The Sheridan Tapes

Fiction #31Drama #8

In 2018, famed horror writer Anna Sheridan disappeared, leaving behind only a box of mysterious cassette tapes. Detective Sam Bailey is tasked with piecing together what happened to Anna Sheridan from the seemingly impossible encounters she recorded, but as the scattered pieces of the puzzle come together, Bailey discovers that the picture is even stranger – and more dangerous – than it seemed.

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  • Roselette_jem
    Great Journey
    Thank you to the creators 100 eps, bittersweet to end the story but great storytelling. Loved it so much.
  • Kelly_in_Noke
    My finger is hovered on E100, but I don’t want this to end.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this series. Thank you to the creators!
  • Bahamamama117
    Once Great, Now well past the Expiration
    I have followed this program since inception even a patron supporter. Sadly, as the seasons proceed the series becomes more droll. Truly well past time to wrap this up. What was an interesting and unique story has turned into a hot mess containing all of the usual predictable material. It is best to end on a high note rather than running a concept into the ground. Update: wow after dragging this story out with many many slow episodes, the ending (episode 99, skip 100 as the series ends on a new low) feels rushed. There are so many unanswered questions, there were simply too many tangents along the way to cleanly resolve within the two pinnacle hours. Again, sadly went from really unique to something Telemundo would never 👎🏿 touch
  • zombie0651
    Another liberal?
    lol do all of you have to drive an agenda? Everytime? Doesn’t it get exhausting?
  • Thinks occasionally
    Why does every voice actor pronounce Nevada unlike an actual Nevadan?
    It really was an interesting plot in the earlier part. I think there was too much filler episodes/content that seemed to make it drag on the story longer than needed. I took a break from the show during the last season and really didn’t want to finish it. Also, where are these voice actors from? Every single one of them don’t pronounce Nevada (neh-VAD-uh) like someone who actually is from Nevada. Really threw me off that I kept hearing (neh-VAH-duh) instead.
  • R Hugh
    Pretty good story but too much LGBTQ propaganda
    I enjoyed the story as it unfolded. The problem I have is that there is literally nowhere in the world sans a gay bar or pride parade where this many homosexual characters coexist. It's to the point of unrealistic and obviously someone is trying very hard to make a point. There are three or four main characters that are NOT identified as homosexual in this entire series. I don't care if people are gay, but it seems that the writer has a fixation on sexual identity and isn't creative enough to focus on much else. Life isn't about sexual identity but this series makes it a point to mention it at every turn, ruining an otherwise pretty good story.
  • VaultWastelander
    Lacks feeling
    I really wanted to like this. The idea sounded enticing. The music was engaging, and the start had me hooked but I found little else to keep me going. By episode four I had to call it quits. The narrator sounds like he’s trying to emulate some old Noir style detective which kinda comes off sounding forced. Meanwhile the character mixed with the voice acting for Anna makes her come off as the biggest airhead. She comes off as more of a character that belongs on a sitcom. Like I picture her having a coffee mug stating “No paranormal phenomenon till I’ve had my coffee”. I just feel like she undercuts any sort of tension a situation has with her oblivious nature. Which makes me lose any sort of tension. Again the story was getting kind of interesting. But I can’t feel any anxiety or worry about Anna when she certainly doesn’t.
  • Earthdudelarry
    What I needed…
    I love “found footage “ podcasts and horror/suspense style of mystery. I found this is a great podcast to listen to since my others from Pacific Northwest are not coming out soon. I really like the opennes of the podcast which includes getting high and lgbtqia characters. I feel seen! Heard! And love you for this.
  • Kahleina
    One Season Is Enough
    I can’t get through more then one season. Usually these type of podcasts are too short and you want more, but I have to be honest this gets dragged out and the voice acting can be painful. Pros: great season one. Love the sound effects and storyline. Cons: I agree with other reviewers that Sam’s sighing, stammering for words, and always annoyed like attitude is quite odd. And Anna’s acting can be compared to a mom reading a bedtime story. I can’t go past three stars if I give an overall review. The first season is worth a listen though.
  • Smw1cat
    Love it!
    I can’t believe that I have caught up with this and now have to wait for episodes. I listen while at work and have binged all of season 1-3 and the bonus episodes.
  • faepixel
    Please listen to this!
