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Wrestling #72

Award-winning analysis of pro wrestling with breakdowns of WWE, NXT, AEW and beyond. Plus, instant analysis of pay-per-views, news coverage and major interviews. Host Adam Silverstein and co-host Chris Vannini pull back the curtain addressing the hottest topics and most controversial developments while putting the highs and lows of sports entertainment in context every week.

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  • T0Pdeer
    #1 wrestling podcast
    I got way back into pro wrestling this year and cycled through several wrestling podcasts to listen to during my long commute. When you take that kind of time to compare the various options out there it’s clear Getting Over is in a class of its own. It’s not just a shallow recap of what happened in the pro wrestling world but also an incredibly deep analysis that leaves me feeling like my one small investment in listening to a short podcast actually doubles my ability to appreciate the many hours of weekly pro wrestling shows and PLEs I’m watching anyways. For me Getting Over at this point is as essential a companion piece for enjoying the product as anything else out there including that the various companies produce themselves.
  • Beaverandy27
    Wrestling BFFs
    Adam and Chris are my BFFs who love wrestling! That’s how I feel when I listen each week! Adam’s thorough analysis and Chris’ hot takes are what keep me coming back. We share laughs together, we almost have the same opinions about what’s happening in WWE and AEW, and they keep me up to date on all the news in the wrestling world, what more can you ask for in a podcast?! I acknowledge this podcast as the best wrestling podcast, and the best friends a girl could ask for!
  • Pete L Moran
    great match/storyline analysis, as well as thoughts/insights into the business of professional wrestling.
  • BillK7680
    Down since day one ish
    Love the podcast. I’ve been a listener since the third episode. You guys are awesome with detailed breakdowns of every match and storyline. SK, your opinions and thoughts match up with mine 99% of the time. I’d be a boring cohost for sure. Vintage, you have great takes and additions as well. Except, of course your announcer botch. (#Samanthathe goat) Still love you though. Us Sparty’s need to stick together. Go Green!!!
  • Adam24321
    Best wrestling pod
    This is the best, most in-depth wrestling podcast out there. With the little time I have for podcasts each week, this is one that I never miss no matter what. One random idea that’s is super implausible because of your guys schedules. Rewatching an old ppv and then podding about it. I think it would be super fun and hilarious to go back to see the good, the bad, and the ugly of what the product used to be. Keep up the great work and I look forward to many more years of the pod.
  • SterlJam1
    From Casual to Hard Core
    I found this podcast while working and found the breakdowns entertaining. Didn’t really watch any wrestling for years except for the must watch matches. But I’m hooked now. Even went to my first Live event. Love the good bad and ugly break downs. Quick,simple, and intelligent wrestling discussion
  • JoeyBagofDonuts1991
    Best wrestling pod out there!
    This is the best wrestling podcast there is. The format is perfect and you can tell a lot of love and preparation goes into it. Keep up the great work guys. Bye for now… ack ack #silverkingscourt #vanninivillage
  • gian2790
    Look no further!
    I have been following Adam through various podcasts for a reason, the way he breaks down matches, story lines, news in an unbiased, clear and professional way is second to none. Him and Chris are a great team together and worth your time to listen.
  • The monster under the bed
    The figure-four leg lock of wrestling podcasts
    Let me start by saying I’ve been listening for about a year and I regret not finding you guys sooner! As someone who works a lot and stays busy, sometimes I get a bit behind on watching Raw/Smackdown weekly. But this pod is so comprehensive and the show breakdowns are so in depth that I never feel like I’ve actually missed any action. The banter between Silverking and Vintage reminds me so much of the way my own friends and I interact, it’s like tuning in weekly to hear two fellow pals fill me in on what’s happening. The instant analysis shows are always excellent and a great way to hear what someone else thought of what I’ve just watched. 100% the most informative wrestling pod out there, and a bonus being totally ad-free. Once these guys get you locked into their finisher, good luck trying to escape!
  • Ubern00dle
    Big Meaty Podcast
    Getting Over is one of the few truly great wrestling podcasts. Each show is packed with analysis, discussion, and even some fun goofs between the hosts. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a wrestling podcast that doesn’t indulge in any of the tribalism taking over the online fandom currently.
  • BJoeF
    Five Stars! Five Stars! Five Stars! Five Stars! Five Stars!
