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Sopranos co-stars Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa host the definitive Sopranos re-watch podcast. Michael and Steve follow the Sopranos series episode by episode giving fans all the inside info, behind the scenes stories and little-known facts that could only come from someone on the inside. Talking Sopranos also features interviews with additional cast members, producers, writers, production crew and special guests. Along with talking about the Sopranos, Michael and Steve will also share candid conversations about the entertainment business, their friendship and all the folks they’ve met along the way. This is a must listen for all Sopranos fans.

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  • juliaboyes
    If you’re an artist, or if you liked “The Sopranos” you’ll LOVE this podcast!
  • ChrisTennessee
    Other stuff just as good!
    I loved the Sopranos and have watched it twice. Michael and Steve do a great job with this podcast and adding the guests has been a real plus. I also enjoy all the other banter as well including how difficult it is to create and sell a TV show, the New Jersey Devil, and being a Big Daddy! Somehow I alway am hungry after this podcast after they talk about the great restaurants in NYC.
  • 1&543
    Almost as good as the show
    Terrific show. It lets you see the show in a whole new way and equally good. Thank you for sharing your stories.
  • LA Dickie
    Steve, please consider salads.
    Seriously consider salads my friend!
  • sj_silva
    Binging Talking Sopranos
    I cannot get enough of this podcast. Huge Sopranos fan, I’ve gone through the season at least 4-5 times. But experiencing it through the stories, interviews, and the back and forth banter of Steve and Michael takes it to another level. This podcast is about so much more than just a great TV show. It’s about life, television and movie business, music, the behind the scenes people of the business, life, Buddhism, working hard and finding happiness. Plus, plenty of very laugh out loud moments. Cannot recommend it enough.
  • Clean Sweep 2019
    Schirripa Keels the Pod From Perfection
    After listening to the first episode, I almost don’t want to start the second one because of Schirripa. Constantly interrupting Imperiola who clearly is the more charming and nuanced co-host. Schirripa sounds like he’s smoked a carton of squares prior. Would give the pod 5 stars otherwise.
  • Modunzy227012ab
    First time watching sopranos - love this podcast
    My husband and I started watching Sopranos this past summer, (his rewatch and my first time ever). While I was wow’d by the show itself with it’s amazing acting and writing, this podcast quickly became my next binge. Someone told me “you know there’s a podcast all about Sopranos”, and I was hooked. This show gives you the inside look into the business, how shows are run, and specific Sopranos behind the scenes glimpses which I LOVE! Michael and Steve have a very entertaining dynamic and I appreciate their humor very much - especially during this pandemic. I enjoy hearing all of the details, especially the things I wouldn’t normally notice on first-watch: including song references, choice of words in the scripts, themes, etc. I enjoy hearing the stories of their experiences with other actors, past work they’ve done and even the restaurants they love. It’s prompted my husband and I to try and compile a list of certain places to eat once we start traveling again! (I would LOVE if they came up with an organized list of their favorite restaurants in various cities.) The interviews they do with fellow Sopranos cast members, writers, directors, etc is by far the best you will get on any Sopranos dedicated podcast. And I can’t believe I am saying this, but this is the one of the only podcasts that I do not fast forward the ads they voice. They are naturals at maintaining their conversation about their sponsors that you simply do not feel like you are listening to an advertisement! Well done!
  • rovaldob
    Excellent Podcast...BUT BEWARE OF SPOILERS!
    I love this podcast and all the inside information about the plot line and the actors and the hilarious banter between Michael and Steve! Episode 42 they give away a huge spoiler! I’m SO very disappointed! I won’t listen anymore until I’ve watched the entire series!
  • Bill0804
    Great show
    I have been rewatching the episodes on HBO max then I listen to it on the podcast thank you guys!
  • AngolaIN
    Catching up!
    Recently discovered the podcast so I am starting from the beginning. I haven’t seen all the episodes but still enjoy hearing the breakdowns. I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work and always found the whole cast to be psychologically fascinating. If possible, maybe you could address the controversy about if Tony has anti social personality disorder or anti-social and if so, is therapy even beneficial or does it only make him a “better” sociopath while actually causing harm to Melfi? Also-I have always personally thought that the fact that Tony doesn’t outright wonder if his “job” is the problem and not everything else? He doesn’t even consider that he is doing such horrible and evil things which is why he is depressed. Such a great show and you guys are the best!!!!!!
