Real Estate Rookie

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Ready to build your real estate empire… but not sure where to begin?
Think of us as your personal trainer.
From detailed breakdowns of real-world deals… to one-on-one coaching sessions and a warm, welcoming community… hosts Ashley Kehr and Tony J Robinson bring on a wide range of guests to tackle the “newbie” questions you've wondered about but might be afraid to ask.
Looking to 10X your real estate investing business this year? This show isn’t for you.
Looking for your first, second, or third deal -- or envisioning a more modest portfolio? Step right up. 
Every Wednesday, we’ll arm you with the tips, tools, and roadmaps you'll need as you embark on your journey toward financial freedom.

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  • Ksp75
    Love it!
    I own a multi family home and my family lives in part of the house, so I have some exposure to tenants, leases, etc…Real Estate Rookie is fantastic to listen to as it gives information, guidance and confidence to move to the next level of real estate investing. I plan to devour every episode, take notes, read, research and be 100% ready with absolute certainty to pounce on my next deal when the conditions are right!
  • MarielPC
    Great Resource!
    Speaking honestly- I discovered this podcast after first listening to the OG Bigger Pockets podcast. I ran out of content and wanted more. This podcast has now become my favorite! It’s so relatable as someone who is still early in the real estate investing journey and provides so much useful and concrete advice. Tony and Ashley are phenomenal hosts and I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking to further their real estate investing career!
  • Half Rep
    Have learned a lot
    I continue to learn more and more each episode.
  • Leo Jiaxin Zhang
    Gold mine for real estate investment
    Tons of valuable information and suggestions for real estate investors. You will find the road map to success here!!
  • Mauricio KC
    I’m amazed
    Thank you all so much for all the time and valuable things you have put into this phenomenal podcast. I am a beginner and after a few months of struggle I finally came across your podcast and I’m learning more and more every time. I still have not been able to buy my first flip as there is so much information to absorb. I’m hoping to continue to get tips from you guys and hit the jackpot back soon.
  • Lukester8891
    Encouraging Podcast
    Tony and Ashley’s podcast is extremely informative and encouraging. Thank you for creating a space to give people like me the knowledge and extra nudge to feel confident about investing in real estate.
  • TTWray
    Rookie Vitamins
    This podcast has given me the confidence to make moves. I sat on my mother’s home for about a year before gutting and renovating. Listening to Ashley and Tony every morning was like taking my morning vitamins. My real estate immune system got stronger and I completed the renovation project, found a tenant and now it is cash flowing. I listen every morning as part of my morning routine. I love how they break concepts down into nuggets that are actionable. No other podcast compares! Great job guys!!!!!
  • Naftali B
    Great Show
    Thank you Ashley and Tony! I really enjoy listening to your show you provide great tips insights and provide a true path for rookies to start investing in real estate. Keep those episodes coming!
  • Showteezy
    My opinion
    As a rookie they give some pretty good info. My favorite episode so far is the one with Silam from Philly.
  • smileyy21
    A must listen as a newbie
    I’m so happy to have discovered the real estate rookie podcast. Ashley and Tony do a great job of breaking things down Barney style while also keeping the show entertaining with their banter and jokes. I hope to begin my journey this year in real estate and this podcast has been so helpful and inspiring! - Bassma
  • sonpasa!
    Thank you!
    Love this show! Thanks for sharing your tribal knowledge and congratulations on all your success!
  • jbiddle1
    Fun, educational, and motivational
    Ashley and Tony bring a fun and motivational dynamic to the real estate investing scene. I enjoy their personal stories, especially when things don’t go as planned. They continuously show how you just need to work through issues that pop up, not give up. Keep up the great work!
  • drikliultra
    A must listen for the new investor
    Really enjoy the candid conversations and interviews. I was already house hacking but this show helped me gain the confidence to close on a STR and LTR during 2022.
  • Toolbandz
    Great discussions
    Some great discussions that I’m learning from as a landlord of close to 20 years.
  • Escrimanator
    Every episode is unique and motivating
    Listening to your show has kept me motivated. I’m currently rehabbing my first property. All along the way from finding it, making an offer, working with the bank, getting the right people in place has been a challenge, scary and fun but you guys and your guests stories kept me positive I’m doing the right thing. Thank you. I hope to give my success testimony one day.
