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Dr. Mindy is a women's hormones and fasting expert, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and a mission-fueled woman here to teach you just how powerful your body was made to be. The Resetter Podcast explores to empower you with knowledge, tools, and science on all aspects of health and wellness through meaningful conversations with some of the most brilliant minds that walk this earth. New episodes are released every Monday.

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  • chelbellwell
    March 18 episode
    Absolutely can relate. Thank you for your authenticity & integrity!!!
  • Finding menopausechill
    So helpful
    Love this so much. Please tell me where to go for how to honor aging hormones. Menopause help needed!!!
  • diamond3878
    Best Podcast EVER!
    Mindy! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! So grateful for your wisdom and curious playful spirit! Your genuine heart to help heal our world is truly beautiful! This is BY FAR my favorite pod cast I have ever listened to. So diverse, so content rich, WITH application! I can not get enough! Thank you Mindy! 💜💜💜
  • lsmith6520
    Thank You!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and having such informative guests on your podcast. You are a wealth of information. I am left with one thing that I am not sure has been covered. Is it possible to not need any hormones when we reach menopause? I have been experimenting with fasting for three years now and I take no medication and don’t feel like my hormones are off yet (I am early 50’s). Is it possible to not need meds? I feel like every podcasts talks about getting hormones right and I keep feeling like I should find something wrong with my blood work to fix, but what if nothing appears broken!?
  • Laura Fatt
    It’s confusing out there, but I ONLY TRUST DR. MINDY
    Now that I’m 42, I am beginning to take back control of my health and is just starting to eat healthy, following F.L.A.G. protocol in accordance to my hormones, & letting go of my sugar addiction, literally recently, right after the Superbowl LVIII Party. Listening to this, nah, I’m not going to do any of that FOOD CLOTHING STUFF, too risky for me. I’m enjoying Dr. Mindy’s protocol for hormone feasting instead. I still want my autophagy, & break my fast with the right amount of carb, fat & protein as shown in FLAG book. Hush, I listened to Dr. Gundry too, but I just got confused. In fact, I don’t know what to eat anymore, if I follow his teaching. I mean I live in a small town, with only Safeway as a go to place and Walmart is quite some distance from where I live. I AM CONFIDENT IN DR. MINDY’s TEACHING. I am currently enjoying hormone feasting food from Dr. Mindy’s book being in my 11th-15th day of cycle. Finished reading her book on Feb 10th, Superbowl Week and now following the book like a Bible or Encyclopedia.
  • Ohioboymom
    Foul language
    She might have some wisdom, in fact both of you have useful wisdom ,but I didn’t appreciate using the F word when it wasn’t necessary at all. It’s actually not professional at all in case you both dont know it! So please be considerate and don’t use foul language . Thank you!
  • 2011370Z
    Outstanding Episode
    This was a very thought provoking and energizing episode. I really wanted to listen to it and absorb the information that Dr Mindy lovingly presented so I had to listen to it over 3 days. I’m glad I did and look forward to revisiting it again this week. It really resonated with me to “disappoint” someone (I’m totally paraphrasing this incorrectly-please listen to the episode) and to put myself as a priority. Wow. Thank you so much Dr Pelz. I’m 64 and have been energized by your presence since October. Although I was somewhat fit and very active I felt stuck in that I wanted to feel physically better. I don’t like to focus on weight as the be all and end all BUT on my weekly visit to my scale this morning I have lost 10 pounds since October and my fat% has decreased from +30% to -26%. My muscle has kept the same right around 80 pounds. What the fasting lifestyle has done for me is reset my hunger hormone. Before-I was hungry all morning long and working out (running or cycling) only made it worse. Now I workout (another word that I’m not a big fan of) right around the 12 hour point of my daily fast. This has been a game changer. I’m no longer hounded by that stupidity hunger. These words are only the tip of the lifestyle iceberg! Thank you so much Dr Pelz for introducing and guiding me on this new road!
  • Sharon Surita
    First time successful at IF
    I’ve tried intermittent fasting several times before and either stopped because of blood sugar drops or too low of BMI. With Dr Mindy’s easy to follow book, I finally have made it through a complete cycle. Looking forward to seeing what this journey brings for myself and my clients.
  • ShawsFlat
    Amitay Eshel’s Presentation on Aging & Skin Care
    This presentation was very informative. I learned a lot about light and the role of the skin as we age. Very helpful. Thank you!!
  • great app to learn guitar on
    Love Dr Pelz
    Dr Mindy Pelz is such an amazing gift to women’s health!! I can’t get enough of her! Thank you so much for being such a great resource for women
  • 02124 DL
    Thank you
    Dr. Mindy is teaching me so much about menopause and taking control of my health. Thank you for choosing to share all that you have learned with the rest of us.