    There’s a lot of blowhards in the IWC and in the wrestling podcast ecosystem. It can feel poisonous, if you’re not discerning. This podcast right here is your antidote to IWC toxicity. The Silver King and Vintage are actual sports journalists, and they bring their training as journalists to their passion for pro wrestling. It’s very refreshing. They talk AEW, WWE, and NXT primarily, but you also get some NJPW and Stardom mixed in when something big happens. The Silver King’s interviews are great, the news segment is informative without pushing an agenda, and the recaps of the week’s action keep me up to date when I miss a show. I never miss an episode. Keep it up, fellas. -BrendanInBoston
  • marshroma
    Best Wrestling Podcast Out There
    One of my top two podcasts, and it ain't number 2. Great recaps on the weekly shows plus super in depth reviews of the PLEs. Lots of great insight on the stories and things I may have missed watching, along with discussions about the business and what goes into making the shows. Mostly a WWE fan, but I'll listen to their AEW shows just to get their perspective on what's going on. Easy 5/5
  • WeaponXV
    Best there is, best there was, best there ever will be!
    This podcast is the best podcast going! I’m always looking forward to when the episodes drop! I’m a busy dad so this podcast keeps me on track with what is happening with wrestling when I miss the show! Thanks for keeping me updated and being so entertaining!
  • Stutta The DJ
    I acknowledge getting over
    The only wrestling podcast I currently listen to and I have followed you Silverstein since the Brian Campbell era of in this corner.
  • Njxjdjx
    Big Acknowledgment
    This the most down the line wrestling podcast out there. Other wrestling podcasts I listen have some clear slants towards either AEW or WWE, but this podcast is fair and honest about what is good and what is bad. Also after every pay per view I look forward to the instant reaction podcast.
  • el ranchero x
    Big Acknowledgment
    Thank you guys for helping to bring me back up to speed on everything WWE and beyond. I got back in, as did millions, with the Cody/Rock story, and your podcast provided me with the in depth back-story lines that I have missed over the years. Your analysis is top notch and your play by play is so detailed, it practically puts us in the ring. Plus you’re great at pointing out the Easter eggs, what we missed, and want to look for in future matches/appearances. All that said, the podcast itself is first class all the way. Wrestling be damned, It stands alone as an excellent podcast in its own right. It’s inspired me to up my game at my own non-wrestling podcast. It’s So well done and easy to digest. Even the promos are fun to listen too. Thank you so much for all the excellent work and guiding us through this new, exciting era of professional wrestling! Hey now! Stevie Stacks Live Let Thrive Podcast
  • dwaynethecockjohnson69
    The Greatest Wrestling Podcast of All Time 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Truly in my opinion the greatest wrestling podcast of all time. While other podcasts give great conversation topics and insightful information, nothing compares to Getting Over. The In-depth Analysis, the breakdown of literally every single part of the show for Raw, Smackdown, NXT, AEW is something no other podcast does better. Been listening for a Year or so now and i’ve put a couple of my buddies on this podcast and they love it. I cant wait for the next podcast to drop and it’s the only podcast i have notifications turned on for 😂. This week of Wrestlemania is truly gonna be iconic and there’s nobody else I want to fill my ears (no diddy) then the silver king and the vintage one. Cheers guys!
  • fire heupel
    Adam is a aew neckbeard
    Talks nxt ratings but not his buddy Tony’s disaster
  • eg720
    Fantastic pod, great insight by pros
    I’ve been away from wrestling since the Attitude Era and have gradually been getting back into it since Survivor Series, after getting a Peacock subscription and watching old pay-per-views from my childhood. I was already following Chris on X and noticed a few times he (tweeted) about WWE, including the podcast. As I was still on the fence about fully getting back into it, I watched Royal Rumble and then listened to The Getting Over Podcast for the first time. It turned into a perfect storm. I feel like I got back in at a great time and listening to you guys has helped bring me up to speed. You guys are fantastic about breaking things down, providing great insight and background and, as professional journalists, aren’t just fanboys ranting, you’re reputable, knowledgeable authorities. While the “90-minute” show you guys have talked about seems like a unicorn to me, I do appreciate the extended episodes, as they offer additional opportunities to help with my expedited re-education. At this point I’m not sure if I’m part of the Vannini Village or the Silverback Pack, but I do appreciate the work both you guys do. Keep it up!
