All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg


Industry veterans, degenerate gamblers & besties Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks & David Friedberg cover all things economic, tech, political, social & poker.

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  • Lexuormsjj
    Fantastic and Interesting
    Interesting and entertaining to hear their perspective on economy, business, lifestyle, and state of this crumbling country straight from the horse’s mouth. And NOT distorted, selective so called “news” we hear from the media who aren’t real journalists anymore but just push political propaganda to the uninformed herd. I like this podcast. Free speech in motion. We need opposing views to fight censorship and invite discord. Thanks for not selling out. Keep up the great work! Always looking forward to the next episode.
  • MaigretDavid
    Thank You!
    Jason, Chamath, David Sacks and David Friedberg Thank you for your energy and no commercials. It is greatly appreciated. The topics and level of conversation of the show is informative and inspirational as well as motivating. David Friedberg keeps the energy focused forward. David Sacks continues to keep the team grounded and pragmatic. Chamath reminds everyone we are all responsible for what we say and do and Jason brings the perfect amount of experience, comedy and levity so no one takes themselves too seriously. Just the right a amount of business and fun. I founded a small company many years ago and only wish your insights were available then. Today there is not an episode where I do not take notes, learn something new, where your show impacts my business on a daily basis in a positive way. This is a must listen if you are in business. Any kind of business of any size or if you ever want to go into business. Thank you. David Maigret @davidmaigret2
  • Hursh Karkhanis
    Top of it list
    I listen to old episodes of this podcast instead of new episodes of my other podcasts because this is head and shoulders above anything else. I would pay for this type of content, but don’t tell anyone!!
  • Dingoswayo
    Some good, some bad
    4 entertaining moderate tech bros offer hot takes on the economy, venture capital, technology, American culture, and politics. Plenty of food for thought in their discussion. But also plenty to make the listener nauseous—loose with facts and seemingly oblivious to how much good fortune has contributed to their successes. And their riff of “equity” is Rush Limbaugh reincarnated. Look it up guys, equity is an English language word that means fairness (distinct from “equality”), but I guess fairness doesn’t jibe with your world views.
  • pnwkb68
    The amount of misinformation is painful
    First off, it’s entertaining, most of the time It is 4 rich bros talking rich bros talk. What really annoys me is how much they play fast and loose with “facts”. What is more annoying is that it’s not intentional; I can understand being intentional trolls! Its just like they don’t care and just shoot their mouths off. EVEN in areas them claim to be experts in. Every one of them is guilty of this, at one time or the other You guys can afford a team to fact check your spewings. Do right, like you claim you do! I still listen just so that I have a few on this subculture since their followers seem to hang on their every word. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  • JoanJoan02
    OMfG challenge
    I’m sorry, the four most adorable grown up boys that will make you laugh at their childish comradity, but full stop - serious intellect and upper level discussions about major money issues. MY BRAIN, PORTFOLIO, and MOM SELF love these guys and five stars!
  • broskie city
    kinda painful sometimes
    I wanted to like this podcast. But then I realized it was just rich bros talking about rich bro things from the rich bro perspective. No introspection, no real diversity of opinion... pretending to debate but really just four rich bros with four rich bro views.
  • Frank Bellizzi
    Chamath is the slimiest of them all. Avoid at all costs.
    Dirt bag. That’s Chamath Palihapitiya’s true being. Well spoken, articulate, exudes confidence, promise, and a moral ethos that is akin to little else. But that’s all. A showman’s showman. Do a Google search on his knowledge of Clover Health prior to orchestrating the deal for his SPAC (IPOC), to merge with the company. While it was being investigated by the DOJ, he finalized the deal, assuring investors all was well. Scum bag. That’s probably a better upgrade.
  • Shaunyo67
    Learning about how rich people think
    Just wish Chamath wasn’t so cringe... every time this little Indian man drops an F bomb, says something like “it’s a vibe”, or flexes how he can bail out third world countries I puke a lil in my mouth...
