A Hot Dog Is a Sandwich

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Mythical Chefs Josh Scherer and Nicole Enayati discuss, debate, and dissect the web’s most hilariously controversial culinary quandaries.

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  • vampiresaliva
    Talk about Palestine.
    As two Jewish influencers with a big following, you should be talking about this. Free Palestine. 🇵🇸
  • Strawman1825
    Satisfying and Informative
    I love this podcast because it is both satisfying to listen to and informative. I always look forward to listening to the latest episode.
  • Moon-o
    Please bring back more food history in context to these silly debates. I love Josh’s history rants! Would be nice to get more substance from Nicole too. I feel like her part as host is a little empty. Earlier podcasts were better but I’m hanging out still with hope.
  • meivera100mrivera
    Yall are hilarious and entertaining
    Thank you SO much for this podcast. Every episode puts a big dumb smile on my face 😁
  • Quacomola
    I love this podcast. I hope they do an episode on sourdough bread or something like that.
  • ChaoticKyle
    I love this show!
    This show is awesome and I look forward to listening to each new episode! The hosts are intelligent and knowledgeable about all of the topics they discuss. I love how funny they are as well! They are also two of the most caring people and they are so kind to their fans! Thank you for all of the great shows!
  • Tedy H.
    Love & Question
    Love the podcast! I listen to y’all a lot at work and at sometimes in the car. It can be hard sometimes not to laugh when I listen at work🤭 I do have a question that maybe could be an episode topic. Are vegetables real? I keep seeing info pop up lately that vegetables don’t really exist. That they can be classified as other things. What do y’all think about it?
  • High Annointed Paaul
    For Josh
    Typically, tanner stage two onward.
  • #animallover2.o
    I love you guys but
    We need more Meggy!!! the people lover her have her come on the show more often
  • Hammock Girl Studio
    I want them as my best friends!
    I have listened to the podcast from the very beginning. lol, I’ve discovered my favorite time to listen is when I’m just laying out and soaking up the sun rays (yeah yeah, skin cancer, sun, I was a lobster child every summer of my youth, that damage has already been done, let me absorb my vitamin D in peace! lol) . During the winter, I listen usually when my stupid ADHD brain wakes up at 4am w some song playing so loud in my head, I can’t go back to sleep. 😊 it’s funny, it’s informative, and you get weirdly invested in Josh and Nicole’s lives. Give it a shot, I ❤️ this podcast!
  • the_ice_within
    My favorite duo during lasik recovery
    as I lay here recovering from lasik I go through dozens of hot dog is a sandwich episodes to cheer me up… while pretending the tears are from laughing too hard. it’s the only podcast that makes me feel calm and happy, while learning something and not feeling like i’m wasting my time
  • MoOOoNKy42
    My dead arm
    Hey guys, i just broke my wrst and dislocated my shoulder in an accident but while i am recovering this podcast has helped me in a ton of ways, i just want to say thanks.
  • dctctyrfyffuyf
    I love this podcast, the crazy antics and lack of staying on topic makes it so hilarious to listen to. One minute you guys will be talking about tortillas and the next about the Roman Empire, also food opinion: Hot Cheetos should be dipped in JIF creamy peanut butter. It’s really nice to just sit there and laugh at whatever you guys came up with. te quiero 😘
  • Smara522
    Great podcast but….
    It needs more Meggie. The people love Meggie. (Great podcast! Super interesting topics, awesome hosts, always a good vibe. You might not think you’ll learn anything new, but Nicole and Josh always have some cool fact or story that you’ve never heard. Listen to the podcast! Watch Mythical Kitchen! You won’t regret it!)
  • Aria pilups
    Just why would we ever need to know this
  • heavenlyy06
    let the record show that i am a nicole enayati fan
    u guys are so good at taking things i would never care about and making it interesting and fun <3 xoxo
  • GraceStroud
    Listening to this podcast is like going to the grocery store: you should NOT do it while hungry. That said, it is fantastic to listen to two intelligent, passionate, and hilarious coworkers share their thoughts about food. I love the things I learn by listening to this, even if it does make me exceedingly hungry.
  • I am a tiny Tim
    Can we all just admire how much Josh knows like dude is a literal encyclopedia 😀
  • OsirisDaViris
    The difference between Jam or Jelly?