  • Rilatos
    Best boring banter ever!
    I love listening to you guys! You definitely cater to the rookie investor making it easy to digest what you teach, asking your guests great questions for both the novice and the pro! Keep up the boring banter and Ashley’s laugh!!
  • Shep34
    Must download if you want financial freedom
    Real estate rookie is best real estate pod cast out there with invaluable information that has helped me grow portfolio. I’ve learned so much over the last year from Ashley and Tony to work towards financial freedom. To top it off, my 8 year old daughter will even listen to it with me because she loves Ashley; she says she always sounds happy! She’s already sharing ideas to buy empty stores and rent them as offices!
  • D Pensel
    I’m a little reluctant to give a 5 star review because I don’t want everyone to know about the Rookie podcast! This way I can keep you all to myself 😂… I look forward to the new releases so I can keep absorbing all of the great information from y’all and your guests! Cheers from SC
  • the handyman 317
    Thank you !
    Definitely one of my favorite weekly podcast. I’m a contractor and I set goals to start investing in 2023 for myself after listening to your podcast . Well listening to your podcast weekly I gained my confidence and already finished a flip and bought a duplex to hold on to in 2022. I appreciate the service you provide and thank you fue helping me reach my goals . So much free knowledge on the show . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Techmarory
    Great REI Podcast
    Ashley and Tony do an excellent job of sharing their real estate investing experiences and interviewing the guests they have on. I’ve learned so much in the last couple years of listening to almost every show about pretty much every topic imaginable. Love listening to them and love the show! Thanks for doing what you do! Let’s partner up on a Phoenix deal :)
  • mrs w exp agent
    Real estate rookie
    Fun, informative and I learned so much about investing and what to avoid from Ashley and Tony! Thank you!
  • KissTheNewbie
    You make this easy!!
    I’ve been researching the wrong way for a long time. YouTube and Google are not always as helpful as it seems, the information is mostly brief & summed up. Listening to other point of views and scenarios help a lot! This episode in particular dug into some questions I had since I am looking into section 8 rentals. You guys go in and ask the questions that need to be answered! The information you give has been more helpful over the past week than any other information I’ve received in the past!
  • Milkman2333
    I owe everything from this podcast
    What an amazing show easy to listen to and love when they give updates on themselves Started listening in May/June of 2020 and because of them I had the courage to buy in Nov 2020, Jan 2021 and Sept 2021!! Trust me listen and learn!! Next up for me partnership w silent partner. Thanks Tony and Ashley I owe it all to you guys
  • Keondgo
    Love hearing different ways to succeed in real estate. My eyes are now open to the possibilities and have used some strategies to get a few slam dunks. I hope young people are listening. Great job!
  • atoninirogers
    Great “Rookie” show for a rookie
    I know this is called Fir rookies but whether you’re a rookie or not, this show is for you! It covers so many topics & you’ll definitely find the topic for you- or you can just do it like I do… I’ve listed to every single episode on 2x & some got multiple listens… I’m a rookie investor & agent… started coaching programs & got involved in KREIA & became licensed agent in 10/21, since then I managed over 30 STRs but really specialize in MTRs & bought 3 properties in less than 3 months… and as an agent I’ll win rookie of the year in my brokerage doing over 5 million in volume as an agent. I only say this to say I highly recommend all of bigger pockets pods - I totally have used the advice I learned & wouldn’t have been able to do what I did without what I’ve learned!!! Listen all the time & take action!!! Just get started!!! Angie Tonini-Rogers, Your Nurse in Realty, REALTOR in Louisville, Ky & surrounding counties.
  • agboola5252
    I am a real-estate agent in Minnesota looking to invest in real estate. I think I’ve find a virtual mentor to get me started, this is the best place to learn if you are feeling overwhelmed
  • NickHalden5621
    Awesome host and awesome content
    I recently started listening to podcasts and I really like the way you both conduct the show. The way you ask questions, the way you share your experiences, it really gives a lot of insight and knowledge to someone like me who is planning to buy his first investment property. Keep up the good work!!
