I Survived


What is it like to face death and make it out alive? Based on the groundbreaking A&E television series, I Survived documents harrowing stories of human endurance. In their own words, survivors recall how they overcame unbelievable circumstances that changed their lives forever.

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  • TayMarks
    I loved listening to these! Even though what happened to these women is horrid, it was right up my alley. I love these kind of stories. Honestly it opened my eyes, as a young woman myself, things happen like this often! Some of these stories helped me understand what I should do if I ever end up in a situation like this. Would love to hear more.
  • ms_weav
    Tick tick
    I love this show. I love the stories and hearing these women speak. My one wish is at the end of the episodes, there is the background music but it is too quiet, or not quite right and sounds just like an out of place tick. I recommend and love this podcast, just hope the tick goes away 😂
  • mmmmorgs
    Listen people
    Can you all please quit saying stupid things such as, “I didn’t know this was going to be a religious podcast, you should’ve mentioned that in the bio.” First of all no one is forcing you to listen to this podcast so if someone’s religious beliefs bother you that much then UNSUBSCRIBE! This is about survivors who went through hell and back to be alive. I think you all may be missing the big picture here. So if they believe in a higher power, and feel like that said higher power helped them get through a tragic incident, then so be it! Freedom of speech. This isn’t about you. Also, when you comes to the people that are upset that these are only women’s stories, how dare you. Have you noticed it’s mostly women being kidnapped, raped, and attacked and the kidnappers, rapists, and attackers are almost always a man?? Yes men are important too and we should respect them as well, however women need to be herd! Men have ruled the world for far too long and tried to shut us up but now it’s our time! #METOO
  • Assley317
    When did this turn into a Christianity podcast?
    I was hoping the preachy religious vibes were only going to be a few but it’s every single episode and feels like too much.
  • arianacatwalk
    What about men?
    I really enjoyed the show for the diverse experiences including natural disasters, freak accidents, etc. so cutting out any story that wasn’t a woman being attacked is very disappointing and dismissive of men who experience trauma.
  • Poddy McDowall
    I, SURVIVED and STRICTLY STALKING share captivating stories directly from the voices who have lived them. Please keep helping these brave voices be heard!
  • AlpacaBusinessSecrets
    I really would like to listen to this podcast but every single episode says unavailable/won’t download. I’ve never encountered this before with any other show :(
  • Meg_Haley
    Love this podcast!
    The only downside is that there haven’t been more episodes posted in a while!
  • TheMamaPickle
    Why do I do this to myself
    Exploitative, Christian preachy, and weird ad placement. (“He locked me in a box and I knew I was going to die.” ... “Do you want great hair?!”) I keep listening anyway 🙄 but only when I don’t have a new Dateline episode.
  • VCasas
    Why just women???
    I used to love these shows so much! I survived, and I shouldn’t be alive.I loved all the different survival stories whether they were out in the elements, or jumping from a plane, or encounters with animals, or surviving other people. Why they chose to just focus on women I’m not sure? I’m extremely disappointed! And no I don’t think women shouldnt have a show,I was just looking forward to hearing more stories about everything not just one niche thing. So disappointed
  • Reviewer999123
    Was So Excited!
    I was pumped for this. I love tv shows like “I Survived” and “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” and I having been waiting for years for someone to do an exclusively “survival stories” based podcast. But this podcast niche focused on just stories of women who survived violent crimes. I think that was a poor choice. They need stories of women surviving extreme weather, animals/nature or freak accidents and things like that too. I wouldnt mind at all if men were included too. The jesus praising is grating on my nerves already. I shut the episodes off when they start the preaching garbage. I really hope to see this podcast evolve and improve based on listener feedback.
  • aemckean
    Cold Case... what?
    Have you ever heard the expression: “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”....? Yeah.
  • aebend
    Christianity podcast?!
    I enjoy all the personal stories from these survivors, but after listening to 4-5 stories in a row, I’m feeling a hard lean into this being a Christian survival podcast. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If even just half the survivors were deeply faithful, I could stomach it. Not a fan.