  • Joe20462
    Steve MFs the world!
    Two guys that I know that will be on that list are: 1. Pat Cooper 2. Robert DeNiro Too funny!!!
  • Nick Zuk
    Amazing show
    Love Steve and Micheal one of my favorite podcast love listening to you guys every week I’ve learned so many things about the show that I never knew.
  • BrendaTNYC
    Captain Tibes
    The hosts’ differing perspectives & backgrounds make for compelling storytelling. They cover so much in each episode.
  • sbosc
    I can’t take Sharipa’s mouth noises in my ears anymore
    He sounds like he’s had a drink or two and the last couple episodes he is making this sound like he is sucking in saliva and as much as I love hearing these guys talk about one of my favorite tv series ever. I just can’t listen anymore....
  • Nmclean83
    Good guys
    This is very special. My favorite show besides The Wire. Love the insight and guests and the bantering between these two great actors!
  • dani p 74
    The best podcast ever❤️
    I love these 2! They really keep me entertained.
  • Firefighter Pat
    I loved the series and the podcast is just as good. I like getting the inside scoop on every episode.
  • GWK
    Generally excellent
    Fun to hear about the behind the scenes of the Sopranos and the people who made it. Steven and Micheal fit together well. Micheal is more calm and measured, Steven is more excitable and impulsive. The ads are long, but you can skip through them.
  • lazman9156
    Amazing podcast
    The show has really hit it stride over the last 40 weeks. Is the best listen on anywhere for a big sopranos fan or even someone who just wants to know more about the show. Every week these guys have the best guests who really have a great influence on the success of the show and then they go into each episode frame by frame it is incredible has caused me to rewatch many of the episodes just to be ready for the analysis
  • Jeffrey Cardone
    I love the show
    You guys are great. I love the show. Been a fan since the beginning. What is Ralph zipperetos back story.?
  • maria_salahori
    So Much To Love...
    But I especially love Steve’s Scientology story—gets me every time 😂
  • Bhurst Born
    The highlight of my week, pandemic life saver
    I cannot say enough good things about this show and what it has meant to me during the pandemic. The show gives me major laughs and insider details about the show along with very insightful discussions just about anything in life. It truly is two great friends talking and going with their flow. Monday may not be Prince spaghetti day but it is Talking Sopranos day for me. Always hoping for extra long broadcast so I can get through more days of the week. Michael and Steve thank you. Steve I always wonder if I saw you in Davinci’s one day, used to hang out there.
  • Redsbarbie
    Amazing and hilarious
    This has been such a bright spot during quarantine. I loved this show so much when I watched it and I’ve watched it several times since it ended. Steve and Michael are the perfect pair to do this podcast. They are funny and honest and it’s so amazing to hear them re-live these episodes and their experiences.
  • Theoriginalraidermatt
    Tons of insight from guys who were there. They seem to really enjoy doing the podcast and they have the best guests you could hope to have. A must listen if you are a fan of the show.
  • LouiseMZ1244
    The best! What would I do without you guys.
    I love your Podcast… I have seen the Sopranos full season easily a 100 times. When I don’t know what to watch, I pull up an episode. Better than watching all the political podcasts. Thank you. I love the explanations of the episodes. You are both the best, I love your back and forth, I find it entertaining and funny.
  • johnny4372
    Great to listen to
    I just started listening and I'm excited about each new episode. I listen to the guys as I drive, clean up, or get things done. Love the camraderie and behind the scenes insight.
  • Aikidoamante
    So good!!
    My new favorite podcast! I’m so glad a friend told me about it! Funny, informative, entertaining. Thanks guys, keep the episodes coming! ❤️
  • Moore Memories Videography
    Just what I needed during 2020
    Never listened to podcasts until the pandemic. I have watched this show in its entirety probably 10-15 times through. Simply the best in my opinion. Steve & Michael do a great job going through the episodes frame by frame and have some wonderful guests every Monday. I learn more than a few things every time I listen. Great work fellas!
  • Totallyhoney
  • Winston P. M.
