Sunday Papers

Stand-Up #16

Greg Fitzsimmons and Mike Gibbons bring you a funny weekly summation of news straight from the Sunday Papers.

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  • Liberty tavern
    Great pod!!
    One of the funniest pods out there! Look forward to each episode.
  • Clamshell614
    Self righteous but hilarious
    It’s hilarious when liberals laugh at jokes illustrating stereotypes and then crucify anyone who uses those same statistics and experiences to judge a situation when their life might depend on it.
  • Albysly
    Great stuff
    I really enjoy these two guys They have terrific chemistry and play off each other very well. The show is a highlight of my week
  • Calling All Earthlings
    Unique Take on The Week
    Lots of news "analysis" from Westside L.A. sharpies (not Westies); lots of yucks and some yuchhs. Podcast has become a part of my Sunday ritual. Greg loves the Lockhorns and is horny for Blondie; Mike's kryptonite is that annoying little kid in Family Circus who he refuses to even name. And Mike is a contrarian indicator on the stock market. Florida man is great as well.
  • Dkuyt
    Sooooo good!
    Love these guys! They’re hilarious!
  • momseverywhere
    John Wayne
    Oh my gosh on and on about John Wayne? BTW he died in 1979... your focus is misplaced as you have some phobia about the past and what he may or maybe wasn’t - you never seem to consider the ‘times’ just how wrong things were- easy to have 20-20 hind sight into what was acceptable then - but when you were there one was just living by the ‘standards’ of times. Turn down theYou self righteousness, stay on topics of today. Not 42 years ago. What’s with the length ? 2 hours of babble. Shorten it and stay on current topics/view.
  • VamanosWeGo
    Comedy & news?
    A comedy and news show hosted by two middle aged white guys that have no actual information to share.
  • Librarian Guy
    Had to cancel
    I have and continue to be a big fan of Grapefruit Zimmons, but I have to do the moral thing and unsubscribe after I listened and learned that one of the hosts of this show knowingly took a vaccine shot that was meant for poor and underserved people of color. I had to call for weeks and wait for hours in the sun to get my disabled mother a shot and this man of privilege just gets a code for an app and gets his shots like it’s nothing. U should be ashamed of yourself. I suggest anyone else who feels poorly about the actions of one of the hosts of this show take a moral inventory of yourselves and perhaps unsubscribe as well...
  • KW in Mesa, AZ
    Podcast got longer and longer And is now over 2 hours. Cant do it
  • sfcabay
    Long time fan no more.
    Way to perpetuate the stereotype of the liberal Hollywood elite, Mike. Mike took the vaccine using a code meant for the underserved community. Greg’s wife is correct about the shot. Mike tried to make himself feel better but the fact is true that you knowingly used a code meant to help people who are in need, not meant to help a privileged, rich white guy jump the line. You and your friends lack basic morals. The fact that you didn’t edit the story out before release shows you have no real remorse. Bye boys. Unsubscribed.
  • Rjg262
    These guys are hilarious. Seldom correct about anything but that's why they are so great to listen to. The level of sarcasm is off the charts so you need to come with that in mind before you listen. But hey, they're comedians and they do it well. Great format too. Long shows but great to listen to on the way home.
  • IggyBomb323
    A little research goes a long way
    When I say a little, I mean a little. Great podcast
  • toenail hangman
    The Paperheads!
  • NOPEC!
    Dirty and Inaccurate
    For be it for these guys to Google anything during the podcast. They prefer to “guess” about facts which is half the fun. The other listening to these guys freakout over Family Circus cartoons.
  • Cumforcover
    Best start to the day!!
    Like most people I work Monday through Saturday. Sunday is my only day off but with a family and a house to maintain it is not much of a day off. But listening to these two with my morning cup of coffee is the best start to the day. Thank you guys so much for all you do.
  • JackAssNine
    THE Best Podcast
    Greg is one of the best stand-up comedians and writers. Mike, a very accomplished tv producer, is one of Greg’s best friends and one of the funniest people I’ve ever heard. The combo is amazing. The best way to start off my Sunday!
  • supershoppersharon
    Look forward to Sundays!
    Joann’s not the only one with a crush on these two. Love love the podcast and disappointed you gave up the Thursday show. Please keep them long, as I take you on my Sunday walk and the more you talk the more exercise I get!
  • D man4321
    Come on sponsors!!! Flashlight? Adam & Eve? Square space?!?! Where are you guys? This tag is gold!!!
  • Wwooaahh
    2 peas in a pod
    Fun to listen to two longtime friends talk a lit current events. They’re funny - every episode I laugh out loud.
  • Level 3 fedora neckbeard
    Mike gibbons and Greg are a great duo. I look forward to this podcast every Sunday.
  • Bambootim
    Dear Mike and Greg
    Everytime I hear the short audio clip of "EXTRA... EXTRA... EXTRA....!!! from the newsboy selling his papers, I hear something in the voice that is haunting. A sweet sadness to the news events. I imagine all of the boys standing on the corner in a big city crying out for us to read all about it. My father sold papers on the corner in downtown L.A. When ever the podcast starts, I stop what I am doing to hear that short audio clip. The feeling is hard to describe. Like when one is listening to a piece of jazz music that can be overwhelming with a mixture of emotions all at the same time. Is there a word for this? sincerely, Timster.
  • Nutellagal
    Dig the show
    You 2 together are the best! Don’t like when Fitz needs to censor himself (doesn’t want to get too political) just be yourself with the rants, you can’t please everyone! One of the most memorable segments is when Mike went off on the history of SEC, good stuff. Really enjoy the recommendations on documentaries, etc. Keep up the goofiness! Love it!
  • x5girl
    I love listening on Sunday! Excellent, fresh Podcast!