  • Reel-Ah-State
    Bigger Pockets is the Portal, Bigger Pockets is the end Result
    Thankyall for the info, Thankyall for the inspiration, this is definitely the best and most engaging/addictive podcast that has helped change my mindset and my path towards financial freedom!!
  • BeckySueElder
    Fun and Educational
    I love the dynamics between Ashley and Tony, they keep it fun and always interesting! I learn so much from this show and it has given me the education and confidence to invest in real estate. Keep it up - I appreciate you both!
  • Eshazamm
    All these real life stories are so inspiring! I love knowing all these people jumped in without being experts, they are learning along the way, and they exemplify that there are many ways to approach REI. The guests aren’t necessarily practiced interviewees…Ashley and Tony, you do an amazing job keeping the podcast flowing and interesting. And you guys are just adorable personalities too! Thank you!
  • JustinG419
    Finally ⭐️
    I feel like I finally found a real estate podcast that puts so many questions I have into perspective. This is a business I feel passionate about jumping into and this podcast makes me feel like I could take this journey beyond just living comfortably.
  • DScott Okinawa
    My Favorite Podcast Hands Down!!
    My real estate investing journey about a year ago today, before I found out about Bigger Pockets! I closed on my first SFR rental on January 7th this year. It wasn’t until after that, when I was introduced to BP and BP Rookie from a good friend. Since then, I have been hooked. My hour-long commutes are filled with soaking up all the amazing information and stories from Tony, Ashley, and their guests! I now have a total of 2 SFR rentals in Illinois. Although I am a veteran of 21 years in the Air Force, I never had the chance to take advantage of the VA Loan or even the FHA loans. All because I spent 20 years straight in Japan and Korea. I also reside in Okinawa Japan. So, investing from here has been a challenge! Next goal is scaling to multi-families! Anyway, I absolutely love and cannot get enough of the Rookie podcast! I wish Tony and Ashley continued success! I hope to make it to a BPCON someday to meet you both in person!
  • Chi_Ron
    Keep It Up!!!
    Great Podcast! Ashley and Tony I think the podcast is great and appreciate the variety of topics and the inspiring stories. I find it odd that people leave negative reviews, if you don't like it find another podcast…LOL!! The only thing I would say is continue to bring on guests and their experiences. Podcast listeners are looking for the closest guest to their situation so they can emulate their approach, philosophy, style and success as best they can. Tony asks great questions of guests and Ashley provides great context around how they have achieved success. I have listened to all the episodes and saved the ones I like to reference to continue my education and track my growth journey in Real Estate. Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop!!! Many thanks.
  • Joecation
    Awesome podcast
    This podcast has been so inspiring to me.Ashley and Tony have created such an excellent Real Estate investing learning platform. Keep up the great work and I really appreciate you two. Real Estate Rookie Absolutely a must have ! Highly Recommend!!
  • irissed
    Thank you!!!
    By far my favorite real estate investing podcast!! Ashley always knows how to ask the best questions that a rookie would want to hear and Tony brings so much advice and knowledge from his own experiences. Both have a great chemistry and forward looking personality. I also love how they start with where they are in any current deals! This is great for rookies but I know I’ll be listening well on into my journey. Thank you for answering our questions, bringing such great information and choosing amazing guests to interview.
  • chad&emily
    Keeping it simple
    Long time BP podcast listener, but I love the way the hosts keep it simple and actionable. If your just beginning and don’t need deeper understanding of nuances in real estate this is where to start. Using this podcast and other BP content we have purchased an investment Triplex last year during the hot market conditions, and now have the lot next door under contract with seller financing. This show really works.
  • @owenn.warrenn
    Total GAME CHANGER!!
    I started out listening to the OG BP Podcast which gave me a plethora of information, sometimes so much that it can lead to analysis paralysis (we’ve all been there). While I still enjoy the OG BP Podcast my focus has shifted more so to the Real Estate Rookie podcast due to the fact that I am still relatively new to REI and have completed less than a hand full of deals. Whether you’re brand new or have a well balanced REI portfolio, I believe Tony and Ashley along with their guests have great content to share with you. Thanks for everything you guys!
