Meaningful People

Judaism #2

There are so many Jewish personalities and big people in the world. They all have a story on how they became who they are today.Deep, unboundedly interesting, fun and uplifting, Meaningful People Podcast is a weekly opportunity for Nachi & Yaakov to talk to the Jewish world's meaningful people.

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  • jksnfonf
    Love love love
    Can you please interview Aliza Feder, Yossi Bensuossan, Ari Bensoussan, R Daniel Kalish, Abie Rottenberg, and Joey Newcomb?
  • constant inspiration
    A really amazing, inspirational podcast! Perfect way to carry you through your day while driving, cooking, cleaning, or doing really anything!! Thank you for changing my day!!
  • NJTorahFan
    Young but wise
    These guys are so sweet, sincere, humble and passionate about Jews and Judaism and are interviewing some truly great and inspiring people who make a positive difference in the Jewish and wider world.
  • AreWhy
    Great podcast
    Really enjoyable podcast. The boys do a great job and pick great guests. I look forward to the show and hope they can do more episodes soon. I predict great success.
  • Bee2345
    Great easy listen!
    I love it
    It’s amazing so Inspirational
  • RMC742
    Really great idea
    Such an amazing idea for a podcast and such great uplifting content
  • Margie Koretzky
    Love your podcast
    Apple Podcast app suggested your podcast to me, I guess based on a few other Jewish content podcasts to which I subscribe. I am so glad it did, because I have really enjoyed all yours that I have listened to. Your interview format and your guests are very engaging. I can say that yours is my favorite podcast after my son’s! He is Rabbi Ari Koretzky, podcast Jews You Should Know, beginning 2018.
  • RF181818
    Wow! What a fantastic podcast! You uplift my mundane, whether cooking dinner, or doing laundry, it is raised to the next level by listening to meaningful people. I have learned so much, and there is a lot I contemplate after listening to many episodes. Kol Hakavod! Keep it up.
  • Bob Hough
    Thank you!
    Thank you for this beautiful podcasts! I have learned so much from these wonderful peopl
  • RE K.
    Filling a need for those of us thirsty for meaning
    Thank you so much for your dedication to starting up this real and powerful podcast. I don't feel like I'm listening to anything super scripted- which I LOVE. Each episode is so poignant and in-the-moment, helping me feel like I'm just a fly on the wall listening to a truly rich and real conversation. Thanks for your great questions and research into these meaningful people's lives. I was so inspired that I felt compelled to come review. Yasher Koach!! Can't wait for your new episodes, would love if you had on at some point Rabbi Menachem Goldberger from Baltimore- a talmid of the hornshteipel Rebbe of Denver Tz"l and Rabbi Ahron Lopionsky Shlita'.from Greater Washington.
  • TDL456
    Great Job
    Amazing and so informative!
  • Atara Y
    Greatest Podcast
    Thank you so much for this A+ content podcast! Each episode is entertaining and inspiring Entertainment that's inspiring- how much better can it get? Keep it up
  • tarsz
    Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Thank you so much! I learn so much about people I would never have looked into!! Thank you so much!
  • af<3
    My favorite podcast
    I love the meaningful people podcast!! It makes all my drives shorter and so much more enjoyable! Thanks for everything!
  • Alef Bais
    Excellent Listening
    This is a great podcast! The interviews are interesting and inspiring. It’s always worth listening to.
  • NewerSqaure
    Just love these!
    Inspiring, informative, fun... what else can I ask for!
    Absolutely love this podcast!
    It’s amazing to hear what really goes on behind the scenes for all of these people who are so out there for our community! It’s so inspirational to hear how someone with a regular background can become so amazing and such an integral part of our community.
  • Avigayil Becker
    Thank you for this podcast!
    I love it and wait for each new episode. Thank you for your important work and effort!
  • dassiebarr
    Thank you!
    The whole family has been enjoying these! It was amazing hearing the history of ArtScroll.
  • Ramram8
    Incredible stuff
  • horrified customer 123
    Really amazing. Entertaining. Helpful.
  • meaningful peoples biggest fan
    Thank you!
    I look everyday to see if there’s a new podcast! I love love it! I am definitely the biggest fan of meaningful people!
  • mnassimi
    Great show
    Fantastic show, best part of Motzei Shabbat!
  • tovaloog
    Thank you!
    I am loving these podcasts! It’s amazing to hear the authenticity in everything and how so many of our role models and Breslin have phenomenally humble beginnings- it makes achieving greatness feel more attainable for the average person. The latest episode with r Sherman was a great hit, as every time I receive an email or catalogue from art scroll, I have to hold myself back from ordering everything they produce because I know how amazing each book and Sefer is
  • HugeFan613
    MP Podcast
    Love love love this podcast! It’s incredible to hear about all of these meaningful people and how they became who they are today. Every episode is a little glimpse that just leaves me wanting more, but also having learned so much about the interviewer and lessons for myself. Thank you for starting this!
