The Screenwriting Life with Meg LeFauve and Lorien McKenna


Welcome to The Screenwriting Life. Join us as professional screenwriters, Meg LeFauve and Lorien McKenna, whose combined credits include writing and production on such films as Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur and Captain Marvel discuss the craft, journey and business of writing for the screen. From dialogue to delivery, Meg and Lorien will guide you through the process, offering inside tips and tricks to help you become the best writer you can be. Support this podcast:

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  • RobertRev
    Y’all are my therapy!
    So grateful for this podcast! I recently started working on my “puke draft” of a true crime story that I have been developing off and on for over 10 years. Listening to this podcast has been my therapy and exacty what I needed to buckle down and write. So much useful information about screenwriting and quieting that inner voice that tries to bring you down. Cheers to you, Jeff, Meg, and Lorien! 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽
  • thecandicemarie
    Still I Write *in my Maya Angelou voice*
    I don’t know why I titled this review the way I did. It’s late. I always ALWAYS listen to this show before bed because it’s the part of the day when I get to be intentional about my dreams, literal and aspirational. And I used to listen to the guy version of this type of podcast but I felt like there were some pre requisites for that course. Like how to face imposter syndrome 101. Your fabulous show starts where I think we all start and your amazing work is the possibility of where we can end up. It’s the realness for me. So please please keep going. I want to actually get to use my imaginary Oscar acceptance speech where I thank you both for this podcast being a light in the darkness (literally at the moment) and for the audience to be like ‘Yeah I love that podcast too!’. But if you need hard evidence for how your show helps me, this review is proof. It may have issues with syntax and grammar and my insecurities scream their mocking taunts and STILL I WRITE. Because you need to know that I know that I’m a screenwriter. And that I learned that from you.
  • _janine21
    Must listen!
    I thought the screenwriters life was a lost dream I would look back on fondly. After 3 years of not writing or letting myself get in idea zone this podcast gave me the confidence to begin again. Knowing that all writers struggle with self doubt and hating their work gave me the space to give myself compassion. The practical writing tools that the hosts as well as their guests provide are invaluable. Learning about how they create a character and plot gave me the tent poles to structure my story in a way I had never been able to do. I’m forever in your debt. My creative little girl thanks you for letting her speak again.
  • Jacob Medjuck
    Dear Santa
    I love my wife. My work. And my children. A century more of that please. Also - I hope I die before Meg, Lorien, and Jeff - a world without weekly new episodes of this podcast would be pointless. Their ferociously generous coaching has disassembled and rebuilt my entire approach to storytelling, repeatedly. Forever grateful.
  • DocToya
    Motivating Podcast
    This podcast is beyond motivating and inspiring. It gives me the push and resources I need to be a better writer. Meg and Lorien are incredible souls and I’m just grateful for them and this podcast.
  • piecemaster K
    Warm my heart
    Listening to the podcast is like taking an intimate masterclass with two great artists who beautifully articulate how screenwriting works. It means a lot to me to hear Meg and Lorien share their perspectives and it makes me more aware of how our gendered experience factors into what we write, especially our perception of who our characters are, what are possible for them, and what kind of trajectory we can allow them to have in a narrative. The podcast has been a game changer and I can’t wait to return to it every week.
  • Bina1119
    Women Writing in Real Life
    I don’t usually write reviews, but since I’ve discovered this podcast, I’ve been impressed and inspired by and grateful for what these women are doing and would love to help more people find out about this podcast. I have been listening to screenwriting podcasts for years - The Q
  • Gail118118
    Love The Screenwriting Life Podcast
    I learn SO much from every single episode of this podcast. So much depth. Love it!
  • VanMikLan
    Thank you.
    I absolutely love this show! It has helped me not only on a technical level, but more importantly, on an emotional one as well. I can say, not without a thread of embarrassment, that I’m actually kind of sorry to think that you are physical beings somewhere else in the world, as I’ve happily adopted your voices as my inner angels to help me with my process: guiding me when lost amongst words and comforting me when fighting with my writing demons. I’m grateful for having found you, Meg and Lorien, wherever you are, and yes, I know, it's not in my head.
  • Trickster 240
    To Listen or Not to Listen…?
