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Six days a week, from Monday through Saturday, the hosts of NPR's All Things Considered help you make sense of a major news story and what it means for you, in 15 minutes. In participating regions on weekdays, you'll also hear from local journalists about what's happening in your community.

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  • Blynnning
    What happened to the integrity of NPR? It’s hard to listen to a podcast and expect honest reporting when it advertises not only an Israeli University, but one in Jerusalem. One can’t claim to show non-bias reporting while talking funding from an oppressive government. That’s like talking about the challenges for those seeking abortion now while listening to an ad declaring abortions are murder.
  • a-fellow-listener
    Guests Need to be Respected
    I feel upset and disappointed after listening to Ari Shapiro’s tone and word choice while interviewing David Simon for the Hollywood writer’s strike episode. These came off to me as disrespectful and unnecessarily hostile. If I’m listening to a guest being interviewed, I want to hear the best of their perspectives brought out by the host giving them the basic dignity that every person deserves. If that basic respect isn’t upheld, I’d rather listen elsewhere.
  • Michael Stice
    It’s great.Why not!
  • B's Bphone
    Journalistic Tone
    I wish this (and other NPR podcasts) would be open to recrafting their tone. There’s a way the hosts/reporters/journalists of their podcast speak to certain guests that is incredibly condescending, leading and sometimes dismissive. It’s easy to tell when the host (especially) Consider This podcast is engaged in the story/content versus when this host asks engages in a manner that’s leading or pitying of the interviewee. It’s so disappointing at times.
  • Aileydude
    Just a great news podcast. Wide array of stories and news!
  • @TheYechGuy
    Great podcast
    This show brings me insight and joy thank you so much
    The Human Race
    If you are going to conduct a survey, then you must give some consideration to relevance of the information you gather to determine if it is worthy evidence. Not all “white” people are the descendants of slave owners. Not all “black” people are the descendants of slaves. Since 1900, we have had a massive immigration into the USA, which continues still. None of those immigrants, were a party to 19th century slavery in California. We are all people, one race, the human race. Clearly, some of us are suffering and compassion is appropriate. If NPR wishes to interview people to gather related opinions, fine; however, please do not categorize our opinions based on the color of our skin.
  • 😉💙🙃
    13 February 2023
    No excuse, for Russia closing access roads to aid and aid workers into the rebel held Syria area. No excuse, for the Syrian government looting and stealing aid monies. No excuse, for humanitarian aid, to come obliviously too late from the Saudi’s and Qatar to save lives. No monies, of course, from Russia. 😢
  • M Liu-S
    Lame resolution
    One star for good ‘intension.’ But could you try a bit harder than sharing your socks and pants resolution? All the rest were equally lame. Make it a new year resolution to be more sincere about what you think is worth reporting, or simply sharing.
  • Kleinias
    Orthodox and insular
    It’s sort of astounding that NPR is actually becoming more ensconced in its bubble. The rigid orthodoxy is only becoming more pronounced and they’ve given up any pretense at all of even paying lip service to different points of view.
  • cbaros31
    Unsubscribing from all NPR shows
    If NPR thinks it’s ok to air the audio of an abortion- the killing of a human life- I won’t be listening to any of their programs ever again. Absolutely disgusting and disturbing. NPR has a clear political bias and their shows reflect that.
  • Mr Majestik
    One sided ‘news.’
    If you want DNC talking points, this is for you.
  • JS from NYC
    one side point of view
    listen to one episode, electoral college - the only discussed one side which is obviously the side that their listeners approve of. What about a deeper look to why it is the way it is? Yes you want majority rule, but we have a republic form govt for reasons. A good podcast would explore both side. Disappointed.
  • TJ Menz
    Monica Gandhi??
    Really disappointed and saddened at todays episode on COVID. To give Monica Gandhi even 1 second of air time, touting her as an “infectious disease expert,” is laughable. She has persistently downplayed COVID and has been wrong every single phase of this pandemic (claiming India had herd immunity prior to deadly COVID wave; giving SEVEN reasons why we don’t need boosters BEFORE delta wave in US; labeling Delta variant as “reassuring;” stating the pandemic will essentially be over by Sep/Oct 2021; falsely stating omicron variant won’t swamp hospitals in vaccinated areas; and on and on…). Where did the quality of reporting/fact checking at NPR go? I don’t need a cheerleader when it comes to COVID, I appreciate sound evidence-based, objective, sound reporting.
