Duck Season Somewhere


For 365 days per year, it really is duck season somewhere. Pull up a chair and join host Ramsey Russell, founder of, as he chats with waterfowl hunters, conservationists and storytellers worldwide.  The world is a whole lot bigger than our own backyard, and the real story of duck hunting is about more than just ducks. It's also about people, places, times both past and present. Informal and highly informative, these insightful conversations usually take place on-location at hunting lodges and events throughout the United States and 6 whole continents worth of world, wherever Ramsey's year-round quest for unique duck hunting adventures takes him.

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Recent Reviews
  • bowhunter 19
    Best Hunting Podcast
    Best hunting podcast out there. Great stories from all the guest.
  • RJGriffin
    This is the best
    Best guests and stories.
  • corndog4632
    Very enjoyable podcast. From biology, music, to just killing ducks. This is the only hunting podcast I’ve been able to listen to every episode.
  • Weekender79
    Great Stories
    Ramsey does a great job letting his guests tell their stories and not trying to dominate the conversation with his experiences and opinions. Keep it up!
  • dynogob
    True conservationists!
    Lots of waterfowl podcasts coming online recently but you aren’t going to hear a more genuine diverse take on waterfowl hunting and conservation then this! The diversity of people and places is like no other a podcast I’ve found.
  • bmistic
    Done with politics in duck hunting deleting you podcast
  • 1$JKeethum
    Duck season Somewhere-boss
    Excellent well rounded podcast. Variety of subject matter that all listeners will find extremely interesting. Keep up the good work.
  • jonwills1
    Best Waterfowl Podcast
    Hands down THE BEST waterfowl podcast absolve. Great variety of topics. If you are a duck hunter you need to put this podcast in your library.
  • MichaelWest85
    One of the best waterfowl podcast out there!!!
    I really enjoy your podcast! Just the simplicity of having conversations with fellow duck hunters is what I’m all about! It’s always duck season at my house. Keep them coming
  • kevbooth
    Love the stories
    Story telling is somewhat of a lost art, and Ramsey is master. I love the different take on the culture of duck hunting as a whole, and the differences between those that make up the duck hunters fraternity.
  • Diverfreak Tony
    Ramsey Russel
    When Ramsey Talks you best listen, especially if it’s waterfowl related. He is a plethora of waterfowl knowledge and is an awesome host who knows how to ask the right questions, and gets the answers the audience wants to here and know! Keep up the stellar work Ramsey!
    Good stuff!
    Great to hear these “duck blind conversations” again!
    Ramsey can definitely tell a story!
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