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The world's most popular car podcast is on the air! Okay, maybe not the world's most popular yet, but we're working on it. If you love new or classic cars we've got you covered. Thanks for joining us!

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  • mdoterrly
    Let tommy take over
    Just let Tommy and Andre take over the podcast. Better yet every piece of media. They actually use their opened minds to give un-biased info to people. I’m sure they don’t think “spinniz” “not being the hood” are professional things to say.
  • CortezMJR
    Amazing Insights Into Car News
    Tommy, Roman and the gang do an awesome job talking about everything from industry news to their own experiences and reviews. Their banter is entertaining even for someone with limited knowledge of the automotive industry. Can’t say enough good things about this show!
  • Canejo46
    Could a Great Car Show Enough of the Father Son Bickering
    You guys have a great concept but blowing it with the constant confrontations between father and son. If you had a call in segment most of the comments would be “take it outside and turn the microphones off and come back when you both grow up.” I will listen again in a couple of months to see if you can get your act together.
  • Brenda1115
    Good show less arguing
    I have been watching the show on YouTube for a few years. Just found the podcast recently. I like all the host except when daddy and son are together. The arguing can get annoying. This is a car show not fox “ news” .
  • JackWagen2.0
    Good info, but irritating.
    I appreciate the information in this podcast, but maybe it should be called “father and son argue about cars”.
  • Aurelio the counselor
    I love these two characters.
    Oh dear, I highly enjoy listening to Tommy and Roman go back and forth. Tommy has really come into his own in the recent year or two and has great insight and always provides a great counter argument to Roman’s takes, like the debate between the Toyota Landcruiser’s preciousness. I highly recommend listening to these two, as well as all other TFL podcasts.
  • OBXDoc
    Fun listening
    A great balance between Roman’s experience and Tommy’s intellectual approach. Both have fun personality’s and depth of knowledge. Really enjoyed the 911 Podcast. Hope you do one on the Corvette C8 .
  • Jeff McGoveran
    Constant interruptions and bickering
    I love the YouTube channel and have mostly enjoyed this podcast but good God, the dad can’t let his son finish a thought, he constantly interrupts Tommy and bickers with him. Now Tommy will bicker too as they argue over stupid things, but he’s constantly playing defense against his own dad. If you want to hear what I’m talking about listen to the Season 2 Episode 2 (Wagoneer) and you’ll hear it. It was PAINFUL to listen to and extremely petty. Very disappointed. Will continue listening as I enjoy the content for the vehicle discussion. I hope they can take this criticism and make improvements.
  • Boglaw
    Love these guys! Great banter
  • fflloowerr
    Mod it!!!!
    You should mod that baby! Let’s see what is possible!
  • Cutmanjim
    Very bespoke
    The only podcast in the world will you get to hear the word bespoke on a regular basis even though the word it’s never used a normal conversation. Aside from that Great content in the best podcast for automotive news and information.
  • Joermcd
    I like it!
    It seems like they are starting to figure this whole podcast thing out. The most recent episodes are much better than first few episodes they put out. I enjoy the content, and I enjoy hearing Tommy’s and Roman’s different perspectives.
  • Wake up!!!!!
    Still my guys
    Still giving a 5 Star because you guys are the best. Constructive criticism, a lot of time the back and forth is a little awkward between Tommy and Roman. Maybe because knowing you are father and son I don’t know. ANYWAY, you guys are truly my go to entertainment on YouTube and now on my commute. Been watching since the beginning!
  • wowitsgaston
    Seriously Roman, let Tommy finish a thought. I understand that this is a podcast and that the point is to look at different views of any given subject, but you interrupt 90% of Tommy’s thoughts and opinions and then sometimes even go on to say that he is wrong or his argument is irrelevant. I’ve been waiting to see if this changes at all, but this has been an ongoing occurrence for most of your episodes so far. I hope that you can respect Tommy’s ideas enough to hear them out.
  • NockC
    Love the YouTube channel and Podcasts
    Great way to disconnect when you’re not joy riding! Always enjoy TFL’s car coverage, reviews, and random adventures.
  • zesp2018
    Not a Bad Way to Spend Time
    I’ve loved cars and trucks my whole life, and I’m a big fan of TFL and the work they do. I’ve been watching their YouTube channels for several years now. They produce great video content! It’s great to hear their voices at my desk at work, when I obviously can’t instead watch your videos. However, while I enjoy their YouTube videos, I unfortunately can’t say that to same extent with this podcast. As I titled the review, it’s not a bad way to spend your time, but personally it’s not my first choice for a car/truck podcast because I think it needs some work. I’m no podcast expert, but as a listener I don’t really find the podcast super interesting or the topics talked about. The latest podcast about the best, used off-roaders you can get for under $5k was rather a turn-off to this podcast. Roman, I love you man, but you were beating a dead horse when talking about old, high-mileage Toyota 4Runners. I understood your complaint, but you unnecessarily kept going to where it came off like whining. I quit listening to the rest of the episode at that point. I don’t think anyone wants to hear that. Have an opinion, say it, backup your viewpoint, and leave it at that. Also, the joking intro line of this being the worlds best podcast is a little annoying to hear every time. I love the whole TFL team and won’t stop listening to this podcast because of one episode, but because I love you guys and want you to do better, I wanted to let you know what I thought. Keep at it, guys!
  • childofawidow
    Quality and Quantitiy
    TFL is awesome, they do unbiased real world testing from cars to trucks and everything in between. Not to mention Towing and MPG tests that you CANNOT find anywhere else. All of the crew do a great job and I can’t wait for more podcasts! Seriously, give them a try here and check them out on YouTube!
  • Bienfang84
    I can’t wait for this to grow and you have industry insiders, special guests, maybe even fans on this podcast. I hope it blows up for you guys and gives you another much needed income stream.
  • Abe from Virginia
    Knowledgeable Automotive reviews
    These guys have been doing YouTube videos for years. I have been following them as they have grown. Really honest reviews with real life tests of Car, Trucks and SUV on and off road. Definitely give them a listen and you will be hooked.
  • Kmtnevada
    These guys are the greatest!
    This will become one the most popular podcasts in no time. Keep up the great work you do.
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