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In the 25 years of covering golf, the development of the game, courses and the camaraderie that’s core to the culture, it was time for Matt to share some of the best stories he has heard around fire pits all over the world. From PGA Tour players, caddies, architects, avid amateurs and buddies-trip planners, Matt has forged relationships with some of the most colorful and influential people in the game. So grab a drink, a seat and settle in. We’re getting to the essence of one story per podcast. A narrative so deep and meaningful, you save it for a post-round fire pit, which is where no one is in a hurry for the night to end.

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  • Princeton Petrus
    Who cares about cam smith
    But who cares about cam smith? You guys. Other golf reporters. And no one else.
  • PDXSunriver
    Great pod
    The weekly shows are great. Just finished “To the Linksland”. I would love to hear a podcast on your favorite golf books, even your own. Find a fourth is great. All the guests have expanded my deep appreciation for the game.
  • Peter Guillam
    …An old womanizer, drug addict, drunk, and failed daredevil driver finished T-45 at 1-under in his host event and you Girls are stumbling all over yourselves with Bleep Shovel Spin and outright lies. Your belly buttons have been puckering and unpuckering with collective obedience and glee ever since Your Boss announced he was playing Riveria. You’d gladly have carried him in your arms to protect his self-destroyed leg for all 72 holes while Solly at NLU would have dropped to his knees and spit-shined his shoes at every tee box. You overlooked the cheap waitresses, the used barmaids, and the Vegas call girls. You ignored the drugs and the baths of booze. You denied the drunken, high-speed fool’s drive. Ladies, golf existed long before this fool. The game will be around long after he’s gone.
  • Masrunner
    Great Pod(s)
    Need a 4th and Firedrill are the best golf pods right now. Shipnuck and Bamberger being great context and stories and Ryan brings great perspective and humor.
  • deebo4
    Good topics and conversation but PLEASE find a new clip of music to replace that 20-30 sec clip at the beginning. It’s laughable. That is all
  • lightkeeper1528
    Good listen
    This is one of my regular listens. I like their perspectives and golf knowledge. It’s all good until the once an episode blip where Michael uses some word that has me looking for a dictionary… One of those “above the masses”words where you roll your eyes and can’t help but think how ridiculous that just was.
  • andy-calif
    Firepit collective Golf discussions
    Favorite golf podcast, Alan,Michael and Ryan discuss current events in golf. Great inside stories of players and events. This is my first choice of all golf podcast!
  • Billy EE Kidd
    Exceptional Golf Podcast
    The love for the game AND great journalism is foremost in this podcast with Michael and Alan. Having enjoyed Michael and Alan’s stuff in the past it was an easy podcast to subscribe to. I really look forward to Ryan’s contribution now too. Great stuff!
  • KJ1104
    Need a new fourth
    Ryan French is a tough listen, but enjoy Alan, Michael, Geoff, etc - can we get a rotation or other viewpoints for that slot.
  • Joe Russ
    Needs more energy
    Listened to latest podcast and was disappointed. First half hour was the hosts amusing themselves with their banter. They then decided to spend too much time discussing the future of golf in Poland rather than the victory of the 56th ranked golfer in the world. They finally get to the Tiger talk and how the media shaped the Tiger story, yet barely mentioned their role in it. It should have been a really interesting discussion, but lacked focus and direction. They said they don’t really prepare and that is obvious. The podcast is too much host centered rather than content centered which should not be the case with professionals journalists.
  • ecjohnson75
    FPC Fire Drill
    The best golf podcast. Very thoughtful and balanced. Much appreciated.
  • DTolls
  • Actorgirl444
    Great insight into the PGA/LIV battle. Experienced reporters giving the inside scoop. Love it.
  • no humor no peace
    Have loved them for years.
    I've tried a lot of different Golf podcasts but there's only 2 that I'll listen to now - Golfchannel's Hoggard and Lavener, and this one. To be fair I've listened to Shipnuck and Bamburger when they worked for other publishers and they deliver a interesting, well informed show.