  • TheBackgroundWorld
    Great Listen
    Member of the #VanniniVillage reporting in: Adam & Chris put in the work and watch all of the weekly programming, which is on display throughout their detailed, balanced analysis. Even when there is criticism, I appreciate how they bring specific solutions for how to improve the product. This is a great companion podcast for one of the more compelling eras in pro wrestling history.
  • BrandonHartsell
    Short and Sweet
    Been listening to y’all’s podcast for a year now and I hands down believe y’all have the best wrestling podcast around. I love how y’all break things down with a zero bias opinion. Keep up the good work!!!
  • iAwesomz
    Hey yo
    I started listening during the CM Punk firing to figure out what happened, even though I am a WWE only fan, and I never looked back. Their comprehensive analysis, opinion, and theory are very entertaining and fun to listen to. Silver King and Vintage are very likable, and come off as real wrestling fans, that don’t just overly complain about everything. I am stationed over seas, and it is very difficult to watch Raw. Their in depth analysis and break down of each segment is the next best thing when I can’t watch. Keep it up!
  • The1wisewatch
    Best wrestling podcast out there
    I’ve watched wrestling for a long time and I go all the way back to the attitude era (I was really young when I started). I’ve never listened to wrestling podcast before until I stumbled on this one around the time that Cody Rhodes returned and I’ve been hooked ever since. Having legit reporters talk about it gives more credibility to the “sport” aspect of sports entertainment and the silver king and vintage nail it. In depth analysis and you can tell the love for wrestling. It makes it enjoyable for a fan just as if i was listening to a football podcast about the Oklahoma Sooners (my favorite team). Job well done fellas and this road to wrestlemania should be a doozy. Five stars easy.
  • BaggerVance23
    In-depth and fair coverage of the sport!
    Got a new work computer (I’m anti-Apple) so I can finally do this as I’m a dedicated listener since the “Shut up and let me f’ing talk” days! By far the most thorough and least “tribal” of the shows out there. Vintage and the Silver King go deeper into the matches, storylines, and behind-the-scenes info as possible, without flag planting for a brand/show etc. My favorite part is how they’re willing to have a strong opinion in real time and be willing to adjust as the product moves and things can change. Sometimes this is difficult as they’re willing to post multiple “Instant Reactions” to breaking news and events. Easy ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ listen, even if not in the Tokyo Dome.
  • PERFECTO buddy
    Great guys
    5 star hedging
  • hotbizkits
    Me too
    I also happen to love the number 5
  • TooSweetLouie
    5 stars
    Just came across you’re podcast this morning the day after the royal rumble. Glad I finally found a good wrestling podcast I can actually enjoy. 5 star rating from me guys. Keep it coming!
  • Demboyz23
    Very Entertaining
    I've been down since the ITC and SOC and I listen while I drive when working and I love hearing the different take yall have. I like how yall break down segments throughout the many shows per week and explain things that I may have missed or have forgotten about. Even when yall are fantasy booking future PLE's it's fun to hear your opinions. I like to DM my predictions and thoughts and actually get feedback from it. I actually feel like I'm part of Overhead Nation when I'm included in the conversations. Looking forward to many more episodes! (sorry it took so long for my review, I listen on a podcast app)
  • Nels1jac
    Best wrestling podcast I’ve listened to
    I was familiar with Vintage Chris Vannini from The Athletic college FB podcasts and he would inject wrestling on occasion, little did I know he was on a wrestling podcast until recently when I followed him on Twitter/X. I’ve been listening for just a few weeks but I have loved every bit of it. Keep up the good work guys, I look forward to every show that comes out while on my work delivery routes. Thank you.
  • Ak-215
    Really like the show
    Very Limited commercials and great content. Hosts are quite knowledgeable and carry the show well. Silver King & Vintage play well together. Great length of episodes and great analysis on some cool angles/views. Always enjoy when they drop a new episode. For sure worth a listen if you’re a wraslin fan. Really Good stuff. Has become my go to wrestling podcast. I don’t miss a WWE episode and have even listened to some episode's twice. Nothing but bangers!
  • Sbubbs
    This show has got me saying “Hey Now!”
    I only started watching wrestling a few months ago and this is by far my favorite wrestling podcast to listen to. Very informative and fun with lots of sound bites that are now stuck in my head. I’m currently listening to the 2023 year in review and I’m definitely going to go back and watch some of these matches and events that I missed out on. Keep up the great work! Royal Rumble 2024 is going to be the first wrestling show I attend, I’m super excited and also excited to see what you guys think of it once it happens!
