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Astronomy #15

Join amateur astronomers, Chris and Shane, as they share their experiences of observing the night sky.

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  • Into_flow
    Best Podcast in the Universe!!
    For beginners and experts alike. The absolute best visual astronomy podcast. Chris and Shane are engaging, helpful, and a pleasure to listen to. I have learned so much from these two. They have taken my amateur astronomy pursuits to places I would never had gone if I hadn't found this podcast!! There is something for everyone!!
  • FL Commuter
    Best podcast for amateur astronomers
    One of the very few astronomy podcasts that deals with actually going out into your yard and looking at the stars and planets. Chris and Shane are like a couple of friends who share your hobby of astronomy and we have a couple of chats each week about what to look at and what to get to better see it. The podcast is a mix of what’s going on in the night sky, what equipment is available and how to use it, with some guests thrown in to provide information on related topics such as building your own telescope or promoting dark skies. As a novice astronomer with no one close by who shares my interest, this is a must-listen-to podcast. Thanks guys and keep up the good work! Clear skies.
  • Vis Astron
    Best Amateur Astronomy Podcast!
    This is the best Podcast for amateur astronomers. They have something for everyone. Chris and Shane do a fantastic job hosting the podcast. Warning: They may cover a piece of equipment that you don’t have and cannot resist after learning about it!
  • SoonerMD1983
    Best visual astronomy podcast out there!
    Actual Astronomy is by far the best podcast out there for visual observers. I came to the hobby in 2020 as an absolute novice and Chris and Shane have taught be basically everything I know. I know for sure I would not have gotten such enjoyment out the hobby without their advice and guidance. Wish I could give more than 5 stars!
  • Rabbanah1
    Something fun and positive about the show
    This series is the best for amateur astronomers who want to learn more about the hobby of visual observing.
  • Tphr1973
    Great show for observers of outer space!
    Chris and Shane share a wealth of experience encompassing the breadth of amateur astronomy. They’ve developed their own niche interests (refractors, sketching, books, vintage telescopes, solar, etc.) but they frequently interview guests to shed light on other topics. The show is always informative and inspires this listener to be a better observer.
  • RC SLO
    My new favorite podcast
    I am very excited to have found this podcast! Chris and Shane have a great thing going here. Informative, inspirational and entertaining. I can’t believe I’ve only just found this show. I’ve been missing out. If you love night sky observing you’ll love this show. Great content! Thanks guys for all you’re doing here.
  • Perfect Headshot
    If you have any interest in astronomy you HAVE to listen to this podcast
    Thanks Chris and Shane. I always look forward to your informative, insightful and entertaining podcast. I have and will recommend this program to all fellow astronomers. Please continue the great work. It is much appreciated.
  • Haleyscomet again
    Astronomy with a focus on Observing and Equipment
    Chris and Shane are constantly improving their podcast. My favorite episodes "Objects to Observe in _(month)____” come out once a month. They give a brief introduction for beginners then move on to readily viewable deep sky objects and solar system events. I love to share those with newbies to the hobby. At the same time I always gleen several items from the podcast that I have never observed before. The rest of the episodes contain and eclectic mix of astronomy conversations between them, conversations with with special guests, and deep dive conversations about observing smaller areas in the sky. Most other Astronomy podcasts tend to focus more on spaceflight operations, astro physics or other armchair disciplines. Because The Actual Astronomy Podcastthe content is observing focussed (how to, observing resources, equipment, resources), it really motivates me to get out of my armchair, to go outside, and to get some observing in under the evening (and sometimes morning) sky.
  • Planuse
    Chris and Shane
    Great content for beginners and experienced Amateur Astronomers alike. The release schedule is consistent which avoids potentially becoming frustrated as with some other podcasts. Thank you both for encouraging me to update some equipment and get out and observe! Now if only the skies would clear... Patrick (SE Michigan)
  • shanesrq
    My favorite astronomy podcast!
    These guys are great! If it’s no nonsense Astronomy conversation you want, this is the place to find it. Chris and Shane have a passion for observing the night sky and their topics are always interesting and informative. I’ve pretty much stopped listening to all of the other astronomy podcasts. And not only are their episodes great… They’re publishing new one’s quite frequently. Thanks for all your effort in producing this podcast. You’ve inspired me to get my 10” LX 90 SCR out of storage and take a fresh look at the stars!!!
  • John Nuhn
    Best visual observing podcast. Period!
    This is the best astronomical visual observing podcast. Period! Whether you are an experienced observer or just curious about the practice you need to listen to this podcast. Chris and Shane know what they are talking about. They cover it all. Objects to observe, every piece of gear observers use, observing reports from listeners, you name it. If it involves the art and practice of visual observing these guys talk about it. Subscribe. You won’t regret it.
  • Fsu83
    It’s Stellar
    I look forward to Chris and Shane’s insights and varied topics each week. There hasn’t been an episode yet where I haven’t taken a note, looked up a product, or put a reminder to try and learn more about something they may have touched upon. They have a great way of “dummying down” many things that a relative newcomer like me can really appreciate Don S.
  • DaDrumDoctor
    Inspiring to get out under the stars
    If you want inspiration, ideas, and practical advice for seeing the universe, all from your backyard, this podcast is for you! Whether you are just getting started or have been observing for years, this podcast has something for everyone!
  • Wetery
    Interesting show
    If you’re interested in observational astronomy Chris and Shane provide a lot of good advice.
  • luvdarkskies
    Relatable, knowledgeable and fun!
    These guys are the guys you want to bump into at a star party. Average Joes who are as comfortable teaching a novice as they are sharing stories with seasoned observers. First rate!
  • llrrrr
    Always fun
    Chris and Shane are two fun guys who obviously love visual astronomy very much. The podcast is not slickly produced or fancy or academic - it’s just like hanging out with two very knowledgeable amateurs. They inspire me to get out and observe.
  • SaganSent
    Awesome Podcast for practical astronomy!
    I’m a newcomer to astronomy (a lifelong interest, but spurred on by pandemic boredom) and have come to love Chris and Shane’s podcast. I’ve even listened to all the episodes twice and gain even more knowledge as my experience grows! There are lots of podcasts about science and astrophysics but very few about how to actually get out and be successful under the night sky - this is the best one I’ve found. Keep up the great work guys!
  • Lakavos
    How-to astronomy for everyone
    There are plenty of podcasts that will educate you about the planets, stars, and other celestial bodies, but where do you go if you want to actually look at these objects with your own two eyes. This is where you go, and you’ll get all of the information you need to get started, and to be successful, in amateur astronomy. No gimmicks, no shouting, no theatrics; just two fellows having a conversation all beginners can benefit from. It’s the best amateur astronomy podcast in the universe! Five out of five stars!
  • Wisenhima
    My favorite astronomy podcast
    Chris and Shane really have a great thing happening. Finally a podcast about “doing” astronomy. They are humble guys with tremendous knowledge and practical podcasts. They also brave the cold. I don’t know what -20ºC is in Fahrenheit but it sounds like my tongue would stick to my telescope for sure. Keep up the great work guys! —Chris
  • Mr.Snarf
    Great podcast
    I'm just getting started with the astronomy hobby and this podcast is very helpful, educational and entertaining. Thanks guys and keep it up!
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