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The Best Advice Show is your reminder that there are weird, delightful and effective ways to make life slightly and sometimes profoundly better. In every (very short) episode of the show, a different contributor offers their take on making life more joyful, healthful and livable and it's likely gonna be something you can try today, if you want.

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  • Miranda Goshawk
    Little nuggets of wisdom and fun
    I love that topics run the gamut from the mundane (wash your feet) to the profound (grief, love, tragedy), but my favorites are the longer interview-style episodes. Zak is humble and curious and knows how to ask the questions to reveal deeper truths. And unlike a ton of podcast hosts, he can tell a story AND keep it brief.
  • 19287640
    The combination of the serene music with the hosts voice, and the pure good will of this show makes me feel peaceful in a way no other podcast has before. Thank you, Zak, for following through with this idea for a podcast and bringing a little bit of peace and joy to others.
  • Runandlisten
    Good Guests Interesting Topics
    Great variety. Production values very good.
  • isabellestepbystep
    So good
    I have enjoyed this podcast so much because it is short and brief and I am able to implement the beautiful advice given.
  • Melliezcutie
    Great podcast
    The episode on being a person with people, in particular, was life changing. Thank you!
  • DiDisListening
    thank you!
    Thanks to all the great guest for all the useful advice. Thank you Zak for creating such a special space.
  • Mr.iddy
    This has been the most useful podcast I can remember.
    This is a great show. I love the length of the episodes and the amount of information.
  • bobbyanderic
    Non stop verbal diarrhea discussing self help pseudo science that can only appeal to the lowest common denominator, girl.
  • VNalee1
    So grateful for this podcast!
  • seminole grad
    Something for Everyone!
    I just started listening to this podcast, and I really like the randomness of the advice. Great little nuggets that are easily digestible!
  • Dancing otters
    Such a sweet helpful snack of a podcast
    Thanks for such a good idea of a cheerful thoughtful tiny bite of things to learn and share.
  • igrosen
    Love the show
    You know the saying, “you learn something new every day”? Well this show definitely contributes to that. It’s fun to listen to & you can take away some great advice on all different subjects.
  • sebastianbuffa13
    One of my faves!
    Love this podcast as a short and profound check in every couple days! Highly recommend :)
  • GingerKid_4821
    Great, bite-sized podcast
    I love hearing the ideas in this podcast. Keep it up Zac!
  • courtneyinLA
    I love this podcast
    The opening music is calming and puts you in the right frame of mind for listening to interesting advice. The advice is always fresh and thought-provoking and comes from people who seem nice, and interesting. Zak, the host, is so likable—he just seems openminded, curious and fun. Because each episode is only a few or several minutes, I can always make time for it. Anytime I get an email announcing a new episode, I want to listen immediately. Can’t recommend it enough.
  • ktshmeef
    Quick digestible and relaxing
    Love the music and the vibe of this pod. Great advice and wide range of topics.
  • My Dogs Smell Like Cheese
    Love the show!
    And by the way, Alice Cooper is a golfer. It doesn’t get cooler than that.
  • OregonSleeper
    I just love everything about this. Thank you for making this part of my life. It means a lot. Sending Love from Oregon!
  • K8TOUS
    A perfect way to start your day.
  • dkgntidkmfkdkc
    Thought provoking and well written
    The host is excellent and shares his experiences while allowing guests and their advice to be the focus. I listen to at least two episodes whenever I have down time and always feel like a slightly better and smarter person after.
  • AgnesMcGee
    Like enjoying a special piece of chocolate
    I’ve been listening to this podcast since the very beginning. When a new one comes up in my cue, I feel like someone has brought me a surprise treat! Just about every episode is delightful and thought provoking, and short enough to fit into any little gap in your day. But sometimes they’re EXTRA special, like the 3/8/22 episode at On Air Fest. It’s a good bit longer than most, but just PACKED with great snippets of advice on creativity. One of the best yet, Zak!
  • ebarbarick
    Love all the short easy to listen to pieces of advice. Especially enjoy food Friday but I do like the diversity of all of the advice!
  • LesmanaF
    Best short podcast
    Love all the advice!
  • Mother of She-Dragons
    Relatable and fun
    Zak’s approach to sharing the advice is so fun and relatable. I love that he moves through each topic quickly. He makes the point, plays the audio and keeps it simple. I love it and have enjoyed every episode.
  • Andrea991200
    Loved it!
