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Ben, Brett and Jordy Meiselas are three brothers with very unique backgrounds! Ben is a top lawyer and Colin Kaepernick’s business partner. Brett is a two-time Emmy award winning video editor from the world of film and television. Jordy, the fan favorite, was an award-winning advertising executive in New York. The brothers' unique approach at covering news by combining hilarious brother banter with an unapologetic support of democracy has earned them millions of supporters in America and across the globe and made them social media icons. The MeidasTouch Podcast combines brotherly love, comedy, news coverage, and deep discussions about supporting our democracy and is the go-to destination for top political leaders who view the podcast as a pivotal stop for their interviews. Join the Meiselas brothers and their loyal following — the self-described MeidasMighty — with new episodes released every Tuesday and Friday morning at 5am ET/2am PT. The rest of the week, hear from our contributors on our short-form, bite-sized episodes known as 'The Mighty.'

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  • SniffelBug
    Sooooo Smart
    Speaking the truth is so refreshing! Love you guys!
    Good But Too Extreme
    The level of knowledge and experience from the hosts is fantastic. Real world examples and talking points abound in every discussion. Where they lose me is being extreme in their criticism of the opposing side and the hokey goofing around between the brothers. Stay focused and stop goofing around. Moderates are who decide every election. Not everything Democrats do is amazing, and that’s from a democrat.
  • Tdgarrett69
    These 3
    Are all amazing and aren’t afraid to bring out the truth
  • DallasRosie
    Love your podcast
    DOJ should look in Trump’s deceased x-wife’s gravesite for more documents.
  • Anna Cowan
    Great Addition
    MAGA Uncovered! Is a great addition. Thanks!
  • iron metal man
    Love the show would be 5 stars………
    But their new “anthem” is horrible. Really glad there’s a fast forward featuring to never have to listen to that again. I wish I was as skilled as describing how awful it was like the principal in Billy Madison.
  • Tatie's mom
    Great information I totally trust.
  • oshai973
    Mighty Midas Network
    I love your shows. I love the truth and knowing that someone else notices what these people are doing to our country. Keep up the great work.
  • Aldo Hoff
    3 smart guys. We’ll researched deep dive into issues. Political and legal angles. Best place to go for the whole story on Trump-related news. Find the truth here, not at legacy media.
  • tmccaffr
    Trump says Jack
    Great show!
  • DeKHall
    Real news!!
    I look forward to seeing these guys throughout the day. They are always on point and make me feel better about what’s going on because they break it down so it’s easy to understand. Thank you guys so much!!
  • goodvsevil
  • FO ABC
    Magical Meiselas
    Very thankful for you super hero siblings❤️ Great ads, great tweets, great podcasts, is there anything you 3 can’t do?? Thank you!
  • Osserc
    Best News
    Current news in the age of disinformation by mainstream media.
  • R.I Girl Dee
    Happy Birthday Ben
    Love you guys you always make my day!!! ☺️
  • Celticrco
    Happy Birthday
    Another great show for the books💚
  • Iamthe#16
    Love Meidas Touch
    Great truth tellers and calling it out
  • graphica4
    Love you guys - keep up the great work!
    Thanks for giving all of us sane people a reasonable news source - I love to chill out listening to the dulcet tones of Ben Meiselas and bros dropping truth bombs and fantasizing about accountability for Trump and co.
  • Barbphd
    The truth and nothing but
    Great information. Happy Birthday Ben!
  • Orangemoon 00
    HappyBirthday!! 🎏
    Happy Birthday Ben and THANK YOU!! The MeidasTouch Network is a 🎁! Started as a podcast listener only, then began following on YouTube in March. I now appreciate both formats:)
  • kid322
    Truth Matters
    I love this show!!!! Ben happy birthday. Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed with the truth. The truth matters. I watch your show everyday because you keep us current with every day issues. Lies, deception, hatred and greed continually divide our country. As a citizen of the United States we have lost focus in Our Government and in Humanity as a whole. Our stance should always be, “United We Stand Divided We Fall.” We are stronger together than apart. Continue to be a voice for truth and unity.
  • Riley1958
    Happy Birthday Ben
    Just got to say I love the entire Meidas network !
  • Fighting for Democracy
    Making important contribution to democracy
    My favorite podcast - not only informative and fighting to protect democracy but the brother banter is fun and entertaining as well! Thanks Ben, Brett & Jordy
  • Jill Bitt
    A part of my day!
    The 3 brothers are so smart and great people! I listen to it all. They are genuine, honest etc. I love the sponsors and bought the honey which is amazing.
  • Wack master.