  • witchybaddie
    Love it
  • DanaK1297
    Police should support gun control
    If police are so afraid of being outgunned, then they should support gun control. This episode made me so angry. We support bad police behavior. If 400+ armed officers are afraid to confront one gunman, so much so that they allow children to be murdered, that is a problem. If 4+ armed officers are afraid of one “armed” black man they murder him, that is a problem. Police need to quit viewing themselves as heroes and reconsider their place in society and how they can use their voice to protect the public in changing the laws they are sworn to uphold.
  • Killerace3
    It’s sad
    I grew up listing and loving NPR. It’s sad that they’ve given up their integrity and sad to see what they’ve become.
  • TX ATC
    Please tell the whole story.
    Why are you focusing on one person who is in jail for breaking the law when we have other Americans who have not. There are two other Americans, and there is hardly a word. Is it because they are not in the entertainment side of life. So, we are willing to put an entertainer over a business man. Even if he was a Spy, who was he working for? The US? Also, the coverage on the Supreme Court. I disagree with some of the decisions made. I had the same feeling when it was more liberal. Or in your terms, less conservative. (8 liberal and 1 conservative and that would be less conservative). The court has a different view Of the constitution then other people. They say if it’s not there, they it’s not constitutional. I understand that. That means laws need to be change to get something different. That’s it. Let’s move forward and focus on why the Dems can not get anything pass when they hold all three.
  • haleyportillo
    The episode on the Jan 6th
    The woman who was whispering made me uneasy. Like she’s held hostage as she is telling this story… Its very weird how low she’s talking
  • Nyarl de la Thotep
    Vapid values reviewed
    Five stars for the fools who think the pandemic ended a year ago back when they thought it wasn’t even real. In fact ten stars on a five star scale of outworldly fertile self-deception skills. I want a comedy show with this crap but Tucker Carlson is just mentally ill and not at all funny. Thank you for fighting domestic russian stooges with real data instead of the vapors they use.
    A curated exposure to things you missed
    A fantastic way to broaden your knowledge and learn of experiences you do not share
  • NC Art
    Holidays overlapping
    This episode made me feel so hopeful that individuals of different faiths can all speak to same needs for tolerance, recovery and hopefulness. Thanks so much.
  • lasouthern328
    This show has devolved into a liberal partisan show. I’m unsubscribing.
  • New York Democrat
    transgender youth
    No child’s medical care should be weaponized or politicized…. unless apparently you’re talking about the vaccine lol which dems want to mandate… liberals are crazy
  • Modlibrep
    Texas Abortion Episode
    Wow, this wasn’t biased at all… Define irony…. When you run an episode talking about how there is still access to an abortion (granted more difficult) but highlighting the difficulty of getting an abortion COULD get someone killed while an abortion IS the killing of a human being scientifically… Believe in science, not just when it’s convenient or fits your world view. You can make moral arguments for the mother vs infant in specific situations, but you chose not to instead portraying pro life advocates as heartless and morally inferior. This was garbage reporting.
  • BZF12345
    WGBH intro
    This podcast is great but if there’s no WGBH section at the end, just skip it! I don’t need the long intro for them to say they’re taking a day off! They’re good when they’re there but they’re often not and the intro regardless is annoying
  • Old man314159
    Experts call the pandemic a collective trauma…
    Why is thinking of the world an unsafe place considered a disorder? The world is NOT a safe place! Every horror you can imagine is happening to someone right now. We all get hurt. We ALL die! Life is the leading cause of death. Seeing the world as unsafe is simply realistic.
  • mrkit2u
    If you want to hear interviews with people who have interviewed other people about the show's subject, look no further.
