A Hot Dog Is a Sandwich

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Mythical Chefs Josh Scherer and Nicole Enayati discuss, debate, and dissect the web’s most hilariously controversial culinary quandaries.

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  • spbodizzle
    Whole Foods v Trader Joe’s
    This episode reminded me of “the secret life of groceries” book. 10/10 would recommend if you liked this episode.
  • too good to end
    I love the way they can start talking about cereal and end up talking about corn dogs, it’s hilarious!
  • ajswizzle
    Interesting and fun!
    Entertaining conversations centered around food…what more could you want? Also, they both seem like great people and that’s cool.
  • pan_cakes_not_ waffles11
    Please keep doing what you’re doing PS pancakes are better!! and if you slander good maple syrup or one more time I will stop listening to your show
  • mr rice king
    I love it that’s all have to say
  • Its_magic_77_77
    There isn’t a thing that Mythical does that I don’t like! Period.
  • my post.
    Love it! ❤️
    This podcast is so funny!!! My brother introduced me to it and I love it!! Keep up the good work!! 👍😊🤣😝
  • #animallover2.o
    Also, thank you for not swearing
    OK, so I listen to the fixer versus real sure of a long time ago but like I am from Vermont 100% born here raised here live here and fake maple syrup is literal crap like really.
  • Parallel Connections
    I like this show. Interesting parts, it’s just when Josh starts talking about being drunk every other night and Nicole starts using the “whiny” voice, I physically roll my eyes. If they dropped that, no complaints.
  • MoOOoNKy42
    Used to be soo good.
    You guys need to get it together, “Is Cooking a Sport?” You guys need to choose less dumb topics.
  • stuck driver
    Going downhill
    This podcast used to be so good that I would recommend it to all my friends. But this “is cooking a sport?” Show has to be the worst that ya’ll have done. Recently, Nicole goes on so many tangents that she’s dragging the show down. She’s just getting annoying. I will no longer be recommending this podcast.
  • Pandafox907
    This is one of my favorite podcasts I listen to podcasts to go to sleep and this is so interesting and also does anyone else scrape the microwave popcorn bag for the butter ~Adelle from TN
  • ❤️🥔🥖🦴🥪
    This podcast is amazing love the chemistry and the ocean is soup PS. A HOTDOG IS A SANDWICH !!!!!
  • sgrando
    Hands down my favorite podcast!
    Been listening for years and still look forward to new episodes every week, it’s the best balance of humor + actual thoughtful opinions and interesting facts. I listen during workouts and have to be careful not to fall off the treadmill because I’m laughing at something Josh says - love you guys please never end the podcast!!
  • i❤️making reviews
    This podcast is so funny! Josh and Nicole make the show so funny but also get to the point. I LOVE hearing all of their stories and experiences. As a foodie I LOVE to take my side of the debate. I’m sure my friends are very annoyed by the amount of times I’ve debated with them on these topics. Anyways, I LOVE at Hotdog is a Sandwich and would recommend it to anybody who loves food. By the way pineapple does NOT belong on pizza.
  • Krupa18
    Nicole needs to go
    Honestly she’s just plain obnoxious, and well.. so is Josh, but both hosts shouting and rambling and laughing into the mic is too much. Podcast was much better in the beginning. Now I skip through episodes waiting for her to stop rambling. Reign it in Nicole, before you guys lose everyone.
  • wantagegirl
    Used to love it
    I was a huge fan of this show. Difficult to listen to recently because of the maniacal laughter…laughing, fine - continuous screaming fits of hysteria, not so much.
  • Jradawsometacular
    Best pod!
    St. Louis pizza is the worst.
  • N8_ps
    Cry some more, Danbuddy
    Capitalism exploits hard workers who want to support themselves and their families. Don’t be mad because people formed an opinion you don’t like.
  • Marknwm
    Yay! Awesome podcast
    I keep saying the same thing but it’s still true. My favorite podcast of all time, it’s the highlight of my Wednesday.