  • emmm.12345
    So good
    This podcast is so good love all the episodes I listened to every single one! Keep them coming!
  • Julia331223
    So inspiring and interesting
    Listening to this podcast is like learning mussar while being entertained and inspired. Some of the interviewees are people I thought I knew a lot about but was blown away by their personal stories, others I have barely heard of and I’m wowed by each episode I listen to. The interviewers are so good at what they do and ask real down to earth questions in a way that’s fun to listen to. Thanks for keeping this busy mom inspired during this crazy covid season!
  • Shlomo R
    Makes great people human
    I love that the people that are guests on here seem larger than life, and they are made accessible by Nachi and Yakovs great questions and conversations.
  • Alex. Burton
    R' Nosson Scherman
    Great episode! Would you believe it, I also used an Artscroll Siddur today. The best part was when he spoke about how the company started and the bumps along the way.
    I love this podcast
    THIS PODCAST IS OUT OF THIS WORLD. This podcast is the perfect combination of inspiration and fun and will surely leave an impact on all its listeners. I'm always so excited when I see a new episode has come out because I know I'm going to love it. Each episode is so different yet equally as uplifting. Thank you for everything that you do. You guys are heroes! @Nachi What's the name of that pharmacy you once mentioned? @Yaakov You really look like yidwithsign, are you related?
  • GiveawayWinnerLA
    I love this podcast! It’s entertaining, inspiring, funny, and gives listeners a lot to think about. Each personality interviewed on the podcast has incredible stories and life lessons to share that always make an impact. I always walk away with a new idea to incorporate into my life. The conversations are light and engaging, but are packed with deep, meaningful content. I make sure to never miss an episode! Awesome job! We all know we’re really here for the blister packs… @amrpharm And always remember… to bring sunscreen @yaakov CIAO @nachi
  • Yehuda Blonder
    Amazing Episodes
    You guys are the best podcasts out there!!!!
  • BeisYaakovGirl
    Amazing Podcast
    I love this Podcast I look forward to it every week! It’s so enjoyable inspiring but in such a light way. It’s like getting the inspiration of of a drasha but by listening to stories and jokes! This Podcast is the greatest!!
  • BBK31122
    So inspiring and special
    Listening each day on my way to work that’s the tone for the day started and each episode he learned a little bit about someone else but also a little bit about yourself. Thanks for doing this.
  • decline143
    Great content
    Thank you
  • AAA0822
    Meaningful minute
    Love this podcast!!!!!
  • Payedtodothis
    Good Entertainment
    Thank you so much for creating this podcast! Love having something wholesome to listen to or watch!
  • nitrogen and fire
    I live in Israel but if I lived in the states I really think I would be using a &r pharmacy by now! Thank you for the podcasts I wait all week for them!
  • JeffreyBinyamin
    Meaningful People Podcast
    I have found each podcast so amazing, inspiring and up lifting. After listening, I am trying to take these ideas into my every day life, and have already seen some great improvements.
  • BerelGold
    Love it
    Great podcast, entertaining and meaningful!
  • non business owner
    Great mix of entertainment and inspiration
    I’ve been really enjoying this podcast. The guests always have inspiring messages and the interviewers bring out such a relaxed vibe with little bits of comedy throughout.
  • Mimi F
    Worthwhile to listen!
    Always so inspiring, and gives such chizzuk during these difficult times. Truly meaningful people!!
  • Mendy Antelis
    We are the greatest people in the world
    This podcast is giving me such a rich perspective on the world and the people that inhabit it. Thank you Nachi and Yaackov for instilling yet another wonderful idea in the world of virtual life.
  • Isaac Levy
    Thank you
    I’ve learned so much and also find it so entertaining
  • Rachel Kay Kay
    Best podcast!!!
    I usually don’t write reviews, but I have to make an exception for this podcast. I stumbled upon this podcast because I subscribed to Meaningful Minute and I heard that they started a podcast called Meaningful People. It is one of the best most inspirational talk shows ever, that interviews a wide variety of Jewish people, men and women from different religious backgrounds. It Is a pleasure to listen to on my commute or around the house. Keep up the good work! I’m always excited when I see a new episode!
  • Cuolio
    I really enjoyed every episode so inspirational and enjoyable!
  • Atara Kass
    Love this podcast!! Every time a new episode comes out I get so excited. I love listening to the stories of the people of Klal Yisrael & hearing everything that they have to say and all the advice, laughs, and love that they have to give. I especially love that many times little me can relate to even those who I view as some of the Gedolei Hador and ultimately that makes me too feel meaningful.
  • yankel baruch
    Couldn’t stop listening for one second!amazing content!
  • barzish
    Best podcast
    Look forward to every episode!!every Guest so interesting and enJoy able
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