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Industry veterans, degenerate gamblers & besties Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks & David Friedberg cover all things economic, tech, political, social & poker.

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  • kh3425
    Informative and informed
    One of the most informative and informed mediums out there. If you don’t read the paper or watch the news at least listen to this! In fact, don’t read the paper or watch the news just listen to this!
  • RKBroadrangeAI
    Absolutely Brilliant
    ***Thank You 🙏 All Rama Kadiyala broadrange.AI *** 05/19/22 - Elon Musk Interview was outstanding…excellent questions and very inspiring. Thank You Team All-In👏👏👏 ***6/23/22- Outstanding show 👏👏👏👏 ***6/24/22 - Another great episode….ruble discussion makes lot more sense..big thank you for covering some latest relevant topics…👏👏👏👏 Thank you All-In Great show ***7/14/22 — 👏👏👏👏 ****9/17/22. — 👏👏👏👏 Thank you All-In another amazing episode…Great discussion on Figma, Lavoro….Kudos to the All-In team..Thanks to Friedberg…Supergut works for me…
  • Just a random guy!
    Team Friedburg
    More Friedburg!! More tech! More science! More markets! But my lord we need less CNN (JCal) vs Fox News (Sacks)… you guys may not realize it but you have literally nothing new to add to the political discourse. Just recycling the talking points from all the DC think tanks that confirm your priors.
  • Leeann from MA
    Going downhill quickly along with the market
    It was a seismic shift since March 2022 along with the market downturn. The 4 panelists stopped entertaining market commentaries (Which I thought had the most value add), and started hiding in their shells with political rant and dry humor. Would not be surprised if they stop after another 20 episodes.
  • Lianas_ri
    Great on tech, but right wing loony on politics
    This show is great when talking about tech but their politics is CRAZY’ville. Some of their views: * Biden secretly plotted so Russia would invade Ukraine. * The US should not assist Ukraine - as this would hurt energy prices. * Democrats are ‘thought police’ and listeners should support DeSantis (who likes burning books, ironically) * The USA should not trade with China and instead try to keep the country poor. * Tech innovation will solve climate change - so the gov should ignore this issue. …. These guys are sad - showing new age Silicon Valley libertarianism - and only supporting policies that assist their portfolio companies. Ugh 🤢
  • Mike-1988
    Solid business insights but too much from Sacks
    Most podcasts are great but occasionally Sacks dominates conversations in a really obnoxious way, almost to the point where I need to skip the episode and try again the next week. As an example on the podcast from September 9th the topic was how energy challenges in Europe may impact that economy going forward, but veered into counter factual advice for the state department.
  • Consumer investor
    One of the best
    One of the best podcasts out there, entertaining and informative
  • Hostilian
    Great podcast, but stay away from politics please
    This is a great podcast, it’s obvious all the hosts have great insights and track record into VC, startups, business and science. I always feel I’ve learned something valuable listening to this podcast. As others have said the only time I want to fast forward is when politics is being discussed, we already know what everyone thinks and you won’t convince anybody - but please let’s stay away from politics.
  • mmmmmm111111222222
    Dave - you are consistently sticking up for regular middle class people in a way that I find pretty heroic - I admire your integrity and your bravery. Thanks for all you do.
  • Diane zhi
    So good even for non vc people
    I really look forward to every Thursday when this podcast comes. Thank you, David s , for nuanced geopolitical analysis .
  • Skullpaper
    It’s a good podcast whenever Jason doesn’t speak. He interrupts constantly with nothing valuable to add. Might as well listen to CNN while punching myself in the junk.
  • JC is our savior
    JCal needs to shut up and let ppl talk GD!!!
    Shut up JCal
  • Lawgiver97
    Marxist conditioning
    The folks on this pod are brilliant. But, what this show reveals so quickly is how Marxist conditioning overcomes raw intellect. When 3/4 of this program refuses to acknowledge objective and irrefutable facts it portends why the West is in the 11th hour.
  • SJ&J
    I’m All In
    The analysis and the delivery are top notch. Love the intellectual banter and razzing, too. Plus, what other pod has a better opening (that music, those rhyming intros)? I have a queued list of pod episodes each week and All In is always IN.
  • lvlivingston
    Let each other talk
    I love the concept, the facts that are shared, the news topics, etc. but these guys can’t shut up when the other is talking. Stop interrupting each other and let your friend finish his thought! I had to turn episode 94 off it was so annoying.
  • Thane K
    J-Cal stands out….
    …as a willfully ignorant partisan hack. Sacks is obviously conservative but intelligent! Chamath and Friedberg are nonpartisan and intelligent! JCal parrots stupid debunked left wing talking points and lowers the quality of an otherwise stellar discussion.