  • bigalham88
    BBF- aka beat Bobby flay
    1. Josh/Nicole… get yourselves on food network “beat Bobby flay”. #signaturedish… let loose. 2. Awaiting Bobby Flay on your podcast. Sincerely, drank wine while watching BBF after listening to AHIAS. Cheers. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Jojo Clemons
    Is this peak eloquence?
    First off, the mythical team all around is great, and a real treat to listen to. If you like mythical and you know of this podcast, then you should already been in the headspace of accepting whatever this podcast brings. I’ve seen some other reviews that seem to lack the wherewithal to know who they are listening to. You get what you sign up for. Some laughs, deep rooted convos, and some food for though (lol) I unfortunately haven’t been able to listen to every single podcast, but I have heard enough to know that they’re all probably Grade A top shelf. Hopefully this review helps someone. But if you’re already coming here, and you know what to expect. You won’t need a review like this to tell you that you’re going to enjoy the content. You already knew you would.
  • Danbuddy
    Was a great podcast
    I really enjoy the banter and content. The fact you stopped saying out in the Twitter verse because of your politics, is sad. Being anticapitalist is hilarious to me because you all benefit from it. Good and politics shouldn’t be a thing and it saddens me that you bring it into all the time. Shame on all of you.
  • goth crocks
    Hot dog
    A hotdog is not a sandwich
  • VMSTL85
    From St. Louis and Love you guys!!
    Love the podcast!! It is my go to for my drive to and from work. Also, completely agree with Josh that STL style pizza is not pizza!!
  • noisydong
    St. Louis Revenge
    Put your opinion where your mouth casserole is, dare you to try all of St. Louis style foods. Sure you don’t like out thin crust. Provel is amazing and you have no right to hate it while living American cheese. Also government cheese is stored in MO caves. We also have toasted raviolis and gooey butter cake. There’s diversity in our food culture. Very American and melting pot of cultures. We also have a thriving local Mexican restaurants community and the donut shop culture is strong. Ted Drews frozen custard is the king and there are many other frozen custard places that piggy back on it. LEARN YOUR STL FOOD CULTURE BEFORE MAKING HARSH BLANKET STATEMENTS. Also the Cardinals are solid and the Blues fandom is strong so you sport opinions do not matter.
  • glasseskid12
    Great podcast
    St. Louis is overrated -Braves fan
  • dogworld
    Very good
    I should never listen to this while hungry 5 stars
  • Nickosaur
    Great Show Everything by Mythical is great
    I love this show I listen to it every day while driving. Spoiler alert: Josh talks about ranch and leavened bread a lot. Haha
  • djeejhd
    Really love this podcast. Thank you so much for getting together to give everyone something wonderful to listen to. Keep it up! <3
  • FrontFeeble
    My Favorite Podcast
    I honestly listen to this podcast everyday. I’ve listened to every episode a couple or more times. Put it on when I go walk, when I cook, when I sleep, when I go shooshoo, everything. Love this and love CHEETOTOMINY
  • ThatCrazyMusician
    The best part of my week
    I’ve listened to the AHDIAS catalogue multiple times and find myself loving every episode even after the third or fourth listen. I love the guest star choices, and the thought and effort put into each topic even though it’s all in good fun. I love bringing up these topics at gatherings and sparking debates, especially being armed with all of the information from your podcast! Thank you for all of the laughs and thought provoking statements.
  • Over Night
    Nicole’s screeching is driving me away. Josh’s knowledge keeps me coming back.
    I thought the show was a lot of fun at first but, as others have pointed out, Nicole cannot stop yelling over the top of Josh and, sometimes, even the guests. I mean, she yelled at Phil Rosenthal right out of the gate! He was shocked and so was I. When she disagrees with Josh, she loudly screeches while accusing him of all sorts of things from being out of his mind to being on crack. She even refuses to discuss things she disagrees with, saying “No! No! No!” while Josh tries to explain what he’s talking about. Good grief. It’s exhausting. Meanwhile, Josh’s love/knowledge of food history is so interesting to me that I’ve actually sought out some of the books he’s referenced. His videos are just as good. He’s definitely someone to watch. Maybe Josh should have rotating co-hosts who can keep up with him? Various people who can either contribute to the conversation or who want to learn something new? In lieu of doing nothing, at least please reign in the screeching. Sorry, Nicole, but you have got to calm the *eff* down. My demographic is female, 40-60, USA.
