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The Sex and Psychology Podcast is the sex ed you never got in school—and won’t find anywhere else. Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Justin Lehmiller takes you on a journey through the psychology of sex and relationships, offering practical tips along the way that can help you take your intimate life to the next level. Learn more on Dr. Lehmiller’s blog at

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  • ssprof1000
    Science of sex and relationships
    I love this podcast. We get to learn all the latest research on sex and relationships in language we can all understand. It feels like we’re overhearing two friends chatting so it’s fun to listen to as I’m going about my day.
  • Nicole McNichols
    I have listened to every episode of this show and recently had the opportunity to be a guest. It was a great experience! Justin asks insightful questions that probe into at some of the most compelling questions surrounding sex research today, all in a very accessible format. He covers a wide array of topics and the guests he invites are often at the cutting edge of the field. Highly recommend!!
  • Dr. Eric Sprankle
    Great Interviewer
    I may be biased because I was recently a guest on an episode, but Dr. Lehmiller’s interview style is well-organized, well-researched, and tight. No fluff or time wasted, which I appreciate both as a guest and a listener. He’s a much-needed voice in the field.
  • akwheels
    I love this
    Free sex education and his voice is soothing! I definitely always find it interesting. Some sex podcast have too much marketing and little information, but this one is different. Thank you for educating the world.
  • Dr Terri, The Love Doctor
    Episode 73: The Way Your Make Your Feel: The Science of Love
    Thank you for having me on your program! Great discussion about love and relationships, lust vs. love, how to reignite passion in your relationship, tips for a happy healthy relationship, when to say love in a relationship, and much more! Your podcast is fantastic and Justin is a superb interviewer!
  • cgxox
    Episode 68: What Do Singles Today Really Want?
    This episode was so interesting and educational! Listening to you speak with fellow Kinsey Institute Researcher Helen Fisher, who is also Chief Scientific Advisor for Match was so informative and engaging. Great episode overall!
  • Single professional mom
    You did it again!
    You’re so knowledgeable and kind every time I hear another episode I learn so much. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous brain with us.
  • nikk!benzzz
    How teach can save your sex life ❤️👾
    Excellent! Been a fan of Dr. Lehmiller for a while now but the most recent episode with Isharna was such a positive and inspirational way to view the future (esp. when it comes to sex tech)! Excited to check to Coral! Thank you❤️
  • jamesk201
    Please I need advice
    I just discovered through the help of a pro tech guy @ blonde_hacker_ on Instagram, that my wife has been cheating on me , he helped me gained access to her phone without her knowing and now , I discovered she has been having sex with someone else, please what do I do?
  • Panda begrudge
    Top-notch podcast in the field of sexuality
    Dr. Lehmiller covers wide-ranging topics germane to the field of sexuality with some of the field’s best scholars. Dr. Lehmiller is a phenomenal host, and the questions he poses to his guests lead to entertaining and informative discussions. Would give it more stars if I could!
  • Courtney L. Crosby
    LOVE this podcast!
    As someone also immersed in the field of sex-research (admittedly, as a graduate student), I find this podcast refreshingly innovative. Each episode is packed with empirically-based information about aspects of our sexuality. Dr. Lehmiller presents information in a digestible way for adults of all educational backgrounds, and makes it fun to talk about sex! I recommend this podcast to my friends and family and they all love it! Thanks for your work.
  • Josette333
    NYC Psychotherapist
    This is one way of my favorite podcasts. I look forward each week to the informative and entertaining episodes. I have recommended this podcast to colleagues and clients. I also really like Dr. Lehmiller’s book.
  • Critic Allie
    Science Relationships
    It’s refreshing to find a podcast on sex
  • MKauppi
    Such a smart podcast!!
    I love this podcast! I have listened to many podcasts about sex and this one really stands out. Justin adds so much to the conversation and picks extremely relevant and thought provoking topics! I highly recommend it.
  • Joris V.O.
    Fun, informative and science-based
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. I look forward to every new episode. They are fun to listen to, very informative and easy to understand for a broad audience. A fantastic example of science communication!
  • Jen Meyer, LPC, LMFT, CST
    Fantastic Info on Sex & Relationships
    As a Certified Sex Therapist who listens to many podcasts to keep track of what my clients are hearing, I have found Dr. Justin Lehmiller’s approach both refreshing and reassuring. While so many sex-based podcasts are more or less “info-tainment,” Dr. Lehmiller’s Sex and Psychology brings a legitimate research approach with guests who are truly respected leaders and experts in their specific areas. Who better to learn about sex from than a Kinsey Institute research fellow and his colleagues? :) Listening to his podcast, Sex and Psychology, on what sex and romance will look like after the pandemic, I found numerous insights that will help me better prepare my clients as the world opens back up once again. I am always glad when I take the time to listen and highly recommend that you do the same.
