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Industry veterans, degenerate gamblers & besties Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks & David Friedberg cover all things economic, tech, political, social & poker.

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    Out of touch privileged tech billionaires
    Interesting tech perspectives but many of the skewed political and social commentary from Sacks are hard to swallow. In the end, it starts to sounds like viewpoints from a bunch of out of touch privileged tech billionaires.
  • oldbayseasoning
    New Listener
    I’m not a tech person who happens to be listening for the first time while hooking up my docking station that’s clearly not compatible with Dell uggh and loving the banter and the layman’s terms. Love it!
  • tnspr
    Declining Quality
    This show has gone downhill rapidly over last 2-3 months. The complete lack of self-awareness and utter hypocrisy of the Besties are major turn-offs. Sacks plays the victim card on a weekly basis, whining instead of making more logical arguments. All of the besties lament the power of “Big Tech” in one breath and then cry foul at the slightest hint of anti-trust enforcement. Get real and get out of your insular bubbles, Besties.
  • Twiese
    The best
    The best show to cover current events, Silicon Valley, VC’s and much more. Big fan. Sacks is my fave.
  • squarefish_
    Could be a good show
    Except for David Sacks arrogance, the show is pretty good. Too bad he’s such a big part of it.
  • Edr196
    “A lot of work being done to uncover it” haha The cowardice displayed is palpable. Need to wash my phone. 2 grifters, 1 “idiot” , and one with common sense but mostly a coward, when it come to pointing out the obvious.
  • 00971ta
    I really wish there was a way to listen to the podcast without hearing Jasons voice
    He is insufferable and doesn’t know what he’s talking about, ever. Go do something, great, and then talk.
  • Devin Miami
    I look forward to this show weekly.
    It’s great show that your always going to walk away with a plethora of invaluable different insights. I love to see the friendly banter.
  • Hendrix C Obi
    I love the pod. Five Kenneth Alan Howery?
  • Pumagurl44
    Got to love David Sacks, American Pie and sporting that Republican color tie❤️ DS is always on point.. he is the real deal🎤
  • krystallll like the champagne
    Formerly a great pod
    I started listening to these guys at the end of 2021 for insight on what these brilliant guys think. In the time span of a little over a year it’s gone downhill. I understand there’s suppose to be discourse among them and how they are friends and challenge each other. It’s just starting to feel very nasty and argumentative. At times I feel like all the other guys on the pod gang up on Jason, it’s cringy to listen to. I hope they can start being respectful to one another again. It used to be a great pod.
  • Nopace1
    Lost its luster
    What was once an interesting discussion of business, technology and science from insiders’ perspectives has devolved into a propaganda machine for Elon and political positions. The hosts unwillingness to thoughtfully engage with criticism, assess their friend Elon’s activities with anything but boosterism and Sacks’ mindless parroting of Fox News political positions makes it boring, too often inaccurate and frequently dishonest. The bro-ish charm of the pre-financial markets crash is long gone and all we’re left with is boring middle aged billionaires name dropping and sadly attempting to justify their existence.
  • Whatever_not_sharinng
    Divergent, unobstructed
    Appreciate divergent view on one show. Love when it’s respectful.
  • halfguardz
    The Best in the Game!!!
    Its like listening to a family dinner fight of 4 half brothers from different countries. Organized Chaos, insightful and well balanced. Btw how is David Friedberg have the best vegan diet in the world and messing up the gut health with the substitute sugars in the diet coke? You guys are all great and thank you for the show …. - Bear in Southern California
  • Hareeku
    Laughing at being on the spectrum! Seriously?!
    In E110, Jason made a snarky comment about Sacks being on the spectrum. I don’t care if that’s true or not but Jason and Friedberg laughing about it is not cool. Sets a bad precedence for the millions of followers you have. Be sensitive guys!
  • BurtWrangler
    Pragmatic view of tech, politics and the world
    I see a lot of people complaining about the “twitter” discussions and their upset these guys don’t follow the main stream narrative but that’s the point of this show. They’re very logical and balanced because they all fall on different points in the political spectrum. If you want a balanced take on the world from guys in the know, this is your show. If you’re looking for an echo chamber, stick to Fox or CNN.
  • Mark2468a
    Great Tech Podcast
    If you want to know what the Tech Industry is doing this a good source. The cover Twitter too. They like Musk but sometimes the question if he makes the right decision. For example, David Friedberg awarded Musk the 2022 “The Rudy Giuliani award for Self-Immolation!”
  • cocohoola
    Completely biased and out of touch
    This show used to be good. With the recent Twitter situation, this group has shown that they are completely biased. They complain about main stream media being biased but here they are doing the same thing. Even Chamath, with his constant pushing about energy. All of these guys have self-serving interests and they’re using this platform to their advantage. Don’t fool yourself. They also need a fact checker. They’re biases show a complete lack of integrity.