  • clayb1998
    Forever in debt
    This podcast walks the line of educational debate and babbling nonsense, and it gives me life. Thank you ~Clay
  • fancyandflee
    Love it! Haters gonna hate.
    Just finished binge-listening to the whole podcast. Love both Josh and Nicole, their chemistry, the way they are with guest, and all the tangents and tidbits. I always find myself wanting to be there to chime in comment on a ton of the topics. Funny and relatable. Didn’t realize there would be so many haters in the reviews not understanding the bit. They obviously don’t watch the channel 😅
  • Nadine AM
    Most iconic Jewish podcast of all time?
    I have never felt closer to my culture. Josh and Nicole are my rabbis now.
  • Isawa Igora
    Subscribed for more hot dog facts
    Quality content with quality people.
  • noah a grant
    All the haters are stupid!
    You guys are amazing! Those haters deserve to die.
  • hickey1749
    Nicole is bad, really bad.
  • LaGrange mom
    Dull and annoying
    I like the idea but the delivery is terrible. I get lost in the teenage commentary and squealing “OMG” and giggling like it’s being hosted by an entitled teenager. The recent multi part episode made me finally choose not to listen and I’m unfollowing this. Went from sometimes ok background noise to unlistenable.
  • Whatever goes here 739
    Fun concept for a show, but not well executed
    It becomes more clear with each episode that these hosts do not like or respect each other. Difficult to listen to.
  • Axolotl King1167
    Is a Reese’s a sandwich? It has an outside and an inside filling, there is a wrapper so your hands don’t have to touch the chocolate, is it just a desert sandwich?
  • SpeedyGrayRaucous
    Josh needs a new partner
    It’s becoming obvious that Nichole isn’t really in her element. She’s not an on air person. Nicole, please stop talking over everyone and listen. You’re not contributing by saying “yeah”.
  • greenbeanmemeteam
    Bite the bullet
    A philosopher wasn’t enough guys, time to bite the bullet and call Gordon Ramsay. Or God, take your pick.
  • Big dik daddy
    Love it
    They have the best podcast
  • suormn
    Amazing podcast
    I love the different takes on the dishes they discuss and the discussion they have. Josh and Nicole are very entertaining.
  • JDG-007
    Platonic form
    It was probably comment bait. But the perfect idealized version of a thing is called its platonic form. Whether or not perfect ideals exist is a question left for philosophy and algebraic geometry.
  • 12345678910👥👱👶
    So nice
    I was reading the comments and reviews and I am 9. When I caught one out of the corner of my eye I was SO MAD😡! Kids can listen to this if they want! When you rated it E I was so happy 😁! I could actually listen to it. So I will not go watch stupid Cocomelon all day. I will go in the pool and listen to your podcast
  • MrGoatSheep22
    This Podcast is Awesome!
    I have listened since the beginning and this show is so fun and refreshing. I constantly find myself smiling ear to ear whilst listening to this show!
  • PRocci18
    Josh and Nicole keep getting better!
    Similar to Rhett and Link with Ear Biscuits, Josh and Nicole have started being more genuine via censoring themselves less lately, and I simply adore it. Their chemistry is fantastic, and I can genuinely say I’ve learned quite a bit all while being entertained! Josh isn’t for everyone, I completely get that and am sure he’d say the same thing about himself, but if you like his vibe/humor like I do, I don’t think you’ll have a problem with this podcast whatsoever! Not only that, I think you’ll actively enjoy it. Nicole is wholesome as all heck and the perfect complement to Josh’s… Joshness. Josh and Nicole top my list of podcast hosts I wish I could hang out and get drunk with. Keep up the great work, y’all. Your passion and energy are contagious.
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