  • pleaseInterviewPOCandWomen
    It’s ok
    The podcast hosts have good insights. But their perspective is clearly VERY male and because of that, lacks depth on issues that affect people of other demographics.
  • Damon Peters
    Strong show
    The Wu-Tang Clan of 2020s. I respect how the guys are evolving their show. Reflective and thoughtful opinions and preparation. Also, humanizes people who have done well for themselves, which is a big deal with polarizing environment today. #poker community always happy to see successful people be open about their hobby. Congratulations on the pod.
  • CGO-74
    Priceless a think tank for the people
    The fact that this is public makes me so happy. A proper think tank for all to enjoy and ponder. Amazing !
  • ss_stej
    After Trump and his homies, nobody has done more for me to reconsider leaning right politically than David Sacks. He sounds like every overexcited loser who was in my high school’s Republicans club. It’s painful. At least 3/4 hosts clearly suffer from self-conscious issues (Friedberg is a maybe), but it’s a solid pod.
  • Joshed ff
    You won't regret it
  • cartertreend
    Don’t waste your time
    This podcast is just insiders talking about how they think they’re not insiders. Don’t fall for the wolves in sheep’s clothing.
  • Kmoy
    Best pod
    Beat pod there is.
  • chickachickayeaa
    Good podcast, could be great if they stay in their lane
    Fun dynamic and some insightful discussion but they need to focus on what they know and spend less time “solving” problems outside their field and bragging about their wins. A little humility will go a long way
  • Frustratedwithinstcart
    I’m loving this podcast. Refreshingly honest and intelligent.
  • Blorpal
    Billionaire bros club
    Please don’t let these guys anywhere near public office
  • dahmed
    Entertaining, but not a must listen.
    A group of rich tech bros talking with confidence about topics they have little to no knowledge of. The tech and market convos are great. The rest of the time is Newsom bashing (which is fair, but a weekly rant isn’t adding any value). Race issues, social issues - avoid these altogether. You guys live in an echo chamber and it shows.
  • US Watts
    Run by a pathetic hypocrite
    Other 3 are great. Jason can't debate with anyone except his besties without interrupting with personal insults. I wish I had known him better before buying his book. Now I know, he is just an "Angel" who got lucky with uber investment.
  • Rage 2010
    Breath of Fresh Air
    Smart guys talking with real words. Reasonable minds can differ here, and nobody vilifies, calls names, or does any of the other dirty tricks that cable news uses to shut down conversation. I think these guys represent the majority of thinking Americans.
  • suri2006
    So this is a group of rich guys talking whatever they can think of. They talk of things which they have no expertise in. Hurts my ears. No thank you.
  • lmalmeida
    Replicating what Uber did for the Taxis but for public schools
    Jason there’s a major point to be made on the great perspective you made in the last episode (24) talking about gathering 5 or 7 parents and have they creating a micro school. Government is taking for granted that can’t be disrupted in the fields you guys mentioned such as health care, schooling and housing. What if the besties create a challenge with the community to find and fund like 3 ideas to disrupt each sector ? Like $100K check. It’s so desperately needed this shake up in the society. Go besties Your favorite entrepreneur Antonio Trincao (from Youcan)
  • rodnie1998
    Narcissists + Vlad, the biggest narcissist of them all
    Bringing on Vlad was disgusting. Vlad is the most unlikable coward and liar. It will come out one day. RH will hopefully go away because they don’t care about their customers or employees. Vlad is the most smug and not even close to as smart as any of the other guys.
  • nysdmv
    Not great
    Spend an hour listening to a bunch of completely unrelateable bloated egos with too much money do a podcast where they really say nothing of value. Listen to anything else.
  • Skeptic84
    Hubris much?
    The inflated egos of the hosts are becoming more and more intolerable. Especially when speaking of science related to COVID they would rather speak in false absolute terms that fit their narrative (e.g. “COVID will be over in May!” - David Sacks) and disparage the cautious humility of scientific community. David Sacks especially could learn a lot by learning how to utter the phrase “I don’t know” more often. Of course they created this echo chamber podcast to say what they want uncensored, but they would be served well by having a better appraisal of the facts and being honest about what they know and don’t know.