  • Marilyn558
    Thanks forever
    Love Mindy and hope she is learning to enjoy her success. Take a vacation and try to forget the rest of the world for a while. Life is too short to worry about everyone else and put your happiness in front of everything else. Thanks for saving my life physically now I am learning how to heal my emotions from my childhood and make smarter decisions. When our grown children don’t need our support it only shows how successful we have raised them to deal with their own problems. We should be proud of that because we won’t be here forever.
  • Nbs93555
    Always interesting and insightful
    The casts are the average so as Dr Mindy says it’s on you for your health. I am 60 and just stopped menstruating with zero symptoms, but that might be because I started the “fast like a girl” lifestyle. 30 pounds lighter and loving life! Keep up the great work.
  • Mountain-bound 23
    Binging on Mindy!
    I learned about you and your podcast when you were on Melissa Made’s podcast and got hooked! Learning so much and enjoy your guests and your expert knowledge. Keep it up!! Love love!
  • clelabeagley
    Cycle syncing
    I absolutely love your podcast and your books! There is one thing I have never hear you talk about tho, cycle syncing. How does it work and can it make you have a late or early period? Your amazing and I love following your fasting guides, they have helped me a ton ♥️
  • Increasing my knowledge
    Nancy Levin episode
    I just love listening to you interview someone. The thoughtful and thought provoking questions. Really interesting and I definitely can relate to this episode. Both of you are so easy to listen to and excited to be speaking to each other and the audience. Thank you!
  • Cbgilling0508
    Needed this info!
    Dr. Mindy brings so much great information especially for us women! I am constantly sharing this podcast with people I meet and women in my life. (I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor so have health Conversations frequently.) I did go get a blood test done because I am 40 and was curious where my levels are. I honestly thought I was in perimenopause due to all The symptoms I have, but all my levels were fine! Although, my testosterone was 20 and I am curious what a healthy range is. I am working with a hormone clinic and the nurse said that was really low (especially with how active I am ) and probably causing my symptoms. I’m now taking testosterone orally, but I am super curious if that’s the best option. I would love more information on TRT options, and I know that fasting is one of them.
  • KatieB1234567
    Love it.
    Love it
  • TessaJFlo
    Dr. Pelz is sensational!
    Since I have found Dr. Pelz and her podcast, I cannot stop listening. Her work is truly amazing and her spirit and personality are so captivating. These podcasts have been packed with so much education and knowledge for someone like me who is breaking into the science/nutrition world. Thank you for all of your beautiful work and dedication to this field, Dr. Pelz!!!!
  • c7angel
    Superior science!
    Dr Mindy has such a way with explaining the science with humor, grace, passion and expertise. I just eat up each and every episode!
  • Cíntiamarques
    The Epicentre of Chronic Disease, and your Microbiome
    Two years ago, tired of feeling horrible with gut issues, I decided to take matters into my own hands and heal myself (since I couldn’t find much support with my regular Doctors). I started listening to many health podcasts, and came across your interview at the genius podcast. I was instantly hooked! I bough your book and dove head first into fasting, which has completely changed my life for the best! I love listening to you and all the guests on your podcast, but nobody has touched my heart as much as Zach Bush. I grew up in a small town in Brazil of a farmer family. And I witness my grandparents struggling to keep their holistic farming practices, due to the “modernization” and use of round ups. I, then, did not understand the implications of the use of pesticides, but my grandfather used to tell me that it was a way of “killing man”. In retrospect, he was right. Zach has ignite a fire within me to want to be part of a change. I am thankful for his work, and may he keep showing up to the world with such genuine passion. Cíntia Marques
  • november fall
    So much information!
    I am a bit late discovering this wonderful doctor! She is so inspirational!! Provides us with such great info with great guests! Great podcast to listen to on my walks! I AM A FAN!!!
  • Leahkdorsey
    As a nursing student in my 20s this podcast really inspires me to take women’s health so seriously. In a field where we are known to take care of others but not ourselves, I’m continually inspired to practically work on my habitual health so that I can be an educator to my patients.
  • smashinash17
    I do enjoy this podcast, however there are so many commercials, which I find rather obnoxious.
  • Recess Girl
    Loved this episode.
    My biggest takeaway is that if you care about what you create, people will reap the benefits. It certainly makes me think about where something is sourced. I want to try these products from Kauai Farmacy for sure!!
  • woodencrackers
    Game Changer!
