Ever get the feeling that your government is out to get you? They are, and we set about to uncover the century's long plan for world domination by the psychopaths that are running the planet. We laugh at how insane it all is and interview prominent guests that might have ideas on how to foil their plans on Macroaggressions with Charlie Robinson.

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Recent Reviews
  • Cryptochaser@33
    Need to listen
  • peaceloveandrockets
    So rad
    I’m super excited to listen to this legalman episode. Two of my absolute faves together
  • Miriah Margaret
    Top Notch Real Information
    Charlie is top notch researcher and always keeps it real! One of my favorite go-to podcasts for real information.
  • OneJazzyJenn
    LOVE Charlie's Style!
    Charlie has the Goods...ALL of them!
  • Shann7734
    Excellent show!
    Always well researched and on point!
  • Mac Sn0wd3n
    This show has the greatest intro of all time. Not to mention awesome content. One of my faves and the best overall. Good stuff.
  • gregpensi
    This is the most honest guy on apple podcasts. Love what he stands for. Been listening to him for over a year now and have not gotten sick of it one little bit and look forward to whenever I see a new one has dropped. Keep up the great work Charlie, you’re killing it.
  • doc lock
    TDS sufferer
    This dude has TDS. Too bad too bc he has some decent content outside of this affliction.
  • 🤘🏿💩🤘
    Listen and learn
    Charlie is always on point. Do yourself a favor, get out of your bubble and listen. Honest and informative. Willing to say what needs to be said. Truly needed in this world of disinformation. Thanks Chuck!!
  • George Everman
    Awesome podcast!
    The best opening track ever!
  • Mama AZ
    High five
    Charlie, keep doing the great work! Your guests are great, and you going Hans solo is excellent as well. Peace
  • Electrono
    MacroAgressions w Charlie Robinson Rock!
    Charlie is a great presenter and his research and approach are top notch. By far one of the best podcasts for deep insight and one of my favorite podcasts. He has a gift of making the gloom and doom not so gloomy, Often funny and always on point. In the spirit of many of the greats, Davíd Icke, George Carlin, Jim Marrs Read his new “HypnocraY” & “Controlled Demotion of the American Empire “ book he did w Jeff Berwick, Both are super well done and filled w great insight.
  • Bootstrappers
    Well done podcast
    I’m very impressed with this podcast. This is how a podcast should be. Very well done and provides fantastic information. Very glad to have found it. Keep up the great work!
  • j' montana rocks
    cyber “whatever”
    thank you for your accurate information. I was not a tech person until I like to refer to it as “THE HACK“ What i discovered and since people looked at me like I was crazy and did not believe what I saw I took pictures and gathered my own evidence. My experience was to have the FBI hang up on me the more I looked I saw the involvement of Amazon /chase and AT&T no coincidences in my book anyways your Podcasts have been a source and a relief that what I see is real. And that I guess those who don’t want to look at it and when I do show it to them they have a lame excuse like oh that’s supposed to be that way when five minutes earlier it was not. They said it was not! oh but when they it see it it’s ok?? Very Orwellian…you tell me who’s crazy lol.I know you know thank you again for your hard work and efforts five star buddy!
  • Hateswork55177
    Accidentally gave a 4* meant 5!
    Sorry Charlie! I listen to every show you’re in! Love your work!
  • Dizzle559
    this show is toxic and not even helpful please dont take what is said on this show seriously
  • Pat the plumber
    In stitches every time
    Absolutely the best intro in Independant media.
  • drunk miner
    Keep it up !!! Love the show !!!
  • venomx737
    Great show!
    Keep it up!!
  • wilky1313
    Great show!
    I love the straight shooting.
  • chrisR203
    Hilariously wrong
    Share this podcast with your dim witted friends and they will become delusional and fearful of everything.
  • kwe07
    Great show!
    It’s always nice to listen to folks who have similar views. Sometimes it feels lonely out here. Great job man.
  • CurtisJInfla
    Awesome Show!
    I love this podcast. Have been listening since the summer of 2020. Charlie has a great sense of humor and I learn something every time I download a show. Highly recommended!
  • trembulaland
    Why it is 12 years until the climate apocalypse:
    In 2010 when I graduated college, the big scare that was GOING TO HAPPEN was ‘peak oil’.... in 12 years! Before that, when I was in high school, it was sea levels swallowing up the East Coast... in 12 years! I think the number of years itself is the key. We are in school for 12 years, most of us in public schools, and become civically minded around 4th grade (that’s just an observation based on my own kids), and from there the 12 years carries through college. That 12-year scare cycle is specifically designed to be forgettable, I think. And no one cares what the previous scare cycle was because the goal is to get those kids tooting that horn, whatever it is. By the time you’ve gone through your second scare cycle, you’re jaded out of it and are too old to be naive. Or you’re a moron who will continue to believe anything you read and hear. Ergo you have people who are going to believe covid was caused by climate change.... and will END THE WORLD IN 12 YEARS! 😱 🥵 🦠
  • g ot
  • Trucker10220
    Great podcast
    Trucker’s best friend.