  • bl92ud96mu01
    Stop the fearmongering
    I was “done” with the pandemic over a year ago. Stop perpetuating this nonsense. Oh and figure out my politics … I support felony charges for the unvaccinated for entering publicly accessible buildings, support zero exemptions, think Biden is a senile imbecile, think Trump needs to be charged with treason (and executed publicly if found guilty) for January 6th. I’m also sick of being discriminated against for passing 7th grade science so that we can coddle politically and scientifically illiterate Facebook warriors.
  • hazelbnr
    The Left?
    NPR is an arm of corporate Democratic propaganda. Period! The real Left believes in bodily autonomy, and freedom of speech. If NPR speaks the truth they will lose their funding. Defund mainstream media. Yes, NPR is part of that club. Funded by Zuckerbuck’s as one reviewer succinctly phrased it😐
  • Bart.Alan
    Defund NPR
    Zuckerbucks can fund this opinion outlet from this point forward.
  • had fox taken over npr?
    great episode
    Terrific episode - I especially appreciated the fact-checking of Manchin’s claims and the recognition that extreme weather caused/ exacerbated by climate change is hugely expensive. Great reporting!
    Trauma porn
    Like all media, essentially trauma porn, but npr is the worst culprit
  • One ok rock fan
    NPR is liberal biased trash. Everyday I listened over the past 2 years, they continuously slant stories and load them emotionally to manipulate the audience toward a FAR LEFT MARXIST and selfish worldview. They are almost as awful as the FAKE NEWS LYING NY TIMES and CNN and MSNBC. Avoid this if u want unbiased news because this is FAR LEFT PROPAGANDA
  • OuiChef!
    What I Want to Know
    Somehow the makers of this show hit the nail on the head every single time. How I do not know but now I’m hooked. This is one I TRUST to be insightful, to the point, and thoughtful. Relevant. Compelling.
  • Klenarto
    Great podcast
    Highly recommend!
  • BRsuckssofar
    Need more diversity
    Love the podcast, but it seems like the vast majority of episodes are about covid, vaccines, cases, treatments, biden. Let’s get back to random episodes on interesting events and ideas?
  • thimsciv
    Helping make sense of headlines
    That is what you are calling what you are doing? Your not helping people or bringing them together your making the gaps bigger by sending you one sided opinions out into the world Allow people to think for themselves and not push them into your agenda direction Really bad podcast
  • EricDLock
    Show: Wisdom from the top
    I dunno. Seems pretty tone deaf of NPR to create a show that valorizes the 1%. Don’t they have enough? They already own most of the planet; their money commands our daily deference. What, they now need our fawning adulation as well? I’ll pass.
  • MGovro
    Consider This
    I listen because opinions are like LOL and this is where I can listen without opinions. Questions, thoughts, intelligent content.
  • Umann51
    Great show!
    Love the content and the info!
  • AlejandroKhan
    I listen most every day in the car, and NPR’s reporting is garbage. There are times when it’s just too much, and I ride in silence. I never trust anything they say.
  • Aquad82
    Get rid of the local news at the end
    It doesn’t add much value and I’m not listening to this podcast for it. Also, recently, it’s been the same local news report everyday.
  • Mooj58
    Always informative
    Always informative and brief
  • BeckyLou1983
    Deep Dive
    I pair this podcast with Up First, so I get a review of the major news stories on Up First, then a deeper dive on the lead story via Consider This. Super helpful and really high quality journalism.
  • Zozobutt
    Kudos to Audie Cornish!!
    Thank you for asking tough questions to Biden's state dept for the hasty reckless withdrawal of our troops to Afghanistan.
  • BlissHouse
    Well done!
    I appreciate the deep dive into the issues, helping me understand them better.
  • Marqueadean
    No more bonus episodes
    Please, for the love of Scott Simon, stop posting full episodes of other podcasts on the weekend. If I want to listen to something else, I’ll subscribe to it.
  • JonesE3
    Why is the same adoption clip playing nightly for a week? 🤬
  • Loganfool
    You rehash things that I’ve already been on every media platform in the world. This is not reporting. This is not giving information. This is taking somebody else’s work and reading it to your audience. You’re copying off of somebody else’s paper.
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