    Literally, a life changing podcast when put into practice. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom! You have helped not only me, but my family as well. I am spreading the word. Thanks again Dr Mindy!
  • NW Cowgirl
    Powerful Information
    Dr. Mindy breaks things down into very understandable steps. Her information is life changing. If everyone followed her advice…we could drain the medical and pharmaceutical complex.
  • Licciardone72
    Great info- please don’t yell!
    I love the info and following her on instagram and books. I try to listen to the podcast more but she starts to yell. Please work on that to make it easier to listen to! Back away from the mic maybe.
  • starfish74
    Good podcast but Alzheimer’s episode not helpful
    I like this podcast generally, But I found the episode with Dr Bredeson, about Alzheimer’s) to be utterly overwhelming and ultimately not helpful. It was a tremendous amount of information, and it wasn’t till the end that they announced what you can do to start prevention or treatment, when he announced his site. I went to the site, and indeed he offers two programs, one for people without symptoms and one for people with. The one for people with symptoms (myself) is almost a grand a month! I can’t afford that, so it was unbelievably depressing and I was left with a bigger feeling of helplessness than I was before I listened to the episode.
  • jilliansmith.rd
    A game changer!
    Dr. Mindy’s podcast is an absolute game changer because once you start listening, you will not want to stop listening. Every episode is not only informative, but educational and you know what you are getting is reliable information. Listening to the Resetter Podcast is something you need to add to your weekly routine!
  • Pasha Bersano
    Solid Info
    Really helpful information!
  • JellyBeans234
    #171 Reclaim your Journey as a Woman w/ Kelly Brogan
    I am astounded at how much I resonates with the message Kelly Brogan brought! I am on the cusp of entering my journey into Menopause. My body has suddenly been aggressively telling me that something is wrong. So as I am taking the necessary steps to discover this, I was given the thought while listening, “Body, I will take care of you. I hear you and trust me to take care of you” The peace that ensued was overwhelming. I felt a shift occur as I spoke these words out loud that my body trusts me to care for it. Thank you for this gift!
  • Doug and Kate
    Zach Bush interview - Wow!
    My wife, Kate, and I have been listening to your podcast for a few years (and had dinner with you both in DC). Your persistently informative and useful content has made a big difference in our lives, and we’re so grateful for that. This Zach Bush interview moved me to tears. His “call to arms” needs to be amplified through every legislature and Governors’ offices in our country. We’ll be donors to his great cause. Thank you, again. Our best, Doug and Kate
  • hantique3
    I can’t believe how much I have learned about myself from your podcast. I have been doing a deep dive into my health lately and using intermittent fasting & low carb in intervals. I have a question for you Dr. Mindy - I am a 29 yo female, 13 months postpartum (I had two kids 18 months apart) (still breastfeeding), had gestational diabetes twice, 5ft3in 135lbs, & my cholesterol is considerably high. Usually above 250’s. Is there a fasting/diet rhythm that might help my body control my cholesterol better. The physician I am seeing is recommending meds. Family history of heart disease/heart attacks/diabetes is strong.
  • Jbrand95
    AMA/ Love
    Love your show, Dr. Mindy, and hearing your insightful advice/learning a little more each listen. I love the AMA episodes and have a question of my own. I am a 27 year old female with a history of PCOS and have been on a hormonal birth control in some form since my teenage years. I also suffer from anxiety and depression, for which I was prescribed Paroxetine and took for 4-5 years. I’ve been moving away from traditional bandaid medicine, toward more natural/alternative management strategies and have discontinued both the SSRI as well as the hormonal birth control after having considered the current side-effects vs. the benefits and the long-term adverse effects of these medications. I train muscle and cardio 2-3 times a week and have tried to slowly transition to an anti-inflammatory diet style. My question is— How can I eat/supplement in order to manage BOTH my mental health and PCOS? Thank you for your wealth of knowledge and all you do for your female community!
  • Laurenjoyous
    Always topping herself
    Just when I think Dr. Mindy can’t produce a better podcast episode, she goes and does it again. Well done!! 💪🏼🙏🙌🏽
  • Pam Pam Chap
    A must-listen for all of us “hormone illiterate” women
    I’ve learned so much about myself as a woman from this podcast. My husband introduced me to intermittent and longer fasts, but I’ve noticed I wasn’t seeing the same results he was. He then introduced me to Mindy Pelz, who taught me how to time my fasts and hard workouts around my cycle. This podcast has been invaluable and I’ve even shared it with my 16 year old athlete daughter who has taken so much from Mindy’s lessons.
  • Cherelle83
    Dr. Mindy is my emotional support animal!
