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  • BN from Lakewood
    A great podcast
    I always enjoy listening. David/Dovid is a great interviewer.
  • YonahL
    Phenomenal Podcast
    18Forty is an incredibly engaging and important podcast. Rabbi David Bashevkin is a masterful interviewer, and his authenticity really comes through in each and every interview. I cannot recommend this podcasts highly enough!
  • Steven Weiner
    Just gets better and better
    David Bashevkin is an extremely knowledgeable and devoted insider in the religious Jewish world. The content he puts out is unmatched for its honesty, fearlessness, insight, and compassion and care for his diverse listeners. This podcast is a treasure!
  • MH Chigo
    An excellent podcast - very thought provoking and always a worthwhile listen
  • MS-RN 26
    Wonderful podcast!!!
    I cannot thank you enough for putting out such amazing thought provoking content! This podcast has helped guide me on my journey and has enriched my Judaism in profound ways! I highly recommend it to everyone, especially to those grappling with their faith. May hashem continue to give you and your team the ability to carry on in your holy work for many years to come!!! Thank you
  • Rosereso
    Thank you
    I just listened to the incredible story told by Kayla Haber Goldstein and I am moved to another level. Thank you for doing this and thank you for sharing!
  • Sarah Treice
    So Glad I Found This
    What a unique and awesome podcast! Rabbi Dovid is an amazing host, asking some really insightful questions and bringing up conversation that is fascinating and informative at the same time. His enthusiasm for his guests and their discussions is infectious. The show also dives in to really unique and wonderful topics. I was recommended the podcast by two different people in the same day which is what prompted me to listen to it and now I’m hooked as well.
  • emzrocks613
    Thank you rabbi David I and appreciate you and everything you do for the world Keep it up ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥
  • gitzik
    Was not familiar with this podcast until tonight. April 2022 podcast was recommended. Blew me away. Rabbi Larry Rothwachs and Tzipora have an amazing story to tell. But I was very impressed with the interviewer, himself, who did an amazing job. I subscribed.
  • אחי!
    Rabbi bashefkin is brilliant!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Love @dbash and everything he stands for keep it up 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Tali B-Monster
    Just wow.
    Really breathtaking. Moving. A must listen for anyone looking to build their religious identity in the modern world. ❤️🧡❤️
  • Tziv Tziv
    Innovative Intersectionality
    It takes true creative boldness and courage to create a podcast that meets at the intersection of Judaism and the modern world/academia/any topic ever. The nuance in this podcast is on a top tier level like I’ve never seen before. As a common consumer of Jewish podcasts, this one satisfies my intellectual and emotional desires that I constantly look for in my podcast consumption, which I often find to be lacking in modern discourse. And, of course, it always gives me something to tweet about. THANK YOU!
  • ulli rotzscher
    Listener podcast
    Dear David, My name is Ulli Rotzscher. I met you when you were visiting us in Oakland at Beth Jacob Congregation. Ever since I am a great fan of 1840. I love your pation and inside you bring to the podcast. BTW, you can have book darts, I love them myself, personalized from the maker. They are very likeable. Great yasher koach to you and your team. Chodesh tov, Ulli
  • breit yungerman
    The ever creative dbash
    D bash does it again! Dovid has a way of bridging worlds and using different platforms to bring out the wide gamut of Torah ideas and Jewish living. I am excited for other projects he has in store for the frum community. Chazak vematz!
  • Marcelo the Brazilian
    Excellent, thought-provoking podcast about major ideas and how Judaism relates to them. Guests are engaging and knowledgeable, and the host does a great job bringing out their voices.
  • MR617:)
    Interesting topics and guests!
    I recently started listening to this podcast and like the range of topics and guests. It's recommended for those interested in intellectual and spiritual topics within Modern Orthodox Judaism.
  • Eli L.
    We Are Lucky to Have Bashevkin in Our Lives
    So eloquent! So insightful! Guests are great. Go Kosher Money!
  • Sartorial_Rainman
    Very engaging
    I really enjoy this podcast. R. Bashevkin is a very engaging speaker/interviewer and the conversations are always insightful and enjoyable. Topics are always interesting and timely.
  • 1dsiegs_spt
    Best podcast out there
    I cannot recommend this podcast enough!! R. Bashevkin provides an amazing resource for Jewish thought, philosophy and dialogue that is incredibly thought provoking. I really enjoyed the episodes with R Judah Mischel, Leah Forster and Zohar Atkins. This podcast has genuinely provided so much more depth to my spiritual and philosophical Judaism and has truly enhanced my daily commutes :). Each episode gets straight to the point and wastes no time providing knowledge to the listener. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Alan from NY
    Great podcast!
    I love this podcast. I am constantly impressed by Bashevkin’s knowledge, intelligence and big-hearted respect for his interlocutors. I learn something whoever I listen and would even go as far as to say I come away a better person.
