A Hot Dog Is a Sandwich

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Mythical Chefs Josh Scherer and Nicole Hendizadeh discuss, debate, and dissect the web’s most hilariously controversial culinary quandaries.

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  • poloyo2108
    It’s good
  • sodjvpsjfocheici oshci isicj
    I love this podcast
    I love this podcast
  • Have a nice day =]
    Hello.. I Have a podcast idea if you’d like
    So I actually have a decent podcast Idea how about you guys make a episode on the weirdest foods you ironically enjoy.. so.. for me I enjoy spicy Buffalo wings and for the dip melted vanilla ice cream.. Well have a good day,
  • oldmanateejohn
    Great show but sometimes very regionally limited
    I love Josh and Nicole. They play off each other as a natural team. My only irritation is when they apparently haven’t traveled the US enough to know things. Like different regional distinctions for BBQ (which can lead to fights involving Brunswick stew and throwed rolls). Still, Ive become a fan and will hope they get free plane trips to expand their knowledge
  • EA games officak
    Opinion casserole
    Josh is wrong soup is Bubble tea, change my mind
  • SammyGrover123
    Pepsi Origins
    Love this podcast—always great. But I was a little disappointed when no one mentioned that Pepsi was created so that when it was drank at room temperature it would taste like a cold Coke. Again love the podcast, love how the two of you really play off one another!
  • Acorn Master
    Not even joking, the absolute best. It makes me laugh every single day. If you like funny, debating, or food-related (or even just one of those things) LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST. I have re-listened to every single episode at least 5 times, and plan on keep doing so.
  • anonymousdude1234
    Great Podcast. I agree on most things... but I respect your opinions slightly less now that I see you guys are on Coca-Colas side. Pepsi for life. RC is a close second.
  • Space Kelly
    I was not expecting a mention of the Bills Mafia and love for the Bills on the Ranch v. Blue Cheese episode (Buffalo gal here, so blue cheese of course...) so that was nice. Josh & Nicole are great conversationalists in addition to being kickass chefs, and their insights on food culture is fascinating and thought provoking. Excellent show, ten out of ten, would recommend.
  • Chewie eiwehC
    Best eggs ever
    Bacon grease basted A pinch of salt and lots of coarse fresh ground black pepper as it cocks until the edges are crispy, yet yolk still soft. Yum.
  • Kajsibsosjfhdosbdj
    New podcast idea?
    I think josh and nicole should make a podcast called “millennials talk about stuff they don’t know” (I mean this in a good way) where they just make full episodes about the random tangents they go on in this podcast
  • E Jones563
    Best podcast ever
    This is the best podcast that I have ever listened to. This podcast is funny and I learn more about food and food history from listening to it.
  • time killler
    Wonderful start to my day
    I love your happy banter in the morning. So pleasant and cheerful.
  • tobey is the best spider man
    The best Food movie is.......
    Good burger hands down one of the best food movies ever a beautiful film captures the food industry beautifully the emotional beatsoh such a beautiful movie the nickelodeon in Paramount made just thought I’d say that since no one else did :/
  • Güerroguy9
    It’s alright
    The food debates are ok. They should keep their political talk out of it
  • Jhonsexytime
    Love the show
    Love this show, but their views on Popeyes chicken sandwich is cap. Chick-fil-a Spicy Deluxe is the best chicken sandwich in the game, miles above Popeyes, let alone any other fast food chicken sandwich. Stop dissing Chick-fil-a. Honestly hating on their politics shows how blinded this country has become that their views have now become “wrong”. Otherwise, this show is great, but 1 star for their views on Chick-fil-a.
  • Butterfates
    Still good but...
    I will still listen to this show at least for now. However I do have a problem with how they called Christian politics (Chick-fil-a’s politics) garbage in the most recent episode about Popeyes. I think it goes against what they say their politics are when they call someone else’s beliefs garbage. That kind of goes against the ultra inclusive culture they care so much about. I disagree with them but I won’t call their beliefs garbage.
  • glasseskid12
    Really great podcast
    This is one of my absolute favorite podcasts and right now I’m listening to the Popeyes chicken sandwich episode and I’ve never had this sandwich but the absolute best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had was from Super Chix. I think they are based out of Texas but there are two that I know of in Utah and they are amazing! Love all of your debates and love mythical.
  • smöl pp
    i love this show so much i cannot express~
    best food podcast on the internet. full stop. my unpopular food opinion is that tony chacheries is a little over used. me and my dad have long been fans but recently he’s gotten a little adventurous with its implementation and i’m starting to understand it’s limits. happy fiftieth episode, two more and that will be a full year.
  • Stout17
    Bangor Maine
    Bangor Maine representing thanks for saying the Town correctly, and Portsmouth is in our Neighboring State New Hampshire live free or die.
  • mythical kid
    Mythical kid
    So good i will listen to 8 a day bc i have to much time(:
  • duhenjbdbdue
    I love this podcast
    It is so funny I am 13 and want to be a chef when grow up
  • calebcromwell
    Metaphorical One Star Review
    Love you guys too much to give a one star but Josh forgot the name of Braums in Oklahoma on that In-N-Out episode
  • I am a tiny Tim
    You are so funny
    My mom likes to make toco soup
  • Mimsy Borogoves
    So Fun!
    Nicole and Josh are the perfect podcast pair! So fun to listen to. I love their passion for food and enjoy their takes on seemingly silly food topics!
  • beektorsf
    You guys are the best!
