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X22 Report is a daily show that covers the economy, political and geopolitical issues. Join me and many others to fight what is rightfully ours.

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  • joeskirock
    Q anon lies for slow boomers
    The whole premise is a Russian psy op. One large scam. Don’t believe any of these lies manufactured for you to spend your money on Trump bucks and other fraudulent ventures
  • MsBeachLizard
    Episode 3315
    Don't forget, regarding the downing of the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore: *ANDREW JACKSON* appointed Key to be his US Attorney General. BTW... there IS an extradition treaty with Antigua. the United States and Antigua and Barbuda signed a series of counternarcotic and anticrime treaties and agreements, including a maritime law enforcement agreement subsequently amended to include overflight and order-to-land provisions, a bilateral extradition treaty, and a mutual legal assistance treaty.
  • 34grayce
    It’s about love
    At first I thought it meant war. At all the Trump rallies, it’s about “love”. It’s all about love. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, you can change it, love is what we need. We’re all brothers and sisters in Christ (Christo’s) light, love.
  • TheGreg0307
    You Need To Debate Donnie Darkened
    I appreciate your time and effort attempting to expose the truth. However, your feeling towards Trump cloud your ability to think and discuss from both sides. What if Trump isn’t who you think he is? What if he’s working with others to usher in a false light system? Get Donnie Darkened on your show to debate the other side of Trump and his connections to Israel. People deserve to hear both sides of the story
  • brick boss2.0
    Too many commercials bro
    Too many commercials bro
  • CardioChik
    The REAL News
    I love this show and Dave knows how communicate and speak to those of us who are newer to the political world. This show Is not only informative but the guests are great too. I only listen to this podcast for current events because it’s nice to hear a spin of positivity in the midst of the nonsense surrounding us.
  • candys22
    We are the resistance
    Thanks Dave when I heard you speak on this podcast I knew I was at the right place. Thank you. Donald J Trump, 2024.
  • littleredmon
    Dave is like a tall glass of water
    Iin a world that seems destined to fail, Dave offers optimusm and stands up for oatriotism. He has a wry sense if humor, too
  • GunnziLLa19
    The amount of ads makes it intolerable to listen to any more. They pop up every few minutes and last longer then the show segments.
  • Director/VSRS
    Truth is good
    Dave is an excellent source for truth being told as to what is actually happening in the world and the US! His information has been correct and the guests that he has on is truly in the know! Keep up the good work!!
  • @TurtleIslandAcademy
  • rslane
    Dave is the best
    I saw a review that said this podcast kept them sane. I agree, a lot of stuff repeats but I need to listen every day to glean new pieces of hope moving forward. He has carried me through the last few years and I’m looking forward to new booms and revelations as we move through 2024. This movie playing out is the slowest burn ever but I’m praying everything will go as planned for “trumpand thepatriots”!!!!
  • rmoutard
    Love this podcast, keeps me sane.
  • bmbutler2
    Socialist Propaganda
    ***I see the guy is still pushing the same narrative again and again “the DS and CB are about to be exposed. Trump planned this all along. Get ready!” Folks, he’s been peddling this to the sheep for over 3 years now. He’s lying and stringing you along. Wake the freak up and stop listening to this guy who is laughing all the way to the bank. Is this guy still at it? I would hope after 4 years more people would have woken up to this propaganda hoax. It is time for people to wake up and stop believing in fairy tales. This guy sounds completely legit until it all starts going in circles. Dates keep getting pushed back for “the DS is about to get it!!” Folks, wake up. Those believing in this nonsense are what caused people to go into the capitol on 1/6. All that is happening here is he is making money off you listening to his podcasts, watching his videos and buying what he advertises. This is a propaganda campaign that is leading you down to your destruction. Stop and ask yourself if anything he has prediction has happened. That would be a big NO
  • hdnsndjsoozoisjsjjsinndns
    20 minutes of commercials, he says the same thing almost everyday. Still thinks Trump is president and Q is gonna save the day…lame
  • SueKro
    Can't miss an episode!