  • Markforoldschool
    Perfect timing!
    Love the podcast. Been listening the Silverking since the ITC days. Best pod out there for an unbiased, objective take on the world of WWE/AEW, splashed with the fandom for this art form we all have. The Christmas weekend show came perfectly for us husbands and boyfriends wrapping gifts last minute. Keep up the great work gentlemen.
  • Nirm64
    I came upon this podcast right after Wrestlemania. I have been hooked ever since . The coverage of all the major wrestling promotions without the hot takes & without bias drew me in and has kept me listening . The instant analysis is great , but having the foresight & understanding to revisit the analysis and re-score just shows how you both have an open perspective and are willing to change your star rating based on details you pick up on or might have missed . Keep up the great work , Getting over is perfection !
  • cj133411
    It’s like sausage inside a burger wrapped in bacon on a steak bun.
    If your looking for a pod that tells their truth regardless of what promotion is the topic of conversation then stop here. Instant analysis is on point. Being a wrestling fan is sometimes an adventure we take on alone, it’s awesome to have a pod that is seeing what I am in the landscape. I’ve been listening to the Silver King since In This Corner. Vintage is a killer addition. My only criticism, Chris buy beer man.
  • JoeFromTomsRiver
    Cream of the Crop
    I had to come back and update my review from a couple months ago. I’ve been listening to wrestling related talk shows (terrestrial radio, internet radio, podcasts) for over 25 years, and these guys really have something here. There’s no agenda or tribalism, and the hosts have common sense. It’s obvious that they’re not trapped within the IWC bubble, and they’re not part of the echo chamber. It’s so refreshing to hear intelligent analysis presented with a sense of humor and a love of the product, done in a structured and consistent format.
  • Srs--Lee
    The Hey Now
    Adam and Chris are fantastic hosts. They engage with their listeners, have interview with the wrestlers and staff, and are just funny and entertaining. I listen to them as I work in medical manufactoring and enjoy reacting much the same way to these hosts. If I do not agree with Adam or Chris they are very detailed and well spoken as to why they have their opinions, which keeps me intrigued and engaged with the show. To be professional and personal, friendly and formal, spontaneous and serious. I have never wanted to interact with, or even felt the ability to interact with, hosts of a podcast before. My boyfriend also listens and engages with this podcast and is something we bonded over the last 3 and a half years. I hope Adam and Chris grow in their podcasting endevers and are able to able to keep a corner of the wrestling fandom civilizerd and healthy. And now to continue to plot on how I can get on the pod-- what. Just have a Getting Over sign at a show. I was already planning that... These guys are too good.
  • gatormade02
    Best wrestling podcast!
    I was so happy to finally find a podcast that covers everything that I LOVE! This is best wrestling podcast I have ever listened to. I love the previews and reviews of the PLEs.
  • C Spry
    Perfect Pod
    This is the best podcast to help you keep up with all of the AEW/WWE action each week. Every week there is a full breakdown of all the shows including instant analysis of premium events and emergency podcasts for major news. For the many of us that simply don’t have the time to watch all the wrestling every week, this podcast keeps you in the loop and lets you know the best, most important things to seek out that you may have missed. The commentary is incisive and the takes are honest. Adam and Chris are two guys that love wrestling and just want it all to be great. You may not always agree with them, but this is the kind of wrestling commentary we need more of.
  • Joey D!!!!
    Great Pod!
    Awesome pod guys! Can you guys please acknowledge my 4 year old daughter Sammie as the Real Tribal Chief??? Appreciate it and keep up the great work!!! Joey
  • Fugggin Peacock!!!
    The Best Professional Wrestling Podcast
    When I first decided to find a podcast about wrestling I auditioned several of them. I can say with confidence that this is the best podcast on the subject. If you don’t have time to watch every show and want to know what matches / shows are worth your time, this is the only source you will ever need. Their opinions and insights on the wrestling news of the day are always well reasoned and thought provoking and the occasional interviews with various wrestling personalities are always a treat. So go ahead, quit being marks for yourselves and go back to being marks for the Silver King and “Vintage” Chris Vannini and the Getting Over Wrestling Podcast.
  • Phil from O’Side CA
    BIG acknowledgement right here!
