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What is the internet doing to us? The Times tech columnist Kevin Roose discovers what happens when our lives move online.

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  • jessi854
    I’d like to hear the other side of the story
    Entertaining but a news-based story should be told from multiple points of view. Hard to take this as “truth” without another perspective or insight into how this can drive someone to the far left as well. Sounds more like an anti right podcast more than hard hitting journalism.
  • stayboogy
    Not really original
    It’s not original to be biased and proliferate leftist propaganda, even though it is clear the creators have tried so very hard to be original with their material and content.
  • Sonneveldt
    Enjoyable, Striking
    I liked learning about things I had not known about.
  • petlover0914
    Good show
    I liked this show a lot! Entertaining and I learned a lot
  • run_amanda
    Wow - this is a lot!
    Thank you for helping listeners connect dots and think critically about how we live on the internet and in real life. I’d love another season revisiting these ideas with new perspectives, stories, and questions.
  • CiWa11
    Rabbit hole review
    This podcast was thought provoking and riveting all the way through. With the 1/6 Attack of the Capital congressional hearings now underway you should do a follow up with the subjects of your story.
  • JJ Seattle
    Worth every moment
    The first time I have heard about a successful forensic long-term search reassembly and it is done brilliantly with unmatched editing work.
  • TDey000
    The podcast that got me into podcasts!
  • backpacklife
    Is The Times afraid?
    Fearful that they are no longer the monopoly on the news and opinions for the people? Or that the people have found other ways to connect and discuss politics outside of their curating what can be said? Online finally gives a voice to the people. And they can be scary to those in power and the media that helps keep them in power. The New York Times never reported on the Holocaust. They have an elitist culture that wants to shape public opinion, not report news. YouTube and other platforms may be flawed, but it is our modern day public forum and does not need Big Media or Big Gov to restrict our voice. I understand they feel threatened by this.
  • derbstyron
    Mesmerizing and deeply engrossing.
    A deeply engaging look at an important topic in today’s America. Always interesting but at its base deeply concerning.
  • Michelebella1977
    Great podcast!
    I’m sorry to see all the reviews telling the hosts what should be included in their story. If they’re upset that there wasn’t a pro-Republican, right-wing viewpoint discussed then maybe they should do their own research and host their own podcast that discusses what they want to hear. I enjoyed listening. Fantastic work.
  • Jra4776
    Extremely fascinating and scary at the same time. Everyone should listen.
  • Spacekace
    A switch flipped.
    For the past few years this topic has been absolutely intriguing to me in a way that I can’t turn away. It amazes me how so many of us have had not only our opinions but lives completely shifted from the abundance of information available, true or false, and the impact it’s currently having on our society as a whole. This series is most definitely something I’d compare to a light being switched on in a dark room. There’s no way to tell what’s in it until you shed some light, and there no guarantee you’re going to like what you see.
  • angyyydreee
    My thoughts
    It sparked something new in me, not anger exactly more like the desire to step up and make life the most it can be while being aware of the control of the system.
  • podcastfam
    Horrifying but important
    This was seriously terrible to listen to (the subject not the pod which was very well done. It was suggested to me by a few people when I expressed disbelief that good people could be turned into nazis. It didn’t convince me but it certainly made me think and reconsider.
  • GrandMasterJS
    Sad, scary, and all true.
  • Wako2us
    We are what we watch, live and experience
    Heartbreaking to learn how much social media is molding our human race. But very insightful production.
  • BadKitty
    Loved it!
    Very well produced - really engaging!
  • Bay Step
    So well done
    The production, storyline, history and topics covered in this series were excellent. I listened to episode after episode while doing yard work. I didn’t want to stop working because I didn’t want to stop listening! Also, the way these reporters interact with those they interview seems very respectful and empathetic, yet they are still willing to ask hard questions and acknowledge the elephant in the room.
  • Msepicvee
    Great Production and Informative
    I really enjoyed the layout and production of this show. The host keeps you intrigued and doesn’t have you guessing what he’s talking about. The guests were great and it was extremely informative.
  • Sunny L Davis
    Extremely informative and well organized presentation of the issues surrounding the internet and misinformation campaigns.
  • Megan A. M.
    This was my very first podcast. And I was amazed. The way it is narrated and the points it takes are not only eye opening yet, so incredibly detailed and intricate. I came into podcasts wanting something to challenge my current perspectives and fight the basis of normality. This is just it. It’s enticing, you’ll always be engaged. All I want is to find more podcasts such as this one. Truly hoping for a second season to come out. As a teenager in this internet run world, this was incredible to hear.
  • willemjohannes42
    Minim I
    Y no up here pink
  • Murraye1
    Great Series
    Great content in a very important issue and it is presented in a very listenable way.
  • @LibMike_Rants
    This was a great series and I look forward to the next batch.