  • kwkramer
    Twitter / Musk
    Show used to be decent but has lost a lot credibility via their clearly biased stances in blind favor of Twitter and Musk. It got so bad on the awards show that one of the hosts had to tell the others they were being absurd. And Musk wasn’t even mentioned as biggest business loser despite fact he paid 44b for a company that’s now worth well south of 10 (Twitter), owns another whose stock is off 70% on the year (Tesla), and his popularity, including among his customer base, has plummeted.
  • To.explorer
    Desperately need a fact checker
    The show desperately needs a fact checker. These guys purposely push misinformation. They’re completely out of touch with reality and what goes on in the lives of everyday Americans and don’t seem to show any interest in learning. When they discuss social topics, they tend to have zero regard for citizens and their struggles or experiences. Each of them take turns going on unstructured rants then pretend to challenge each others opinions without actually delving deep or coming to a conclusion with real information, giving the listener a sense that they are consiming an objective news source or a substantive argument - this couldn’t be further from the truth. This show is almost as terrible as watching Fox News. Have given this show plenty of chances but I cringe after 30 seconds of listening to their drivel. Could be appealing if you like their personalities, but look elsewhere if you’d like to learn meaningfully about the topics they cover.
  • Phish_
    Self serving points of view from out of touch narcissists.
  • Jsdgirl
    Used to be good…
    I really enjoyed this podcast in the beginning. Now I have to fast forward every time Sacks opens his mouth , and he talks way too much, so it’s not worth listening anymore. Friedberg is terrific.
  • Srh2003#
    Even better without Calacanis
    This podcast is good, but would be great without the king of crybabies, the ultimate snowflake, the lucky scout - Jason Calacanis
  • mbluemer
    Divorced from Reality
    Had high hopes for this podcast after listening to Jason’s interview with Tim Ferris. Two episodes in I realized these VC bros are wildly divorced from reality. David Sacks plainly avoids giving legitimate answers to the questions posed, Jason pretends to challenge David but doesn’t really push at the core of his arguments, and they all get off to a hustle porn culture that most of society has realized is unhealthy and irrational.
  • awolracing
    One of the best podcasts period!
    Memo to D. Sacks (my favorite btw): D, you DO fly fast into a headwind because you want to spend less time in it. Then you fly slower with the tail wind. This is common knowledge for those of us who make our living above the wing. For example, West-East transcon with a nice 125 knot tailwind may be flown at Mach .80; whereas that same trip East - West will be flown at .84 or .86.
  • rchenderson3
    Good while it lasted
    I’ve listened for about 18 months but have to give up. It’s the same show every week.
  • surfdiva124729
    Twitter Files Parts 1 & 2
    In the latest episode one of the three says over and over again without challenge that solar power electricity is the cheapest form of electricity How can this be possible when here in San Diego the more solar and other renewables SDG&E has the higher my electric bill? Is that why there’s at least a seven year pay back for rooftop solar?
  • Firsttime longtime
    Would be a good show if not for the cherry picked retelling of the news
    Overall interesting show but is usually ruined as soon as they start praising Elon Musk. They live in an alternate universe where everything at Twitter is going just fine and Savior Musk isn’t being hypocritical at all. A world where the #twitterfiles are a monumental exposé that’s on par with Watergate rather than gimmicky leak from professional sh*rooster who has apparently been radicalized by Qanon. There’s a good mix of liberal, conservative, libertarian voices but they all tend to lean the same way. Kinda like the “balanced” panels on Real Time with Bill Maher. I guess tech bros are going to tech bro but was kind of hoping that this show would be more sophisticated than your run of the mill whataboutism podcast.
  • Joshua Page
    worst pod i've ever listened to
  • Daltonsbriefs
    Look forward to AllIn every week - favorite show for hearing fast paced review of markets and business and policy by four friends willing to disagree peacefully
  • SnowdogbeatsBytor
    Great show
    Jason didn’t know that WaPo confirmed the content of the laptop nor that the FBI had the laptop since Nov 2019. His silo ignores or deceives which is the crux of the whole Twitter content moderation issue. He thinks he is getting personally attacked which hardens his position which was curated by his news sources and galvanized by Twitter. This is where we are at today and Twitter curation is why. Look at his libsoftiktok commentary, totally uninformed. Spend 5 minutes going thru the tweets to understand it’s focus. People presenting their views in a public forum. Views that some find weird or gross or damaging like an English teacher saying that grammar is racist so she will avoid properly teaching it to her high school students or department head at children’s hospital saying that they will do elective double mastectomy on a minor. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
  • asadboi
    Sacks chill dude
    Love the parts when Sacks shouts over everyone to blurt out a boilerplate Fox News Grandpa talking point with the conviction of Martin Luther composing the 95 thesis
  • Lianas_ri
    Really, 20 min on Hunter Biden ???
