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Betches Media presents Mention It All, a podcast dedicated to breaking down all things Bravo. Your host, certified Bravoholic Dylan Hafer, is covering everything Real Housewives and more, including weekly episode recaps and analysis, the latest social media drama, and interviews with your favorite Bravolebrities. For more Bravo memes, commentary, and special guests, follow @bravobybetches on Instagram.

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  • megsie8907
    This isn’t actually a Bravo podcast
    I used to love this podcast because it covered so much Bravo and pop culture. Now it only covers Bravo if it’s housewives or VPR. But of course you jumped on the Below Deck Down Under train to recap one episode when there was a problematic story line, but no episodes before or after. Instead we get recaps of episodes of shows that are 10+ years old
  • ilovemaple:)
    Just great
    Consistently entertaining and insightful. He is super chill with bravolebs and doesnt seem starstruck. One of my faves!
  • Girlsgammy
    What a great night to be on WWHL. It looked like you had a great time! Loved hearing your recap!!
  • wide stance 2022
    Always enjoyable
    He could read the phone book and it would have me giggling like a cohort. This is among my favorite bravo podcasts
  • railrhoades
    Good insights, funny, but some sort of gulp-y glottal sound make you near unbearable to listen to. Sometimes I hear you take a deep breath in lieu of the choke/gulp…thank you. In many ways, yr effort is appreciated. Erin IS rotten!
  • NaomiBurton
    Spot on about Erin
    She is so tightly wound and has no ability to laugh at herself. I loved this episode because there was very little of her in it. Bryn totally shone and was not so OTT and love me some Jessel. Also, Erin is always throwing in how rich she is which I find so pretentious. And as a Jew, we love serving people food. What’s up with that? Also it was not an event it was a party but I guess she had the caviar sponsored and her Anny so it was a corporate event.
  • jengrd
    Raquel needs compassion and grace
    Dylan and Sam were so mean talking about Raquel. Find some kindness. ✌🏻 do better
  • truly.heather1985
    Please Never Stop
    Umm your podcast episode about Rachel Interview Part 1 was SPOT ON! Not only do I agree with every word you said, you had me rolling with your hilarious remarks, per usual. Please do this for all her interviews!! Also, let’s complain and rag on Bethany for a sec about how she has 4 minute ads every 2 minutes of these episodes?!!!!! SMH 😒
  • TABH23
    Five stars!
    I am giving five ✨ simply based on Dylan’s story re: Claudia Oshry - “not some of you thinking I would pay for that lady’s Patreon…” 💀
  • Carolina Vela
    Thank you!
    With only one of my friends as interested in these pop culture topics, this podcast is so enjoyable! I even go back and listen to some episodes several times until the next one comes out 👏
  • frustrayed customer
    This is my favorite Bravo podcast!! Dylan is constantly pumping out great weekly content and keeps things light and fun and has great guests to unpack everything needed. Highly recommend listening!
  • kaitlin1986
    This episode is giving ❌jealous! I love listening to you but today seemed off. Did not like how you dogged Rachel.
  • busting par
    Your analysis of Rachel’s interview was factually inaccurate and lacked nuance and emotional maturity.
  • Morganandwinston
    Bless this podcast
    The “cease and desist” moment was a highlight of my week
  • sandal1002
    Favorite Bravo podcast!
    I could listen to Dylan talk for hours! I also love his takes and appreciate that he keeps it pretty light and positive!!
  • llemwisell
    Such a joy to keep up with all week and my source for all Bravo news.
  • Word yuk
    New fave
    Only recently started listening, and I’m loving it. I laugh out loud. And so often, they nail exactly my thoughts on the Bravo world. Has quickly become a new favorite.
  • danielle cap
    I love Dylan
    I listen to Dylan all week. I will even find him as a gesture in other pods sometimes to tune in! This pod cast is top notch if you are a bravo fan.
  • Kfran88
    VPR Rewind
    Love this series of the show. Gives me an excuse to rewatch VPR for the 3rd (ok 4th) time without actually watching it on tv. It’d be fun if you had categories for each episode, e.g. wildest moment, favorite outfit, etc. Please keep on doing the lord’s work!
  • Kdebelle
    Love the podcast
    Would love any rewatches!
  • Libba
    More Rewatches!
    I loved the VPR rewatch and would love a rewatch of iconic episodes/moments from Housewives history across all the franchises.
  • Cass6789
    Love it
    Love the show and the VPR rewatch!! Please keep going after season 1 :) I also think a Jersey season 1 rewatch with Jordana would be fun!
  • Lyss527
    Love this podcast so much! I’ve really enjoyed the Vanderpump rewind! Please tell me you’re going to do the other seasons too!
