Meaningful People

Judaism #3

There are so many Jewish personalities and big people in the world. They all have a story on how they became who they are today.
Deep, unboundedly interesting, fun and uplifting, Meaningful People Podcast is a weekly opportunity for Nachi & Momo to talk to the Jewish world's meaningful people.

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  • #herfan
    Love your podcasts
    Shaindy Plotzker episode AMAZING!!!!
  • Zevi Gelbtuch
    I love your podcast
    I think you guys have an amazing podcast and thank you so much for sponsoring my baseball team
  • Love ur podcast!
    Love your podcast!
    We’re obsessed with your podcast! Nachi and Momo - you guys are the best keep up the great work! If you want a great Jewish podcast to listen to/watch-MPP is the best! I highly recommend it!
  • Marty B 79
    This podcast is amazing. I think once every few months you should pick a random person from the grocery store, or Shul, or anywhere; who you don’t know beforehand, and interview them. I believe that everyone has a meaningful and impactful story, if you dig deep enough.
  • TCC@0000
    I gave you a 5 star rating but you interrupt the guest too much. My husband won’t listen to the podcast cause he doesn’t have the patience to listen to all the banter.
  • Noa Miller
    Adirei hatorah
    How about Louie Sheiner? His personal success story and is revolutionary involvement with BMG…
  • Ellie W MN
    Highly recommend!
    A wonderful show where I’ve learned a lot from the various guests and found much inspiration.
  • four more years as potus
    Just saying
    Can momo bauman stop saying “gevalt” and “holy” it takes away from every time someone says something meaningful love the podcast!
  • Fan of meaningful people
    The best
    These podcasts are so amazing!!!
  • Cedahurst
    Go nachi gorden your brother is my neighbor
    It’s just amazing
  • adele17otonof
    Living 4 Liel was wow!!
    This was so moving Thank you so much It left me crying and inspired
  • golden 098
    It’s Yitzchak f
    Hi uncle Yussi
  • foacfmmmbytgfxsnk
    Thank you and important constructive critique
    I have listen to basically all of your podcasts. They are very often insightful, inspirational, and informative. Thank you for all that you do. Recently, however, I listened to Rabbi Haimoff’s podcast. His his story was very moving, but there was one point that he reiterated several times that really bothered me. I too am a mother who lost a child. And I just want to say that I think it is extremely harmful to tell people generally that therapy does not work. Every person grieves differently, and every person needs different support systems in their lives. For some it is their family, their friends, or their rabbi. And yes, for others, such a loss demands consultation with a mental health professional, such as a therapist. I personally have found a therapist who has helped me through the hardest of times. I do not know where I would be without her. It is erroneous to say that therapist look to explain tragedies or solve your problems. That is completely incorrect. Therapist give you healthy tools to be able to manage and cope with your grief. It is extremely important that people hear this, so they do not feel there is a stigma behind seeing a therapist if they choose to do so. Professional mental health treatment, when done right, can enhance someone’s life and even save lives. It would be so important to get this message across to your many listeners. Thank you for reading this, and keep doing great work!
  • Bankmanb72
    Love your podcast!
    I grew up in Yeshiva. I went to Ezra Academy. Rabbi Weinberger was one of my Rebbeim. I’m not religious. But I do believe in Hashem with my whole heart and I do pass Jewish values to my children. Your podcast is refreshing. You cover very in depth topics and mix in humor and keep it light and deep when it needs to be. Keep up your great work. Can you guys try to get Rabbi Weinberger of Aish Kodesh to do a podcast? That would be awesome!!!!! Thanks, Ben
  • debbiem123
    This podcast knocks it out of the park every time. The content is varied and interesting. The hosts are top notch and everything is done in a way that just seems right. There is no cutting corners, no controversy. Just really good content from a really genuine place. Thanks for bringing us good kosher entertainment that is not mind numbing. There are podcasts on here that make me cry, those that make me laugh, and those that make me really think. Just wanted to let you know that your work is really appreciated! Keep it up :) also especially loved the most recent one w Ari
  • Ytfj56
    Beautiful podcast
    I loved it
  • jkli1
    Loved this episode
    Great interview with Dr. Henry Abramson. Thanks for this podcast!
  • @123ezstreet
    More Dr Epstein
    Need to have more Dr Epstein meditations. They’re amazing and really enhance my own chag.
  • Lakewood Follower
    Fabulous, Extra-Ordinary Podcast
    Thank you for this incredible podcast. I have gained so much for the various episodes featured here and greatly look forward to the new releases! Keep up the phenomenal work and impacting the Klal!
  • qwertrgttdy. a fan
    This is amazing every time! Keep up your amazing work giving chizzuk to yidden world wide. I’m sure you guys are trying or tried but pls pls pls!! Try to get Yossi Green on the podcast! Would love to hear what he has to say. Thanks!
  • mpp fan
    Awesome podcast!!
  • zxfb6539
    Meaningful people
    Obsessed with this podcast!!!!!!! It’s always fascinating and exiting!! Keep it up!!!
  • Mommy6Harris
    Great podcast!
    My pre-teen/teen kids love to listen to this podcast, we learn something every time we listen! It gives them and me a broader perspective about Jewish life and opens our eyes to a new perspective/challenge in our own yiddishkeit! I’d love to have an old school way to access the podcast for my boys on kosher flip phones at Yeshiva ! Please let me know!!
  • Kokopopnldhis
    One of my favourite podcasts