    Episode with Noa is by far my favorite! Warmed my heart. I will use her method for eating grapes from now on and think of her 😊
  • be u 11
    It 5/5 for me ❤️❤️
    It so good I was trying to find more things make me feel better then I was I like this so much it is the best
  • Kimbonutritious
    Love this show!
    Love these nuggets of wisdom every few days. From hot takes on food prep to tips on better communicating across difference, these episodes always leave me with something fun, interesting, and useful to think about
  • steineey_
    A daily treat
    These bite-size nuggets of advice are so easy to fit into your day. A fun variety of topics and great host who consistently add value to my day / week!
  • Dustin1376
    Thought-provoking and fun
    I love this show. It has the vibe of a call-in advice show, but curated to these wonderful life insights from big (how not to burn out) to delightful (roast your parsnips). Highly recommend adding to your daily listens.
  • Gnome411
    Favorite Way to start the day!
    I love this podcast so much. Each episode is only a few minutes long and I look forward to listening in the morning. Tons of different advice, so any given episode could range from small topics to majorly important themes as we go through our lives. Zak is a wonderful interviewer and host.
  • Gavin Taylor
    Excellent podcast
    I adore the short format. Great advice. I’ve listened for over a year and I recommend it as a benefit to your life. Again the short format is brilliant
  • asayasaya
    Metta show
    Love this advice about advice! Thank you
  • esf🙏🏻
    Best Advice Show
    Best 5 minutes you’ll spend all day. It’ll leave you with a smile or a thought to ponder. Either way, you will be better off for having tuned in.
  • BR Hakim
    Great podcast
    Wonderful human interest stories, and funky music to boot!
  • airotciv_1311
    I love this podcast SO much! Whenever I feel like I need motivation or am down this podcast always makes me happy! ❤️❤️❤️
  • VeganMom3Girls
    Can’t stop.
    Can’t stop listening! Going back to episode one and playing ALL. This podcast is simply and brilliant. LOVE IT!
  • aprilbaer
    Consistently exceeds expectations
    This deceptively-simple thing is so full of what you need. Do not pass it by.
  • Mickey Delight
    Great way to start the day
    I recently moved to Detroit, and the Best Advice Show is keeping me company and introducing me to people around the city. I’m grateful for the insights and approachable wisdom each guest offers. This show always brings a smile to my face. Highly recommend!
  • fil--
    Good advice
    A short-form show that finds intresting people to give good advice. Sometimes profound, sometimes simple, sometimes fun, sometimes all three, an excellent show to have in your feed.
  • Ayeattslonske
    Lovely tips
    I’m so glad this podcast exists. I’ve learned so many good tips from lovely, interesting people
  • MooreMomentum
    Great Show!
    Zac is an awesome guy, and I loved being on his show. He is a great conversation and full of useful advice. Definitely recommend! Keep it up, man!
  • NishaP50
    Transformative Collective Wisdom
    This podcast, at once, simple, profound, quirky, soulful, practical and transcendent, reminds me that we all have wisdom and skills to share and by doing so we make life more joyful, tasty, just, meaningful, and fulfilling.
  • Krysti Jeff
    A Must Listen!!
    This podcast is so good. Truly a must listen. Genuine, funny, relatable. So we’ll done, had to share with all my favorite folks!!
  • Talimaya
    Wonderful show!!
    This is a terrific podcast!!
  • whoisLo?
    I really like it I do.
  • land and freedom
    I always smile while listening
    Wise. Funny. Useful. Charming. Zak is a generous and companionable host and it’s always a pleasure to hear his guests offer their advice. Makes me smile every time.
  • Kayeleonie
    Listen everyday ❤️❤️❤️
    I actual listen to this podcast everyday... I’m not very good at being consistent but this podcast helps me to be better at it. It could be because each episode is so short but each episode does have good advices being given by others.. I totally love listening ❤️❤️❤️... Oh my gosh I was surprised on Saturday to see an available episode.. now you say it’s was an accident.. kinda funny though!! Christmas Episode: Loved ur letter to the year 2020..gave me a chuckle.
  • evebolt
    The sweetest podcast of 2020
    Always brightens my day! Love the quality of the editing, Zach’s voice, the democratization of guests, and the intro music
  • radfiddle
    Such a delight
    It took listening to a few to really get into this podcast but then I fell in love with it. There are so so many gems that genuinely have improved my life. I find myself sending episodes to friends and family all the time because it makes me think of them and it offers me a sweet moment of connection.
  • Annnnnnnna B
    Authenticity and Wisdom in a Consolidated Package
    Awesomely curated brief segments that share the collective wisdom of humanity. Curious. Genuine. Great for a binge while out for a walk.
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