    The BIG mystery is WHO is Dave?? Dave has helped me piece together all of the events of the deep state for years! It seems like Dave has a direct pipeline to Trump himself. I love how he methodically and meticulously lays out the plans of what is to come while calmly stating that we will just have to wait and see! Dave expertly explains the events of the day while exposing the truth each and every day! Thank you, Dave, I look forward to your analysis every day and salute you for waking us up!
  • SeanTom56
    Best daily breakdown
    No doom and gloom, haven’t missed a show in years!! Thank you DAVE!!
  • Papi!!!!
    Great show.! What is your take on operation Bolshevik ?
  • Greekthug7
    Must listen for everyone
    I think everyone should listen to this.
  • Jaimegp
    X22 Report is a Must
    I started listening a couple of years back, and listening to a couple of shows. X22 Report is the only show in town for me now. Keep up the great work my good sir!!!
  • DS712R
    X22 is my go to
    I have been listening to X22 for years! He is always positive and shows a great perspective. I appreciate the no-fear mongering approach. I love how positive this podcast is. Thank you Dave!
  • AndiAmerican
    X-22 Report
    Positive & insightful perspective on today’s chaotic events.
  • AshTexan
    Stop yelling
    I like Dave but it seems like all he does is yell on his podcast, it’s hard to listen to anymore for me. It’s great to be animated but he is constantly yelling!
  • @Josh k
    Truly amazing, so grateful for this show!
    Must listen!
    Dave, You do an outstanding job. There are a few others I listen too. What’s great about you is the content of information you gather and you put out with ties to posts and other previous news comments. Your understanding of the constitution is great. The largest sting operation in history has taking long time, but you’ve always notified your listeners that catching the little fish is easy, it’s the big fish in the deep swamp that take longer. GREAT JOB! MY FAVORITE PODCAST!
  • melorno
    Loyal listeners
    We started listening to Dave in the fall of 2020, I’m not even exactly sure how we came across his videos/podcasts… now, three years later, we are still loyal listeners. We have siphoned through many many truth, tellers, and after all these years, we’ve narrowed it down to seven or eight, and Dave is one we never miss.
  • Skydoglives
    Good listening
    I like hearing your perspective and optimism. Sure hope your insights are on target.
  • Willow97632
    Essential to keep informed
    X22 is one of the few podcasts I make it a point to keep up with. I appreciate the perspective that is supported by specific sources and analysis. I get enough to understand just by the show but also enough to further research on my own. Great podcast.
  • Money bags22
    Alternative News
    Good Podcast. “Optics are important” — Dave gives a good alternative vision to what he believes is going on… No one knows it’s all.. the Information Age is the disinformation age and the “great awakening” / the “great reset” take time… Good to see him easing up on Bitcoin over the past few weeks, I was never a believer… I recommend..
  • DeerGrace
    Where’s the links and information promised?
    So Dave, love your program. However, where are all the links that you promise. I listen on Apple. I am interested in receiving those links on Dr. McCullough. Can you put those on, please.
  • Shootr McGavin
    Too many ads
    Ridiculously too many ads. Kills the flow of the show. And hopium is over the top. The show is presented to the echo chamber. “This all has to happen for the future euphoria” as people lose their houses and life savings.
  • Beantown Billy Goat
    Copium for The Masses
    Serving up nothing but hopium for conservatives. Is exactly the same as Soviet’s Operation Trust during their revolution. “Just sit back and wait for the military intel guys to mop up now they have evidence of crimes. Continuing to build cases.” IF military intelligence was on this they’d have mopped up the DS aeons ago and propagandized us into a more sane world while also bringing those crimes to our attention. Folks… this ain’t it. This is the path toward ruin. You want to change the country then YOU/US/WE must engage full heartedly in our own Long March Through the Institutions. Nobody else is going to save us. Only way out is through, people. Get involved on the ground level locally and make a difference there. Collectively that would start to change things over a long enough period of time. Some of this is already occurring at school boards for example. Listening to this type of copium ‘cast will dissuade you from taking action. Don’t fall for it brothers and sisters. Take action now!!
  • Strumbr
    Because their eyes are now open…
    Like one of Regan’s great quips, why are you selling Republican puppies when you were just earlier trying to sell them as democrat puppies?