  • Gtweak
    Loved these guys, tough to see the quality decline
    They’ve gotten a little too cocky& comfortable. They also assert tons of warrantless opinions. Don’t get me wrong, I love opinions too but if you’re just doing a snippet on opinion x, then you just at least try to justify it AND there should be push back from the other hosts. Y’all are nerds which is great, but don’t go for this “bro” vibe. People listen to your pod for refined opinions based upon the facts, so at least make an attempt to justify your conclusions with some reasoning. The Coachella=burning man things is a perfect example. This is such a shallow topic, which can be entertaining but that depends on the banter you have has hosts. Instead, maybe one sentence tried to push back and say it’s different cos you gotta live in rough conditions etc, but then somehow no real back and forth takes place, and we arrive at this Coachella=burning man conclusion. I’ve never been to burning man, but it’s certainly not Coachella. But even so, I care more about hearing your thoughts. Is it commercialization, increase in size, just the drugs that makes them the same? Use facts, make the audience aware of your standards. Do the work to help your audience think better. And to say an NFT is art would have been to say that canvas fabric was art in the 14th century. Since you all are so confident nothing changes, just look at the evolution of technology. Every time a new technology is created, before widespread adoption there are two types of people: (1) those who learn/innovate the tech and consequently benefit greatly and (2) the pessimists who complain until one day, they too have an I phone, Apple Watch, I pad etc etc
  • gsugarchicago
    Blind spots
    These besties entertain for sure. And so much experience on tech space investing. But they ignore the plight of bottom half of nation and effects of policy changes since 1980 that has seen $50T go from bottom 90% to top 1%. When they talk inflation, never do they mention the rise of monopoly power, ie. Increasing price because they can. They are too far removed from working people. A new app they invest in won’t solve pollution or cancer or economic uncertainty. Maybe they ought to listen to @PitchforkEconomics and Nick Hanauer. PS. If workers continued to capture productivity gains like they did from 1940s-1960s (and we hadn’t changed labor, tax, trade and monopoly policies), the median household income would be about 90k.
  • mpenzilitious
    More on finance
    Absolutely love the show. It is becoming more political than financial. I would like to hear more wisdom on finance not politics.
  • Pete-Zha
    A bit out of touch.
    The hosts seem out of touch with what the average American goes through while trying to figure out politics between themselves. They all seem like fine individuals, nothing personally against them.
  • CBelden
    Widely Entertaining
    Great, varied takes. Extremely bias perspectives mixed with facts and speculation. In other words, I love this pod. Requires listener thought. Plus the hosts are get along. I like the fact these guys have real day jobs.
  • playa cat
    Best podcast!
    Please don’t change a thing. This is authentic, funny and insightful. It is full of thoughtful, practical, actionable, and objective commentary. I appreciate it is not scripted and that you all don’t agree. The variety of viewpoints in one place is refreshing and demonstrates people can disagree and still be friends.
  • Swagswag123123
    JC, please stop blabbering
    JC stop cutting the rest of them off when they’re trying to get points across. Really annoying
  • SNG- mikeandmikefan
    Good when they stick to topics they know well
    I have been listening for around 6 months. I have learned a lot from the show and find the in-depth discussions about venture capital, company valuations, startup ecosystem and overall economy to be very good. The show becomes intolerable when they discuss their very biased and generally very misinformed political and broader societal views (the pro Trump and pro Republican dominant tone, topics such as Twitter takeover, excessive fawning of Elon Musk, Ukraine war, etc).
  • Gérard de Villefort
    Great on Tech and VC. Odd take on Public Policy
    These guys are great in analyzing the fundamentals of the VC, seed investing, and investing landscape. However, their conclusions on the objectives of public policy are out of their lane. Public policy is a series of trade-offs whereby you will inevitably tick off someone. Their stance on how to go about building more housing in California was perplexing. “Let’s preserve the character of our neighborhood and people in the community have the right to guide the direction; however, that doesn’t extend to the established cities.” NIMBYism in the smaller cities but not in the bigger cities because we like our backyard. Hey it’s the politicians and zoning, yet the residents of those neighborhoods are the ones advocating those policies and guiding the policy. “Zoning is bad… but not our neighborhood.”
  • Eric J Wynn
    A Free Graduate Course in Economics
    This is a free graduate course in the Economics of life. The whole world evolves around money whether you want it too or not, and these individuals delve into the various aspects of how our lives are so interconnected (political, science, military, business) that decisions in one field of study can now effect everyone else at some point (the butterfly effect). Bring pen and paper and when you hear terms, ideas, and concepts you do not understand (you will) write them down and Wikipedia them later. Think of it as an test of your intellectual well being. Can you keep up with Billionaires? Or, do you need some more education? Think of this podcast akin to a physical workout but for the brain. You will leave each podcast a better informed person than when you arrived. I cannot stress this podcast enough to those who are interested in economics and current events. Excellent production quality to boot!
  • Redbirdfan64
    Always look forward to the discussions
    To me, this is exactly what a podcast should be a person having a dialogue with another person, ala Joe Rogan, or a group of people discussing and giving their opinions about current events, politics, markets, market movers/makers, etc. This is my favorite podcast by far.