  • FunkPunk14
    Jason talks too much
    Would love to get to know more about the other three. Is it poss to let them speak?
  • Cultivated_geetarrest
    Smart, funny
    Smart, funny group of guys but they seem out of touch with reality due to a little success.
  • VeganWarrior
    Really good business information to apply
    Very naive in political views, if not for that one dude this whole cast would be one sided. A lot of wishful belief while disregarding government corruption and its influence on business. The things they complain about come from the very sources they support politically and financially. After going through more episodes now, I’ve decided this podcast is not for me. Coming from dirt poor and violent areas in Los Angles barrios these guys can never relate or credibly comment on solutions like policing, or needs for drug addicts, gangs, prisons etc. they live in elite at times you want to vomit during these podcasts. if they stuck to making money, investing and tech stuff this would be a great podcast. When they get into all the social issue stuff they just sound like a bunch of hypocrites.
  • the_curss
    Great podcast
    Great podcast. Ridongculous Opening/Intro Music
  • Trcsle
    Check your privilege
    As public figures, it is responsible to use your voice to ensue objectivity and look out for the greater good. Please consider in the future and I might just listen.
  • noemail@google
    It’s one guy going on a tangent and not letting the other 3 get in
    Love Chamath, don’t know the other 3 guys, but one guy hogs the mic and talks on an on without taking a breath. I kinda would like to hear chamath and not just one guy airing his grievances. The guy that does 90% of the talking and then tells the other 3 guys “and if I can just finish my point” after rambling for 10 minutes at a time
  • /goey\
    Not what I thought and Self-awarewolves
    I’ve listened to about 5 episodes. This started off interesting, I was thinking it’d be tech and investing type content. Then they got into media laziness/bias. One of them made a comment about how journalist don’t care or can’t get the whole story, because journalists don’t fully understand the content or are just concerned about getting clicks. Then the proceed to talk about how they have their specialities and how they could start a news network and cover areas well. That was fine, a little pretentious, but my understanding is these people are successful so naturally they think highly of themselves. Plus the underlying statement that expertise matters was refreshing. Then they went and did exactly what the spent a lot of time crapping on. Trying to talk like experts on things the had maybe general surface knowledge on. They talked about government and how it doesn’t work and crooked DAs who don’t charge anyone. Completely stepping outside of their knowledge set and doing the exact thing they railed against other media types for doing. JayCal is the worst. He expects these complex issues affecting govt to just be changed with overly simplistic policy “solution.” The guy is obviously someone who thinks he knows everything. At least Chamath balances him a little, reasoning and pointing out nuance that Jaycal ignores. Jaycal is basically everything I hate about current conservatives. Everything that they like or don’t want to fix is this complex mystery that we better not try to do anything about. But those same people will point to something equally complex that they don’t like (e.g criminal justice reform, govt accountability) and trash on people trying to do something or the inability to do something. Instead of trying to recall a DA he doesn’t like, why doesn’t Jaycal go out and support a candidate who will support policies he likes. It’s easy to be negative, it’s harder to have actual policies that win public support.
  • Rommayne@gmail
    The Besty’s are the best.
    Every episode you come away learning something new.
  • Sgufefbi
    Cupcake cowards.. allow Vlad airtime, treat him like a 13 year old at her first day of school, and then justify it bc he pays you.. Hope your kids get cancer
  • PiersonMJ2387
    Ep. 22 made me sick to my stomach
    You had a great opportunity to show your true colors and unfortunately for you... you did. You lost a loyal listener. Good luck.
  • TheOfficialReview101
    The intro
    The intro is the best part! Thank you Jason. The best episodes of TWIST were the news round tables, The All In Podcast is basically the next generation, a group of Wiseman putting their brains together, like a chain of the batteries described in the book Think and Grow Rich. Please keep each topic short, discuss and move along to next topic. Time is money people.
