Ever get the feeling that your government is out to get you? They are, and we set about to uncover the century's long plan for world domination by the psychopaths that are running the planet. We laugh at how insane it all is and interview prominent guests that might have ideas on how to foil their plans on Macroaggressions with Charlie Robinson.

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  • Adrienneinaustin
    This has become one of my favorite podcasts.
    I do not all ways agree with his opinions or conclusions but it is always a wild ride. The show is well researched and full of great information.
  • Nagere
    My new favorite podcast
    I just started to listen to macroaggressions about 3 months ago. Now I can’t stop. Very reasonable explanations and logic that is hard to dispute. Give it a try and you will be hooked!
  • yarnartiststino
    Wake Up!
    Charlie’s episodes reveal a lot of information and truth about the matrix we live in. He’s one of the top investigative researchers— but he needs to interview KURTIS R. KALLENBACH!!
  • Adeerable
    Ignorant & unhinged
    What a stupid premise for a show. Shame on you for making this conspiracy garbage built on a. Bedrock of anti semitism.
  • pureblood54
    Wide Awake
    Although it’s been slowly coming on like a frog in a cooking pot, the normal beneficial exchange of ideas are censored and squashed unless it fits the “narrative”. And we are constantly subjected to propaganda and lies. Unless you listen to programming like Macroaggressions it could easily fly under the radar. We are absolutely under a military grade psychological operation to make way for the Great Reset. Unless we wake up I fear we will be lead like sheep.
  • Quite Trippy
    The ultimate conspiracy reference!
    If you have ever tried to “red pill” anyone, you understand that it is a tough job. Thankfully, I can now send a link to one of Charlie’s Macroaaggression podcasts. The amount of research that goes into each topic is unparalleled. The writing is professional, thoughtful and thorough. Most of all, Charlie’s work is easily fact checked. He seems to omit details from dubious sources. Thank you, Charlie. In a world where people were paid by their value to society, you would be part of the elite class! Keep up the good work.
  • Franzenwhosays dogs don't fly
  • Me741
    Grow Here
    This podcast will make your mind grow.
  • Captn Barnacles
    Charlie is the grownup in the room
    Alex Jones…Bill Cooper….they both used fear tactics to explain the matrix. Charlie is clear, well spoken and has unmatched class when speaking about how the global elite are clapping our cheeks. Charlie also hits on subjects that nobody is discussing yet is vital to our survival. Charlie can sleep with my wife anytime
  • Holla-Back
    Charlie is Ahead of the Sheep
    Hilarious how the NPC's have growing pains. For those that are paying attention, Macroaggressions is obviously one of the most important podcasts out there.
  • niceguysteve
    Snake oil
    7:19 seconds in and it’s either commercials or the host shilling supplements. Snooze fest.
  • 남자0691210
    Venomous Snakes
    This Clown never ceases to crack me up! Said Clown would have you believe that he has some sort of noble intent however..... Charlie Robinson either fails to recognize that Corporations are the death of humanity or he knows and continues in corporate structures full well knowing this. Why ? You ask? How's the corporate structure treating you? FYI us government is a corporation (United States Corporation) state,county,city all corporations. All countries are corporations. All these Corporations need to be replaced with private membership associations to save the planet and stop the corporate destruction of the planet acting in best interests of the members. Charlie Robinson is one of the biggest hypocrites I have ever seen having his fingers into Realestate Corporations, Media Corporations, Advertising Corporations and Sporting Corporate interests. Affiliate Marketing His sole purpose is to exploit this niche audience here to make money. Think I am wrong? The 7 to 10 minutes of ads before and after this podcast says otherwise. I have heard ads for stuff that can only be classified as health destruction aides. There are many podcasts with no ads because these folks are not in it for money. I don't generally disagree with the content here however I don't think anyone should be profiting from the destruction of the planet and this is what all Corporations are doing for the most part. Charlie Robinson should have his picture in a dictionary next to the term two faced. This Bald headed clown should be eliminated from the eco system in my opinion. There are plenty of alternative news folks that are not in it solely for $$$$. Some episodes are solely designed to you you stuff lik gold and silver (Affiliate marketing).
