Meaningful People


There are so many Jewish personalities and big people in the world. They all have a story on how they became who they are today.
Deep, unboundedly interesting, fun and uplifting, Meaningful People Podcast is a weekly opportunity for Nachi & Momo to talk to the Jewish world's meaningful people.

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Recent Reviews
  • Avi Gottlieb
    LOVE IT!!
    OMG- this is your best yet!! This was totally amazing. Can’t wait for the next.
  • EW-SI
    Meaningful Review from the Holy Land
    I’m, admittedly, not a huge podcast/vlog (or whatever it’s called!) guy and so I haven’t heard EVERY one of these interviews/pieces of content. What I can say with absolute certainty and clarity is that the stuff I have heard is soulful, sincere, original, inspirational and extremely insightful. Not every guest will “speak to” every listener (how can it?!) but the production, professionalism and, if I’m being honest - the holy man behind the entire brand, Reb Nachi - is so incredibly wholesome. Loving what they do across all of their platforms and highly recommend that everyone - honestly, it doesn’t matter the age or background - checks out what MM is doing and on their other channels. There’s a lot of consumable content out there but I find Meaningful Minutes to be the most authentic and well-intentioned. B’Hatzlacha!
  • ZenBen8
    Dr. BE.
    Love listening. Best way to start my week! ❤️🔥
  • Elan Teichman
    Major Life Upgrade
    As human beings, especially living in the modern world, we can often lose sight and lose perspective on what really matters in life and what really matters in terms of being a human being. This podcast highlights special human beings living special lives with special depth – in a meaningful, sophisticated, heartfelt, sincere, humorous, human way. It has a way of making you think about life in a good, healthy perspective. You grow, you think, you live, you laugh, and you live a better, more meaningful life after having been part of this special conversation.
  • yitsy k
    Best, most meaningful podcast!
    Nachi and MOMO have done an outstanding job once again!!! They infuse their episodes with meaning, sensation and a desire to look forward to the next one. Their questions are on point and they never skip a beat! Looking forward to all upcoming episodes!!
  • Miriam Schwartzblatt
    Must Listen!!
    you need to listen, every episode gets better and better!
  • Yochez
    Great podcast!
    I love what you guys do! You ask great questions and it sounds like the people are very comfortable at your studio. (Please note: the less talking and inside jokes that you do before and after the show, the better. Listeners don’t appreciate laughing and corny humor that goes on before and after the show. When you brake down the show and review it, it’s amazing. When you add in some inside jokes that only you guys understand…not good. I’m saying this so bluntly because I love what you do and I want you to get even better! (And because you asked for a review🙂.))
  • boo covid
    Why isn’t Yakov on any more what happened?
  • Bensoussan fan
    I have suggestion,
    Can you please interview one of the Rabbi Bensoussans?
  • robinc2345
    Where are the meaningful women?
    Fun interviews but wondering why they can’t find many meaningful women to interview?
  • HugeFan613
    MP Podcast
    This podcast is amazing! Thank you very much for doing it I learn so much every time. I had one suggestion for an interviewee - Rabbi Hershel Schachter! He is amazing! And I would love to here is personal life story, as would so many people.
    Rabbi shalom Axelrod please🤩🤩
  • MNudell
    Must Listen Podcast
    I look forward to listening to every new episode weekly. I’m especially excited to hear the same great Nachi with MoMo Bauman! I not only highly recommend subscribing and listening, but also sharing and encouraging people you know to subscribe and listen.
    Favorite Podcast
    Meaningful People is one of the best podcasts out there. Each episode is always so inspiring and engaging. Thank you!
  • Rabbi Fine
    Been coming late to minyan since I discovered your podcast as a result of staying up all night to listen. Mondays and Thursdays I may as well not even try to make it at all. If I end up losing a little olam haba for listening , it’s well worth it! Now only if I could get my Rebbe to understand.
  • chy04
    Love this podcast
    Such an amazing podcast! Very entertaining and inspiring! Thank you!!
  • 😂😍😊💋😜😅
    Best podcast!!
    Best podcast ever!!! Can you pls have on mrs leah rubshkin?
  • ihatecommunism
    I love this podcast but I stopped listening since they allowed JOWMA to be a sponsor. They get paid to lie about health just like many other organizations nowadays. Murderers!!
  • uuuuuuuuuuudu
    very inspiring
    Keep it up!
  • TTaub123
    Amazing Podcast!!!
    Love this podcast!!! Highlight of my week!! Keep up the great work!!! Can you please interview people (or a person) who was close with Rav Dovid Trenk and interview them about him? I’m in middle of his biography about him and it is super inspirational!!
  • Ymp021
    Great show!
    Lol, I love how Jewish geography falls under the definition of meaningful .