  • liltuneminaj4mm
    The best brain cardio
    Charlie is absolutely amazing with his bionic brain. Bringing the most important information for those that listen. We all need to exercise our minds, this podcast will give your critical thinking skills some practice, and the world needs more of that. LOVE YOU CHARLIE!
  • Smarter than a 7th grader
    This is terrible
    Charlie is not only verifiably wrong 90% of the time but manages to tell his stories in a way that is whiny and boring.
  • Egegege1dgeg
    The Best
    Funny, insightful. I love this guy!
  • Profit Prophet
    🐙🐙 #130 🐙🐙
    Charlie begins the show with a fake quote. For a guy who’s big on using quotes, you’d think he’d fact check them. Especially one that sounds so made up. 5 stars if you admit your mistake. Otherwise, you’ve lost credibility. This show went downhill really quickly
  • JayDizzle17
    Great stories. Compelling and rich.
    Great insight into what is really going on behind the veil. Although most of the topics are deeply concerning, Charlie’s twisted sense of humor makes the bitter pills easier to swallow.
  • JoelD88
    Podcaster tries to blame religion for what humans do. Humans being hypocritical doesn’t mean religion is hypocritical. Humanism is by definition hypocritical precisely because humans are hypocritical. Fail.
  • Vidphotal
    Great Content
    All of the content is relevant for the day but also for years forward and backward. Great for connecting dots to make sense of data points seemingly unconnected. This helps to move forward with our lives. If you need to listen faster just adjust the speed to 1.5x.
  • HundredMileDick
    Easy Like Sunday Morning
    Always start my Sunday with a cup of strong coffee and a heavy dose of Charlie! Thanks for the amazing content, keep fighting the good fight!
  • NativeTexican
    Ponzu Scheme Promoter
    This helium miner is a classic ponzi scheme, hopefully no one will be stupid enough to fall for it, but there usually is.
  • JimiAirey
    Subscribe Now!!!
    If Bill hicks was still alive doing a alt media podcast it would be this show. You must listen to Charlie’s podcast 🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • parker-1
    You should be ashamed of yourself
    Never before have I ever seen this level of misanthropy in a single podcast, which is saying a lot. You are a racist, an anti Semite and an overall bigot. Even some of your few good points (which there are very few of) has a hint of cynicism to your fellow man. I still don’t know why so many people love these dark, cynical farces or better yet, why Apple, Google or whoever hasn’t done anything about these crappy, untrue conspiracy podcasts. I boo you all. But that’s my two cents on it. As always, you people have a lot of growing up to do and may God have mercy on your soul.
  • xgbjk
    America 21st century
    Marc Malone needs to be a regular on your program. Getting info out like this is the only way to overcome our eventual enslavement.
  • Soph523
    @macro I have a ????
    About the latest episode with Micah dank - anyone know where I can find his hand symbols presentation?
  • reala real
    The Real Deal
    One of my favorites. Doses of truth easily digestible. Give a it a listen
  • CountVonStaudt
    Please do not use gendered language!
    I’ve been a fan of Charlie for a while. Loved the Frantic Missy episode and how good the banter was.
  • Expanding Reality
    Amazing show!!!
    Fantastically amazing show with an incredible host!!
  • Mike Surfer
    Truth for Thought!
    A friend and I were talking one morning about COVID and the current state of affairs of our country and he recommended I listen to this podcast. I listened and have been a subscriber ever since. Charlie’s insights and truths make this a fantastic podcast, and I’ve since shared it with my friends and family. Some of what is discussed may initially sound too crazy to be true - paranoia - but if you look into ANY of what Charlie talks about in his episodes - if you educate yourself - you’ll find that there is more truth than you could imagine. This podcast and the topics discussed herein are a deep rabbit hole to be certain, but they are fascinating to listen to and discuss with friends. I devour each episode as soon as it is released, and I will continue to do so for as long as Charlie keeps producing them.
  • BeauChad661
    Great pod for liberty minded individuals
    Listen to it regularly. Love it. Great intro.
  • darmstrong357
    Truth in its purest form
    Excellent podcast, the work Charlie and his group are doing is patriotic. We all need to open our eyes to what’s going on around us and seek truth. This podcast is a great start!
  • me1777
    Oh balls
  • yarrld
    Always on the ball
    Tells it like it is and laughs at the absurdity. Another stop on the sanity train.
  • adrianleah504
    Charlie You are awesome!!! I am totally addicted to this show and feel so much smarter after listening each time. Also - in reference to the most recent show: aliens are dimensional demonic beings. Do the research see how they leave as soon as Jesus name is spoken or the sign of the cross. I think there is an uprising because of different portals being opened by these satanic cults. I am not a nut case. I am a normal sane person . I used to honestly watch ancient aliens religiously but after years of extensive research on the topic - I can say with certainty that this is the case . Look at that movie they made about the psychiatrist in Alaska . Look at the actual footage in that film and then compare to footage of an exorcism.
  • right_sideofhistory
    The controlled demolition
    Great podcast . Your last book was 👍
  • Saint Michael Malice
    Macroagressions is a college credit course for Living in Reality
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