  • rockland p
    Well done
    It’s almost as if you crawled inside my brain, took everything out of it and spoke it out loud. Bravo and thank you!
  • FlX PLZ
    Great podcast
    I love this pod
  • jgruber9370
    Great show
    Charlie, I love you, you racist honkey !!!! Seriously, you never fail to deliver the truth, no matter who’s feelings it hurts! And I for one, absolutely appreciate it!
  • Keepnit Real
    Hi Hello
    I like this show but the intro is too long and the advertising after the intro, literally 7 to 8 mins and then the show usually starts. I understand the advertising pays some bills but am tired of fast forwarding.
  • Bye Magic!
    Rad Episode
    Great Podcast!! Sam, Midnight Mike, Lindsay, Ricky, Footloose, Armstrong, man a ton of great podcasters and real news. Monica, Webb, freeman, much love
  • doc lock
    Episode 135 - How many times can his guest say “right”???? A thousand?? Ugh.
  • Empty113
    Gods work
    Believer, atheist or indifferent Charlie Robinson and producer Tony Merkle are doing gods work here. Contrary to the current cultural environment words are not violence. We should be freely exchanging ideas and information and making a determination on what we believe from there. That’s the way a free society works. That’s the way society makes a determination about the social structure. The thought police definitely don’t want you to hear this and that’s the best indication there is that you should be examining it in close detail. Stop outsourcing your critical thinking, stop blindly listening and accepting authority figures. If the past three years have taught us anything it should at a minimum be clear these people are incompetent and unfit to lead us in any capacity, and I’m sorry to inform you that it’s much much worse than that.
  • Brand-New-Listener
    Killer show!
    Charlee does his research. Definitely subscribe & start with “Where did all the people go?”.
  • bradley lax
    very informative insight into nefarious events happening behind the scenes. Charlie Robinson has a style of investigative reporting which sneaks in humorous sarcasm. I often crack up laughing right about the time my blood is starting to boil over the topic he is discussing. Well researched, great guests, I anxiously anticipate the next episode. cheers
  • yarrld
    Always on the ball
    Tells it like it is and laughs at the absurdity. Another stop on the sanity train.
  • C-dog H
    Where do you get off?
    Unbelievable that he thinks its ok to start every episode with minutes upon minutes of ads!!! You havent earned that, and even if your show was top notch, there has to be a better way. Imagine tuning into a tv show, and they start with 8 minutes of straight commercials
  • HeyJude75
    LOL Hilarious!
    Great sham reports that try to provoke fear and cynicism in humanity! Listen if you want a good laugh otherwise totally useless podcast.
  • T.spun_86
    Hard hard listen
    I want to like the show, but I’ve never heard host say anything interesting. Of course, after 10 minutes of listening to dude whine, I’m usually out. And my threshold is pretty high, I used to watch Cspan for hours. This isn’t just boring, it’s uniquely irritating. People like dude. That’s fine. I want to gouge out my eye, however. Pain.
  • DAR2695
    Episode #117
    this podcast should go viral, especially now, listen and share!!!!!
  • Erroneous Method
    The octopus of global control chance my life
    Charlie Robinson is one of the greatest podcast hosts in history. Systematically he is untangling web of generational crime families and political corruption. He is also Prolific writer his two books changed the way I view the world. All hail this wonderful man.
  • Atomicmom
    This has quickly become my favorite podcast. First heard on the Confessionals. Keep it up!
  • ThatJewishLady
    Great topics and insight
    Charlie digs deep to uncover the core. I always come out the other side of his podcasts feeling somewhat astonished. Very cool stuff.
  • Hurst455
    Charlie Rocks
    Been on board since the beginning!!!! #1 best podcast Bar nun!!!
  • George Powelson
    For those with eyes but still don't see.
    This show has quickly become my favorite. I originally found this on and would recommend everyone check that site out. Charlie Robinson is a master of his craft. He is an intelligent and well spoken truth speaker. He brings up some topics that some people may shy away from talking about. He is well researched and well-informed and it shows in his great work. He has a great delivery and makes things very interesting and easy to understand. I highly recommend this show. It will appeal to the most seasoned of intellectuals all the way down to liberals, progressives, socialist, marxist, communists, and Democrats. I look forward to each new episode. Enjoy, I certainly do. Thank you Charlie Robinson, thank you.
