Phoebe Reads a Mystery

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Phoebe reads a mystery novel.

Our other shows are Criminal and This is Love.

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  • 753mkat
    You have no idea how much I needed this during this difficult time. I’ve been listening since the first episode and it is truly a wonderful experience. What a wonderful and charming idea to lift our spirits. ✨
  • Bee King
    My new audiobook reader
    I listened to Phoebe read 20,000 Leagues, and I was absolutely hooked! The episodes were a good length, and she really made all this action-adventure fun. I plan on starting another of her books soon!
  • 🤍🖇yours truly🖇🤍
    You are a wonderful person, listening to your voice is so calming and so great. It’s so helpful in a everyday life and it’s tasks. You need to keep this up. This is a wonderful idea and it’s going great.
  • Ashtree1717
    Love Phoebe, books could be better
    I’d listen to Phoebe read the phone book! Her voice is so calming and soothing. She’s probably sticking to books in the public domain for copyright reasons, hence all the dead white guys, but I wish she would incorporate more women, people of color, and LGBTQ authors.
  • wast of 5$
    The Master and Margurite
    Phone would do an amazing job with this book! Bring the magic to life Phoebe.
  • WAEZSxrdctfyvgbuhnijmok,
    I like the idea of this podcast, I tried to listen to Dracula, but her cadence was so distracting and repetitive with every sentence. I could not actually pay attention to the story.
  • SwagBlaster4000
    Love it!
    In love with your voice, it’s helped me through many sleepless nights. Would be over the moon if you were to read Wuthering Heights ❤️
  • ladyofthcanyon
    best of all time!
    my favorite podcast, ever. thank you from the bottom of my heart pheobe ♥️
  • Ghanima201497
    Thank you
    Phoebe, thank you so much. You introduced me to books I always meant to read but never found the time. This podcast meant a lot in a difficult time. I would recommend this show and the others you host to everyone.
  • yhas crime junkie gals!
    A treasure in a terrible time
    Phoebe thank you so much for continuing to read. Your stories quiet my mind at night and make me forget about all of the craziness of our current world. I have loved every book so far. Please keep it up!
  • calmae
    Narrator is everything! She has such a great unique voice.
  • jfran624
    Can’t get enough!
    I love a good mystery novel, but I haven’t read many of the classics. I can’t get enough of these book (such an excellent selection!) and Phoebe does amazing at reading it. I’m addicted!
  • La47Lo122
    Glorious bedtime story routine
    Great selection of classics, read in the dulcet tone that is Phoebe’s voice. Perfect for ridding one of insomnia, or at least keeping you company when you can’t sleep.
  • ToWhomMuchIsGiven
    I have been a big fan up until now.
  • JanLHT
    Great podcast!
    I can’t wait to hear your next selection! I’ve missed hearing you read a chapter every night.
  • occidental21
    Grateful (:
    21 yo college student and you are my favorite podcast by FAR— i’ve been and will be recommending you forever (: thank you phoebe ❤️ perfect stories and narration
  • kaylu
    Love this Podcast!
    I’ve listen to over 700 podcast episodes in 2020, and all of these! I love them and I have discovered new authors and books that I hadn’t thought of before. The Moonstone and The Secret Adversary have been my favorites so far! Listening to classic mysteries is like a breath of fresh air!
  • JeneéZ
    Love It
    I look forward each day for a new chapter. Because of this podcast I am interested in a new genre of books. I love Phoebe’s voice and have recommended this podcast to everyone I know.
  • Praise Cheeses
    This is such a simple, lovely, daily.
  • putanotherlogonthefire
    best voice ever
  • veronicathecat
    I wanted to love this
    Does anyone else find the cadence and phrasing a bit off? It was hard to continue. Sorry. Good luck.
  • mar13d
    Great AND needs more diversity in the authors
    I love this podcast, AND I would like to hear books by authors who aren’t white and dead. Also, The Moonstone was a bad choice. We don’t need to read old racists when we have plenty of new racists to confront. Thanks!
  • L4rbear
    This is awesome! Thank you Phoebe! I hope this continues well beyond the pandemic 🖤
  • Fox_zilla
    Perfect I hope it keeps going after quarantine
    It’s such a great way to go through some classics while I take care of my morning chores, her voice is soothing and a nice way to relax after reading the news.
  • ktyysz
    Absolutely superb Update: Seriously thank you, Phoebe.
  • Girot1
    This is just fantastic! I love just relaxing and listening to the story, phoebe’s voice is totally relaxing.
  • Seamussf
    The best but learn how to pronouce Sinn Fein
    I love Phoebe but Sinn Fein is NOT pronounced Sin Finn!! It’s closer to Shin Feign. Other than that love the book choices! Enjoying this so much!!! I’m not a fan of Poirot or Miss Marple so I am thrilled to pieces that you are chose Tommy & Tuppence!!!! A Daphne du Maurier title would be A fantastic choice!
  • JackeyP
    Love Phoebe
    Start my day with a walk and Phoebe. Always anxious for the next chapter. Makes my day better every day. Thank you Phoebe
  • artlitlove
    Soothing Podcast
    I love listening to Phoebe. I actually really enjoy that she doesn’t “voice act” and just reads the story straight. It makes it feel more like a friend is reading the story to you than a professional. Can you read Wuthering Heights? 😃
  • noneoftheabove23
    Honestly Phoebe could read the phone book, and I would listen, she has the most wonderful speaking voice, and meter.