  • Mighty_pol
    Started listing in July, buying my first property already!
    Such great information! Listing every week and most times on repeat! I work as a medic and now in my downtime I can focus on researching rental properties! I started listing in July of 2022 and about to close on my first long term property that already cash flows $250 a month after expenses. In the process of researching a short term rental! Couldn’t have done it with out you guys!! This is going to change my families life! Thank you!!
  • Dudette.3
    I love their podcast so much. They provide valuable insight and good motivational stories. Both seem to have a very positive and upbeat outlook on life. I’ve learned a lot and look forward to what is to come. @mittenrentals
  • ginditor
    Priceless knowledge!
    Ashley and Tony, thank you so much for always bringing great guests to the show, bringing so much knowledge and expertise. Please keep sharing info about your projects and struggles every week. It’s extremely valuable! Also, Ashley your laugh is great and contagious. I find myself sometimes laughing like you and then I tell myself: “hahaha I’m laughing like Ashley!” I listen to the show all the time and the knowledge from your show and the other BP podcasts have allowed me to own now a rental and I’m currently house hacking. Thank you forever!!!
  • vmb3va
    Bigger Pockets is a great resource
    Definitely worth listening to. You can skip the first and last 5 minutes of every episode but the content is solid. Tangible stories from real rookie investors.
  • Zach Fagas
    LOVE this Podcast
    Ive been a listener for the last two years and have really soaked up a ton of information from these two. I have learned so much! I am a full time real estate agent since the pandemic and have done two flips since then and recently just purchased my first buy & hold and already looking for my next! Because of this podcast I had the motivation to TAKE ACTION!!!
  • kxholle1
    As a new investor I always feel a sense of security when I listen to you both. You both seem very non threatening and your dialogue is very easy to follow and I don't think I would be intimidated if I met you both in person which is on my bucket list. Keep moving forward
  • paling30
    Inspirational, informational, and Motivational
    Need the “inspiration, information, and motivation” to take action? Listen to this podcast! It’s full of great tips and advice for getting started and growing and I’ve listened to almost every show. Ashley and Tony are fun to listen to and Ashley’s rural and snowy stories are relatable here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula! I really like how there’s been more rookies with less than ~5 deals being interviewed lately with a scattering of experienced investors here and there. The rookies are relatable and the veterans are educational. Not at the level where a certain episode’s info is relevant? That’s ok, because it could be in the future and you can come back to it. Keep up the good work BP!
  • BeeHaileyKhaleesi
    Fire Starter!
    You guys are awesome!! I can honestly say this show specifically is what has pushed me to get on track to have my first property purchased by the end of the year 🦾 I love the banter, DEFINITELY not boring and absolutely love the laughs!! I’ve probably listened to every episode at least 3 times at this point and I keep listening… I barely listen to anything else.. lol Thank you for the plethora of knowledge, experience AND most importantly the motivation.
  • Jess haas
    Start HERE!!!
    This is hands down the BEST place to start your real estate journey. From the minisodes to the guests it is all gold!
  • karl d reviews
    Best podcast to help EXPLODE your real estate journey!
    Since listening to this podcast since it aired, it’s been truly educational to learn and hear from other investors all over the country. It’s so amazing to see how people have changed there lives from following your journey and the ways you have given back to the community hear at bigger pockets. My goal is to someday be on your show! Thanks for all the content and keep doing what you do!
  • Villas&More
    Rookies can still be game changers
    Like Tony likes to say, a good deal is a good deal. Even real estate investors fresh in the game can offer up a good deal to a more experienced player of the real estate game. Listening to this podcast let’s me know I still have a lot to bring to the table! Even if I don’t have a large portfolio. Yet. 😉
  • nikovr6
    Best rookie podcast
    I get so much knowledge from this podcast. If you are just starting out or if you need inspiration this is the podcast for you!!
  • Dillyn S
    Best resource ever!
    I’ve been listening to BP and RE Rookie for 5 years now. This single education platform has changed my life and my excitement for the future more than college, a career, or winning the lottery ever could! Thanks guys! Super bummed I missed BP Con this year. See you at th next one.
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