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Wrestling #100

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows have repented and resurrected their Talk N’ Shop Podcast for the first time ever as WWE Superstars! Buckle up and enjoy the ride as the original “Good Brothers” record live from the road every single week with real time takes on wild world of professional wrestling!

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  • UltimoDope
    The B-B-B-B-Boys are back! 🔥
    Been listening since I was a freshman in high school and I’m 23 now. It’s 4-life baby🤘
  • defrrhhgvrtjm,yt nji
    Great show
    #bestpodcastever. But we all want to know will we ever see STANG again? #bringbackTexandChad
  • Somar23
    The Good Brothers are BACK!
    I love Talk N Shop and the bbbbboys but the sole reason I’m giving their pod 5 stars is because I always bust up laughing whenever the Machine Gun breaks out his Tama Tonga impersonation. Thats the best. 😂
  • Mocha-j
    Mean Gene
    So happy to see the good brothers back, for good..?? Always a good time listening to these two try to stay on track about whatever they’re riffing about. Since we’re in the new era of Talk’n Shop, will we get to hear the heavenly voice of the one and only “Mean Gene Okerlund”? Keep rollin boys, excited to see what’s next for the good brothers in and out of the ring.
  • Bboyer1981
    “Grifter” enabler
    The Bbbbboys don’t need to apologize to me for living their lives and making healthy life choices that is for sure! The stories that are coming will make for some really amazing podcasts! My life has forever been changed thanks to Talkin Shop podcast! Ben in OH
  • Awesome a licious
    The Good Brothers are back!
    So glad you guys are back! Love the Good Brothers! Bullet Club 4 Life
  • jordzdeech
    Sweet Tea Boys Repent
    Don’t be a main character and review bomb Orange County. The boys are back and funnier than ever. Pod got me thru 2020, getting me thru 2024.
  • deathclutch29
    Butt Hurt Super Fan
    Despite the childish acts and remarks of a “former super fan” who seems to be butt hurt because his ego wasn’t stroked. The show is amazing listen and can’t thank you enough for the laughs and great times. Keep it up
  • Old Man Mesa
    Do these guys take a giant human waste on super fans? Do they use fans for free labor? Do they grift patrons? How do they cram all that graham? These and more questions answers on the #WorstPodcastEver. Change your tampon, take a deep dive into yourself, and crack open a cold one with the boys.
  • Anthony NorCal
    Killing it!!
    Thank the good lord above the good brothers are back!! Love this podcast and never miss a episode!! Honestly one of the most entertaining podcast in my library!! Keep up the great work and again thank you for the laughs and entertainment!!! Anthony Nor Cali
  • michaelredding1029
    One star
    Not the same as before they sold out for the money ( I would too )
  • @daviddugan1
    The show
    I love the podcast I’m glad it’s back keep doing what you’re doing it’s too sweet
  • Eblake221
    The bbbboys are back!!
    I’m so glad The Good Brothers have returned to the podcast world.. I listen to this to get me through the day, I’ve played last weeks episode every day this week. Big LG and Machine Gun are dropping bombs on the podcast world. Can’t wait to hear more and more episodes weekly. Keep up the work Good Brothers cause this podcast is just Too Sweet 🤘🏼👊🏼
  • Bryan Bose
    They are back!
    They left us hanging for a bit, but we welcome them back with open arms. How could you be upset at two dudes that can make you forget about the world for a while. Forget about the for a while.
    Always entertaining
    Saw this pod was back on Machine Gun Karls IG story. Good stuff from Good Brothers. Much love from your Fresno, Ca homie @vxdedxv. Sour Bois for life. 🫨
  • Sandman_PHiLLiP
    The Brothers Are Back.
    Great stuff Brothers! Bro Me! 🤜🏼🤛🏼. Congratulations on the baby.
  • LostLaker06
    Brother Me Softly
    The Hoots are back!
  • Ebrock5
    A giant grift in the making
    Former super fan, I’ve personally watched the host take a giant human waste on their most die hard fans. I’ve watched them use fans for free labor, ice tea runs, and grifting patrons with their laziness. For example, at a live show they had no plans or guests and used fans to perform on stage to avoid any planning and make content. They’ve blocked people for saying they were disappointed, a further example of how thin skinned they are. I can’t recommend avoiding this more than catching the plague. I would rate lower if I could.
  • Lesaint85
    Most genuine pod out there
    Good brothers back it and we’re gettin some Cincy wrestling history?? Perfect! 🤘🏼🤘🏼
  • EarlYens
    Shoot Hoot
    The boys leave, and now comeback to only have me drop my pants and start to kizz all over the floors. Too Sweet me Shoot Hoot SOBS!
  • Bond@bond
    Pants off, podcast on
    With all the wrestling podcasts there are, in my opinion, this podcast leads the way of all of them. From the days in Japan with random visits from “fink” and guys like Uncle Allen and those young bucks, to the current days with awesome guys like Corey G, Cody Jinks, to the random outbursts and story’s of Sex Ferguson and Cummy the laptop (exactly why Karl won’t room with Gallows anymore), there are so many stories and quotables here you’ll be speaking Hoot in no time. And let’s not forget the mastermind behind all of this, Rocky Romero. Even Chris Jericho has to do a version of this on his podcast! There’s nothing nor will there ever be anything like the genius of TalkNShop. It’s not just a podcast, but a hootcast if I may! Give it a listen. And go see TalknShopAMania and order the 2nd one while you’re at it! Satire and Parody at its finest! Buy a shirt from doc, cheers Karl, say hi to Rock and even get some tinder tips from Emilio. But remember most of all, take off your pants, crack a beer and listen to the worst (greatest) podcast ever!
  • Mixmastermr03
    The best hoots.