    I absolutely love you two! I wanted to run something by ya. if i were to bring up white bean hummus, one might be annoyed because hummus refers to cecci/ chickpeas. So..white bean “hummus” is just bean purée? Thats kinda how i feel when you both talk about “elote” which is just means corn cob. What you are actually referring to is the street corn dish “esquites”. Anyhow, i grew up eating “esquites” so it’s near and dear to my heart and felt the need to comment. Best, Beektor
  • @realConservitive
    Big fan..
    I just wish on the YouTube channel, specifically, josh would keep any flat earth talk from the little chefs who are watching to grow as people with interest in foods. It’s fine as an adult if you chose to believe things counter to observable facts. The simple truth is there’s no scientific models of the flat earth that answer more than one or two questions at a time when the globe earth model works with all of our maths.. and if you can’t understand those things that ok, not everyone is educated enough in our society, but I honestly ask; why would China send a probe up there to answer if our moon landing sites were real and untimely release the photos proving all our rovers etc (even some tracks undisturbed in the calm of space) were there? Also, who profits from the world being round specifically to spread this supposedly false information?... My little ones don’t listen to podcasts what and as a parent it’s up to me to educate and ensure that the content my kid watches is healthy. I’m all for jokes and answering questions to help him learn. Some of the silly conspiracies though are more complex to explain to an inquisitive 6 year old than others. Believe whatever you want Josh, but I sincerely hope you understand who your content reaches. I haven’t blocked Mythical Kitchen yet on YouTube (partially because I enjoy it) but if there’s another video where flat earth or other specifically unhealthy conspiracies make their way in another YouTube video I’ll have to hit that block. I truly appreciate the content, and some of the recipes I’ve tried have been really amazing... I even post my recipe tweaks in the YouTube comments if I find something that’s good in my cooking adventures. Thanks for everything guys
  • Mst3kevin
    Hot dog is not a sandwich
    Painfully unfunny podcast. Also by definition a sandwich has two pieces of bread. A hotdog bun is one piece.
  • ChungusMonky
    A hog dog is considered a sandwich by definition
    When does this episode come out?
  • BeanaJean
    I absolutely love this podcast! I watch both Gmm and Mythical Kitchen! Y’all make me laugh! 😁You guys rock 👏🏻🙏🏼💜
  • Cup0fJo3
    Great but Biased
    Love GMM and the Mythical kitchen so I was excited to listen and most of their episodes debating food are fantastic but be aware there is a STRONG bid to all things southern california food and culture. Great to learn about but wish they could bring on someone to debate them when it comes to northeast, southern or other regional or international styles of food. See: In-N-Out episode for an example.
  • gdjdbduxbxgdjxbxh
    lit 🔥
    OMGOODNESS!!! Have been watching both the Mythical Kitchen & GMM and thought that this would be amazing and I was right!
  • boooosbv
    Bro this ain’t subway
  • lrs5628
    Is a rhode island wiener considered a hotdog
  • Ghost gdrgvcff
    This subway was the worst I’ve ever been to. The employer wasn’t wearing gloves and obviously didn’t want to be there. Not going back. Do better.
  • FrerardDude
    i love ittttt
  • legnd o zelda botw
    ya know I do
    This podcast is awesome 😀😀😀😀😃😃😃😀😃😃😃😅😃😀😄😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣☺️😊😇🙂🙃😉😌😍🥰😘😗😙😚😋😛😝😜🤪🤨🧐🤓😎🤩🥳
  • Fave(nificent)
    Full of Personality
    I enjoy the banter around the topics. Very well produced show.
  • kmath123
    Cult of Scherer
    In a different life Josh would be a devastatingly effective cult leader.
  • first cow @ mars
    He he
    Hi josh it’s me he he xoxoxo
  • Fran8899
    Sooo funny!!!
    Adam Richman needs to be on monthly lol
  • DR-HgC
    00 Pizza Dough
    Really great show! I wasn’t sure how the chaos of their YouTube show would translate to a podcast but they find a much more chill balance. Lots of knowledge strung together in the fun takes on food.
  • cade.b
    It’s awesome
    It just is so funny and it gives me so much context for n food!
  • allypoik
    In-n-out is NOTT overrated girl😏 (that’s my name)
    I freaking LOVE this podcast josh and Nicole are the perfect combo (like in-n-out milkshakes and French fries) and are hysterical. I have listened to each of the podcasts at least ten times!! I also watch y’all on mythical. Keep doing this because it’s the only think keeping me alive-
  • KatM5
    Absolutely love this podcast. I thought I was the only weirdo to have discussions about these things & going into deep conversations & breaking down comparisons. It’s hilarious & Nicole’s laugh is everything! #TeamSpicyMayo
  • RockMax EXE
    Josh and Nicole are a symphony of angels AND angles of bliss to listen to. And I loved hearing Adam Richmond on, he is my spirit animal. We need more Trevor on GMK!
  • boomer reviews22
    Love the funny commentary while also being educated on things about food i would never otherwise know!
  • DaveMKE3
    Fun, funny, informative
    Josh and Nicole are a great pair. Listening to them is like listening to siblings arguing, which is both entertaining and funny. The topics are often strange but always engaging. 6/5 would recommend.
  • erburg
    Funny hosts yummy food
    Love hearing the food debates. I look forward to hearing them banter every week. Confused about the weird ratings on this, with people rating the show lower just because they disagreed with their food opinion...... that’s kinda the point of the show...... Anyways I totally recommend listening!
  • mar9274929
    Late food!!!
    I used to be a frequent customer at subway but I’ll never go back to this location!! YUCK! The chicken was so slimy and the toaster is ALWAYS BROKEN!!! So dissatisfied Subway. Do better :(
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