  • bogey ball
    Bad bad bad
    Audio bad, and too much political analysis that I don’t want to hear when I’m just trying to enjoy a podcast.
  • skasting
    Bamberger stinks but the rest are ok
    Bamberger is essentially copy and paste Golf Twitter opinions. The Davis Love interview is especially pathetic. Challenge his view of LIV & the PGA Tour just like you would Phil, P Reed or Bryson. By not doing so you are showing your bias
  • rnacs
    Great Show
    Love the show and the intro. I can’t stop singing that clip. Best golf pod out there .
  • Savannah Bunk
    Absolutely the best!!!
    Everything you need to know about golf.
  • YaoMingia
    Great podcast.
  • In2Bate
    Great content. Wish they’d leave petty politics out.
    Golf is a beautiful game. Please leave petty politics out. Thanks.
  • Ryanw83
    Too much Politics
    It’s all politics with most of them except Monday Q. Really wish Monday Q would have ended up somewhere else. They have an obvious liberal agenda.
  • Bfinnh
    Good Content but…
    Bambergers audio is awful. He has great content give that man an upgrade!
  • FozzieRao
    Forest Dunes
    Amazing podcast on Forest Dunes. All of Matt’s podcasts are amazing, but if you were going to submit one for awards consideration this would be it. Just played Forest Dunes and the Loop, wished I would have listened to the podcast before I went out there. Keep up the amazing work!
  • tmachogstad
    Story time
    Love the format and how the podcasts live into the name. Really seems as you are listing in on people telling stories around a fire pit. Thanks for the insights, things to think about, and smiles. Looking forward to hearing how this develops over time
  • @wgc_greens
    Superintendent listener
    I listened to many of your episodes today as I serviced the pump that supplies our course with irrigation water. This is Normally an awful, yeoman’s task but was much more of a delight with your show playing. Thank you for the awesome interviews and stories!!!
  • leftygolferord
    Addition of Ryan to the team is icing on the cake. Keep the stories coming!
  • Geostuff2
    The Fire Pit is Exceptional
    But I’m not interested in golf folks trying to be overly woke college professors. There is no clean money! I will continue listening for now. Please get back to what you do best...entertainment, please
  • apple app nickname april 2018
    Great listen! Great stories!
    Really well done and some great stories. The Arnold Palmer - Roger Maris story is can’t miss for any sports fan!
  • jack logan
    It's sappy and syrupy ala Nantz.
  • Racinmoose
    Roger Maris & The King
    Great story by the crew at Oakmont at the USOpen 2016. The went to visit Arnold in Latrobe and had a fantastic day. The way they described it was almost like being there. Getting to listen to the King was really cool as well. Great Podcast hats off to Matty and the guys.
  • FranDanCis
    Great listen as a golfer and industry professional!!
    ⛳️⛳️Many thanks to all involved for the laughs and heartfelt stories told. This “game” brings so much joy, fellowship and camaraderie that needs to be told. You have captured this. The complete version of “The Story” by Joe H is absolute gold and hits all the right marks and goosebumps (the harmonica is clutch). Cheers to all. Thank you for this pod. ~D.Francis GCS ⛳️⛳️
  • Deezy3232
    Great listen for all golfers
    Top notch guests with great stories. Engaging and well produced. Put another log on the fire!
  • Berg Golf
    The golfers podcast.
    A perfect golf podcast with stories and interviews. Each episode is captivating and keeps you wanting more! Keep it up Matt!
  • Gsylv12
    Perfect listen
    Walking the dog in metro Washington DC and came across the podcast. Snow falling and dreaming of my recently booked Bandon trip for September 2022, a year late bc of COVID. Found the two part episode on the making of Bandon and was lost in the story telling. Can’t wait to catch up and listen to all the previous episodes. Great job Matt. Keep them coming.
    Great Story Telling
    It’s just so GOOD! You MUST subscribe to this podcast if you play golf, there’s just no choice in the matter. If you like the same basic talking heads structure, listen elsewhere. If you ever wanted to sit down amongst golf legends and hear about their careers, listen here. That’s the exact feel of this podcast: sitting around the campfire shooting the breeze with golf royalty and learning about what you thought you already knew. -OhioGolfers
  • Momto3crazykids
    The Fire Pit
    Great stories well told. Will keep the attention of golfers and non golfers alike!
