Confident Business English with Anna


**Formerly Anna with 2Ns Business English Podcast**

A Business English podcast for international senior managers who lack confidence communicating but want to work hard to improve.

My name is Anna and I'm from the UK. I'm an experienced Business English and Neurolanguage Coach® based in Madrid, Spain.

My 20-minute episodes are full of practical tips to help you deal with the most common problems you face using English.

Listeners from across the world say they love the podcast because it is clear, to the point and the topics are really useful.

My style is conversational, professional and designed for intermediate levels+. I have a British accent from the south of England.

Each episode is a different topic. I suggest starting from the most recent ones. There are episode series on specific topics such as Phrasal Verbs and Expressions.

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Find me on Instagram at @annabusinessenglish

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