    DEFINITELY listen!!! Lorien, Meg, and Jeff have done an amazing job of bringing this resource out for people who are interested in the screenwriting career (or even any filmmaking career). Through the episodes you will learn the ins and outs of producing a good sellable story and get to hear a lot from award winning industry people! They really focus on the letting you, the listener, know that getting your story made is 100% possible and give you 99% of the push to get you out there— all you have to do is write it! If you have a story you think needs to be told on the screen, really consider giving this a listen. The wisdom of these three (and sometimes four) filmmaking wizards really helps to motivate you to dream big and fuel you to keep going until the work is done. Though it is a scary process, they are with you most of the way and have even given you a resource through the Facebook group to help make a community that you can look to for guidance on the industry. This guide of a podcast is a wonderful resource to help you get your name on the big screen!
  • AgentH21
    Screenwriting Soul Food
    Years ago when I was a fledgling writer, I went on a general meeting with Meg LeFauve when she was running Jodie Foster’s company. I remember thinking “if only all the executives could be like her.” In those days, they most certainly were not. There were so few women in power and female driven stories were ignored and derided. Things are changing for the better, but the male perspective is still strong in Hollywood, and that includes the screenwriting podcast world. I used to listen to another podcast hosted by A List male writers who give generously of their time and expertise. Trouble was, at the end of the shows, though I may have gleaned useful information, I often was full of anxiety and actually felt worse about the business. Meg and Lorien do the opposite. Their perspective is holistic and deeply empathetic. After every episode, I feel validated and inspired. They seem like genuinely good people who attract good people as guests. I’m hooked!
  • broohem
    Thank you Meg & Lorien
    Your podcast is an absolute godsend. And I’m not even religious. A very wise screenwriting buddy of mine put me onto this and it has changed everything. There are a lot of screenwriting podcasts out there that talk about the craft but this goes beyond that to the stuff that matters - the lava. Omg, the “lava”. Thank you 🙏🏽
  • JoeLudgewigs
    My favorite screenwriting podcast
    Meg and Lorien make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I used to listen to another really popular screenwriting podcast but grew tired of listening to one of the hosts and his massive ego. Meg and Lorien seem so down to earth and are a pleasure to spend my commutes with. Not to mention their advice is practical and inspirational and their guests are household names with sage advice themselves. That Andrew Stanton episode got me hooked!
  • Rafasant
    An Education
    This is like learning at college levels but without the fees. As a creator, listening to the insights, experiences, creative tools and all the gold of storytelling from these top tier professionals is so so so rewarding. So happy to have found this podcast. I have to write a short for a program in enrolled in and I’ve read a few really good books but listening to the hosts and guests share their passion and world here is helping me so much. Amazing! Can’t wait for more.
  • ay2234567798765
    Unbelievably relatable and helpful
    Very encouraging, insightful and honest. Brings a lot of joy in the pursuit of a tough dream. I’m so happy and grateful to find this, i hope more writers do too!
  • klatuklatu
  • katkatkat21
    So generous and real!
    Thank you for giving listeners a look behind the curtain at Pixar, a reality check on your screenwriting lives, a MasterClass on writing story, and the encouragement to keep going. AND AMAZING GUESTS! You have already given so much to the world with your writing, thanks for giving so much more through your podcast
  • Larissa_Z
    I recently started listening and am so grateful for the interviews, deep dives, master classes, and good humor of this podcast. I’ve sent links to a few episodes to several friends already. Thank you for all of the shared expertise and inspiration!
  • filmgirlnyc1234
    Keep it going!
    Love this podcast. It breaks down the barriers between the pursuit and the professional and tells you the codes.
  • SFC K Smith
    Keeping it Real
    I love how the hosts are respectful to all writers no matter what stage they are at. I’m new to attempting to write screenplays and actually new to giving attention to the little writer within. It’s comforting to know my struggles are everyone’s struggles and I’m not alone. Thanks for keeping it real ladies 👍🏽👍🏽
  • Sandrene M
    An essential podcast
    There are two people every screenwriter needs to succeed: a good mentor and a good therapist. This podcast makes me feel like I have both. For over a year, Lorien and Meg have not only shared invaluable insights about the craft of screenwriting, but their honesty about their own journeys and daily struggles give me hope that I can also succeed in this crazy, unpredictable, emotional world. Listening to Meg, Lorien, Jeff and the occasional guest is like listening to friends talk shop, and their wonderful Facebook group gives us the chance to talk back. And focusing on a specific topic per episode makes this a wonderful study tool for when I get stuck and need to go back and re-learn something.