  • stothedtothes
    10 Stars — The Gold Standard
    Simply one of the best podcasts in the world today. These four ridiculously brilliant and successful friends are pure magic together -- because they treat us, their audience, as adults, and let us into their world for surprisingly unguarded, unscripted conversations where they aren’t afraid to speak their minds, disagree and debate. I started listening halfway through and have gone back and listened or watched every one. It’s that good. Thank you to the Besties for an ad-free masterclass on business, politics, reason, and above all, the enduring power of ideas, and friendship.
  • thereal45683
    The middle ground
    Great show and brought by the perspectives of smart, individual thinkers left right and middle. Sometimes they disagree but do so without being disagreeable. America should take a lesson from this because it’s the only way we succeed. Everyone saying Sacks is too right or Jcal is too left are guilty of only wanting to hear your own perspective repeated back to you from different sources. Hear everyone out and then choose. Thank you fellas!
  • ewkearney
    Show is degrading
    Allowing conjecture that is in no way fact based is ruining what you originally started. Disappointing.
  • Sweater Karen
    Not as good as before.
    Too right wing to enjoy. If Tucker was a billionaire kind of thing.
  • barisaximaphone
    Lots Of Good Information
    Great show. Love the banter and insight these four gentleman bring to the table, but I think Sacks needs to wipe some of the Cheeto dust off of his chin.
  • guiomie
    This podcast has gone downhill. The clashes of personalities are getting annoying, half the commentary is easily out of these guys area of expertise, borderline fake news.
  • Rwwgrw1
    Going downhill.
    Is it me or do these guys not even act like they want to be doing this anymore. Friedberg has the recent tone of a petulant child. Replace with someone who wants to actually be on the show.
  • J-Money2223
    Fascist Sympathizers
    Other than David Sacks being a fascist sympathizer and Trump/Desantis lackey who really has little to no clue what he’s talking about, while Chamath quietly nods his head in agreement to literal fascist talking points (after losing his followers millions of dollars in his scam SPACs) it’s a pretty decent show if you want the point of view of Silicon valley types. Corporatocracy has reached the shores of America folks. And they aren’t sending their best
  • gatzaceo
    Just the besties.
    I love this show, and the information is provided with such a good vibe.
  • LimpioMuebles
    If you support the right you are complicit and are a traitor to democracy
  • Lauren Mable
    All my besties except JCal
    They’re all great except JCal. JCal is so dumb, so slanted. I’m not sure why he’s on the show. Pure brainworms.
  • Displeased...
    Look forward to this every week!
    I love hearing the insights and opinions of this bestie group. They show how you can have a discussion even when they have different POVs. I wish more would listen just for the lesson on respectful debate. Please develop social media on platforms outside of Twitter. Can’t stand that cesspool platform. Maybe I will feel differently when/if Elon owns it.
  • Humpiejones
    Jason ruins show
    Jason is an NPC leftist who spouts anti Trump rhetoric propagated by CNN. All these guys act like MAGA is some fringe group when it is the majority of Americans. They are out of touch with the world outside their Silicon Valley bubble.
  • 26366 eueu
    Not one to leave reviews
    After seeing some of the other reviews I felt inclined to leave a rating to balance things out. To say all the hosts are right wing is laughable. They all sport different views and constantly engage in discourse to defend their position. It’s how we should all be with respect to professionally sharing our opinion without fear of someone calling for their careers to be ended over their viewpoints. Yeah they are all rich and billionaires and are naturally going to sell their book with respect to issues, you would too if you were in their position. I lost a ton of respect for Chamanth with his mandatory vaccine position during COVID. I am catching up on episodes, so I am not sure if he’s changed his perspective and admitted the fault in his thinking, but he generally has well thought out takes.
  • Starksfor3
    I’m all in….
    Got turned onto this pod from a friend, love the show, tune in each week. This & Can We Please Talk? are my two favorites in news commentary. All the best gents!
  • nummienums
    Very informative and non biased. Great minds sharing honest insight.
  • BrianStevens
    Can’t miss podcast
    The best of the best
  • tony12344444
    Right-wing blather
    Ostensibly smart people twisting themselves into knots trying to justify why they support populist far-right politicians like JD Vance and Blake Masters, and repeating Tucker Carlson talking points attacking Democrats.
    billionaires pretending they are the common man while they crusade against programs that help the middle class
  • abby-east coast
    Love this except for David Sacks
    David Sacks makes terrible political associations - DeSantis is an absolute smooth brained individual and overall sackless leader.
  • JazzyJeffEater
    Most interesting minds in the room. Avid listener for years.
  • Volunteer22
    Used to be good (can’t handle JCal, he MUST go)
    In the early days of this pod they all seemed to speak freely and it was SO good. Something happened about a year ago where Chamath became a government mouthpiece and JCal spouts NOTHING but the prevailing narrative. Sacks tries, but it seems Friedberg is the only one that has consistent values and viewpoints. He’s quiet about it, but that man is a good libertarian!
  • Yeaaaaaaright
    Entertaining and enlightening
    :) keep it up guys
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