  • Crisis Nws Netwrk
    Vlad’s episode, a total waste of time
    This show was bad, nothing new from Vlad - Jason very defensive - just realized the guy is invested in RH-
  • RoscoeAllStar
    Hardly objective
    Too many personal pet projects being pumped by this show Chamath simply can’t ever admit to being wrong about something. His staunch defense of CLOV will end up bringing him down. I can only hope to play him in poker someday so I can school him out of his sweet sweet money
  • LuckyLuz29
    Love it!!
    Great pod. I just started listening since the GameStop Short and Robinhood freeze. Been listening to past pods non stop.
  • AuntieMerry
    You Gotta Listen
    Gents, First I’m advocating that all homo-sapiens be called “Men”. Simple and elegant. Applicable to Law, Politics, Social Media, Other Media... eg: All Men are created equal. First impression before I listened was, “great a bunch of whitish guys, slapping each other on the back”. Never judge a book... Opposing thoughts. Or, keeping it real. Wall Street spot on. Going after each other, not getting your feelings hurt, letting each other speak, even when your brain went to DEFEND your position. Which you did very well. And is paramount. Authenticity is meaningful. A well polished opinion is not. So many thoughts provoked. Sacks comment about censorship hit my sweet spot. Social media is a dialectic. Those who find such (SM) interactions to be meaningful and validating worry me. Man I know on a neighborhood group app heard from another man a man that another neighbor completely unknown to the group was just diagnosed with a terminal illness with “two weeks,” left to live. Feeling compassion the majority began to let the others know they would make cookies, the next thought they could drop the off a casserole. I told my man who asked me what he should do? Perhaps making a meal... my response in person to the man close to me was first the neighbor posting another person’s private information is beyond appalling. While the group thought it would be nice to assist and be kind, it never occurred to them how invasive their unwanted, unsolicited kindness would be. I’m scared. This group think is frightening. But, censorship would enable the thought police to shut down dissent. As I said my thoughts were provoked. Great, possibly the finest podcast to date in my small world of real people. One man in the group spoke up. He had known the devastation. Have to add. E21 is my sole source for the above.
  • cocopuff786
    Just a bunch of studio gangsters. Went too easy on Vlad. If you weren’t going to ask the tough questions, don’t have him on. Also, Bestie Guestie??? Pathetic.
  • colossalkoala
    E-22 Lowest Quality Yet
    First time I didn’t come away learning something or enjoying an hour or so of my time listening. PR Vlad 👎🏼. Let’s get some authentic discussion back again. Besties are the best without guests imo. The synergy is thrown way off with a guest.
  • Buck1818
    One star for having Vlad as a guest when supposedly the show has a no guest policy. #deleteRobinhood it’s steals for the people!!
  • the Queen of Fort Greene
    Hard No
    Right wing lying cowardly zealots.
  • Sacul1984
    Smart children
    Too smart to not know the truth, too childish to stand up for it. Mostly classic liberals (modern centrists/right leaning) dragged down by their own concern of being labeled alt-right and/or popularity. Decent show if you can tolerate the guy that keeps reminding everyone to be offended by mean tweets.
  • Al DB
    E-21; one sided view
    Why didn’t you also ask Green about the summer riots that looted stores, burned city blocks and destroyed government property — as your podcast brings multiple sides to a story...
  • SoCalAdmin
    Good pod, not always objective
    A friend shared this podcast with me. The 4 guys are very smart, typically engage in thoughtful dialogue about business, social, and political issues. But in the last few pods, a clear agenda is forming and ironically, some of the comments are devolving into what they critique. In discussions of California politics, 2 hosts continue to align “special interests” with “teachers unions”, and while this is true that teachers unions are part of the special interest, it’s almost laughable how they target the low hanging fruit of teachers yet avoid engaging criticism toward police unions, fire unions, and others. Taking on people with pencils is a safer platform than going after police unions, and it’s a soft approach. I appreciate the pod, especially the many perspectives, but their discussion on education reform is incredibly myopic and limited.
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