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If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking at a phone or a computer screen. These days we spend most of our lives looking at screens – whether it’s for work, school, or fun – but how is it shaping us? On season six of Chasing Life, Dr. Sanjay Gupta takes us on his most personal journey yet, while he dives into the science behind how technology is impacting our brains. As a dad of three teenage girls, he explores how worried we should be about the effect screen time is having on kids’ health. Join us each Tuesday as we bring everyone to the table – from members of the Gupta family to content creators and medical professionals – and look for guidance on how to navigate a world surrounded by screens.

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  • AMomtoFour
    Social Media Use and Teens
    I really enjoyed this series and listened to much of it with my own teens. My 16-year old got his first phone this year and we still do not allow social media. In the 8 months that he has had it his IRL hobbies have drastically reduced. He has also struggled with anxiety and depression. When I look at the teen suicide rate and how it has jumped since the inception of the smart phone I do have wonder about the correlation and the lack of action by our government and corporations. During covid around 1600 children under the age of 17 died but teen suicide rates take 6000 children a year, a number that has doubled since the smart phone. Our entire country went on lock down for Covid but smartphones are handed out to children in elementary grades. I just don’t get it… I know causation does not always equal correlation but I do wonder why it is treated so lightly by parents and is allowed to go unchecked.
  • lindafbird
    Common Sense
    I just listened to the social media/impact on kids broadcast. I do disagree - parents have struggled for generations on the difficult task of teaching our kids MODERATION - every generation has an “evil” . Parents have also had the difficult task of teaching good decision making as well as saying no and meaning it when occasion merits it. Parents need to grow up and be parents. I also think the discussions here should include what kids don’t do because they are on social media. What are they missing? Are they well rounded and healthy? Time to stop bemoaning how difficult it is and acting like we as parents can only throw our hands up and give in.
  • MillieSC
    Awesome Podcast
    Great content from a trusted man of grace, honor and dignity. The one thing that has made this podcast immeasurably better is the inclusion of your family. It’s wonderful hearing their perspective on the topics of the day, especially the Internet. Thank you!
  • Dindibug
    You’re amazing
    I love to listen to you on CNN… you’re knowledgeable about the topics you cover … you are so respectful with how people feel about your professional opinions … I hope you don’t disappear… you’re one of my favorites… thank you!!!
  • Laura Trotchie
    Practicing what you say
    You are such a balanced thinker and I noticed you limit your podcast minutes so that your listeners are not on it for hours but minutes. Wow! Thank you
  • Mokeyt3/35
    Don’t listen to this hack who parrots CNNs vault of lies.
  • Conniegallant
    Silence is golden
    Thank you, Dr. Gupta, for having one of our Olympic Peninsula’s heroes on your show. Gordon Brown has not only opened our world to the true sounds of silence, but he has also made us aware of the importance of centering ourselves with what Mother Earth gives us… for free. It is truly amazing to visit the Hoh River area he first introduced us to, sit on a log or rock and just listen. I hope you visit our stunningly beautiful area and sit with Gordon in silence.
  • Caronim
    Thank u Sanjay. Excellent podcast. I understood the power and benefits of being quiet.
  • glimadoll
    Excellent podcast!
    I loved the interview with Ed Wong on senses - what a marvelous way to open up a fuller appreciation of our world and all the creatures in it. I will walk my dog differently now! I’m appreciative of how Dr. Gupta let’s the guests talk about their area of expertise without interrupting.
  • Ginagina Smith
    Psyched that he will also have a podcast. As CNN changes , podcasts can keep me in touch w personalities I like as I watch less CNN/TV
  • CousinRichie
    if you are downloading a CNN podcast in 2022 you either love lies or you’re stupid.
  • SurferGirlAtl
    Keep going!
    I always look forward to these episodes with short bursts of info, thanks!
  • Ethan R. Gardner
    Podcast spreads fake mews
    Climate change is leftist propaganda to earn the rich families trying to ruin this country more money
  • awdickerson
    Great Content
    Keep up the great work.
  • Real 1967
    “Dr Gupta”
    Dr Sanjay Gupta is such a tool and a complete embarrassment to the medical community. Typical MSM “reporter” spreading false information and making a ton of money from it. Seriously, only brain washed idiots listen to CNN and this clown. He’s a joke within the medical community.
  • The man drm suga
    This is ongoing but you learn to cope with it. I still cry for my mom. She was all I got but I used the strength she helped me develop to cope. What would mom do? I wanted to make her proud so I went to school and dedicated all may achievements to her!!!