  • weeeeeeeeewwweee
    He could make a full show of him saying “another thing that’s interesting.
    Nothing you have said has come true. How are you relevant? What now for those who have believed in guys that have lied to us? You’re just as bad as the left
  • baxterchristie50
    I listen to everything Dave puts out and always learn so much!!
  • Godfather93
    Awesome podcast
    One of the best podcast out there , highly recommend if you been red pilled
  • providential1
    Getting old
    Three years of the same reports and titles….Stage is set, Caught them all, DS is pancaking, etc. call me when something happens. I don’t have any more energy to chase a tale of criminals who get to keep on destroying our country when we “caught them all”. Too emotionally disappointing.
  • paul r 13
    Used to be a great news podcast
    Unfortunately it has devolved into never ending Trump worship
  • awakeandaware209
    Nearly 3k episodes of recycled titles..
    What a joke this has become man. Years worth of the same ol same ol with this character here. At first, it was intriguing & captivating. Motivating the audience to believe, “we are so close! - the storm this, the storm that.” But here we are, nearly 3,000 episodes later! Recycled or reworded titles with the same B.S. & absolutely no end in sight with this deceiver! Dave. Stop already man. Enough is enough. Look at your content. It’s literally ALL THE SAME FOR YEARS, man!! You are the reason why many Americans do absolutely nothing, awaiting this “movie” to end. This is all, definitely NOT a movie. You’re pathetic dude. Honestly, you truly are.
  • disapointedincolorado
    Interview with General Flynn
  • Ccobea97
    Hopeful and Dangerous Musings
    Candidly, this isn’t the most unhinged of all crap online these days. The constant deep state, everyone’s in on it blah blah blah. I’ll give you credit. You know your audience. The jobless, worthless, senseless MAGA cult will never hesitate an opportunity to waste an hour hearing lies that they wish to believe. Keep feeding your minions more lies . Hope you can sleep at night.
  • ASew17
    Great interview! Important to side step the Mainstream even alt right news attempt yet again to take down Trump and MAGA with Desantis blowout.
  • BJohnson65
    Thanks Dave!
    Thank you Dave! You’re a daily dose of encouragement for me! You brave the storm, while the impatient criticize, only to be proven correct later on. Stay the course... NCSWIC. Something will probably happen during/after the midterms - but we won’t fall for it. Fake news is still fake news.
  • Xfiles83
    Great Show
    Very informative and keeps up with current events. As with every other conservative media, bad reviews are most likely from people who don’t really even listen to the show…just simply a bunch of crazy liberals giving negative reviews in order to bring the rating down. You do an awesome job Dave!
  • not your lacky
    Hard to listen to
    Hard to listen to , everyone is the deep state ? ( government, banks ,big tech , big farms dem/repubs , justice department big farma ) except for trump ? I don’t know caught discriminating against black tenants , caught inflating/ deflating property values on taxes /for insurance purposes. His family (him ,sons and daughter) caught ripping off their own charity ? Judgement by his peers not to be allowed to have a charity Ripped off American people over charged secret service for hotel rooms ? It goes on an on , we are not even talking about docs taken or active lawsuits ? The mental gymnastics, exhausting
  • octopus-beta
    Listen to Judicial Watch instead…
    X22 Report is a Hopium emporium. Dave is full of crap. If you believe it, you’re suffering from delusions. Durham hasn’t really done squat.
  • Weatherforcaster
    The jackals are losing their grip
    Great insights, this show keeps better informed than any current media!
  • manfisher
    Hi, this is your real evening news
    The X22 Report is what the news should be. Yes, Dave gives his opinion, but he differentiates it obviously from news items such that there is no clowning or trolling. Whenever I hear a news item, I say, “Oo, I wonder if Dave will talk about that tonight!”
  • tonioortiz
    Great Pod
    Great show but it’s annoying how many times he says “Trumpandthepatriots”
  • Mitch Joseph
    Do people really believe this stuff
    There is all this blame on “they”. It’s all the same stuff you hear on every nutty right wing conspiracy theory show - Trump long game, Deep state, take your guns, Covid lock downs (which aren’t a thing anymore), Hunters laptop. Just so crazy
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