    Shut the F up and let me talk for a minute. I’ve been a fan since the ITC days and I look forward to every episode, especially the post show analysis. I’m convinced Chris should have a Mike’s Hard Lemonade sponsorship at this point, but I digress. I’ll actually listen to the post show pods first, then decide whether to order the AEW PPV or watch the PLE on replay depending on your grades and opinions. Just wanted to say thanks for all the entertainment over the years, and I hope this show is around for a long time. Phil from Oceanside, CA
  • PuckMastaFunk
    Best Podcast
    Not just the best wrestling podcast but the best podcast full stop.
  • D2Cowboy
    It’s high time I leave this…
    Two years ago or so, I decided to search out a professional wrestling podcast, and Getting Over is the first one I tried. I have supplemented with other podcasts from time to time, but this is the only one I listen to religiously. Adam and Chris are as good as it gets when it comes to objective review of professional wrestling, and they do it while also juggling full-time jobs covering college football. The amount of content they put out is impressive and a major help for when I need some holes filled in from shows that I miss or don’t have time to get to. Thank you for all of the awesome work you both do.
  • Superman4344
    New review as the bias is just incredible. CM Punk is the only thing keeping them up and these guys can’t stand him. No insight into his situation and just more Elite mouthpieces.
  • Headrick94
    Great Wrestling Podcast
    Ive been a wrestling fan since 2008 when i was 14 years old which makes 15 years that ive been a wrestling fan in 2023, so unlike alot of people who grew up watching wrestling, that wasnt the case for me. When i became a wrestling fan, i did more than just watch what was currently happening, i did alot of research into wrestling history. Anyway, I recently got into listening to podcasts and i decided to look for a wrestling podcast and this is one of the first ones i found. I tried it out and like many others, i started listening and just stuck around because i enjoy it. I love how the hosts break down each part of each show and analyze how good or bad they were even if I disagree. Also, before this, id never heard of any of the hosts but so far I've enjoyed listening to them. I heard the 30 minute rant on punk and im a big fan of punk so im probably biased on the topic but while i do think punk has been guilty of some things, i dont think its as bad as alot of people think. I believe punk is one of the best wrestlers and one of the best people the wrestling business has ever seen. Anyway, i think its a great show and i look forward to listening to future episodes, keep it up!
  • lilstinker5381
    Truly Great Wrestling Podcast
    5 star rating for SilverKing’s CM Punk rant alone on the latest episode (obviously every episode is great). I listen to a handful of other wrestling pods but no one seems to be comfortable enough to say Punk is a hypocritical, self-righteous man baby quite like the SilverKing does. Bravo, sir. Love Adam and Chris’ genuine takes, they do a solid job in actually discussing wrestling week-to-week and not simply regurgitating wrestling Twitter (no, I will not call it X). Keep up the good work gents!!
  • Crip9
    Your ‘professional’ pro wrestling podcast
    If you’re looking for a ‘professional’ pro wrestling podcast, look no further than Getting Over. It doesn’t hurt that I agree with the majority of hosts Adam ‘Silver King’ and Chris’ opinions. Adam recently shared his methods for note taking his recaps for wrestling shows. His move to move recall is expertly done and a blueprint for other wrestling podcasts. Adam and Chris lay out the facts of the latest news/storylines, point out the issues and most importantly, provide potential solutions. This was clearly demonstrated this past week with Silver King’s 30 minute monologue on CM Punk’s latest toddler tantrums. The PPV previews, recaps and reviews are straight forward, no-nonsense. I listen to 3 wrestling podcasts loyally and this is one of them. Your podcasts are appreciated! Craig J
  • Bee Patrick
    Getting Over Pod
    Silver King delivers great analysis of WWE and AEW every week. This podcast is awesome. Keep up the good work.
  • slim slimington
    Give Silver King the book!
    Silver King you were spot on with your take on the Blood and Guts match. Can Tony hire you and Vintage to book? Thanks.
  • Dustinpete86
    Only wresting podcast I need
    The silver king and Chris do such a great job reviewing all things AEW and WWE, with so much wrestling on tv weekly it’s hard to watch everything every week, even when I can’t fit everything in, I feel like I never miss anything, they catch me up in a very in depth and entertaining way, the silver king is also very engaging with fans on the twitter machine and you can tell he really cares about our feedback and giving us a show we can enjoy, even if he doesn’t agree with me that he sounds like Kevin Owens, I wish I could give the show 5 slabs of beef but I guess the stars will have to do
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