’ll ever scale larger than the 12 doors we have, but for the first time I have clarity and goals. I know what my next step is. You provide direction that I’ve never had before. I appreciate Real Estate Rookie more than words can say. Thank you!
  • Kurtzpete
    Very Helpful show!
    Ashley and Tony keep their episodes entertaining and informative. This show helped me have the confidence to purchase a LTR and a STR in 2021. I spent last year working on STR management. Now this show is helping me stay motivated as look to acquire my next deal in 2023
  • Nicklaus1235689
    Exactly what I need
    Absolutely love the show, it’s crazy how my goals and interests lead me to finding something as great as what you and the rest of BiggerPockets has to offer. Every show has the exact information I need to hear even if I didn’t know I needed to hear it. You guys are awesome, just wish Tony would speak up a little bit 🤏🏻 hahaha
  • Dito calderon
    An approachable and entertaining way to learn!
    Ashley and Tony do an amazing job at creating a fun, light hearted, and approachable way to learn the world of real estate. I am taking the advice I have learned through listening to over 100 episodes of Thai show to take down my first deal on the next couple of months! Thanks for all that you two do to bring this knowledge for free to your community. On behalf of everyone listening - we appreciate you!
  • Sdreffs
    Great Podcast
    Thank you for providing a great podcast to learn about real estate investing. You cover topics that really help me in my real estate journey!
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