  • jack torrance.
    Charlie tap dances around the invasion of western civilization. What a complete coward.
  • old Sierra
    Lost Sierra
    Charlie is always spot on! I’ve shared so many shows with friends and people that need to wake the f—k up. Thank you for all your hard work.
  • Vitex Walker
    Great podcast
    I look forward to every show. Great guests and very interesting topics and discussions you wish didn’t end sometimes.
  • SpaceManZero
    This guys gets it
    All the information is great for Red Pilling …..
  • xgbjk
    The queen is dead
    Absolutely horrible audio!
  • madcopygirl
    My favorite
    Macroaggressions very quickly turned into my essential listening podcast. I appreciate how Charlie always leaves breadcrumbs as to what else or who else one should be researching (for example, the interview with Ronald Bernard, wow... I can’t believe that hasn’t gotten more exposure!). In addition, regardless of how deeply dark and infuriating the subject matter may be, he manages to get a laugh out of me (such as when he admits that visiting Walmart almost makes him believe that depopulation might not be such a bad idea, and of course, it may be said in jest but we all agree!). Anyway, I’m always taking snippets from the podcast and sharing them on twitter and other places hoping to plant the “wake up” seed in others. If anyone can do it, it’s Charlie with his incisive observations and the connections he manages to show us.
  • Matt61350!
    9/11 from a different view
    I’ve listened to your 9/11 episode 3 times and listening again. I’ve felt for years something with it wasn’t right. I’ve heard many scenarios but your episode I feel is the most accurate. Love the show!
  • jesnlil
    One of my favorites.
    As the world reaches for this “Great Awakening” period, Charlie runs through some new stuff and some old stuff and ties them together with entertainment. Also, imho, psychedelics should be required “reading” during this time. It’ll help the understanding.
  • Atlconnector
    Best intro in podcast world
    Love your show but I really love your intro it’s my favorite even better then our own Union of the Unknowns. Ty for providing us high quality content.
  • jojoyabro
    Charlie is at the tops of the list of knowledge holders out there. He is very good at clearly explaining things in detail leaving, with intelligent personal insight. For real though I’ve been following along with Charlie’s content for a few years now. His books octopus of global control and controlled demolition are just soaked in so much revealing information, im like how did he get all this. Check it out for sure!
  • Odasarta
    Don’t be Dumb
    I love it.
  • Hateswork55177
    Accidentally gave a 4* meant 5!
    Sorry Charlie! I listen to every show you’re in! Love your work! It’s great you apple classification is “government” haha
    has the potential to be a great pod, but ends up focusing on dogwhistle rhetoric without details or sourcing statements
  • Southern Sheri
    Loved your dangerous book, Probably gonna lend it to my Mother.
    Southern Sheri
  • $$dawn
    Great voice
    I could listen to these two or three times because they are so full of important information in chronological order. Grab a pen and paper. Very important podcasts and he has a perfect voice too.
  • Bronzed Life
    Great stuff
    I love this podcast. Charlie is knowledgeable and makes complicated topics easy to follow. Great stuff for me and my family to take into consideration as we move forward with future plans. We will be viewing things differently thanks to the formation shared here. Found this podcast listening to The Confessionals. Thanks Charlie! Thanks Tony!
  • SoleilDawn
    An informative and interesting podcast delivered with clever commentary
    Discovered this podcast in the last six months or so and it has easily become one of my top five favorites! I appreciate that every episode is full of well-researched information and the opinions/thoughts that are shared are based on what I would describe as logical thinking, common sense, and a wealth of previous knowledge.
  • setherus
    5 stars
    Love your pod cast. Just ordered your book the octopus of global control . Can’t wait to read it. Keep up the fight brother!
  • #1 app fan
    Mr. Robinson, I feel your pain regarding facts & feelings. I have a saying: I don’t argue with stupid - I don’t like to hurt myself that way. 😝 I love your snark honesty & I laugh in agreement with you all the time! The Union of the Unwanted is also terrific! Yours, Kim Sobieski Newport News Virginia
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