  • ericaad
    Loving the throwback eps on vanderpump!! Please tell me you’re gonna watch season 2 as well??
  • Maryland Courtney
    Vanderpump Rules Rewind
    Please keep reviewing old seasons of Vanderpump!! It was so fun hearing Dylan and Sami’s takes and i love revisiting the societal and interpersonal issues with knowledge we have today
  • KIPHazel
    Clear audio thank goodness! Fun Accurate Content! Well done 🌟
  • Terrible Food Delivery
    One of my favorites
    I like and appreciate Dylan. He recognizes the podcast is about the Bravo content and not about him. He stays focused and on-task and doesn’t egotistically ramble on about himself ad nauseam, like a lot of podcasters do. His analysis and interpretation of shows is always intelligent and inciteful. Keep it up!
  • wildandfunny
    Sick of vpr
    I love your pod - I gave you a five star - stop talking about vpr past or present. You are so interesting please use your talents on other subjects. Love you!
  • labyke
    Jersey thoughts
    Wondering why you don’t understand why Teresa hates Melissa. Obviously for years. Melissa is more beautiful. Before the nose jobs. That’s it! Case closed. Love your podcast btw😊!
  • Cccxxx555
  • Mishyfishy516
    Dylan is the best!
    Adore Dylan’s impersonations! His Sutton is perfection. ❤️
  • KMRand
    Long time listener
    “If Geppetto did bath salts” 😂😂😂 Dylan you’re killing me
  • SaraSabol
    The RHONJ Outsisers
    As a native Jersey girl, and English teacher I loved the RHONJ reunion being compared to The Outsiders! Always love hearing Dylan’s and Jordana’s thoughts!
  • lizziemcguire13
    Here for it
    Dylan and Danny are a hilarious duo 👏
  • newmomtoo
    Bring Danny back!
    Great VPR reunion recap with Danny- so funny together!!
  • jan.n3t
    A true pro
    Dylan is awesome and I look forward to this podcast every week! He has such great interviewing skills and has a great rapport with his guests on the pod. I love how organized he is on recaps and I LOVE LOVE LOVE when he imitates people 😂 A true pro!
  • Kea764314
    Wish it was better
    Not really a recap, but rather one sided opinions.
  • International affairs student
    Love this podcast and Dylan Hafer. He has great guests and i love his commentary on the episodes. They’ve been extra funny lately
  • ShannonLeeSalyerSquires
    Easy breezy listen
    Love Dylan! And the recaps with Jordana are my favorite, I look forward to her episodes every week
  • PRC192022
    It's a no for me
    I tried. I just couldn't get into it. The host aren't great
  • Diana575
    Biased and uninformed
    I tried listening but they were so biased in their NJ recaps and seem unaware of a lot of the off-screen history.
  • Tamra Simone
    You lost me at having bravolover 1234 on your show
    Not able to be objective.
  • Poopypantsmcgeehatesiphone
    Lala is a joke
    Tired of this Lala sympathy, she’s the original mistress and the queen of “stay out of my business”. She sells merch with cheezy sayings that stem from her friends pain. Its gross. Not listening to this pod again. Out of touch.
  • Deekay1979
    James Kennedy would totally win
    I just found this podcast during Scandoval. I LOVE it. Funny and so sharp! And in all of these years I’ve listened to podcasts, I’ve never left a review. But “Vote for who would win in a fight, Schwartz or James, in your 5 star review”?! Brilliant!
  • Hotcakes1987
    My favorite podcast
    My absolute favorite podcast to hear about all things Bravo. Dylan is the perfect host, so much insight, so funny and has great guests. Dylan’s impressions of Bravo stars is unmatched, please never stop doing them!
  • Gissy Maciel
    Please never change
    My favorite podcast for sure. Very logical and so many nuisances. The weirdo Teresa Stans or Jennifer’s bots attack anyone and everyone just nobodies. They act like real life is Twitter 😂 I love Betches podcast normal people logically takes not unhinged.
  • greenscent15
    Disappointed. Very biased podcast.
    If you don’t like Teresa and Jennifer than you may like this but I couldn’t finish listening because I was bored.
  • samsunset999
    Gross sounds
    Please handle the lip smacking sounds. It’s too much. It’s gross.
  • beanweb
    Love from a fellow St. Louisan
    I love Dylan and I love this podcast! His episodes always bring a smile to my face; they’re light and funny but you can tell he’s a smart, thoughtful viewer, a true fan while still having an astute critical eye. Love him & def recommend this show for bravo lovers!
  • Caroline.62.
    Hit or miss
    I enjoy listening to the podcast except when it’s Jersey episodes. They are sooooooo biased and need to realize their listeners may have opinions different from them. Dylan should have Taylor on more often.
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