  • Sara Bracha
    Such good content
    I’m so far behind, I have so many to listen to before the end but I just want there are definitely ones I will go back and listen to a second time. I got my mom and sister ti start listening also and I told them my favorites. So yeah thank you so much for putting these out
  • Tova C
    Good morning- I live in Memphis, Tennessee, and my son introduced me to your podcast during the summer of 2020. I looked forward to Sunday every week so that I could listen to Meaningful People. Although I live in a very different world than the both of you and I may not agree with everything your guests say🙂I enjoy listening very much so thank you both. One thing- today you mentioned the documentary Paperclips. I t was not done by Steven Spielberg. My sister Rachel Pinchot found the story in the Washington Post, and my brother-in-law Ari Pinchot directed the documentary of which my family is very proud. The best of luck to the both of you and thank you again!
  • malkyy51
    Love this podcast
    I literally take a walk and listen to this podcast So informative and fun! Thank you
  • Hadasar
    Go to podcast!
    This podcast is soo interesting! I listen to them as they are released. The interviewees give you so much to think about. The interviewers really know how to get content out of their interviewees. Awesome!
  • EZrayderf
    Love the podcast
    Can you please put out podcasts on tanisim I’m starving and want something to do Have Rabbi Mayer Schiller on the podcast
  • Debra.Z
    Thank you!
    Really really enjoy listening to the podcasts Perfect blend of entertaining yet thought provoking!
  • KD in Dallas
    This is a fantastic investment of anyone’s time. You will be introduced to impactful individuals, charities, and wonderful stories, mixed with a heavy dose of laughter and spirituality. Well done guys, keep up the great work!
  • saco18
    Best podcast ever
    Love this podcast so much keep up the great work!!
  • Yiddisel
    Best Use of an Hour
    I use to spend every waking moment listening to Jewish Music, or promoting Jewish music/ musicians. Now, when I want to tune into something different, yet still inspiring, I have the Meaningful People Podcast. I have enjoyed SO Many Interviews, & there are Still SO Many I have yet to hear. Thank You Both for your time & thoroughness. Blessings & Success‼️🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • patch292
    Truly amazing and inspirational. This makes my morning commute more enjoyable. Great way to start my day!
  • rivkahman
    Loooooooooove the podcast love it keep it up !!
  • Arye NY
    Five stars!
  • Yakov R.
    Live meaningful
    Meaningful people is a live Muser Safer, where you can learn the life stories of great people and try to emulate them. Thank you for the podcast.
  • Alexthejew
    It’s meaningful
    This has introduced me to different Jews and rabbis. It’s has taught me a lot. It truly is meaningful.
  • Youre Number 1 Fan
    I love the Podcast
    Yaakov you’re so natural and I love your style. Keep up the great work!
  • yr1269
    Awesome !!!
    Love these podcasts. They’re funny, relaxed and inspirational. Keep it up !!!
  • Yocheved F
    Inspiring, informative and fun.
    I’ve listened to most of the interviews. Always guaranteed to learn something new and to laugh!
  • be nice to eveyone
    Thank you!
    Wow! Unbelievable job guys! You have a way of bringing out the best from all of your guests! You ask great questions and really make the podcast an absolute pleasure to listen to!! Thank you!!
  • MoBuckeye613
    Amazing Podcast that every Jew should hear
    Thank you for spreading so much yiddishkeit, positivity and honesty all wrapped in one!
  • Chaiaf
    The subjects of this podcast are too stuff.
    From Rabbi Yaakov Bender to Tzvi Gluck to Dovid Bashevkin to R’Joey Rosenfeld, I don’t know how Nachi and Yaakov get these amazing people to speak for us to better understand their view of the world . I listen to this on my runs and it keeps me from wanting to end it. I’m in Missouri now, time to turn back I guess..
  • Charlie Breda
    Love it
    This podcast has got to be my favorite one!!!!!
  • dianacoh
    Best Podcast
    I firmly believe that podcasts were created just so that we can have the meaningful people podcast available to everyone everywhere at any time! What Nachi Gordon has done is nothing short of incredible! Ty Nachi for all your hard work to put this together!
  • Seal 345
    Deeply nourishing
    I love this podcast! I listen to it when I fall asleep at night and I’m excited to listen to it when I wake up in the morning.
  • Fortunate Student
    Ben Shapiro
    Ben Shapiro! Jared Kushner Dennis Prager
  • a. big. fan
    Lipa Schmeltzer will be a great interview. Also Avichai Cohn will be great.
  • sendmesimcha
    mordechai Shapiro, simcha Leiner, and R Ari and R Yossi Bensousan
  • No words and no friends
    Well done! Love these podcasts!
  • meaningfull rockawayer
    Diversity of great people
    That’s what yiddishkites is all about learning from everybody all types all proffessions it’s incredible and beautiful thank you so much guys!!!
  • Aaron Br.
    The Best Orthodox Podcast
    By Far the best frum podcast out there. Each episode has such interesting guests!
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