    A friend recommended this to me about a month ago and I’m so deeply grateful they did. Not only has it helped me get through my work day, but it’s inspired me to continue working on my own personal writing and acting projects. Watching the performers find their voices throughout the show is an incredible experience. Anna Sheridan’s actress hadn’t ever done voice acting for a podcast before, and it’s been amazing to see the sheer amount of improvement that both she and the rest of the cast has made overtime. I’ve just finished season 2 and I’m deeply enjoying every second of it. Pacing, prose, story threads, performances, soundtrack… everything is tying together very beautifully. I am very much looking forward to buying that OST. Jesse, you make literal magic with your music. For those saying it’s “pushing an lgbt agenda” please know that people like us exist— not only is this written, produced, and performed by an array of an lgbtq+ cast, it’s important to remember that podcasts are often one of the safest communities for people like us to share our stories. If you can’t handle the fact that we exist, then that is your own issue to deal with. But keep your homophobia and transphobia out of your reviews and offer some real, honest constructive feedback or be quiet! People are putting their hearts and souls into this, everything they have, and that’s not an agenda. It’s just art, made by people, for other people like them. As a former Mormon, and an out bisexual, both Anna’s and Bill’s backgrounds speak to me so personally and deeply. I would imagine the rest of these characters do in their own ways to people who rarely get to have their voices heard in fiction or otherwise. Side note: also noticed some of the reviews saying it’s a TMA ripoff? As someone who has listened to both thus far, I see similarities, but if you actually take the time to LISTEN, you will find it is very much not that at all. Original and beautiful and unique in its own way. To Van Winkle, Virginia, and everyone else who has put so much hard work and love into this podcast, i thank you for all you’ve done. This is an amazing story and I both don’t ever want it to end and also look so deeply forward to seeing all this amazing stuff come to its conclusion.
  • Boglemiester
    So good!
    Great story, compelling characters. I’ve binge-listened the whole series (so far) at least three times and I keep finding new details and connections. I LOVE it.
  • SydB88
    Not for me
    I gave this several episodes a few months ago. I gave up on it. Tried coming back to it today and give it another try. It’s a no from me. The acting is not great. Either flat or over the top. Sighs, stutters, etc. I’m also sick of having the alphabet mafia agenda thrown in my face. Almost every single character must be gay or bi or anything other straight. It’s infuriating!
  • Kjenne71
    So glad I found this
    Binged first two seasons in a week! Love the creativity and many layers and dimensions of creepiness. If “smart horror” isn’t already a genre, it should be.
  • Once4
    I can’t do it anymore
    Just finished season 1. Good lord, how are there 4 seasons of this? The voice acting is out of control. So much deep sighing and stutter-whimpering. Painful….although it would be hilarious if real cops actually sounded like these wieners. Don’t waste your time on this podcast, and definitely don’t waste your money on the Patreon. Let the creator’s relatives do that.
  • Karenlett
    Stop with the forced swallowing…Pleeeeease!!!
    I enjoy the podcast but it’s almost to much to hear the forced swallowing for ‘dramatic effects’ it sounds gross over AirPods. I can handle the not perfect acting…but that swallowing has to stop. That’s something that if it’s not natural, it doesn’t work!
  • LateAgainBoo
    Overall great premise. Starts interesting…
    But goes on and on and on with little resolution. When they do resolve one plot line, they add another subplot. Convoluted. Some of the acting is over the top.
  • joandietitian
    I listened to 2 episodes. Might be great fun for teenagers but it’s not written for adult listeners. Reminded me of Scooby Doo.
  • Your_fav_josue
    I really enjoy this series on my long commutes for work. It’s thrilling, suspenseful and has you looking forward to it. But… they push the LGBT agenda so hard in your face it’s cringe. 9/10 of the characters are gay or bi or something related. And it really just feels lazy too as to how they bring it about. Like they just want you to know and shove it in your face. Also I I uh uh oh I uh uh uh I I I I I really hate sams stutter, Way over done. I can only imagine his lines like like the above. I tend to fast forward by 15 secs when he stutters as that’s about how long it takes for him to get his words out. I would’ve rated 5 stars if they didn’t push the gay agenda so hard and if they dialed sams stutter/hesitation by ten fold. Other than that I love the story and suspense.
  • KF5EPM
    Couldn’t do it
    Seems like a great premise; pity that the narrator’s vocal fry and mouth breathing IMMEDIATELY put me off.
  • Fed Up Verizon Consumer
    Move On
    I was really disappointed with this podcast because it just seemed very forced, and it seemed like it was a “Magnus Archive” knockoff. I couldn’t make it past episode 1.
  • CMSharpe
    Acting can….use some work, characters just aren’t that interesting. Story had massive potential(that’s why the 2 stars and not 1), but, just fell apart by the end of season 2. Have no plans for listening to season 3.