    Her enthusiasm and hopeful educational messages are inspiring because the solutions are so simple. I got sick and tired of taking a handful of pills for type 2 diabetes so I went and spent $5k working with a functional medicine doctor last April and now I’m back to having high blood glucose readings again. I wish I would have discovered Dr. Mindy when I was first diagnosed with diabetes 12 years ago! I live in the SF Bay Area so I feel like I’m learning from my neighbor! Her books, videos and podcasts are so easy to follow. I would like to get more guidance on how to treat type 2 diabetes with fasting. I just turned 40 and still have a regular cycle. Dr. Mindy can you write a book focused on diabetes and fasting for women please? 🙏 Thank you for continuing to share your wisdom. I hope to have as much energy and vitality as you! #femalegoals
  • MontanaGirl1980
    Love the book and the podcast
    I love learning about all of this and wish I had it when I was diagnosed with PCOS at 20, 20 years ago. No one knew what to do at that point! That said - I wonder if you could talk a little more about PCOS, specifically those of us who have higher testosterone and how to maybe reset or decrease that. That’s where I’m still confused. Thanks for all your work!
  • Xeniwho
    Crazy good!
    I am new to all things Dr. Mindy but everything I have listened to so far is amazing. She is so easy to listen to and makes more complex concepts simple for the non researcher brain. Learning about the internal processes that occur in our bodies is such valuable information for all. This stuff should be taught in schools. Until it is, at least we have Dr. Mindy!
  • altoenf
    I can’t remember how I found this podcast but I’m completely obsessed after listening to a handful of episodes. I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting now for almost two years, which is probably the reason why I started listening when I first heard of the podcast. I just got finished listening to episode 166 and I could not agree more with Mindy’s intro. This may be the best podcast episode I have ever listened to. Period. Thank you Mindy for bringing quality content from all angles of life onto your show.
  • heckerwarriors
    Dr Doug-Sprout
    Nope! Seems to be extremely dogmatic in his personal opinions. Less science based evidence, more personal experience and opinion. He seems closed minded and not open to the idea that every body is different and requires a personalized approach to health and wellness. There are many other resources to pull great info from regarding sprouting. I am an avid supporter of it. Not a new concept. Raised with it, and I’m 52 yo. Unfortunate his family history of disease, but there are too many factors to pin it all on meat.
  • MaryAustinTX
    Dr. Daniel Amen
    So many nuggets! Learned so much. Great podcast!!!!!
  • jphipps428
    I could listen to Dr. Mindy all day
    My mom sent me a YouTube video about 4 months ago and I resonated with it so much and then I found Dr. Mindy‘s podcast and I’m hooked I can’t wait for Monday to listen to her new podcast!
  • ns88312
    Knowledge is power!
    I’ve learned so much from Dr Mindy! So much practical information about managing health and hormones . I would love it if you would make a cycle tracker app with this information
  • Weight Lifter Dani
    This show is my oxytocin boost!
    I found Dr. Mindy through a YouTube video about fasting like a girl. She’s delightful! She completely changed my mind about fasting, and her interview taught me what I’d done wrong all those years when I fasted (but got chubby) in my twenties. WOW! I just bought her audio book and am ordering a hard copy too. Also, I can’t help but binge this podcast because she’s a joy to learn from. The interviews are fantastic, but so are the solo episodes!
  • a good girlll
    Sprouts author, Doug Evans
    Doug Evans spoke of many misleading facts around farming/producing grains vs. meat — he is following the liberal narrative of global impact of what we eat. He needs to do his homework.
  • watercolor mom
    Love your information
    I have been listening a lot to you. I am 73 and am listening with an ear for help with aging. I am trying to implement your hormonal focus of eating even though I haven’t got many hormones floating around at my age. I just listened to the sprout session. I’ve been sprouting since hearing Mr. Evans on another site. Chris Beats Cancer is where it was. I loved hearing your interaction with him. I’m interested in more info on protein in sprouts. I have his book and am considering your books. Which of your books would be most helpful to me with most of my life behind me but having a few more left to help my body be as healthy as it can be. Thanks. Annette
  • Diztu if if 9?xy
    My new favorite podcast!!!
    I first came across Dr. Mindy listening to another podcast and have since been obsessed! I read FLAG in record time and have been implementing her principles into my lifestyle. I can’t say enough good things about her and her work! I have been telling anyone and everyone to check her out!
  • Reedman31
    Dr. Mindy is Amazing
    Thank you for all your hard work ! I’m getting better and better every day healing my body and loosing weigh and many inches. My life has change thanks to your help! Very thankful for you I highly recommend you to follow and listen to Dr. Mindy ! Thank you
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