    Cbd gallows …… enough said.
  • Bigal19791036
    Funny great show
    This podcast is one if the funniest around. Hearing stories from the big LG and Karl Anderson make my drive to work enjoyable.
  • its me Eddie B
    Best Hootin Pod out there!
    Love everything you guys do and look forward to the podcast as it always brings me a pop! #GOODBROTHERSGIVEAWAY
  • MattRhules
    The show is a good listen when KA and Gallows can set aside 30mins to record. But… that happens maybe once a month. I’ve given up on this show personally. They now cannot even post one “bonus” content from their Patreon feed each week. Mind you - it’s just a rehash of an old conversation but they can’t find the time to do that.
  • Ajags74
    Great show
  • emilyfrivera
    All 3 of these hosts are so funny could listen all day!
  • Chasenificent
    Brian Meyers is right
    This show is unlistenable when Rocky and Emilio are the only ones talking. #HootForLife
  • Jeffduckworth
    Used to be awesome
    The boys seemed to have big timed the podcast
  • JessieIsaiah
    LG & KA are the show
    The shows are great and hilarious when Gallows and Anderson are together. However when it’s just Rocky and the other guy it’s a definite episode skip for me.
  • Suicidefoxx
    The Ghost of Fink Compels You
    Love the show. Both Anderson and Gallows bring enjoyment and comedy to a great show. The Ghost of Fink is probably the best way to open an episode. Even if Anderson is a pointy rat faced bastard.
  • Brock Allen
    A Pezz Cezz Must Listen!!
    If your a fan of the Good Brothers and hearing them speak with many of friends about pro wrestling then this is your Pezz Cezz to download!!
  • Rob8282
    This podcast is educational..
    I'm only here to review this because I was told by “Machine Gun” to leave a review. It’s a great show and I am always laughing. They make you feel like you are in the studio. Good stuff
  • JevilFitz
    Congratulations p
  • Ryan Columbus
    5 Star Thank you
    Thanks..spent quality time listening with 13 year old son this morning who now strives to bring 24 year old woman to his future prom and after explaining what it means, he can’t wait to get “brothered up” with her before and after!! Hoot Hoot
  • ChrisH1023
    Epic and hilarious
    Quickly becoming one of my favorites...keep it up, lads.
  • charles coldbeer
    Bro, the only one i skipped was the vince russo episode bro! Love all the rest!!
  • HeadBroski86
    At least it’s not Jim Cornettes podcast
    This podcast is the only way I can properly catch that oh holy cizz. 5 out of 5, would cizz to this again.
  • markper11
    The best
    Thanks for giving me something to look forward to every Sunday!!!! This podcast has helped me unwind after a long week of work and being at the softball fields with my daughter’s!!!! #thankyougoodbrothers from : mark perez!
  • Jerry Moody
    My holy brethren
    Thanks for making me talking like our heavenly Fink again. You guys crack me up. Might have to stop by one of your terrible Patreon deals and have a beer or 8. Or the blood of Christ.
  • Caleb Wiese
    The Good Brothers and Papa Rocky are such good examples of Christian boys, I rubbed one out at my grandma’s funeral in the bathroom, and then threw a fart in her face ! My family has now disowned me, but I repented and now I have more time for the HOOTS!! Love you Good brothers and RIP Brodie.
  • McNernia
    Taught me a life lesson
    The Good Brothers taught me that I can throw a fart, so I immediately went and threw a fart in my Girlfriends face. Now I’m single and have more time for Talk N Shop. Thanks Hoots!
  • Simon1426
    Praise the lord
    Thank you lord for bringing the the good brothers that minion rocky and the tinder addict balls deep billy. Lets all praise in the name of father dangly
  • Matt C. Mattox
    Poppery at a new level
    Glad for the blue line sponsor because the hiatus felt like an eternity... miss ya Fink
  • Ez Bluez
    They saved my life
    There I was I sh/; you not in a dirt floor motel in Tijuana Sex Ferguson had referred me to my first live on stage gig and man did that donkey wear me out. So I am icing my dangle and there is a knock at my door and In floats the Fink straight from heaven. Well he floats in and puts my iPhone on the Talk n Shop podcast and right then and there the Good Brothers reached thru my phone grabbed me by the short hairs and made me turn my life to Jesus. Thank you Good brothers Ez Bluez from Shame Penguin Ps did Balls Deep give you the t shirts?
  • AndyBaker41
    Pure entertainment!
    Between a spiritual moment with the Fink and a bottle of Hoot Blood, you’ll never have a dull moment with these bbbbbbbbbbboys. Lou Gallows and pencil nose Anderson are two of the funniest people on the planet. Rocky and Bullwinkle do an admirable job of filling in when the Good Brothers are out, as well.
  • masterkinglordgod
    The good preachers
    It so good you are going to blue wire since most of your podcast is full of blue humor.
  • Jakey Cherry
    Tizz F’n Shizz
    Talk’N Shop is like a Golden Corral, there’s just something for everyone. If you’re looking for the inside scoop on the wrestling business, you get to hear from its three hardest working men fully loaded, hot and heavy, and shootin’ straight. If drama is your thing, how about the ongoing story of Ashlee and Dads4Real. More into the love and romance side of the equation? Well how about a deep look into sexual escapades of a the young NY stallion Balls Deep Billy. For anyone who simply just wants to shut off their brain for 30 mins, this is absolutely the show for you. The hoots are more gimmick than man this point, and you get to come along for the ride. Besides, where else will a near 7 foot machine of a man tell you take off your pants?
  • __vmolina
    This podcast gets me thru 12 hour shifts at work 😂
  • Uncle-Brother
    Worst PODCAST ever
    I want Sex Furgason to chop me like a sponsor in Japan
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