  • Strong user from 2014
    Heard about this show on Scriptnotes
    And it’s so good I feel like I stole something! Keep it up! 💪🏻💪🏻
  • Miranda Kaz
    Let’s hear it for the boy!
    I would like to use my review to give a shout out to the man behind the scenes -Jeff! You do such a fantastic job producing this show. Your professionalism and intentionally is so clearly evident every time you speak and I always love when you chime in. Well done, sir! Also, excellent job being so consistent and clear with your call to action (“leave a review”) in every episode. Keep up the great work!
  • Vermithrax Pejorative
    Toolkit for the Writer’s Mind
    This is the best writing podcast I’ve found. Most of the writing and screenwriting podcasts I listen to focus on craft and business, and while TSL also addresses those topics what sets it apart — by a wide margin — is that it’s all filtered through the lens of mindset. In every episode the hosts, Meg and Lorien, dive deep into the mental aspects of what it means to be and grow as a writer — and it’s just invaluable priming, especially for younger and emerging writers who don’t have much under their belt in terms of output or experience yet. And it’s also a bonanza for seasoned writers, too. While I love the topics of the week, my favorite part is hearing about how their past week in writing went — because their struggles are so relatable. Meg and Lorien’s humility, passion, honesty and transparency about the life is a lighthouse beacon in the dense fog of near-constant uncertainty that any writer navigates, no matter how experienced they are. Can’t recommend TSL enough.
  • Nick-McD
    A Must-Listen for Emerging Screenwriters
    Meg and Lorien provide honest, genuine insight into the life of a professional screenwriter. I appreciate their willingness to go into their own lavas each week because I don’t feel alone in my moments of uncertainty. Knowing that even the professionals have their frustrations and moments of self-doubts adds fuel to my fire to persevere. As someone who doesn’t currently live in LA, this show allows me to feel connected to the industry and to learn more about its ins and outs before making the leap. Additionally, my question from the Facebook group got asked on-air one week, which makes the community feel even more tangible and personal! Thank you all for everything you do!
  • Dave Ciccarelli
    Screenwriting for the Soul
    I was lucky enough to come across this podcast early on. Over the course of the pandemic, this show has guided me back to writing and helped readjust my perspective with not just writing, but my work and personal life too. Lorien and Meg have inspired me to revise a script I had left for dead, as well as barf draft an idea I had been too nervous to attempt. Not only that, my appreciation for this podcast led me to start a youtube channel just to sing their praises. Meg is like a Fairy Godmother of Screenwriting and Lorien is my spirit guide. This show is truly therapy for the writer's soul.
  • defovx
    I don’t like this show
    I don’t like this show. As artists we all have our issues with not feeling good enough from day to day or minute to minute. This show makes me examine those feelings in a way that often feels uncomfortable. The check-ins you do and the honest way you discuss your process isn’t a type of writing podcast I’ve listened to before but I am a better writer because of it. So, I may not like this raw nature of emotion this show sometimes puts me through but I need it as a writer and a person. Thank you.
  • solarstsr123
    A writer’s dream of a podcast
    I really enjoy listening to this podcast. I learn so much from Meg and Lorien’s mastery of screenwriting which they so effortlessly and passionately share with us. Their podcast acknowledges the pains and reality of screenwriting but also the rewards and joy of it that can’t be replaced by anything else. I love when they review the mechanics of screenwriting and break things down because it really helps those of us that need help steering back into our writing lanes. Thank you so much for communicating your incredible gifts to us Meg and Lorien!
  • Girl Unbound
    My Champions ⭐️
    Meg, Lorien and Jeff champion me, and they don’t even know me. Their authentic honesty, enthusiasm and love of craft are not only inspiring, but expansive! At the end of each episode, I’m ready to get back to work, enthused to tackle whatever writing task at hand. But the real reason I love them is they are fearless. Each week they courageously share what it is to be a writer, the good, the bad and the not so cute. I laugh with them, cry with them, eat chips with them. Thank you, you brave souls for this gift of a podcast. I am forever grateful.