  • victactoe
    Empowering and heartbreaking
    5 stars. And Karen’s story solidified that for me. What a woman!! Can’t wait to listen to more of these incredible survival stories.
  • CamilleyC
    I am also a survivor
    I’ve listened to many episodes now. As a survivor of domestic violence and abuse, this podcast gives me hope. Some of it is hard to hear. I too escaped with my life. I too, have survived and thrived again. I appreciate each of their stories. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s survival. Great podcast. I too agree that the show could more consistent in releasing new episodes. I hope we hear more from amazing women very soon.
  • hothoney123
    New favorite!
    The women in these stories are so strong and inspiring! The stories are terrifying. I like hearing the story from the actual survivor.
  • Travmaan
    Ignore the bad reviews
    As someone who listens to just about every true crime podcast, I promise this one is good. If you like less filler and more testimonial, gripping story from the source then you’ll like this. I look forward to it every week on a Thursday’s now. EXCEPT for the fact today is July 1st, 2020. Meaning the show has gone 3 consecutive weeks without an episode. Then, they update it today.....with a promo for another show😒 Boooooooooo!
  • yosarbear3
    Love it but kind of getting annoyed with no new episodes.
  • sanguinesque
    Anyone else getting the misogynist vibe?
    Loved the A&E show. These podcasts are well produced and all the stories are incredible but why such a hyper-focus on crimes against women? An endless loop of horrid tales of rape, abduction, beatings...these survivors are nothing short of amazing but surely this series can diversify their content! It’s just off-putting and I can’t help pick up on a dangerously fetishist and misogynist vibe here....content producers: you’re tone deaf.
  • rcstan
    Too many commercials
    I enjoyed these stories when they first aired on the Biography Channel. These are the same stories. It is not worth putting up with all the commercials just to hear them again.
  • Amberg182
    Not bad, not great
    I was so excited for this podcast because I love the I survived stories. It’s an ok podcast. The host sounds like she is reading a script as a narrator for a school play. Since it’s from A&E I expected a little more. Just seems like a high school girl’s school project.
  • Rrmandand121
    Hands down my favorite new podcast. I find my self on the edge of my seat listening to their stories. The ending always has a show of strength. Can’t wait for more!
  • Pipdica
    Very interesting podcast. Very terrifying but it’s amazing to hear these stories and how the survivors cope with their trauma. Cannot stop listening!
  • Ckay237
    Good but inconsistent
    I look forward to this podcast each week but as of late, no new episodes have been posted. Would appreciate consistency or at least a heads up if the show is on hold or has ended.
  • amandaflo
    Great podcast!
    Such a good podcast! I love hearing the survivors tell their own story. Such an amazing show of strength and courage. Getting their stories out will surely save lives! Only come complaint would be that they don’t come out with a new episode every day! More episodes please!
  • Zippy's corner
    Not the show and that’s disappointing
    My beef is that only women’s stories will be shared. Like I am a female but I want to hear survivor stories not just the story of women. I want them from everyone not just one specific group. Hopefully they’ll include men and their stories.
    Group Therapy
    As a survivor of assault, I’m grateful to find a podcast that gives the people who have endured such immense trauma and tragedy a platform to not only discuss the details true crime lovers’ ears perk up for but also an in depth description of the aftermath and how each individual has overcome, works at and/or has been impacted by acts so incomprehensible.
  • Jennnnticled
    Some episodes are repeat stories from the tv show but there’s still extra stuff you didn’t see in the show. The only episode I had trouble getting through was the ninja one because the lady sounded like she was just reading from a book....not retelling a story of something that actually happened to her. LOVE the hosts’ voice. It’s so nice after listening to cold case files podcast host.
  • Sjalban
    Good first person tellings
    It’s nice that most of the show time is taken up by the one person telling her story. It’s also a refreshing podcast showing real females and letting them tell their stories in their voices. The podcast host doesn’t jump in except for introductions and commercials. I would recommend.
