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We bring you daily Abraham Hicks Material in an easy to listen to podcast format!

To learn more about the teachings of Abraham Hicks and purchase full audio go to:  https://www.abraham-hicks.com/  

All Abraham-Hicks audio materials are copyrighted by Esther Hicks and we are sharing these following the USE OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL GUIDELINES: https://www.youtube.com/user/AbrahamHicks/about

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Recent Reviews
  • KellyRichIntuitive
    Gratitude blessings
    I love listening to this beautiful podcast. Very grateful that this is available to all in an accessible way. ✨💖💫
  • jimbobGA
    An abundance of good ideas
    The consistent themes and ideas that run through the Abraham Hicks daily ‘talk bits’ are, to my mind, anyway, inarguably good and positive things to pay attention to, to work on, to keep in mind as your day goes by. I loosely follow dozens of podcasts, and I’ve gotten as much out of this one as any of them.
  • J3R333
    Terrible teachings
    Wow, some scary & terrible teachings here. There’s some good thoughts that are useful but overall I definitely don’t trust her teachings that seem as made up as she says satan is
  • chikadee3
    I love these little tidbits to turn on throughout the day.
  • sisidhsjs
    Wish they were complete
    Or at least longer. Does anyone know where we can listen to the entire conversation?
  • Love & Kindness
    Profound Wisdom
    Incredible podcast with deep and clear insights from Abraham Hicks. It’s an endless stream of aha moments and inspiration.
  • Jammee27
    Love it all (except the ad gals voice!)
    Thanks for these amazing snipits! I ve never minded the “ad” portion until the gals voice started. Just doesn’t fit the smoothness of the podcasts tone.
  • KCGeorg
    Life changing
    I get something from every one of these episodes, and they’re a nice length. I appreciate the positivity they bring to my life. They help me get my day started on the right track, and help me remember where I’m supposed to be mid day!
  • high source
    Higher source
    I would like everyone I know to be empathetic to my high moving decisions.. My vibration will dominate.
  • julieolsen02
    Absolutely NECESSARY from 2020 on...
    ... for those who want to CHOOSE to experience their “New Earth”.
  • fryyyy1232
    People claim to love this podcast then complain about the quality of recording or ads etc- missing the point of the message 😂
  • Helstah
    Repeated ads are such a drag
    A repetitious ad for a website interrupts all of these Abraham podcasts. I don’t think it’s the best strategy for building a following, frankly.
  • Squaaaddd1738
    I love Abraham
    ♥️ shes helped me open my eyes and see manifesting in ways I’ve never thought of!
  • Lane Hunter
    Encountering some skips?
    Thank you so much for putting this podcast out! I love having Abraham in this format. I listen on Spotify. Episodes released 9/25/20 and 9/28/20 have skips in the speakers’ questions, so their question and Abraham’s subsequent answer were missing some context for me. They are nonetheless still powerful - I just wish I had the full context!
  • earth_cruiser
    If you’re new to Abraham-Hicks then you may need to get familiar with concepts like the vortex, high-flying disc, etc. in order to really understand and absorb the teachings (just go to YouTube or the internet and look them up individually). But once you do that... These are absolutely BRILLIANT! I love listening to this podcast daily because it teaches me how to consciously think and how to use my mind as a tool for emotional well-being, envisioning, desiring bigger and bigger, and creating. Learning how to think is priceless all on its own, but A-H takes it even deeper and bigger than that. Listening to A-H is one of THE BEST THINGS that I have ever done in my life.
  • Marie Zambo
    Life changing
    Changes my life just a little bit every time I listen.
  • moonlove3
    Too many ads
    While I appreciate you putting Abraham talks for free on this app, there are way too many ads. Do you really NEED ads at all? And why must you target women only in the ads? How about the men, or how about “humans” in general? If people just listen to Abraham’s teachings and trust themselves there’d be no reason to come to you. Wow. Just wow. And how many of these podcasts are you running anyway? Bad business practice dude. But you’re gonna keep doing you anyway.
  • hello_Noelle
    Good Source of Abraham Hicks
    Great snippets of information for inspiration that have accurately labeled titles
  • AprilbizzY
    Three stars
    Three stars because while e content is great Abraham wisdom, every episode ends mid sentence, which is abrupt and not great!
  • Yay4Jesus
    Organized and lots of variety
    Appreciating the number of clips and how organized and updated this is. Please put a disclaimer in the podcast description that it is not affiliated, that was misleading. But the disclosure in each episode is helpful. Very respectfully done.
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