  • Moxiegretl
    The Best!
    Love, love, love this podcast! Am a huge fan of one of her other podcasts, This Is Love and now I’m obsessed with Phoebe Reads a Mystery. The highlight of my day is finding out what happens next in The Secret Adversary. She reads these mysteries perfectly. Cadence, tone, characters, good! Rather relaxing too.
  • Celis03
    Please, please learn how to pronounce basic French words!!
    I discovered this podcast a while ago and have loved listening to your soothing voice reading some of my old favorite stories. Unfortunately there is a jarring note - your inability to pronounce basic French words. I cringe every time I hear you say ‘monsieur’! Please do keep this podcast going, but please also brush up a bit on French, even Google Translate will give you better guidance on this.
  • tweety bird camaro
    I’m Phobe Fan!
    I truly love her voice, she could read to me anytime. She has great speaking voice, and does a fantastic job of showing the personality of the characters.
  • J. Laing
    Tommy and Tuppence
    Please, no more.
  • Tami3573
    My sleeping pill
    I’m so grateful for a voice like Phoebe’s. I need her calm and especially the way she says the word calm ❤️ As long as she’s speaking I’m listening. Love this series of reading.
  • mdrols7
    I love how Phoebe pronounces “O”s
    Her way of speaking is so unique and clear and a perfect fit for books like Jane Eyre. I just love it!
  • EileenGillan
    Thank you, Phoebe!!
    I am so grateful for Phoebe Reads a Mystery. I have enjoyed these stories so much.
  • Tanjala632
    Thank you, Phoebe
    This podcast has truly gotten me through the pandemic. I’d love to have a new episode of Criminal or This Is Love every day, but knowing how much care you put into those, and understanding that that takes time, this podcast is the perfect substitute. Wonderful stories, and Phoebe‘s calming presence every day, are such a gift. Thank you.
  • RenitaKruger
    I love her voice! ❤️
    Great listening to take your mind away from the stress of the day and, as said in the dedication: to make ordinary people live vicariously an adventures life... or something like that 😀❤️❤️
  • bluemeanieface
    Near classic
    Solid 4/5 Pros: #Proven classic works #Very few ads #No preamble #Regular episodes #Good sound quality #Clear pronunciation and understandability Cons: Phoebe could use some voice training. The cadences start to be very sing-songy. There are other times the character is read counter to the author’s description. Seems as if she’s not digesting everything she reads. She needs to have more feeling and approach the work as an actor if she wants to do this 100%. All that out of the bottle, with the frequency of episodes and Phoebe’s obvious love of doing a podcast for the sake of it, I have no doubt this will become one of the best reading shows it’s just not quite there yet. And don’t worry. Tuppence is pronounced like you thought.
  • UnabductedinRoswell
    Love it.
    I love listening to this podcast at the end of a stressful day. Phoebe has such a clear and pleasant way of reading, and I like her book choices. Also, when I pick up a paper mystery, I generally have trouble putting it down before I’ve finished it. This has led to some crabby, groggy mornings. I like that this format forces me to pace myself. Thank you for making this!
  • J Ly123
    So good!
    I can’t get enough of this & highly recommend if there’s space in your life for someone to read a book to you. Have you read Dracula? The descriptive language is lovely and the story is so captivating! This lady’s voice is so good too.
  • K67cfa
    My highlight of 2020
    I’m so glad to have found this podcast!! I love to read, but since I work and study, I don’t have a lot of time to do it. I’ve miss the feeling of not been able to put down a book and I’ve discovered a similar feeling with this podcast. I’ve been binging it since I found it and I’m so excited for more episodes.
  • SC_person
    Love the show but there’s a trap!
    Phoebe, watch out! You’re falling into a trap. You’ll discover sooner or later that “Tuppence” is pronounced “Twopence.”
  • hawkinsgreen
    Spoiled by Phoebe
    I just recently learned of Podcasts with switching to an IPhone. Having listened to Phoebe read the first podcast I listened to I was excited to find other books. I was so disappointed as other readers are not of the same caliber. They should leave the other famous novels for Phoebe to read. I am forever spoiled. Thank you Phoebe.
  • Steph Copp
    I enjoy this podcast and found it through Criminal. I'm so pleased with the book choices and it helps me keep going throughout the day!
  • Pls add a game
    Best sleep stories podcast out there!
    Phoebe has the most soothing voice and the stories are interesting enough that my mind shuts up but not so interesting that it keeps me from falling asleep. A good blue tooth sleep headband and this podcast pretty much cured my insomnia. I just wish there were more! Keep them coming!! ♥️
  • Levisam
    Novel Request
    Love this podcast. May I request you read Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier?
  • New Mexico Gal
    Top Podcast
    Great selection of books and narration. Really love the distraction from the stresses of everyday life. Appreciate Phoebe staying on track and not straying into commenting on politics, COVID or other topics were all so tired of hearing about.
  • Bec614
    I am one of probably many, that just love listening to Phoebe talk. This podcast is a perfect way to enjoy both her narration and a classic book. Thank you for this! Working from home just got a bit better.
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