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Welcome to the official podcast of TFLtruck, the most popular online destination for truck news, views and real world reviews! If you love everything about modern and classic trucks, we have you covered here.

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  • michael_tofu
    Great automotive podcast
    Please keep this podcast going! Enjoy the normal (real) conversations they have. They don’t sound like scripted robots and they cover excellent topics
  • Joe R from PNW
    Best podcast episode ever
    Guys - Just wanted to say that your episode on ‘The Best Engines for 1/2 trucks’ was fantastic. Listened to it 3 times. Wished it was longer and was sad when it ended . You guys just nailed it.
  • Alchemist2431
    Always interesting and informative...
    Very enjoyable conversational style. Just listened to the first part of their podcast on where some car manufacturers are going wrong. I couldn’t agree more - particularly with their opinions on brands like Cadillac (that they should bring back nameplates rather than stupid unintelligible number text combinations). A consistently good listen.
  • BrianBas
    Great podcast for people that actually USE a truck
    I have been following TFL on YouTube for a few years and this is a great way to listen to their reviews while I’m driving. My favorite casters are Andre and Tommy. Most comments from casters share pragmatic insights. Why does Roman seem so unhappy???
  • Davis0044
    Keep it up!!
    Keep up the great work, I look foward to listening to this weekly!!! It helps the work day go by a little bit better!
  • dismandatlovesgames
    Great Great Great Great Great Podcast
    You guys are all well informed on trucks and it is very entertaining to listen to. Keep up the Great Great work.
  • Samijaziz
    Best unbiased review
    This is a very detailed unbiased review of new truck
  • The X Dark Knight
    Love the Guys
    This is an awesome podcast, keep up the good work guys
  • Spencer from MN
    Great Podcast
    The guys at TFL have taken their great level of detail and knowledge from their YouTube page to a podcast. Very well researched. Shout out to Andre. IMO one of the best in the industry at both entertainment as well as informative.
  • Vlade31
    Great show for truck people!
    If you love trucks, whether it’s towing or off-roading, this is the podcast for you!! These guys have a great YouTube channel. I have been watching them for years!
  • 94 LC
    Great stuff!
    I have been a follower for 8 years and I am happy to be able to download and listen when I am out in the woods.
  • drj3141
    TFL Now in Podcast Format!!
    I love TFL’s YouTube videos and these podcasts are a great companion to them. It’s nice because they have more time to fill in details and let us know more about the hosts as people. Keep up the great work 👍
  • CommonSynths
    Love the YouTube channel but the podcast may even be better
    I gotta start by saying that the YouTube channel has always been great and TFL does a wonderful job of showcasing different tricks and educating us on their features. The collective knowledge of the hosts is incredible and they’ve taught me a bunch and answered a lot of my questions about certain things. That’s what they do best and I think that the podcast is an even better format for doing so. In visual mediums, they don’t have the luxury of being able to opine on topics for very long. In a podcast, they can take a bit more time to explore concepts further. I think that this is a great opportunity for TFL to take deep dives on subjects and so far they have been knocking it out of the park. I’m looking forward to more in the future.
  • Roadtrip guy
    When I can’t watch I listen
    I’ve been a huge fan of the show for the last 5 years all the channels they have are great to watch especially when your searching for a certain vehicle because 10-1 they have reviewed it. And now I can listen on my way to work while I sit in traffic, this is amazing! My favorite YouTube channel is now available to listen at my convenience, finally some good news in all this craziness. Keep up the good work guys.
  • Scarlett_Eve_24
    Thanks guys for doing this podcast, I have a long commute every day and was always saying I wish you guys had a podcast. Was wondering if you guys could do an episode on like what your first trucks were and maybe what got you so into cars and trucks growing up. Maybe discuss some of your favorite years of particular trucks? Just some ideas but again this is awesome guys!
  • Nate DeO
    I was just looking for pod casts the other day on here and out of nowhere you guys drop your first episode and it was awesome, and the 2nd just as good. Love learning more about trucks, towing, and such. Great YouTube channel, great podcast. Best thing to listen to while riding down the road in my F-150!
  • Bienfang84
    I think you guys need to slow down. Take a vacation. You are doing way to much too fast. I don’t want you guys to get burnt out. We love you guys. If you miss a day with no video or no podcast, I promise we will all still watch and listen to everything.
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