Stand-Up #16

StraightioLab is an intellectual podcast where smart comedians George Civeris and Sam Taggart unpack the rich, multi-colored tapestry of straight culture. In each episode, George and Sam are joined by a guest to hold a MIRROR to society and finally get to the BOTTOM of mysterious and perverse topics such as college fraternities, gender reveal parties, the military, themed restaurants, and the concept of "the holidays." Scared? Good.

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  • whatevrr123
    This glamour girl lives to listen to this podcast
  • simplebee2
    Listening and learning
    As a a lifelong learner, I learn so much from every episode
  • emshogan
    The Podcast Review Earnestness Bonanza
    When I look back at my time in quarantine, I will remember Straightiolab as one of the brighter lights in a kinda isolating and unfunny time. I don’t know how they do it, but George and Sam truly make the hour spent with them feel so personal and comfortable not to mention HILARIOUS. I’ve literally cried laughing while listening to it in the car multiple times. They’ve also introduced me to so many amazing comedians I would’ve never known without them (Jay Jurden, Nori Reed, Ayo Edebiri, etc). I want to personally thank you two for your amazing podcast and I know that I will continue to listen and be a proud Glamour Gurl ☺️❤️
  • luxurytrash
    Dripping with Irony
    I still don’t understand the premise of this podcast and I truly do not care to. Sam and George never take themselves seriously and it’s absolutely amazing. The guests always bring a new energy that changes things up but I have never laughed harder in public at the most insane, out-of-left-field discourse.
  • grace l xx
    this podcast is my life blood #thanksobama for bestowing on Sam & George the best new artist in the podcast category of the presidential medal ceremony
  • Ra Yen
    Glamour girls are ageless
    When Glamour Girl goes wrong…
  • u wish u knew who i was
    Intelligence by Osmosis
    Sometimes I wonder about the direction of this podcast, most likely because George and Sam are clearly self conscious about it and draw a lot of attention to it, but I somehow leave each episode having laughed aloud oodles (rare since the divorce) and with a greater capacity for making others laugh. My texts? Funnier. My Tinder profile? So funny it’s off-putting. I discovered this podcast last week and have already listened to every episode and looked up both hosts’ boyfriends on Twitter. Thank you, George and Sam.
  • dumb somewhat girl
    I love that months in it seems like none of the guests have bothered to listen to the podcast and have no idea what’s going on whenever a segment is brought up. The confusion around, and subsequent chastising by Sam and George, during straight shooters every single time is priceless.
  • yes, i listened
    Thanks for living out loud
    liking things is embarrassing, so i am only interested in this podcast
  • LlamaLlamaAlpaca
    Filling the "Seek Treatment" Shaped Hole in My Heart
    They have all the same guests too!
  • bolt_alec_jean
    Horny but prude forever :)
    As a diehard fan of the Las Cultch/Seek Treatment universe, I absolutely love this podcast and for the life of me do not understand why forever dog is dragging their goddamn heels with not producing this show. Especially in the wake of Las Cultch leaving for BMP?!? So bizarre! Not to give notes or anything, but I would die for George to do a deep dive on the straightness that is the Greek-American novelist Jeffrey Eugenides. Specifically The Marriage Plot. Do the reading Sam! It’s actually very juicy and riveting even.
  • matteverhart
    Live Laugh Lobotomy
    I genuinely get excited for Tuesdays now because that means I get to laugh with my sisters George and Sam for an hour. The Ana Fabrega episode is required listening. One of the bright spots in this current hellscape we live in ❤️
  • Jo cald(her)one
    flashes of wit ?
    As a San Antonian, I loooooove to hate this!
  • sophie15753
    Podcast kings
    Straightiolab is the only podcast *about* podcasts... not how to make a podcast or deep dive into the podcast industry, but a dialectical critique of the “podcast” as an art form—its role in the culture industry, it’s accordances and boundaries. Keep up the great work boys, podcast starts now.
  • Stheranaya
    So funny!!
    Just started listening and have laughed out loud to myself like a crazy person.
  • AlexanderOwen
    Thank GOD for George and Sam and the gang. A++
  • aa. nddyyy
    So underrated!
    George and Sam make me laugh laugh laugh every day and somehow make this terrible scary blip of time tolerable
  • rightofjupiter
    Thank goddess
    My newest & funniest coping mechanism, so funny, charming, & queer af
  • mynameistakenimpisseditsrare
    It is the best podcast. Sam and George are great together. Always laughing!!!
  • ExpectsWholeAlbum
    Chicest or chiquest
    The chiquest lobotomy
  • graceg1234
    i love this podcast
    in deep romantic love with this podcast. i laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh
  • Unwavering Fan
    It would be impossible for this podcast to be any funnier.
