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Former NBA Draft analyst Chad Ford gives passionate NBA Draft fans a deeper look into what makes the NBA Draft one of the most exciting and puzzling events in pro sports. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

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  • Nique4567
    Draft Intel
    Been following Chad Ford’s fantastic draft work since his ESPN days. So happy he provides such extensive and thoughtful info on all prospects you should know about. Frequent guest Tony Jones is AWESOME!!!
  • Michael Pd.
    Please No More Tony Jones
    This is the first review I have ever left on a podcast. I can’t do it anymore. Somebody has to tell Chad. Tony Jones provides nothing to the podcast. Regurgitated opinions galore! Nothing “insider-esque” contributed. Please Chad.
  • 1009926144189363uu
    Platitudes and generalities abound
    Go figure that Professor Ford would talk in ephemeral circles while talking in vagaries. Super affable. Produces content routinely. As an aside, frequent guest Tony Jones the sort of analyst that compares Keith van Horn, Croshere, Hansborough, allll to Larry Bird.
  • RichPano
    Who’s better than Chad Ford??
    Chad does a great job breaking the game of NBA Draft prospects.
  • bkraver
    Ford > Wasserman > Sam V > Trump > Draft Express
    ESPN never should have let go of Chad Ford
  • Ffccjopvc
    Analysis is trash
    He just talks in circles most of the time and doesn’t watch the prospects in person and you can tell.. I was done when he said Kuminga could be Paul George. Kuminga is more like al Farouq aminu . Does Chad Ford even watch basketball ? His takes are outrageous and should be stopped
  • Oafan
    Skipped Cleveland
    Fans of every team listen but you skipped from Chicago to Atl. Atl had just as terrible a record as Cleveland.
  • Rooss34
    Entertaining but
    I really enjoy listening to Chad talk about the prospects and the way NBA teams may view them, but I really don’t like the way he does his “big board”. Ranking it based on where teams generally may be drafting guys given his contacts is a great way to both avoid any criticism for getting his evals wrong and also avoid telling us any actual details about the specific interests of any specific team. Take a risk Chad, tell us what you honestly think about each player.
  • Draftfan41
    Where did you go?
    I feel like draft season is now upon us and no new pods and no real announcement. I have been waiting to hear how you and Ryen Russillo’s draft emded up.
  • Mr. T WISC to Houston
    You’ll be missed, Chad, much Respect
    You’ve got a ton of character. I hope to be able to follow you in some capacity, you’re inspiring.
  • carlosAsplin
    The podcast is over
    I loved it while it lasted, all the best to you Chad!
  • badgerball777
    Good pod
    Love John Hollinger on the pod
  • likebike27
    Most recent pod was the best intro to any pod I’ve ever listened to. Thank you for it.
  • iamreptar808
    Black Lives Matter
    The intro to your latest episode brought me to tears. We all need more compassion and humanity thank you for all that you do with your platform to make the world a better place ❤️
  • Celtics Quan
    One of my favorite pods
    This is my first podcast review and I am proud for it to be this one. Chad is a knowledgeable guy and a true class act, much love and appreciation to you for what you do! This pod is awesome for nba fans and perfect for nba draft junkies 😂
  • C122437
    Loved chad and you as a duo
    You guys bounce off each other so well. Loved Chad unknown stories.
  • CoachFord301
    So glad Chad is back BUT
    I’ll buy a case of built bars if Chad stops pretending to eat one mid show. Everything else is tremendous.
  • Brad6670
    Great pod pairing.
    Ford and Hollinger.... Pitt and Clooney.... Vaughn and Favreau.... peanut butter and jelly.....
  • BC23&
    Chad is the best
    It is great to have Chad back.
  • poxyank
    Lovely weedyness
    If you want to dive deep, jump in now.
  • BMR50
    Good guests, questionable host
    I love the pod because of the guests with Hollinger and KOC. They're probably two of my three favorite guys in all of the nba media behind Lowe. They bring terrific insight and Chad does at times too. But his history of altering his draft rankings after the season had began to make himself look better is worrying. I hope it isn't true cuz Chad seems like a good guy.
  • FosterDad38
    I like the pod and listening to the analysis and his guest he has brought on. I’m just torn about the reports that he went back and retroactively changed his draft rankings to improve his image while at ESPN. Struggling with this
  • stevejac002
    2016 pod
    Enjoy the pod, I was listening to the 2016 Pod and Hollinger said Sabonis got shut down against SMU. But Sabonis has 20 and 16 and was 9-14 from the field. I don’t understand how he got shut down.
  • knicks93-94
    Re-draft pod?
    Isn’t this what Chad did over the years at ESPN. Re-doing his drafts over the years to make himself look better? Chad fords conflict/resolution Class 101 Conflict: I get my picks wrong! Resolution: I’ll retroactively change my rankings to look better!
  • zdotcald
    People don’t forget
    We know what you did!!
  • mango123445789
    Fun pod
    Locked on getting better and better content
  • photodude83
    Redrafts are quality podcasts
    Listened to the 2014 redraft. Solid podcast episode. One thing missing was a recap of their redraft selections at the end.
  • gr8trthan
    Great stuff I think what’s forgotten at times is leading up to the draft the buzz around these guys which at the time some see like great picks, but like you said situation matters.
  • Rasheed Sulaimon
    Great to have Chad back!
    He’s the best in the business. Enough said.
  • Stockton5282078012
    I want to be Chad Ford
    He’s awesome. Thanks for doing this podcast.
  • jdrdr111
    Chad Ford is a fraud
    He went back and edited his old mock drafts to make himself look better. Pathetic.
  • roosterfreak
    Love it
    Great pod!
  • Zesfrexli
    Top-tier podcast!
    Been loving the redraft series so far. It’s much more meaningful than other redrafts since Chad and John have direct experience with the NBA draft and have insight that only comes from being legitimately involved in the scouting and research.
  • OJPM Screamer
    Just listened to the redraft episode and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great choice on bringing on Hollinger. Keep these coming!
  • GSWFan30
    Chad Ford is back!!
    Great time for Ford to return to the NBA Draft scene! For a decade and a half Ford pioneered and led the online draft and mock draft coverage for ESPN. Awesome to have him back!!
  • thegridlife
    Was hoping for some actual draft talk and less virus talk.
  • AppA44ict
    Chad Ford, my hero
    Ok not really but sort of. You know he’s a great NBA / scouting mind...but did you know he’s a Conflict Resolution (assistant) professor? IN HAWAII? THIS IS HIS SIDE HUSTLE! This 5-star review is of Chad, not the pod. Incidentally I imagine the pod will be 5-star worthy too.
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