  • UteFam
    Best I’ve ever listened too on sexy topics
    I heard the good Dr. on another podcast. I love how he destructs and helps normalize taboo topics. Or atleast helps bring a healthy level of conversation for a couple.
  • Bmemento
    Great Podcast!!!
    My partner and I love listening to this informative and science-based program!
  • ATP2019
    Sweet like honey
    I consistently recommend Dr. Lehmiller‘s podcast, as well as his book, “Tell Me What You Want,“ to clients to help normalize fantasy, as a resource for understanding their own desires, for its poignant and illuminating content, as well as to spark imagination and play in their relationships. Each time I listen, I’m saying to myself “yes, this is exactly what we need to be talking about!“ His resources are brilliant psycho-educational tools and, quite honestly, in my experience, they turn people on… And it is turned on people who are the most alive, and do the most to change the world! (It doesn’t hurt that his voice is as smooth and sweet as honey!)
  • DWWahl
    The Best Podcast on the Topic of Sex
    If you listen to one sex podcast, this is the one. I am a sex researcher myself and, as I travel extensively, I listen to as many sex podcasts as I am able in order keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening out there in the sex world. Most of these podcasts are not good. Dr. Justin Lehmiller’s “Sex and Psychology” podcast is the best of the bunch. It is educational and based in the science of sex. Dr. Lehmiller comes across as professional and knowledgeable while, at the same time, being affable and inviting. The guests are first rate and Dr. Lehmiller easily finds a chemistry with each one making the conversations more intriguing for the listener. The show is well-structured and allows for the inclusion of listeners who are professionals in the science of sex field and those who are casual listeners of interest. The structure also eliminates the novelty aspect that derails so many other podcasts. The science is also presented in a manner that is accessible to all. For those who are interested in this podcast, I would also highly recommend Dr. Lehmiller’s book “Tell Me What You Want.” One of the best books in the field of sex research in many years. Both the book and this podcast have earned my highest review. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to Dr. Justin Lehmiller’s “Sex and Psychology” podcast.
  • GroomingGirl
    Tell Me What You Want?
    Lehmiller unintentionally tells me what I want in his many episodes on his podcast. So. Many. Interesting. Topics!! I was happily surprised at the diversity of topics and impressed at the experts Justin Lehmiller includes in his podcast!! Much learning to be had!
  • CC946383
    Excellent scientifically-grounded podcast
    Dr. Lehmiller is a knowledgeable and engaging host. Each episode is entertaining and informative with expert guests. I have full confidence in the quality and accuracy of the content. I have assigned several episodes to my Human Sexuality students and they are also big fans of the podcast. Highly recommend to anyone interested in learning about human sexuality.
  • LovesToListen215
    Excellent resource and fun to listen to!
    This podcast is a great resource for learning about topics that are not often discussed. The information is presented with care, it's non-judgmental, and I appreciate that it comes from experts in the field. It strikes the right balance between being educational and fun at the same time, which is difficult to do. Keep up the good work!
  • ShowMeSomeSubstance
    I don’t tune in to a podcast to listen to the hosts giggle and reminisce about the times they have spent together and how special and unique they are are to study sex.
  • Commuting Made Fun
    Engaging, fun, and educational
    This is one of my absolute favorite podcasts! Justin Lehmiller is a sexuality expert, researcher, and popular author. He hosts each episode as a one-on-one conversation with another expert in sexuality or relationships. The conversations are educational and based in research and science, but they are also fun and they approach sensitive topics in an accessible and respectful way. I highly recommend listening if you are interested in learning more about yourself and your partner(s) or if you just feel like the sex ed you received in school didn’t prepare you optimally for relationships in the real world.
  • Endless Curious
    Content is always interesting!
    I listen to podcasts while I make art in my studio and it turns out the podcasts that are most interesting and keep me focused are ones on the topic of sex. I'm endlessly fascinated by all types of sexuality and look for content that's both titilating and informative. A few months ago I came across Justin Lehmiller's podcast and I'm hooked! His choice of guests are fantastic and his podcasts cover a wide range of topics that are interesting no matter your sexual preference. Every time I'm back in my shop I check for a new podcast. I recommend him highly. Give him a listen!
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