Feed Room Chemist: An Equine Nutrition Podcast

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Dr. Jyme Nichols, equine nutritionist for Bluebonnet Feeds, explores unique cases, debunks popular myths, and breaks down advanced research data. This podcast combines a little fun with a lot of science to provide real-world feeding advice for your horse.

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Recent Reviews
  • ENRodgers
    Advice from someone selling feed
    Talk to a vet instead. Consider who’s funding the “research”.
  • spiderkelleyev
    Detailed + Informative Podcast
    I love this podcast and have been binge-listening since I discovered it. Dr. Jyme is very thorough in her explanations of nutrition and how it relates to all of horse health. I personally need to get a grasp on the “why” first to see “how” a vitamin/nutrient/supplement/feed plan etc works, ultimately to understand the entire process. It is all fully explained and a wealth of knowledge!
  • Crazyhorserider
    I really like this podcast, as it is well put together and informational. I am constantly trying to further my knowledge about horses, and how to properly care for them. My mare when I first got her was obviously lacking in proper nutrition, and now I actually know why. Thanks for making this awesome podcast! ❤️
  • HORSE enthusiast KES
    What a great resource!
    I started listening just this week and I’ve already listened to four episodes. Material is relevant, it is delivered without subtlety and it is very useful. Great job!
  • indcowgirl
    Can’t live without this podcast!
    I am so glad I found this podcast! I really enjoy learning everything talked about. I love that it’s a quick (30minute) type informative that I can listen in my way to work. She talks about things so I can understand completely. Love!
  • mandaleeeeeee802
    Can’t say enough good things
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast! Informational and to the point! Gets you thinking and when you have a question she is SO fast at responding. Can’t share it enough!
  • lkwams
    Loving this podcast
    I have many classes of horses right now: performance, ranch/trail, senior, broodmares, and young and growing horses. It’s been so great to be able to get a refresher and some new ideas on caring for all of them!
  • ponypower64
    Very Informative!
    An easy to listen to podcast that’s excellent and informative. I always look forward to listening!
  • Staciamt
    I have an Arabian gelding that was once an easy keeper then thing’s just were not right, then he sustained an injury that’s been a long healing process. I then purchased a Haflinger gelding that was an easy keeper but obvious feet issues, which hand in hand had to do with weight. I’ve been on quite the nutrition journey with them both and I’m absolutely loving this podcast as it’s really opened my eyes as well as answered some questions I didn’t even know I had. Keep it up, you are much appreciated!
  • georgiaflowers
    Favorite horse podcast
    Excellent, informative, and enjoyable.
  • Bug19375937262
    5 STARS
    Love the podcast! So informative and to the point. Please keep up the good work 😊
  • davyamy4451
    Great listen!!
    I have absolutely loved listening to this podcast. I stumbled across it with buying some supplements online and I have listened to the same episodes multiple times to retain knowledge. AWESOME!!!
  • catjaquina
    So educational!
    Thank u so much for these podcast. I have recently moved to North Carolina from Northern California, and the feed is polar opposite. My spoiled alfalfa feed horses had the hardest time adjusting to the new feed. Ended up finding the right feed thanks to this podcast. Wish we had the option to buy blue bonnet feed, but who knows the military might send us to a place that supplies blue bonnet ! Fingers crossed 🤞🏼
  • Tangerea
    Thank you
    I recently started feeding Bluebonnet feed and a few of the Stride products as well, I have 8 horses and I barrel race . It’s been probably 4 months now, and so far I’m very happy with my feed program. My horses look good and what I think I’m seeing more than anything is that all my horses seem to be calmer my 4 year olds are being ridden regularly but it just seems they have happier attitudes. I’m looking forward to our future with this in my program. I absolutely love to learn, and these podcasts are so full of very educational information. Thanks so much I’m always anxious for the next one to come out😊😊😊
  • OfeliaDP
    Informative & enjoyable!
    Dr. Nichols’ program is the only podcast I listen to. It is informative, with topics that are interesting and relevant to any horse person, regardless of discipline. Dr. Nichols’ information is clear and easy to understand, but not oversimplified. At last, there is a place to listen to good discussion of topics in equine nutrition with the science and research (and not just anecdotes!) behind it, and without pushing for a product sale. In the age of the internet it can be difficult to parse through all the unhelpful, unqualified information and opinions available. Dr. Nichols provides a wonderful antidote to this. It is also clear how passionate she is and how deeply she cares about each of the individual horses (or other equids!) she may be discussing. The Feed Room Chemist is a joy to listen to!
  • Ellllloneil
    The best podcast I have ever listened too!!!
    She makes all the things that are hard to understand easy. I have made quite a few changes in my own stable because of it! I have told all my friends and family to listen too it!!! It has shown me how important it is to know about my feed and what is in my feed bag! It has shown me not to mix my food or hay!!! I feel like I know exactly what to do in any feed situation, from starved horses to overfed horses!!!! I would recommend this to anyone who wants something informational or for something fun to listen too!!! I give this a 5/5 because it deserves it.
  • Carley Sweigart
    Love the podcasts!
    I’ve only listened to a few episodes so far, but I am loving it and am already in the process of some diet changes! Great tips!
  • ReinerMom
    I throughly love this podcast! The topics are useful and educational . One aspect that I truly appreciate is that Dr. Nichols uses science to backup her presentations ! Several episodes have lead me to talk with my vet, and have resulted in nutrition changes : especially my older horses. Thank you Dr Nichols !
  • Kruth12
    Only a few episodes in and am loving the information. Lots to learn while also being super practical in real life application. Highly recommend! This will help in my animal physiology and equine nutrition class!
  • TheKnottyPony
    Enjoy the podcast!
    I’m a nutritional nerd as well as a myofascial release practitioner, I love the straight forward science driven topics and information. My horse is moving to a new barn, I’ll be providing his regular grain but oats are included in board. Are there pros that outweigh the cons? Thank you! Anna
  • brittanyholy
    Every horse owner should listen
    Such great information every episode. Be sure to have a pen and paper ready to write down things to remember. Can’t wait for more episodes
  • LinsRB
    Love this!
    This is such a great podcast! Lots of info and no fluff! ❤️
  • BrittR88
    Love these!
    Always love learning more about equine nutrition. Dr. Jyme offers her level of expertise and candidness in these episodes! Easy to listen to and even easier to absorb the knowledge! Thank you!!
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