  • 777mph777
    Ok podcast review starts now
    Not to be dramatic but I would die for George and Sam and if this podcast were to ever cease to exist I genuinely don’t know how I would get by. Justice for I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry xoxo
  • ASM_IV
    Straight Shot to my Heart!
    After bingeing las culturistas and seek treatment for the past year I was in a deep depression spiral with no podcast to bring me out. And then the good Lorde saw fit to bring me StraightioLab!! George and Sam and geniuses. And sexy with a capital S-E-X-Y! The guests are amazing. I can't wait to finish the pod and get caught up!
  • Musicluvr1991
    Love these boyz
    Love these boyz
  • J Wolf C
    These sisters are chaotic gays and we love
  • KaitlinJeanHunt
    Shout out to Straightiolab podcast!!!! You are so funny and you make me laugh!!!! Also shout out to laughing!!!
  • kangaroos!
    Thank u
    This podcast fills the void in my heart that seek treatment left
  • sudokuandpods
    A great way to screen potential friends
    I love this podcast. I cannot get enough. I’ve decided I’m going to screen potential friends by making them listen to an episode and getting their reaction...if they’re not completely obsessed, they’re out of my life for being dumb and lacking humor.
  • daisydaesch
    Actually Smart
    At the end of one episode, George says “OK” in the exact tone and inflection that Jad Abumrad does in the RadioLab intro. Clearly intentional and brilliant.
  • ielephanta
    Good stuff
    you know, I’ve really come around to Sam and George
  • JimTurner
    Happy for the guests Eric and Steven
    Didn’t like Sam or George, but I love Eric Schwartau and Steven Phillips-Horst.
  • pod8967
    Love the hosts but the guests are pretty unfunny w some exceptions. Take a note from Seek Treatment— they will just ignore their guests’ boring bits and steamroll through to do their own funny thing. Don’t lose your voices just because an unfunny guests come on!
  • M.K.J.
    Well well well...
    Kevin James IS actually hot. Thank you Sam!
  • Obsooooosed
    Just a full yes to this podcast. Addicted.
  • Billeigh724
    The Chuck and Larry of it all
    As soon as I saw this weeks title about Wearing Pajama Pants, I lost it. I also offer up this idea if anyone needs a topic going forward: wearing underwear under your bathing suit. Huge fan of the pod!
  • Whyioughtta1
    A fun find!
    Discovered via the Matt Rogers episode and I’m sticking around!
  • Tyler_McCabe
    Honestly the best
    I’m addicted, literally every beat of every episode is so funny
  • The Dubious D
    Straight Shooters
    I love this podcast. Wish straight shooters was a longer segment! It's so good. Also sam is right - corporate settings are unfortunately erotic
  • AppleUser83
    Flashes of wit but it all seems like an inside joke that I’m not privy to. I might be missing some of nuances since I don’t live in New York tho.
  • daviscollins
    What a perfect show! The only thing I can think to suggest is that there’s a glaring lack of Chuck and Larry discourse. I need more discussion around that topic.
  • Amy M A
    My favorite quar listen
    This podcast has brought me so much joy right now. The Ayo, Ike, and Bowen episodes are particular standouts, but it’s worth listening to every episode. The best thing about the show is that hosts George Civeris and Sam Taggart are so adept at matching the tone, comedy and conversation to the vibe of their guests, without losing their own very distinct sensibility.
  • MissChemi
    5 Starz
    Obsessed. You two are hilarious joy loves of my life in quar.
  • miranda's fur baby
    thanks for being u
    gorgeous use of my time between casper commercials. picture Marianne Williamson’s best debate performance, multiply by Fergie shrugging off peeing onstage.
  • Michael =)
    Good job
    Thoughts and prayers for George’s hole
  • tyler elise
    Better than sex*!
    *simulated between Kevin James and Adam Sandler So good though.
  • dudecyber01
    Better Than School
    Sam and George show up to drop knowledge, even if you don’t.
  • BenjaminFranklinsDaughter
    5 Stars
    The perfect podcast!
  • AmyAmyAmy!!!
    Came for the monogram stayed for the Straight
    Just listened to my first episode yesterday and now I have been going through all their classics & greatest hits, which apparently is every episode. Whoever leaked their podcast, we thank you. You can tell Sam & George really mesh well & enjoy talking to each other. Easily going with the flow when one or other decides to do a bit/parody of themselves with-in the context of the episode. Its very natural & in the moment. Unpolished & funny. Also listening to their guests getting mixed into their style & conversations has been great.
  • cgrimaldi
    Amazing how many things this is: smart, funny, COUNTER cultural, REGULAR cultural, toxic, yet antiseptic, science, but also the humanities are here. Shallow but also deep. It really proves things can be more than one thing. Really something amazing.
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