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The popular "Gun Gripes" series from Iraqveteran8888 is now in podcast form! Listen in on your drive, while at the range or while you are working. As one of the longest-running 2A advocacy shows on the internet, Gun Gripes is also available on YouTube in video format. Eric began this series at Moss Pawn & Gun with our good friend Barry, a huge voice and wealth of knowledge in the 2A community who unfortunately passed away in 2014. Gun Gripes continues to this day with Eric's longtime friend and co-host Chad and other special guests. Currently in its ninth year with plenty more to gripe about.

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Recent Reviews
  • Diller Farmz
    Love the show
    The show is great! It would be great for f we could write in a question too the show.
  • KE0ZCO
    Iraqveteran8888 podcast
    I have been watching off and on, mostly on, Eric‘s video since 2009. Today learned there was a podcast. I had no idea. I’m very happy to know that I have 10 years worth of podcast to listen to, many of them I think I’ve heard on a YouTube video. But that’s OK. Thank you and good job!
    Great podcast!
    Excellent work Eric and Chad!
  • Billy two GUNS
    Love to listen
    Always great hearing you guys keep up the fight never a dull moment with you too ! Very informative. True patriots .
  • cptsm0k3y
    Eric and Chad are always great to listen to. These guys are great!
  • The covanator
    Abolish the ATF
    I enjoy them gripes.. keep up the good work!!
  • Huacha215
    Great show
    Keep it up
  • RealAk4774
    LOVe IT!!!
    I subscribe to the Youtube channel but had NO IDEA they had a podcast!!!
  • Niemits
    Eric like to talk
    I like the podcast but Wish Eric would let his guests talk instead of dominating the discussion
  • laserant
    I’m all in
    Please keep it up and carry on. Thanks
  • --------Sambo---------
    More grips. Hunting season is coming up!
  • JC2626262626
    Love Gun Gripes
    Dedicated time each week to watch gun gripes. Started watching channel late and now get to watch previous episodes like they’re new. Will probably burn through them in no time now that they’re on podcast! Love it
  • thick cutie with smoothie
    Las Vegas. Nevada
    Just got the M&p 15 sport 2 can you please make podcast about stuff I need to know because I’m a new rifle owner
  • john 762
    Love their videos for a couple of years now- absolutely awesome to find they have a podcast!
  • OG fan 8888
    Community activists and freedom fighters
    I have been watching IV8888 for over ten years, since the very beginning of the YouTube channel. I was just 16 at the time. I’ve watched them go from pawn shop retailers to full blown political and community activists. They are, without a doubt, in the very top ranks of 2A freedom fighters. They’ve built a grassroots base of people who love guns, fishing, music, politics, and blowing things up. I cannot tell you how excited I am to see this series become a podcast. Keep fighting guys!!!
  • uscua
    Finally another awesome podcast!!
    Eric and Chad are awesome!!! They have an amazing YouTube channel, and this Podcast is just a great. So glad to have an easier way to listen to Gun Gripes on the go. Thanks Iraqveteran8888!!!!
  • Youngman Hafen
    Best News To Date!!!
    For the longest time I have been downloading the gripes off of YouTube and listening to them. Now with this way of listening to while I’m deployed, it will make working out a lot more tolerable.
  • RJD3.0
    Favorite YouTube Channel, now favorite Podcast
    Glad to see you guys expanding your show! Keep up the good work!
  • SoDak2a
    Thank you!
    Long time follower but not always able to watch so having this in podcast form is so very appreciated! Keep up the good work and thanks again for this massive undertaking!
  • Mooreinlife
    Good guys, good info
    Been following these guys on YouTube and they are informative and offer information that you can use to help educate yourself on issues going on with gun control. Also they make fun videos too. Look forward to being able to listen to these.
  • Thudd
    Great cast. Now I can listen with my eyes closed.
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