    Hi, this is Stacey! haven’t missed an episode since you two started the Podcast. I look forward to the Podcast and truly laugh out loud. I have so many questions for both of you. I really would love to get to know Mike Gibbons. He really makes me laugh, we are close to the same age, we both have a similar sense of humor. My hope for 2021, would be to meet him. Possibly over Zoom and who knows, someday in person! Please continue making so many of us laugh!
  • ray ray mc'bigears
    Greg n mike
    Lolol love it when Greg yells READ ALL ABOUT IT!! And mike whines lolol.
  • Nymph40
    To left wing
  • Zoe Kraj
    I look forward to this podcast every Sunday!
  • Brownidgirl19
    Love these two!
    If you like dry, sarcastic humor this podcast is for you! If you’re looking for sincerity and adoration stick around to hear Fitz shower Blondie with both, from her “blowing ball pin” calves to her perfectly coiffed hair. He loves her as much as Mike abhors Family Circus. Nonstop laughs every episode!
  • fan308
    Way to political
    They are very funny and have always loved the Fitzdog. But when they start pontificating and attempting political humor they fall flat. Obviously they slurp down that far left liberal ignorance like a baby bird begging for a worm. I would love to listen because they make a good team. But just way way to political for me. I want to be entertained, not agitated... Just my humble opinion. Adam Carolla is the best!
  • samanthamc85
    Please stop eating
    You guys are great but I cannot listen when there is eating. Eat at another time of the day please. Even when you’re off mic you come back with extra saliva and it makes listening impossible.
  • littlebitofall
    Great Chemistry
    I love listening to the two of you go back and forth The tiger story made me cry laughing. Keep it up! PS... I agree with Mike, I don’t need to watch podcasts! Please turn down the volume for the segues... it scares the crap out of me. It is so much louder than your voices! This is now all fixed! Thanks so much!
  • Duckhunter44
    Hate isn’t humor. Old white dudes, dated humor at best.
  • UHHUH82
    Two donkeys who like their own voices
    This podcast sounds like two morons at a Panera & I would pick up my stuff to move to a table across the restaurant... Prostate jokes for days is the middle age white guy version of poop jokes which are probably also their gold standard. If these guys were my uncle I would dread thanksgiving every year. Ten bucks says they have sold cars and insurance too. i am dumber since listening to them.
  • Kaiser Soso
    Nice show
    Great podcast. Is there a reason Californians started saying "oh ways" or "ole ways" instead of "all ways"? It's like when Marc Maron's podcast got big and then EVERYONE started saying "fermiliar" instead of familiar. If you can't say familiar easily, say familial three times...then try saying familiar.
  • Rbruin
    A Good Listen
    I really enjoy this podcast, Greg & Mike r hilarious! These partners have Gr8 takes on current events. I was listening today & I spit out my drink cuz I was ROTF laughing! 🤣
  • JNez2
    These are the kind of free form conversations am that are rich with humanity and hilarity. Thank you, guys. A big fan.
  • JoshPryor
    Where’s Grapefruit Simmons
    I was listening for the Famous comic Grapefruit Simmons. I thought this was his show? Did he create it. 🤷‍♂️. Mike and Greg are funny too.
  • Steve Farris
    More joke, less woke
    Initially, this was a pretty funny podcast, but it’s become heavily overloaded with Mike Gibbons self-righteous leftist finger wagging and woke lectures. I’m not as into it anymore. I’d wish there’s stick to comedy instead of ideology. More joke, less woke, please.
  • Retardo Montabon
    Family Circus is awful but have you seen Mutts?
    Love the show and miss the Thursday papers. Just a side story about a comic strip I hate “Mutts”. It’s a terrible nonsensical piece of trash with no effort about a cat with a stutter or some sort of speech impediment anyway when this thing was picked up by my family paper when I was a kid I was so annoyed that this strip took over the slot of some other more worthy strip I actually wrote the editor of the paper to complain and I never did anything like that before but it really got to me. Cut to 20 some odd years later I’m helping my brother with something at his house I look at his bookshelf that has just a few books on it and two of those are the collected works of “MUTTS”.
  • ri897098
    Did I get your attention Michael?!
    You guys are slippin’
  • Weinerville Central
    Dagwood’s a chump
    I didn’t realize Beansie from Sopranos and Larry David’s son had a podcast but I was pleasantly surprised. I can do without the producer’s MAGA rants though. My mom, Joanne, keeps writing in for some reason. Death to Family Circus! Bring back Thursday Papers!
  • Gage Entleman
    Grapefruit Gibbons!
    These two are so funny together. Perfect team.
  • mrmathsmith228
    becoming one of my favorite podcasts...
    and I'll never look at Blondie the same way
  • grownclone
    Great show
    I love the show but wish you wouldn’t spend 20 minutes every week taking about your bucs bet. Listening to you guys explain the bet, stumble thru the spread and explain who’s winning is like listening to someone talk about their fantasy football team. No one cares
  • JimmyJamJamesIV
    Great stuff
    I’ve never missed an episode.
  • sierra to great basin
    My favorite new podcast during the pandemic
    I listen to the end always Greg and Mike
  • 223534553
    Op ed
    Whoever the guy that did the op ed is absolutely horrible. Literally had to turn it off
  • BB_ME
    I read (listen) cover to cover (start to finish) please, don’t change the format. Love this podcast. Take it eashh!!!
  • Ic3M4n87
    Better to just not listen
    Whiney D Bags
  • Joanne/jojo
    I seem to still have a crush on these guys.
  • Trail lust
    I’m back!
    I found this when doing a search for FITZ DOG, and has become my can’t wait to listen to podcast! And I love that greg lives in Venice, ca. I live down the coast in palos Verdes peninsula, and frequent Venice for vegan restaurant and shopping, and yes l.a. is crazy but that’s what I love about it!
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