  • Calidaze89
    Learning to live after loss
    I needed to hear this. I have yet to express the loss of my father because I don’t know how and when I do, some can’t relate. I lost my father to Covid last year after the holiday surge and moving forward has been a complete struggle. He loved life to fullest and fought a tough battle to remain with us. Losing him left me filled with sadness and angry because a lot of people don’t care about the pandemic or who it impacts. I have uninvited tears that come whenever they feel like it. I don’t have the same appetite I once had for life anymore and struggling to find my purpose because he had always been there. However, I get up every day and move forward because that’s what I’m suppose to do. Some days are good, some days are okay. I guess you can say I’m learning to embrace loss. But there are also days where I feel like what’s the point. I know what I’m battling with but I also know I’ll rise above it at some point. Your podcast has helped me understand what I’m experiencing and perhaps, pointed me in the direction to seek a grief doula. Didn’t know they existed nor did I know I needed one until now. Thank you for sharing others experiences and creating a space for grief. Mental health truly matters.
  • Winnifred165
    Thank you for talking about Social Anxiety. When I was first diagnosed I was 22 and it was called Social Phobia. I’m now 58 and still struggle with the symptoms. My sons have it to some extent also. I always thought as I got older it would get easier to deal with. Unfortunately, it’s not the case. Thanks again for shedding some light on SA.
  • cloudman1
    Listening to you is always a feeling of truth and I thank you for that
  • Ali Schu
    Thank you for the innovation about the micro-bio
    I have a relative who will definitely benefit from me having this knowledge. Alison Schuback
  • Leeback
    I never miss Sanjay
    He was a trusted voice during Covid, and I love the new podcast too.
  • Bldesjardins
    Wear your mask outside for your allergies.
    Wear your mask outside for your allergies. Many of us were amazed at the benefits in Spring & Fall of 2020 & 2021.
  • Charlie20*
    Incorrect premise
    I think this segment is on the wrong path. Everyone has their story, the way they see things can often be influenced by past experiences. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with memory, but rather, as I said, everyone had their own story in the way they see things
  • Sanibella
    Very Interesting!
    I love listening to these podcasts. So many interesting things to think about.
  • ericmbaral
  • hazelbnr
    Research done
    After one year of reading CDC - WHO documents, Anthony Fauci emails, looking at statistics on other countries concerning Covid numbers, and much more, I have determined Dr. Gupta is a useful idiot. Thank you, and have a nice day.
  • seeing doctor
    Hi see SanJay on CNN Sanjay is the most trusted doctor.
  • Seemore_Miles
    I hate CNN but I respect Sanjay
    I absolutely hate CNN and think they lie and only report news that serves them. However, I respect Sanjay and I enjoy his podcast.
  • Lonely Lou
    Absolutely the best Doctor!
    Dr. Gupta is such a wonderful doctor. He has done so much for our world in medicine, as well as being a stellar human being! This show started out great and was extremely helpful during the Covid 19 outbreak and they have evolved it through the past two years, to keep up with the current state of our world. Thank you for all you have done CNN and Dr. Gupta.
  • HappiestDevil
    Lolololo! If you have anything to do with “science”, I’ll pass! Lol. But don’t worry.. you still have your cnn job and they have a HUGE # of followers 😏
  • Steve James Sampson
    Essential Listening
    I found this podcast to be exactly what the doctor ordered to help make sense of the world right now, in a positive, knowledgeable manner.
  • Heather Bo
    Great Content!
    Interesting and relatable topics, discussed with knowledgeable guests, make this podcast both highly entertaining and informative!
  • Tyckecat
    My Favorite Podcast
    I started listening when it was Coronavirus, Fact vs Fiction, and have continued to listen since the change. Every podcast has great information and relevant subject matter. I've learned so much. Thank you Dr. Gupta!
  • Eminem is da best 12345
    Too political. Thought you were a doctor
    You lose credibility when your liberal bias shows. You probably don’t think you have it, but it’s obvious to anyone who is in medicine and can check you. Check yourself doc Ironically you are taking about not trusting medicine, then talk about natural immunity with this vaccine.
  • #1Fuzziness
    Hi Dr.Gupta,
    I, Philippe Fabre, am great full for caring support and directions as years rolled on. Just wanted for now to say thank you for being a friend in our field of medicine and/or public health. Check me on Facebook sometime.