    I really enjoy listening to these podcasts. There are so many meaningful and inspiring people on here with interesting stories and great accomplishments.
  • gdjdyebajfns
    Love it!
    Can you please do an interview with More holocost survivors and rebatzin devorah kigel Thank you for the the amazing work that you do Keep it up!
  • SONG!!!!!!!!!!
    Can you do a interview with Shmueli Ungar
  • davidwajsbort
    You should do a interview with yerachmiel begun on the Miami boys choir going viral on tik tok
  • from a regular girl
    Amazing podcast - especially rivky morel
    I enjoy all of the podcasts but I have to give a special shout out to the podcast with rivky morel- what a beautiful, honest and raw episode. I really appreciate when the people you’re interviewing are “regular” people living their daily life. Her story is beautiful and such an inspiration for all
  • Jewishgal
    Best Jewish Podcast
    This podcast deserves way over 5 stars, but since that’s unavailable I’ll do with just 5 for now 😁 I’ve been listening to this podcast for quite some time, and it never ceases to amaze me how Nachi and Momo always find relatable, inspirational, and meaningful topics to discuss. My favorite one so far was the one w Rabbi Bensoussan cuz hey, who’s not a Bensoussan fan 🤩 Keep em coming, MM!
  • Wolfgluck
    Great podcast
    Amazing podcast, I listen to it every week. No need to "double click" or "shout-outs" it's spoiling it, kepp it entertaining and mature. Thank you והוא ישלח במעשה ידיכם ברכה והצלחה. I'm changing my review to five stars. Thank you for improving the show. And now "bridge credit solutions" ad is a lot more tolerable. Thank you Momo!
  • Malka18
    A home run!
    I have learned so much listening to this podcast. So many meaningful people with incredible accomplishments tell their stories. Be ready to laugh, cry and be inspired!
  • Bensoussan fan
  • Republican passionate listener
    This podcast is THE BEST!! How about bringing R’ Yoel Gold on?? He probably has an interesting story and an even more interesting way of relating it 😊. Keep going Nachi and Momo!!
  • smarge1102
    Excellent Podcast
    Wow such interesting and engaging episodes and such good outros! Some people do listen to them
  • a yeshiva student/bachur
    Super good like amazing
    I love your podcast a lot even it gives me chizuk and then some more But here’s the problem I don’t have a smartphone on me all the time due the fact that my yeshiva doesnt allow it so I would appreciate if it would be on a phone number like you know inspiration for the nation has it on sry
  • Mendy & Dena
    Excellent Interviews
    The last couple of Podcasts featuring R’ Naftoli Miller and R’ Bensoussan were arguably 2 of the best you guys have done yet. The one with R’ Bensoussan made me laugh and cry sometimes all at the same time. He was definitely your wittiest guest to date. Keep up the good work and thank you for the great content.
  • Mppfan1123
    Best Podcast EVER!!!
    I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!! Most inspirational content out there!! They are so entertaining and special. Each episode is better than the last!!
  • a thriving yid
    Thank you for giving it to us! I’m such a fan! Online shiurim are incredible and do so much for the Jewish community! Sometimes though it’s difficult to get yourself to sit down for a shiur, and let’s say in the car, an online Shiur often requires more concentration than driving allows you. But what this Meaningful People Podcast uniquely offers is a light, fun, and meaningful outlet... You’ll always learn something new! It’s not dry and it’s not intense... They’re a pleasure to listen to! It’s fun to hear all these cute anecdotes and cool/inspiring stories about a so many of different Jewish people. Every Jew has something to share and it’s awesome to hear a bit!
  • slugbie
    Inspiring episode !
    As always you deliver amazing content, your guests are so real and relatable , I listen to your episodes every Sunday @ 7:30 am on my morning walk. The story about Rabbi Miller’s mom reminding their sons to call their father on his birthday it’s truly heroic and above human nature . Thank you both for all that you do for the Klal and also for every single individual who listens to your interviews , your are truly a power machine !
  • I love Torah!
    MPP is one of my favorites 😊
    Just sooo good.
  • Paranoodle
    #1 Jewish Pod
    Thanks for such a great podcast! Hadta get used to MoMo ngl but both him and Nachi are doing a great job! Seriously look forward to listening (yes, I’m a listener not a viewer haha) every week! Keep ‘em coming!
  • sendmesimcha
    Here is a review for Nachi.
  • Ruchi Koval
    Thank you
    I love listening to this podcast while I go about my day. It’s easy listening but somehow I always feel like I can be a better version of myself when it’s done. You guys are really masterful interviewers.
    Awesome podcast!
    This podcast is fantastic! Let’s make it 5 stars! I have a few suggestions: one of the Bensoussan’s Baruch Levine Shimon and Ruben Kol Yaakov Thank you so much!
  • Paul Rook
    Sruli Besser
    What a powerful message about MI K'amcha Yisroel!!
  • samiamyeah
    Love you guys. Great job!
    Please do a podcast of a so called not meaningful person.
  • Ymp021
    Continue to be original
    I understand that you had to part ways with Langer , and by the way I think Momo is fantastic. Unfortunately you guys keep interviewing the same people and it’s bad for the both of you as you become less original.
  • apsmejdowje
    Great podcast!
    I really enjoy listening!
  • leah friedman
    The go to podcast if you’re looking for inspiration, and want to be entertained. You gain so much through hearing peoples own stories, how they have made decisions, or how they rose up from challenges. Also perfect for when you need a light listen! Thank you so much!!!
  • zack and zusha
    Thank you
    Very interesting
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