  • badbob222
    Binge worthy
    Came across this as a recommendation from another podcast I listened too and just got done binge listening to all 3 seasons. Love the stories, the cast and the adventure so far. Keep up the great work.
  • Detour_14
    I really liked season one. It started off slow but it picked up and it was great. They had great characters and the story hooked me. Season Two wasnt great at all though. More than half the time it wasn't keeping my attention. I kept wondering throughout the show why I was still listening it was sooo boring. I kept zoning out from the boring solo monotone monologue of I still don't know what.
  • justgus32
    Loved the show, voices cringe worthy on occasion…
    Overall, it was an excellent performance from a majority of the cast. The accents in season one were some of the worst/ offensive I’ve heard in order to show you who dewitt was or has been. Ned’s cop voice also makes me unhappy to listen to. Again overall great show, lots of frightening moments, but the cast choice seemed poor at times. 4/5.
  • justinekssv
    Good story, so much sighing!
    The plot and story are good overall, but I cannot get through the disposition and all the SIGHING the detective does in his narration… I can’t listen to it.
  • Daveiii
    Really great existential horror podcast
    Horror that makes you question the nature of reality. Maybe less horror and more generally unsettling. I highly recommend!
  • Angryscottsman
    Narrator doesn’t really explain anything well and plot wanders.
  • Hogbeast 1
    So far
    I’m on the 2nd episode. I love the parts with Anna!!!! The detective is cocky or arrogant….. can’t think of the right words to describe him. If you can get past that it’s worth a listen.
  • comomalolo
    Good premise, interesting, challenging audio
    Overall I enjoy the story and performances. The content is delivered through listening to a series of theoretical cassette tape recordings. They do a great job making it seem like the recordings are on old technology. My only complaint is that is such a great job that often the audio is poor enough quality that I have a hard time hearing everything. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, if you like fictional suspense/horror (this is from someone who hates horror films), this is worth a listen.
  • Soulsmear
    “It was late autumn, 2005, the beginning of the housing crisis…”
    From S01 ep02 - If you can’t even be bothered to take the time to do the barest bit of research (like, any at all), I just don’t believe that the rest of the podcast could possibly be worth anyone’s time.
  • UncleTobi
    Dear God
    I’m not by any means knocking the the time and effort that was put into this, but OMG it’s a hard listen. Like very hard. It’s so dry and Anna’s recordings are bland. They are a few that were genuinely creepy like I looked over my shoulder once or twice but they are few and far between. I’m really trying to stay interested, there were a few times I had to skip ahead because her recordings were just pointless to the main plot seems like. Overall this could’ve been done better. Idk if I’ll make it to season 2….
  • ladymcclellan
    Pretty good podcast
    A bit rough off the start with great potential. Got better on into the first season. (Spoiler) I most stopped listening when I thought Sam was dead. Thankfully he wasn’t and glad I continued listening. Nearing the end of season 2, looking forward to see where this crew ends up with the search for Anna.
  • MandeeSparkle
    Not Realm's Best
    I'm an avid Realm listener. I listen or have listened to most of their podcasts. I think Realm is a great channel and normally love their stories. This script was poorly written and the actors don't seem experienced enough to work properly through it. There's an acting tic people do where they exhale a lot. These actors are doing that. I don't understand why because they probably have the lines right in front of them. I'm sorry but the main actors are so bad it's like sitting in a college acting 101 class. (Which I've been an instructor for multiple times). Like I've done screen recordings and sent them to some close acting friends so they could hear how bad it is. Im 26 episodes in and I don't think the plot is enticing or intriguing enough for me to keep putting up with the voice actors.
  • AMSReader
    Not engaging, dull
    The actors read directly from a (terrible) script with zero emotion and at a dull, boring pace. There is no sound dimension and the readings are too long. If you want someone to read a boring story out loud to you, this is your audiobook.
  • Thisistheklaw
    Don’t waste your time
    Between the godawful voice acting in this show and the embarrassing forced & performative activism in Unwell, Realm would be completely off of my list if not for the amazing podcast that is Dark Heights. Seriously, I cannot believe the company that made those two abominations of shows made that one. Do yourself a favor, do not listen to The Sheridan Tapes or Unwell and go straight to Dark Heights.
  • mannyjack
    Absolutely terrible. Easy pass.