  • smnthaaa1017
    Madison Reed....
    The podcast is enjoyable, but maybe we don’t have ads about hair color when these women are talking about literally fighting for their lives. May seem insignificant but it bothers me.
  • Lily254
    ISurvived Binge Listening
    I loved the TV show now I get to listen while I clean, workout, and snuggle my pets. I binge listened to all episodes in a couple of days so I’m bummed I have to wait for new episodes. So good so worth it! I love hearing the stories from the gals!
  • MillieG
    Great podcast
    I really enjoy the first hand accounts of what the victims felt and did, it shows the variety of reactions and true raw humanity. I saw some ratings about religious beliefs and I’m appalled at how many people are so out of touch with raw human emotion and the ability for someone to reach out to a higher belief in times of their worst experiences.
  • jamaramadingdong
    Inner Strength
    My Favorite Murder recommended this podcast, and I have now recommended it to all my friends and family. It’s incredibly inspiring to hear about the inner strength and resilience that these women had, and it’s comforting to know that all of these women seem very normal/relatable and that their instincts provided to be true when they needed them to come out. I turn to this podcast whenever i’m not feeling confident or strong.
  • Mrs. 7
    One of my new favorites
    I love this podcast. I just wish they would do more. They haven’t posted another one in a few weeks and I’m anxiously awaiting another.
  • maryyok
    Is being a Christian a prerequisite for being on this show?
    I enjoy the stories, but wonder why almost every single person makes reference to Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, their “faith”, etc. Is this a religious show?
  • Sjdean008
    New favorite podcast
    I have obsessively been listening since I subscribed
  • Queensize559
    Love !!!
    I just love how this podcast is told.. makes my stay at home work go by really fast !!!
  • Patty P C 58
    Don’t understand
    Why only women?
  • theyneed2rapMORE
    Inspiring Podcast
    I Survived is an amazing podcast! For some reason this specific podcast won’t work on Apple Podcast but it works just fine on Spotify.
  • Bailey E S
    Amazing, well done!
    What an amazing way to tell these stories.
  • Kelly Torp
    Love this chick. Wish I could meet her. Think we’d be friends
  • angelicahelicurve
    Women only?
    I understand that it’s important to hear the stories of assault against women, however men are just as equally important and I’d love to hear stories from everyone.
  • *SLH*
    Love the show! New episodes?
    Love listening! The victims are al strong! Very well produced. I thought there were new episodes every Wednesday? Will there be new ones soon?
  • Kimsuebarber
    Love these stories in their own words
    Need more episodes!!! How often do these come out...not fast enough. These stories are riveting and the narrator’s voice is pleasing to the ears. Great job!!!
  • Jbbaby912smileyface
    Love! Love! Love!
    I loved I survived when it was on tv as a teen and was overjoyed to see that it had become a podcast with more stories! I’m loving all of these empowering women, It’s inspiring to hear them tell their stories and how it changed their lives. 🤍
  • kaekasslee
    Must listen!!!
    I love listening to podcasts while I work, these have been by far my favorite. Listened to every episode in 2 days. Can’t wait for more episodes.
  • PriscillaCoreas
    I’m HOOKED
    I have not been able to stop listening to these episodes. I have my husband listening to them. I think these are great for anyone to listen to but especially women. I don’t think I’ve ever been more aware with my surrounding until I started listening to true crime podcasts.
  • Emily Vondrachek
    I’m loving this show! I love hearing from these strong women! So cool to hear a survivors view point. I was so bummed you didn’t release an episode this week. It is still a weekly thing?
  • GraceGacha
    Great podcast
    I love this series I think it should be a requirement for girls to listen to this because the world has horrible things in store for us women so we should know things that could happen but all Together it was a great podcast
  • NikkiCle
    Where you at?
    Hope everything is all good. I was so excited to do my cleaning and listen to my favorite podcast...but there no new episode today ...did I miss something?
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