    Cone on guys - you are descending into right wing crazyville’. And I hate how you say tech will fix climate change. What an irresponsible statement! There are studies showing if all ClimateTech ventures are funded it’s minimal change…. Be honest!
  • trishahartle
    Sacks for president!
    Love this pod. If Sacks wasn’t on the show to keep it level, wouldn’t be worth it. Interesting that he is usually right in the long run and Jason continues to defend his side. Oh well, makes for a great show! Thank you!
  • paramorex7
    Review of Show
    Jason Calacanis comes across as a childish bully. He accused others of name calling and not answering questions when it was he that did those things. His behavior is juvenile.
  • Leeeiiighhhh
    Great Show, Terrible Moderator
    I love the content of this show, but if I have to continue to listen to Jason argue and talk over all of the other panelists week after week - I’m going to lose my mind. Jesus Christ - for as successful as he is as a man, his delivery and debate style is that of a child.
  • nyaviator
    New moderator needed desperately
    The mod is terrible and needs to be replaced. The guy forces opinions as facts without any proof and then screams at other hosts. It’s a shame he didn’t leave when the other guys stood up to him during the contract thing after the FL event.
  • Sugar Will
    The best pod that has ever existed
    This is my favorite pod to listen to every week and I’m scared of the day the band will breakup. If they breakup it will be 99% Jason’s fault… just moderate and stop interrupting Sacks! Love you besties.
  • juliajabberwockie
    5 stars for Sacks
    Keep fighting the good fight, man! There are plenty of people out here who are rational with flexible mindsets who aren’t blindly committed to a political person or party. We are cheering you on. Thanks for doing your part to shine a light on reality, no matter how jarring it might be for some.
  • Fishergirl&
    Thank you!
    Just popped on to listen to the Twitter episode—thank you soo much to the gentleman who made the very reasonable, salient and capitalist oriented argument that Twitter is just a product, just trying to create the best, most USEABLE product—this is a nothing burger. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Keep up the good work!
  • daRealJcal
    Sacks sinks the whole thing
    It’s hard to tell if David Sacks is incredibly intellectually dishonest or if he has a very low level of reading comprehension. Either way, he makes this unlistenable.
  • TryDxn
    Highly valuable content
    Never miss a week with the besties. They’ve got incredible expertise and takes that help to equip you in discerning the wild world we live in. Highly recommend!
  • SeinfeldAddict
    Th David Sacks Show
    Great comraderie but the obvious winner in the “Gets it” category is David Sacks. Thought could be a little less “squishy”. Friedberg is so super smart and politically goes along to get along so thinks he has to be a California Democrat. Chamath says all the right things and complains about how the Dems are wrong about so much but cannot help himself and still sends money and votes for the Ds; a criminal organization masquerading as a political party. They have wrecked a paradise: California. He’s the kind of Californian that will leave for a better state and still vote Democrat, ruining his new state. Jason is a great moderator and puts the show together very well. However he is a lost cause and drank the Kool-Aid…Democrat Good, Republican Bad. *You said keep it funny, right? Other than the politics we learn so, so much about Tech and Wall Street. I wish they had more interviews.
  • Michael Petruzzo
    Jason is IRATE
    Jason has become so irate and grating it’s hard to listen as he interrupts and talks over every word of David’s. Needs to chill
  • natenate1987
    A Capital Joke 😉
    Unusual group of individuals Rose to the top of the charts At a crucial time in history. Now it’s time to double down, Upset the status quo and Subscribe for zesty besty takes on space.
  • ona5000
    My absolute favorite Podcast!
    Nothing tops All IN Podcast
  • BC54zzz
    Hal Cal dumbest person on a good poshest
    Jay Cal is an idiot. You need a new moderate.
  • wakefoot
    Sacks is usually right
    The guys need to listen to Sacks more because the rest are sometimes out to lunch and are blinded by their left wing brainwashing. I wouldn’t listen if Sachs wasn’t there.
  • Lawgiver97
    Marxist conditioning
    The folks on this pod are brilliant. But, what this show reveals so quickly is how Marxist conditioning overcomes raw intellect. When 3/4 of this program refuses to acknowledge objective and irrefutable facts it portends why the West is in the 11th hour. David is a neo fascist who thinks fascism is capitalism so he embraces corporate aristocracy under the guise of a free market. Pathetic. Jason has a massive projection problem and a closet tyrant
  • MDlouthan
    Great Show
    Love the hosts, the topics the cover, and the thought provoking multi-faceted conversation/arguments they have. Gets a little old hearing Friedberg get into his mindless left-wing rants.
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