  • Elleayyouareeen
    I want to like this but
    The missing author’s voice is so fake and unbelievable. It sounds like she’s just reading a script, not like she’s actually a Stephen king level famous author. She seems uninterested in what she’s even saying and she sighs her way through each script. She doesn’t sound like someone thinking and recording stream-of-consciousness journal entry. Her parts are not that great to listen to. Honestly, I end up tuning her out and then having to re-listen multiple times just to be able to follow the plot. I hope that it doesn’t drag the rest of the storytelling down, but getting through her parts are definitely a chore. The main detective is a bit flat as well, but is consistent enough that he sounds pretty true to the character he’s portraying and not like someone who is just bored and reading a script. Being bored/annoyed/exasperated is part of his character.
  • Momdog63
    Bad Acting
    The emotions are so canned and over played. And agree with other reviewer; reading scripts and way too much sighing.
  • IPad app is buggy
    Bailey’s voice is awful to listen to
    The vocal fry on Bailey’s voice is impossible to listen to. He’s also not a good voice actor.
  • Carlton A
    3 Seasons and Many Months In
    The tale of Ann Sheridan grabbed my attention from the first listen and it kept it up through Series 2. Series 3 though is losing me. It seems the authors are have moved on to a new narrative that’s too vague and only mildly connected to what came before. I’m sorry because it started out really good.
  • bdjejeusxjfnnd
    Fun idea, bad execution
    This podcast has been on my list for a while. Started listening today and can’t get further than episode one. The host won’t stop breathing heavy into the mic and it is beyond distracting. They are also trying to use a ‘podcast’ voice and it just isn’t working.
  • dmgls
    Hmmm can’t decide
    It’s really good when you listen to certain episodes. But it’s so all over the place it’s hard to follow.
  • ][REDACTED][
    Mind the ads
    I rather enjoyed the first episode I listened to, it was a great story and kept me engaged the entire time. I went on to follow your podcast and began to listen to your first episode. The first ad was about the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and how abortions are inaccessible. This is false. States in the US have the right to set limits on abortions, up to forty weeks in some cases. In others, after the birth of a child. I was only looking for spooky stories, not political adverts nor agendas. Roe v. Wade was about the right to privacy between a woman and her doctor, just privacy, not aborting a life. There are other examples of US Supreme Court case laws that have superseded Roe v. Wade for over a decade now. Its not what is being portrayed. I came to your podcast for my own bit of escapism from reality, I didn’t want to hear political agendas or calls to action. As I mentioned, I did enjoy the first episode I heard and certainly do not mind ads. You put in effort to produce good content and should be paid for your time! However, I cannot listen to further episodes as I do not want to support what I view as murder. I’m a layman when it comes to podcasting, but a topic like abortion seems like a polarizing issue that would divide your audience, in your current category. Perhaps you could find advertising for contraception instead, unless you choose to support abstinence which is also polarizing to an audience. I left this as a three-star review and chose to engage by writing this, I would rather listen to more episodes and give it five stars, but I just can’t and don’t want to hear political talking points in my morning leisure time. I wish you well!
  • banyyo
    Love it!!
    Detective Bradley had me laughing so hard when he had to listen to the types lol I have an amazing voice and can definitely act so if your looking for a beautiful voice with amazing talent to capture your audience I’m your girl! Keep them coming !’
  • redport.
    Same thing over and over.
    Finger pointing but no answers. Listen for self defense.
  • f6st6r
    Story is fine, but the voice acting is… not great
    The writing is decent enough to warrant the extra star, but hoo boy… I’ve heard better acting in a high school play. I know it’s not easy - especially when it’s essentially a 30 min monologue each episode, but even then… not great. Going to try a couple more episodes to see if it gets into a groove, but on episode 4 and not super impressed so far.
  • Live4books
    Episode 17 season 1
    Oh my god! I just came across this podcast. I screamed when they mentioned The Mysteries of Udolpho. I wrote my Masters Thesis over this novel!!
  • Lmielke
    Like a tv show for your ears 😩❤️
    I love this show so much, it’s one of my favorite podcasts. PLEASE KEEP THE SEASONS COMING. I am obsessed, you make my work day so much better ❤️
  • TobiTenkit
    Who doesn’t love found footage horror fiction?
    One of my favorite shows!! The writing in this is beautiful and crafts a mystery that rests itself neatly between charming characters and chilling snippets of the things Anna Sheridan got up to before she vanished. Each episode felt like I was stepping one more more inch closer to figuring out what was going on, flashing pieces of the picture so tantalizing that I wanted to binge it all just to get a glimpse of the whole thing. Absolutely delightful and I can’t wait for more.
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