  • Rat Rac
    Burn Out
    How does one deal with burn out from having adult children living at home many years after they have graduated college? They are working a managerial job, putting in 40+ hours, and too tired to really help out at home, putting an excessive load onto their senior aged (68 & 70) parents. They want to move out but cannot do so currently because of the Pandemic; borders of where they would like to move are closed.
  • TaTaMerin
    Chasing Life: Getting Grandma back into swimg of things
    Dear Sanjay, thank you SO much for covering this subject. I am the sole caretaker for my 85 year old vibrant Mother, who is also showing signs of dementia/cognitive challenges, memory loss etc. She has definately had a recent “escalation” in memory loss and anxiety, depression during past 1.5 years. Caring for her through Covid has been taxing and educational. I look forward to listening to your other episodes. Thank you.
  • Lizzy2020202020
    Thank you!
    I really have enjoyed the topics covered on this show. I especially enjoyed the latest episode on IVF and couples deciding the have kids (or not). This is something my partner and I are currently going through post-pandemic. THANK YOU for the doing this episode and inspiring us to share our journey with others and not suffer in silence.
  • ProfKath
    Thanks for these short and sweet podcasts that are entertaining and easy to listen to. I especially liked when your guest was your wife! It is nice to hear about another family working through teenagers and a pandemic. SUGGESTION: It would be great if you had an episode about fibromyalgia specifically or invisible disabilities generally. I can be very stressful to suffer from an ailment that no one else can see and, at least as far as fibromyalgia, don’t even believe in. Thanks!
  • Sanjay's biggest fan
    Best podcast ever!
    I have listened to every podcast since day 1. I have watched Sanjay Gupta for years on CNN and I am his biggest fan. The podcast was comforting and calming during all the worst days of the pandemic. Every show is well done and professional with the best topics...doctors...experts. 500 stars!
  • Maluz52
    During the pandemic it was reassuring to hear Dr Gupta speak about risk assessment and updates in the evolvement of pandemic. Thanks for being a voice of reason and reassuring us during this last year!
  • Happy & Mellow
    Very comforting & thoughtful advice
    These programs are very helpful in reflecting and accepting things that have changed through the Pandemic. Dr. Gupta has a very soothing manner & voice.
  • dayanira199
    I love his podcast
    I really appreciate your podcast is good information plus i love his voice, I look forward to hear all the episodes. Thank you for all
  • BentleyLily2009
    Thank you for your amazing podcast
    I want to thank you for your unique podcast! I’m a nursing professor so I’m science oriented. During this pandemic the news was so difficult to sort through with some over reacting and others providing misinformation. I listened to yours everyday! You are smart, caring, creative and knowledgeable - all of which helped over this past year!
  • Hoj215
    Revamped format not good
    Typically this podcast, when it was Coronavirus FvF, left me feeling slightly more optimistic about the pandemic. I was hopeful this revamp would be equally uplifting, but I think I'll be unfollowing now. The Rebecca ep was...ok. But honestly wealth and privilege seep out despite efforts to appear relatable. The Michelle Pfeiffer episode was just wholly unpleasant; celebrities overestimate how much people want to hear about them. A commercial for her new project and fragrance line masquerading as an informative podcast is tacky.
  • LMSJsp
    Great podcast
    Interesting and insightful. Grateful for the information that is shared.
  • maltekruse
    You’re my voice for positive health
    Thanks for this new podcast. I appreciate you and your positive and reasonable approach to social, emotional and physical health.
  • jacquimeeker
    Thank you
    The new podcast is fantastic! Perfectly timed in this crazy re-opening! Thank you.
  • Vegansushi<3
    I can’t thank you enough
    Thank you so much for being so trustworthy and reliable in such an uncertain time. And thank you so much for not leaving us! I depend on you and this show not just for science, but for comfort as well. You have my unending appreciation and gratitude Dr. Gupta! Looking forward to the new show!
  • FPsyx
    Thank you
    This is my first EVER podcast review, though I subscribe to over 20 different podcasts at any given time. I was not a close follower of your work, nor did I ever watch CNN much, though I have a lot of respect for your professional credentials as a neurosurgeon and field work as a journalist. But I became a fan when this pandemic started and I came across this podcast. I have depended on your clear, honest reporting since the start of this pandemic. As a doctor, I was even more surprised to find that I could get something from this that I couldn’t get from my other medical sources. Your humanity and humility were much appreciated in this time of uncertainty. Thank you. I will continue to listen as you begin the new podcast.
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