    You can’t jelly a wiener down your throat! Wakawakawaka Ur welcome
  • ajcamero
    Worlds Collide
    The episode where you talk to Dan Pashman was serendipitously timed. I just got my copy of the Mythical Cookbook and planned to enter a macaroni and cheese contest with Cascatelli pasta next weekend! I was one of the people who preordered it back in the day, and love using it for dishes, and I took aspects of Nicole’s classic for my preferred mac & cheese recipe. Now the only question is “Do I make ‘Animal Style’ to really swing for the fences, or ‘Crustacean and Cheese’ to have fun with that shrimp-like noodle structure? Anyway, great topic and great guests abound with this podcast. And I need to rate it 5 stars because it’s worth it, not just to balance out all the St. Louis based hate that the show manages to accrue, lol.
  • DrDLayman
    Review for review
    Not so much a review of the podcast, which I absolutely love and listen to every week, but more About Josh’s appearance with Rhett and Link on the Tonight Show. Josh, you seemed a bit nervous and going sockless was definitely a choice, but I couldn’t be more proud of you. To see the rise of mythical kitchen, you and your incredible staff, the production of a beautiful cookbook, and to top it off with such a fun nationally televised appearance is amazing. Congratulations to you and to all those who helped you get onto that couch. Good job guys!
  • Bastillealexa
    commuting giggles
    I recently transferred to a 4-year university that’s about an hour+ away from my house, so of course I need good material to listen to while I drive. Recently SoCal has been having crazy weather, so having this podcast made me feel less lonely and scared while driving in random storms. It’s like I have them sitting in my car and we’re all just giggling over the different food opinions that get brought up. I also tend to create my own opinions like im on the show, then I relay these opinions to my boyfriend. Anyway! Highly recommend this podcast <3 love you guys heheheh
  • That banana bread
    Thank you
    Thank you for making podcast, but you were wrong about something you said that my name that banana bread came from a trend, and what you said makes sense, but you’re wrong! It came from the fact that you ate that one banana bread years ago, and never found the exact recipe ever again and then you got sad because every single time you ate banana bread it didn’t taste the same or better and then you gave up on trying to find that same recipe and then you gave up on it. It popped up again and then you just got confused. this review wasn’t to explain no it was just to leave you with more confusion but I do love your podcast and your YouTube channel It’s great. by the way, you said that when I explained in Subway versus Jersey Mike’s.
  • Qazwsxplmoknedcijbrfvuhvtgyg
    I was originally going to rate this 5/5 because Nicole said teachers should be paid more. But no more than 5 minutes later Josh is saying teachers should be paid less. So then I was going to give 1/5. But then again, Josh said he was joking. Classic Josh move. Love the pod!
  • 25311
    Fun podcast
    This podcast has inspired me to cook more and be more open to trying new foods. I’m constantly impressed by how much knowledge Nicole and Josh have of different cultures’ food. I actually think Josh might be more Filipino than I am.
  • Bwes1039
    Love you guys?
    Since we are trauma dumping. I watched Mythical in high school (2014-2016) and when I got to college I stopped. How dare I!? My ex would watch YouTube all the time so I then started to watch YouTube again. He didn’t like mythical smh. Although the relationship did work, I am so glad I got back to Mythical and get to watch you guys speak about food! Highlight of my day and week. 💓
  • Opax Prints
    Curly locks and cocoa skin
    Although I do watch a random subset of Mythical shows on YouTube, I wait on baited breath for my Wednesday drive. I love this podcast because I get to imagine the facial expressions and what Josh and Nicole look like while doing it. It amuses me to imagine Josh with the old school curly locks with the super rad headband. I also am seeing Nicole’s cocoa colored skin with deep brown eyes and the red lipstick lips. Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep listening. Sometime I learn a few things too.
  • Burrninator
    Review A Review Of A Review
    Welcome to everyone’s even more favorite segment, Review A Review Of A Review, where I review Josh and Nicole’s reviews of listener reviews of A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich. I give their reviews of reviews 4/5 stars. They are usually fun to listen to, often pretty funny, but there is not enough practical advice on how to make reviews better for me to give them a perfect score. Cool podcast though
  • izziefromwizzie
    Is good.
  • @evemillstein
    Best Podcast Ever!
    A Hotdog Is A Sandwich is a podcast that is both educational and entertaining. I have learned so much about food from the fabulous and hilarious hosts that are Josh and Nicole. I have learned about more food content in my entire life just by watching their podcast. Thank you so much for all that you do and look forward to seeing your bright and shining faces every Sunday. 🥰🥰🥰
  • Josh L The Great
    Borderline perfection
    What’s up Josh and Nicole, been a long time fan of mythical kitchen, and of course the podcast as well! Josh, more South Africa bru. I lived there for 2 years and the world needs Nando’s - superior to El Pollo Loco (for example) all day. Also, you kinda look like Robert Irvine, which is awesome because you’ve had him on the show. Nicole, you’re very pretty and also you have a great laugh! Thanks for all you bring to the show, including your kosher & family food references. Lastly, expiration dates are a scam and most condiments are better unrefrigerated.