  • a. big. fan
    How can you give legitimacy to people who are off the derech and support and hope for people to do the same. I used to respect David Bashevkin and his work but after hearing some of these podcasts it’s disturbing how he could go ahead and preach about his religion and then show his support who forfeit it.
  • AryGur
    Incredibly valuable
    David Bashevkin is a dynamic host of a technically well-done podcast. The topics are wide-ranging and the guest selection is top-notch as well.
  • Carly Rickel
    Deep, relatable, insightful
    New ideas & fresh journeys into Jewish wisdom & heritage. I really am enjoying this incredibly interesting, original podcast.
  • DavidR Software
    Thoughtful, truthful, and inspiring
  • Viner man
    Changing the Game
    Orthodox Judaism was in desperate need for a new medium to communicate the richness, complexity, and beauty of Torah, Jews, and God. Rabbi Bashevkin and the 18Forty team are doing that oh so successfully. I know Hashem is beaming, and I can tell you that I, too, love all the work you do. Thank you
  • Moshe Rechthand
    Truly an inspiration
    Such a great podcast, creative and inspiring content. Look forward to each release!
  • ZehavaKU
    Excellent podcast
    The 1840 podcast is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. The topics and guests are always interesting and Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin is an intelligent and thoughtful host. I am truly inspired by this podcast and look forward to a new one every week.
  • weber718
    Excellent learning opportunity
    I’m so impressed with the the host’s ability to weave the universal and the personal. His guests humanity and sensitivity allow for interviewees to be authentic and vulnerable. I’ve really have been moved and educated. Thank you!
  • Fry bagel
    Thought provoking and resonant
    I’m enjoying listening to the podcasts on family divergence. The conversations are well structured with thoughtful articulation of the issues that arise and the challenging give and take that occurs in challenging situations. I find this provides realistic and optimistic perspectives and methods to navigate the differences we encounter in life. Keep up the good work!
  • ZMBomb
    Thanks Dovid
    Consistently engaging and thoughtful content with superb guests. Listening to about a dozen episodes while driving round trip from NY to Orlando for Pesach made the trip enjoyable.
  • fabernetwork
    Thank you!
    I just listened to two special podcasts: one with Rabbi Penner and one with Rachelle Fraenkel. They were two of the most touching, and soul searching podcasts I’ve ever heard and they stand with the best in over 1000 podcast that I’ve listen to over the years.I look forward to being a new fan! Thank you Dovid Bashevkin.
  • S Klar
    Great content
    Very thought provoking!
  • juicesux380
    Fantastic Podcast
    Incredible content. Very interesting and thought provoking interviews. Highly recommend!
  • reena..24
    This is my new favorite podcast- love the array of guests and the excellent interviews. Very insightful, thoughtful and engaging. Thanks for enhancing my commute!
  • Max m Kenigsberg
    Amazing Podcast
    This is a phenomenal Jewish podcast. It’s amazing how it brings in family ties and Jewish values throughout all the different lessons. The conversations are great and Rav Bashevkin is the man. A man with a plethora of knowledge and extremely enjoyable to listen to. Respectfully, Max Kenigsberg
  • סאם שיקגו
    Great podcast content - intro way to long
    Sure I’m not the first to comment. Really shtark content and conversations. The into should be thirty seconds then boom interview.
  • Zombie killer murderer 1387
    A must for the contemporary jew with a classical outlook.
  • Jobotforever
    Love this podcast. Intellectually honest and soulful. A perfect mix
  • FranciskaMusic
    Very interesting
    Great podcast
  • DovidK
    Essential listening
    Deep, intelligent and fascinating. Essential listening for thinking people.
  • mnassimi
    Always exciting when I get a notification that there is a new episode.
  • dennis.karpf
    Deep dive into the profound questions of why we are Jews and how do we live Jewish lives committed to G-d, Torah/Talmud, community and the right and the good.
  • A123456703
    Entertaining and informative
    Dovid fearlessly engages with people from all across the Jewish spectrum discussing topics rarely found on other Orthodox Jewish media. Nothing is off limits, including different approaches to the Torah, going off the derech, and Jewish comedy. Dovid has vast knowledge of Jewish texts and secular philosophy. Combined with his empathy and sense of humour the podcast is the most engaging on I have ever heard. -YB
  • iSplash18
    Thought Provoking
    Great conversation about relevant topics in Judaism.
  • Cote St. Luc
    Love it!
    Love this podcast. Each topic is discussed in a new and fresh way.
  • elchanan c
    Love it
    Super thoughtful, engaging speakers and questions.
  • Meditating Rabbi
    relevant and engaging
    Great Podcast! The host personable style will keep you listening!
  • Rkay.2k
    Meaningful Minute podcast
    The Inspiration in these episodes are limitless. Torah, wisdom and passion!!
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