  • Sare Bear 0809
    Best screenwriting podcast ever
    Wow, I can’t say enough great things about this podcast. I began my journey as a screenwriter a little over a year ago. I was scared, intimidated, and felt totally alone on the journey. With the encouragement and guidance of Lorien and Meg, I now have the confidence to make mistakes, the inspiration to power through the times I feel totally lost, and the wisdom to accept it all as part of the process. Their advice is so incredibly insightful and thorough, it will open your eyes to the possibilities of screenwriting without making you feel like a total imposter for giving it a go. Highly recommend to anyone who is just starting out all the way up to seasoned pros looking to improve their work. 10/10, you won’t regret listening!
  • @JustMB
    A delicious, swift kick in the artistic bottom
    Of the many things i love about this pod, I love the constant reminder that writing is REALLY FRICKIN HARD, yet if you can sit your butt long enough in the chair and allow yourself to sink into the lava, that’s where the good stuff lies. Meg & Lorien are able captains of this ship because they lead by example, carrying the proverbial lantern into the cave before us, showing us the struggle first hand, and then reflect on how to admire the glow of the treasure when it arrives, how to hold it gently, and own that tiny victory. I revisit episodes constantly, and will continue to as I slog along my very parallel journey. What a treat.
  • Brian_Sanchez
    A Must Listen EVERY WEEK!
    I’ve learned so much from this show. The conversations are always centered around improving your story. Applying these to my own projects has helped me get over some of the biggest hurdles preventing me from finishing my screenplays and have really helped me improve the quality of my work. If that wasn’t enough, The Screenwriting Life Podcast will reassure you that your anxieties and insecurities when writing are shared buy some of the best in the industry. Once you realize you’re not alone the real work can begin. The fact that it’s released on Sundays means I start every week with a great confidence booster and reassurance that you just have to do the work to get where you wanna be. I’ve recommended it to every writer I know and will continue to do so! Huge thanks to Meg, Lorien and Jeff for bringing us this amazing show!
  • skepticalheptical
    Favorite New Podcast
    I only just started listening last week, but WOW! Hearing Meg and Lorien talk is so inspiring and reassuring. They go so far beyond just screenwriting advice (although the advice they do offer is worth it’s weight in gold!) and really dive into the roller coaster of emotions all writers face. As someone very early on in their career, listening has made me feel way more capable and excited about writing- can’t recommend this podcast enough!
  • JoseQwrites
    A game changer in more ways than one.
    This podcast has redefined how I approach writing and has allowed me to dial down the “you’re never going to be good at this... so beat yourself up why don’t ya” setting that we tend to crank to 1000. I mean seriously, Meg and Lorien’s whole hearted approach towards embracing fear, anxiety, and the everyday struggle of juggling life and pursuing your dream has really normalized the fact that I’m not alone. Their genuine advice and tremendous list of guests has instilled a renewed confidence in pushing myself becoming a better writer one day at a time. The best part has been joining a wonderful community of writers who root for one another every step of the way. We got this! Awesome podcast!
  • 4dogs need coffee
    Masterclass on craft
    Hello Meg, Lorien and Jeff, First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to create and share your amazing show with us. This podcast is a masterclass in writing screenplays, writing in general, and creativity. There is such a wealth of knowledge in each session, and you make us feel like we are part of a discussion amongst supportive friends. I was first introduced to Meg’s brilliant ability to teach and discuss the craft when I was attending the London Screenwriting Festival (back in the days of old when we interacted as humans) - and heard her on the the Q
  • JamaicanPaleface
    Lava Jam...
    I write; I walk; Meg and Lorien talk; I laugh; I learn; but most of all everything they share is full of love; this my lava jam. Oh, it’s also the best podcast ev-ver.