  • dolceracer
    Steve pleaseClear you’d throat
    I really wish Steve shirts would clear his throat. He always has mucous in his throat when he speaks. I can’t listen too long because it makes me gag listening to all that snot in his throat.
  • Willowcrickin
  • Juvetony
    Can’t Say Enough
    I love these two. Reminds me of my youth and growing up in an Italian American home. Love everything about this pod.
  • MassaMarittima
    This is the most entertaining television podcast since The West Wing Weekly wrapped up! Steve and Michael blend their rich background experiences with detailed stories about the cast, crew, and filming. The recaps are nostalgic and poignant as the deep themes are pondered while enjoying much-loved scenes. The differing personalities make the conversations well-rounded and often hilarious and the guests are always given plenty of time to share insightful remembrances. Outstanding!!!!
  • c12uz
    The Best!
    You might learn something. You’ll love it, and you fukn better.
  • mythbuster128
    How does Michael stand it?
    Steve Schirripa is almost unbearable. The content is great, but he is such a ridiculous blowhard it's getting harder and harder to listen every week.
  • Davo1466
    Immerse Yourself in the Creativity of The Sopranos.
    What do you get when you combine superb actors who played Wise Guys on the Sopranos with fascinating backstories and nuances of the best ever T.V. show? Pure joy.
  • Iamkoton
    Great Podcast!
    I recommend this show to anyone who loves the sopranos! Michael & Steve have great chemistry together
  • wvu mountie123
    Great podcast
    Just now started listening, great chemistry between Michael and Steve, The Best anti-hero show ever made!
  • Masti Kate
    Word to the wise
    Remember Pearl Harbor 🤘
  • glennlink
    Great job
    You guys are doing a great job. Sapronos was my favorite show of all times. I grew up in NJ so it was cool seeing local places that I know on the tv show. I found it very interesting that Pauly was so concerned about his hair. How did he deal with the pine barrens episode. Thank you Glenn Resch
  • Fjdjskck
    Get to it
    You guys should make a food podcast with how long you will go on talking about restaurants instead of the show Other than that love them both they just ramble a bit
  • Mrhanky5555
    Too many commercials
    Way to many commercials
  • Awe2real
    Years to Come
    I don’t think these guys realize how influential this podcast will be years from now. Back To The Future (childhood classic) is my favorite movie of all time. It is a series that transcends time. Just like Sopranos. Generations for years to come, will watch HBO’s “The Sopranos” Similar to those who watch “Gunsmoke” or “Bonanza” now. This podcast will outlive the series, the stars, and everything great about “The Sopranos” Thank you for giving us something we never asked for but what we all wanted. God Bless
  • Secret of NIM
    F*** Joe Rogan
    Love the show, real, honest opinion. However, if you ever thought JRE was ever not bias or even logical about politics, you were sadly mistaken. Listen to his show with Dave Smith and he had the nerve to say that he doesn’t see why Bernie should have called out Biden for being a swamp thing piece of S***, war monger profiteer who made millions while our Arm Forces sacrifice their lives for lies. He actually said “why should he say that” instead of saying “Biden is a good guy” F*** JRE
  • C W Grizzwald
    No more smelly balls pls
    Great show love rewatching with the guys. I am from La but I live in NY now and am a big Prano fan. Thanks for giving us something to listen to in the pandemic. It’s amazing to find out how so much went into the show great job guys and thanks!
  • xoskeletonz
    Casual racism
    Steve - what do you have against LeBron James making money? I’ve been enjoying the podcast so much, and letting plenty of racially problematic and misogynistic comments slide... but you really showed yourself with this one...
  • beenj35
    A fan, but only of Imperioli.
    Schirripa has got to go. All he does is complain and rant and is so paranoid and defensive. Jumps down Imperioli’s throat constantly. Schirripa knows how to play the victim great. Show would 100000% if it was only Michael or him along with another host.
  • Spin Ripper
    Watch it again
    Watch an episode and then listen to the corresponding podcast episode.
  • Mike "Nice"
    Amazing podcast!
    Just what I needed! It’s been a minute since I watched an episode but this show will always be one of my favorites! Great to hear all the behind the scenes tidbits and info from you both! Love following along with the episodes. Grazie mille!!!
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