  • Nice app 1222
    Dang Good Show
    Wowzers this is a good show. Josh does an amazing job at balancing both humor and education. While Nicole brings a flare that complements the rowdiness and brings the show back down to Earth. I’ve listened to this show since Day 1 and every time it has brought a smile to my face. Mythical Kitchen is a great watch as well! Please forgive me Sire for my mistake on the branding 🫥
  • GideonSandyballs
    Great show
    I’ve been listening to this podcast since 2021 and it is absolutely the best podcast I’ve listened to in a long time. I have a question for Josh, Nicole (and the guest if there is one). If you can only eat one type of meat for the rest of your life what would it be? Thanks love the podcast.
  • The Real Philly Phil
    Best Food Podcast EVER!
    Love all the subjects that Josh and Nicole talk about every week, they kinda remind me of a fun Mother Father relationship where they’re trying to be cool, and I’m totally down with it, keep up the good work guys and if this happens to be featured in the rate that review segment, Josh is like a box of chocolates, u never know what ur gonna get when he opens his mouth ❤️❤️
  • coco crab champ
    I love this show but I would love if you guys adapted some of the final meal episodes from the mythical kitchen into episodes for this podcast! It think they would work very well.
  • Guard1an711
    Good show. Bad Ads
    The ads are cringe ngl
  • cjycyjhxjx
    Please review
    I love you guys I hope you guys have a good year
  • Cupsmf
    To review or to be reviewed
    I feel smarter when listening to this because of both uh yuhs. Am now chef and apparently I can add critic to my list of accomplishments. five stars to me as well😂😭
  • Riley outfront
    Josh and Nicole
    love the podcast i hope more people listen to the podcast love you guys have a good year
  • kfhfkfod
    Golden retriever energy
    I greatly enjoy everything mythical kitchen so it is great to have a portable audio based version. Josh and Nicole have a great rapport and keep every episode entertaining and mostly informative. The best part is Josh gives off real golden retriever energy.
  • Loldepapas
    In Guatemala we call limes limones
    And lemans limas
  • greenelundy
    Josh, Nicole
    I could listen to yall talk. About the most random things that have nothing to do with food and be perfectly happy. Yalls voice is my comfort!
  • bennyjets1024
    Hot Dog Stand
    Please review Dickin-Baus hotdogs in Colorado.
  • qwerty4.3
    This is definitely a podcast and I definitely listen to it (review Raising Cane’s)
  • GlutenFreeAttitudeFull
    Gluten Free Hatred
    Josh the way I audibly screamed in my car when you said buckwheat is a form of wheat as a gluten free person who CAN IN FACT HAVE BUCKWHEAT- sir you are wrong. Please cook more gluten free food.
  • thechallenger
    Good content, bad ads
    I love this show and the Mythical Kitchen crew but for the love of all that is tasty, please do not run ads that talk about dog poop right before a food podcast
  • I love this it is awesome
    Nicole someone called you German
  • catHatSteph
    Enjoyable but too much rambling and yelling
    I’ve enjoyed the educational bits of some of the episodes, going into the history of things, and I especially prefer the episodes with guests as they stay more on topic. Would love more content about food, history, and the industries surrounding it. Ear Biscuits is great for a number of reasons, one of them being that it is more serious than GMM and they will have great discussions and tell great stories on there. Hotdog is fast-paced with lots of goofs and gafs just like the Mythical Kitchen channel does, and i wish it weren’t that way. Both of them need to chill more. Nicole has a lot of vocal inflection and goes up and down in her sweet sing songy voice, but also does a lot of yelling/screaming/screeching on the show to the point where i need to turn down the volume a lot everytime she starts to go on a rant. They act like giddy college students on too much Red Bull.
  • kebra indica
    yall are so smart and talented, i know an episode from u guys about some tips to keep in mind when it comes to nutrition and diet would be sooooo helpful. like i think about josh saying he eats his weight in protein grams, i'd love more guidelines on how to stay rather healthy and strong without having to think so strictly about macros. maybe for male and female bods idk? thanks i love u plz review my review
  • Phamily guy
    Culture vulture
    You are German not African Your family is German born Just cause you move somewhere Doesn’t make you from there
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