  • No Nickname - Just Janet
    Food for the Writing Soul
    Hi Meg, Loren and Jeff, I’ve developed a habit during weekdays. After I get up and put on some coffee, I “pair” my exercise routine with your podcast — a little every day, which sometimes last all the way to Friday. It helps get me ready for a morning of writing with the very best mindset. Your message, the I’m not alone, is so reassuring. Your advice is exceptional, and your guests phenomenal. Thank you, thank you! Janet Stilson
  • Dr_Loomis
    Better than Scriptnotes… which I still love… but this is more about The actual “art” of writing… what writers like you and me feel as we try to be the next John August…
  • durs
    These terrific ladies make me feel less alone in the journey of craft. One of the most valuable podcasts I listen to on writing. Each week they check in on what their last week has been like in process and it feels like an accountability session. Relatable, energizing, grounded, and smart. I’m totally grateful I have found this one. I’m a longtime Scriptnotes fan and I’d say this is an excellent companion to that legacy podcast, but honestly, this one totally stands on its own ground.
  • Jeff Graham 91
    This is the best screenwriting podcast, and possibly the best podcast, you’ll find. Invaluable. Essential.
  • Callalily315
    This podcast is a godsend!
    It’s become my ritual every weekend when I workout to listen to Meg, Lorien and Jeff. They give me the pep talk and inspiration I need to write every week. Because of them, I have developed the courage to put myself out there, and I recently got signed! It’s so amazing to know that I’m not alone on this writer’s journey and it is OK to forgive myself if I’m not able to generate pages some days. Thank you for creating this podcast. I’ll always want you and this podcast in my corner as I progress in my writing career!
  • Turtle26
    A warm hug and a kick in the butt
    Meg and Lorien are giving us such a gift, sharing their ups and downs, their successes and their lava. They truly make you feel like you aren’t alone in this pursuit that can often make you feel that way. Great craft in every episode along with personal and professional insights. I’ve binged the nearly 40 episodes in a matter of days and will likely start working back through the catalog again. A top-tier podcast for anyone interested in writing.
  • SmithjSean
    Love you ... Love your show!
    This podcast gets better with each episode and the very first one was incredible so not sure how that’s possible! Thank you Screenwriting Life team!
  • AJ bike
    This Podcast is Astounding
    I could not stop listening after my first time experiencing this podcast. I now listen to multiple episodes a day. I have found a new confidence in my writing after listening to this podcast. This podcast makes me WANT to write. Every episode is beyond beneficial. Meg and Lorien are fantastic hosts! This podcast is a blessing to all of us wannabe writers. It will no doubt help create the future writers of film and television. Could not thank you enough.
  • nikabshire
    Wowza wow!!
    This stands as the best podcast recommendation of all time. For real. I’ve quit other screenwriting podcasts in the past because they brought more stress to my life. Somehow I consistently found myself in the comparison game & falling short (naturally, because that’s the only outcome of that game). But y’all bring honesty & share experiences that allow me to magically bypass the comparison game & feel included!! It’s magical & I’m hooked!!
  • nostra vita
    How does this exist?
    The first episode I listened to of this podcast over a year ago left me feeling like I had a huge secret. How were these professional women writers sitting down with ME every week to tell me about their craft? I found more encouragement from their belly laughs and honesty than any other scriptwriting podcast. This latest Andrew Stanton one has too much helpful information in it to miss. Happy bingeing!
  • Roberto C Tapia
    Thank you for this class!!
    I’m so inspired right now after listening to this last episode with Andrew Stanton, great questions, so much learning, it’s truly amazing to realize we are not alone in this writing process, we all feel or go through similar emotions when creating stories. The best we can do is to learn from others, we’re so lucky nowadays we can get all this information from a podcast. Thanks for asking Stanton’s favorite writing bibles, def getting these new books!! Cheers and congrats for helping a new generation of writers around the 🌎 🙏🏽💪🏽
  • Mime on wire
    Wanna understand how stories work? Listen to this
  • ValiPacificNW
    Meg and Lorien are Lava Women Warriors
    Thank you Meg and Lorien for suiting up each podcast episode with your armor of brave and raw reality, teaching emerging to experienced writers to check their ego at the door and swan dive into the lava, no matter how painful and disturbing that may be - that creating a work of art is worth it and that we are not alone in this battle. Thank you also to Jeff for being our emerging writer avatar and bearing your soul as you trek along in your screenwriting journey.
  • NoBSinNYC
    Officially my favorite podcast
    I am in love with this podcast! Every episode is both educational and motivational. The hosts are all as charismatic as can be. The content focuses on writing / development techniques and tools of the trade as well as on the business aspects of being a writer. It’s an utterly engaging holistic approach to growing as a screenwriter. Keep up the great work!
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