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"Teaching with Power" will help you teach or study the scriptures with more impact, relevancy and power. Its primary audience is members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints using the Come, Follow Me manual to teach at home or at church. It supplements but should not replace the manual. My name is Ben Wilcox and I have taught the scriptures in many capacities for 20 years, primarily the youth. I have a BA and MA in English literature which lends to my more literary approach to studying the scriptures.

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  • Yi1der
    Learning Brought to a New Level
    Love this podcast. Listen to it twice each week; one with family and then on my own taking notes and marking scriptures. I have gained such personal revelation and insight. My understanding has been vastly elevated and wish everyone could listen and benefit from these inspired messages.
  • Love 2Sing
    Great for everyone, even if you’re not a teacher!
    I love the insights Ben Wilcox shares in this podcast. He has both a soothing voice and terrific ideas for Come, Follow Me lessons. Any teacher, especially one whois feeling a bit overwhelmed, could benefit from listening. And I just discovered that ben is the son of S. Michael Wilcox, my favorite BYU Education Week presenter, so it is wonderful to hear the fruits of humble gospel teaching passed onto the next generation.
  • Hcurly2
    Great Resource!
    These podcasts are so insightful! Thank you!
  • Gym Mommy
    One of my favorite podcasts
    Wonderful podcast.
  • kcsgus
    If you are going to listen to one podcast THIS IS IT!!!
    He is so well versed and gives actual references with chapter and verse to other scriptures so you can relate the Doctrine and covenants to the standard works. He is incredibly and so gifted! Gets to the point and stays on task and is very effective in the order he teaches and helps you actually study like no one I have found before.
  • Sistahuntah
    Great podcasts for teachers but also learners
    The lesson plans and didactics here are tailor-made for great teaching, but anyone can benefit from them, not just instructors, including students, parents, speakers and youth leaders. Full disclosure--the author has a profit motive in making these items available, but his prices are more than reasonable for the quality of the materials you receive. Highly recommended.
  • Tara Casperson
    Love this podcast-they all could be published, such amazing and fun insights. Thanks so much!
  • Livinkool
    Excellent Podcast
    This is the very best podcast for LDS Come Follow Me weekly study/study of the scriptures. I highly recommend this podcast!
  • dmcsa
    The BEST for Come Follow Me
    I’ve listened to several Come Follow Me podcasts, and this one is BY FAR the best. It’s full of great insight, spirituality, and teaches the scriptures in such an engaging way. If you like going below the surface... diving deep, this is the podcast for you! I’ve got all of my family and friends hooked on this one. We text and talk about it with each other every week. We learn so many cool things about the BOM chapters, that we had never thought of before! Highly recommended!!!
  • kels1029384756
    The Best Teaching Supplement for CFM
    This is our favorite, among many podcasts, to supplement our Come Follow Me studies. It’s amazing how he pulls out doctrines and principles from the scriptures and teaches them in interesting and engaging ways.
  • family of nine
    Hands down some of the best clarifications and explanations I have heard on the Book of Mormon. This was the first time I clearly understood the Isaiah chapters in 2nd Nephi! This has quickly become my favorite resource for Come a follow Me! Keep up the great work!
  • Greatful Grannie
    I am continually inspired by the fresh insights, the overarching questions, the key categories to search for basic principles and the real life application of doctrine!
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