  • mayor frey
    Bash the competition
    New York Post bashing all of its competitors... so so biased. I was hoping to see some information about both perspectives of the Rabbit Hole. Not just bashing every person who ever made a pro republican leaning viewpoint. My buddy suggested this and I got through 3 episodes before I couldn’t stand the bias anymore. Even Netflix the social dilemma has viewpoints of social media from both perspectives.
  • Katiemclady
    I would have like to hear how YouTube and the Internet Culture also has radicalized the left extremists as well? Like an interview with them? For balanced reporting?
  • shakenanddisturbed
    A must listen!
    The flow and story telling in this podcast is phenomenal. I appreciate the message and I can’t wait for more.
  • alex123fdsia
    Best podcast of my year
    Illuminating, captivating, a true deep dive into how the internet has shaped us
  • S. Hochman
    Season 2?
    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. Hoping there will be a season 2 picking up where S1 left off.
  • Reicher Recording
    This is an excellent and well researched piece of journalism.
  • tmcendree
    Very interesting podcast about misinformation and how internet companies try to change your behavior
    This is a must listen podcast. It is scary at some points with how much we think we’re in control, but in reality, we’re just puppets.
  • Dosositos Texas
    So sad. Another pamphlet disguised as a Podcast.
    I’ve just listened the "Start Here" episode and part of the second, in both pieces I’ve heard "far right groups", ok, I’m leaving here. I’m sick and tired of all this propaganda. This is too much. Movies, TV Shows, News...it’s all the same script, same words, same message. NO, THANK YOU!. I’ll try to find something instructive and free from ideologies. Stop the brainwashing.
  • Sun= Star=me
    A Must Listen
    This is an amazing podcast a must listen for anyone from anywhere.
  • Waffles :]
    Awesome Reporting + Stellar Production Value
    This reminded me of the golden days of Radiolab! Really astounding reporting on a surprisingly related string of topics coupled with some seriously fantastic audio production.
  • jaypatty
    Informative and enjoyable
    Our current state of society is troubling. Listening to Kevin team dig into why we are where we are shed light on so many things. I do appreciate that they treated everyone they interviewed with dignity and were unbiased in their reporting.
  • Daniel Bashir
    Incredibly Important
    This was one of the many sets of stories that alerted me to some of the problems with our modern technologies and the impacts they have on real people that we don’t always think about. So glad Kevin Roose did so much hard work to bring this to us.
  • crkearney
    Excellent reporting
    Fascinating series. Was really refreshing to hear such excellent reporting on YouTube from young people who are actually familiar with the eccentric culture.
  • JamieNYCsugar
    So good!!!
    So!! Freakin!! Good!!
  • WindholzL83
    Good listen!
    Lots of good insight and conversation. I never felt like the host was too bias for one side or another, which is refreshing these days. There’s more than one rabbit hole. Note. I’d love to see more on extreme left though. Note: Not all pro gun Americans are psycho, far right people. Some of us just love to shoot and hunt and keep to ourselves in our simple lives, not obsessing with people on YouTube. :)
  • Miles the Boxer's Mom
    Interesting but one-sided
    The first episode was promising but when you get to the YouTube executive interview the only focus is on alt right channels and their misinformation. Surely there’s misinformation being spread on the other side. What about all the people who used BLM to burn down cities and wreak havoc last year? Shouldn’t that be tamed also? I don’t identify with either side just wish this was more balanced. I think our society is in real trouble with the internet taking over our brains.
  • A Blenker
    An excellent consolidation of what’s been happening on the internet over the past 10 years and how it has affected the political moment we are in currently. A very well produced and interesting format as well.
  • allyarnaiz
    Sad I finished it so quickly!
    I have had this podcast saved for a while and I am eagerly awaiting a second season if there will be one. Ever relevant and fascinating, I’m so glad for this honest journalism. Very well done.
  • metalheaddawson
    Fell in the rabbit hole of a.. rabbit hole...
    Well I devoured this in a day. Holy moly.... it’s funny how it’s about people falling into rabbit holes and that’s exactly how I felt about this podcast- couldn’t get enough of it. Thoroughly enjoyed, 10/10 would recommend. Makes me feel even better about deleting my social media accounts.
  • Beacher555555
    Full circle
    Of your kind and with your kind, makes tight little funnels into which ideas can be ceded. None escapes its reach.
  • Steve Brian 1111
    This is the best podcast ever !!!!
    The best podcast ever, thanks for the hosts.
  • courtywoods
    Couldn’t get past the first episode
    Interesting topic but I really don’t care about this kid’s story. I’d rather hear about the science and data.
  • HC172563626
    NYT, you’ve done it again
    Truly one of the best podcasts I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. Definitely worth the listen, you will fly through the 8 episodes. Thank you NYT for this wonderful listen!
  • EsmeShaller
    Please return for an epilogue
    I know I’m not the first to say this, but this reporting is needed now, following the terrorist attack on the capitol.
  • bigpeppermo
    Lost my trust
    Bias media. Sad the loss of journalism to activists.
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