  • Akrog16
    My new favorite podcast
    Matt Ginella has an uncanny ability of bringing stories to life. His in depth knowledge and unmatched experience is second to none. Kudos to the best podcast out there, not just in terms of golf but in terms of all podcasts 25 times at bandon? I’m jealous! I’d love to go just once!
  • Scoot Toggs
    Lessons learned way beyond golf
    I started listening to The Firepit at a time when I wanted to consume as much golf content as possible but what I found was some much more than golf. The stories are about golf, but really they are about people and passion. Each episode instills in me the need for following your dreams, nurturing the relationships you have with people and working through adversity to achieve what you want in life. I feel I have become a better father, husband and person having listened to them. I can’t wait for what’s next! Thank you
  • JIsaacDotson
    The Fire Pit is like listening to an old friend
    The Building of Bandon episodes were shared with me prior to our family trip to Bandon. The insights and detail shared in the story built the anticipation of our trip. It was so fluid that it was like listening to an old friend around the campfire...Matty G nailed it and I’m hooked! The Fire Pit is my go to for downtime listening, I even have my 10 month old listen with the hopes he will love the game as much as me, Matt, his crew and all guests on the show. This is a must add to your podcast follows!
  • Matt. Harris.
    The Fire Pit is the Ultimate Behind-the-Scenes Golf Podcast
    The Fire Pit is the “30-for-30” of golf podcasts. Matt Ginella and his talented production team masterfully piece together stories, perspectives and sounds from the game’s greatest influencers. Oftentimes, I only catch the mainstream headlines but The Fire Pit dives deeper. For example, as an Irish descendant, I had never heard of the legend of Joe Carr and now understand and appreciate his long lasting legacy. I highly recommend the podcast to any golfer!
  • PowerFade15
    The only thing better than Riggs at Pinehurst for 99 is this podcast
    The only thing better than Riggs spending 99 days at Pinehurst is this podcast and the recap of that trip. Unreal, awesome storytelling! You’ve got a fan for life in me from that storytelling! Well done! It’s what gold is all about!!!
  • JSimonds
    Interesting Storytelling told by a great storyteller
    Just finished season 1 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I appreciate the variety of topics that were rooted in golf but part of something bigger. Listening to these is like being part of the UTI -- gathering around the fire pit and enjoying the hang. Can't wait for season two.
  • Farandsure
    Must Listen!
    Great job Matt. I got my first Ashworth shirt in 1990 at while attending the Heritage at Harbourtown. Ashworth owned the 90’s! Looking forward to your next podcast.
  • visage mort
    So wholesome to hear an insight to what you have to say. Spreading positivity and kindness. Love it. Thank you for the stories you’ve told.
  • Coach Dave TFTSPS
    The Fire Pit podcast feels like sitting around the fire pit with the boys
    I really enjoy hearing about the game of golf from the different perspectives Matt’s friends bring. I especially love hearing about John Ashworth’s impact on the game.Viva la Goat!
  • Collettgolf
    Building Bandon Eps
    The Building Bandon episodes are a must listen to Bandonistas and those that want to visit . There are great interviews , unique perspectives, and a behind the scenes look at building the best pure golf resort anywhere . Matt and his team produce an entertaining look at Bandon and why it’s a special place for all. Keep up the great work Matt!
  • krashdavis
    Perfect timing for this podcast to come out. Love the insights from the business side of golf and the buddy stories.
  • Jv On The Run
    Love this. Great job
    Strikes a near perfect tone and tells some cool stories I love hearing yet never have heard before.
  • Mpenn77
    Tremendous Podcast
    Love the story telling and background of all the cool stories. One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to was the Riggs at Pinehurst (2 pods) and just made me laugh the whole time. I’m going to Pinehurst tomorrow and Riggs is a huge reason why.
  • golfer789
    Look forward to the Pit each week
    Look forward to the Pit each week
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