    Leading the fight for truth and decency
    Love the show. Keep leading the fight for truth and justice. Appreciate you all so much
  • cindokidd
    This podcast is awesome ! I feel like democracy lives through patriots like you , I’m also trying to spread the word of democracy , I live in a far right community , and I get lots of flack from my views of supporting democracy , my obsession with saving my country . I get down sometimes , when I feel no one is listening ,and when I see the change in people I have known my whole life , in regards to theyre behavior , following the constant gas lighting , by a party hollowed out of its patriots , infused with the injection of grifters , and liars invading our government for profit . I spend a lot of time getting answers to use as rebuttal , from your podcasts , in order to present an intelligent , fact based , reply to the outlandish claims , being tossed out like red meat by our masquerading leaders , who are so obviously compromised by the dark forces involved in the war of democracy , that I get refreshed , knowing there are others that can clearly see what’s going on , and that your credentials drive your platform, and give me stability , during a time of boiling fascism , which , make me feel safe , make me keep up the good work , even when it feels like the extreme forces hijacking our american dream are winning . I take alot of crap, as you can imagine , I don’t have enlightened , talented brothers to help me defend democracy, but that doesn’t by stop me , I am losing friends , in waves , by asking just the question , to question the motives behind these lies that THEY OFTEN ADMIT ARE LIES , but seem not to care . The men around my city , often take comfort in trunps machismo, unknowingly supporting a sexual assailant , a liar , thief , grifter , draft dodger , insurrectionist , top secret document thief , fascist sympathizer , mentally Ill , orange painted bottom feeder , and often giving this behavior a pass by claiming to be not interested in the ongoing criminal behavior by a past US president - now current candidate- running the clock to escape justice, someone actually using the benefits of a free and fair democracy , and department of justice to escape what crimes he’s done , they dint care , partly because the demonization actively taking place on “faux” news , has suceeded in securing the likes of men either questioning their masculine relevance , satisfied and empowered by tucker Carlson s description and blame of the left , particularly women , for the weakness affecting all men . They say losers love company , and victimhood certainly recruits more victims , and in giving these men , excuses , and a target to blame for a result they are unhappy with , but caused by their own inability to draw respect on the usual fashion , become lazy and subscribe to the notion rather that they are owed the respect , because who they are , soley based upon MAGA principles which gives the men residing at least in my city in California , entitled to power based upon their race and gender. It feeds those who want everything without having to earn it , the men who want to get trophy’s , no matter if they won or not - they want honor without being honorable . And this need to get everything for free breeds toxic people , incapable of contributing to a healthy community , it enhances only a dying society , one that siphons out excellence , kindness , riches, and truth. People I knew used to care about their neighbors , now it’s blocking the sun , we used to shine in , I take so much abuse that some days I feel I should just stop trying , to reach them. And I know I may sound like I’m an obsessed person . Sometimes I question why I keep trying , when no one’s listening . I predict trunp who he really is once I researched him before the 2016 election , I recognized the threat , maybe because I study history much like most people study hobbies . But , especially then , everyone really hated the things I was presenting , abd when they came true , they worked even harder in ignoring my warnings . He’s proved to be the criminal - incompetent , I predicted he’d be , and quite frankly passed the bar I had predicted by a mile , by surpassing my suspicions . Now , I am no longer questioning, I am warning . About me- I’m a person , who had enjoyed my American life , creative , and average , I enjoyed a healthy social life , and loved my country . I was also Republican , even a member of the young republicans during Reagan’s terms in office attending firms he and events . began to research the connections and match them with political events that delivered a disappointing glimpse into my version of the American dream now being threatened by an increasing tyrannical thread of organized groups that intersected with religious zealots , Koch brothers , think tanks , Ted Cruz , anti climate change , electoral voting , hanging chads , Supreme Court stacking, and election rigging . I got there on my own of course , having a podcast or even a news program that taught the things for people to look for , we may have opened the eyes of more people , we are now late to the game . I used to battle my best friend regarding Republican vs democrat often tethered to the party line , until one day It began to unravel , someone pulled the thread , Obama being elected brought them out of the shadows , I didn’t have to search for the transformation , clearly , racism came out of hiding with a vengeance . Something you also need to know , about me , I mean , besides the loud siren in my head that never stops , since the pull of that one thread , I also am and have been a regular supervisor , a poll worker , that has served the California public for two decades ., I am thankful for your incredible insight perseverance , legal knowledge , and loyalty , I can continue the good fight because I feel you lead the way in my fight , and don’t stop , giving people like me weapons to win this fight . I no longer care about friends that refuse my warnings I am looking to help those who need help like me to continue the fight for
  • Hopeful A
    CNN stunt
    May we ask the Meidas Mighty to boycott CNN for their ratings stunt?
  • Becky Rb
    Favorite podcast
    Love and watch you guys all the time! Don’t know if you have control over the ads that play before your episodes but in case you do, I’m getting ads for anti-American "conservatives" here in Kentucky who oppose policies for equality in voting.
  • Erinshopper
    You aren’t comedians
    Good content but the show is devolving into mocking impersonations, catch phrases and sad jokes.
  • MackTastic99
    This podcast DESTROYS
    Just when I thought I was having my WORST WEEK EVER. This podcast ATTACKED my boredom and issued my malaise a STUNNING DEFEAT. Now this ray of sunshine is CLOSING IN on an otherwise rainy day. Meidastouch beats any other PATHETIC EXCUSE for a podcast.
  • LegalBeagle48
    Commercials? Seriously?
    Sad to see what’s happened to a once great show. I’m glad you’re trying to grow this show, but for me, the commercials are dealbreaker.
  • TinaRae Campbell
    Your Podcast
    I just want to tell you I absolutely love your show! You explain legal issues and perils of today well in an understandable unbiased way. Thank you. I appreciate your thorough investigative work.
  • fucksusan
    Guys! It’s simple: keep quoting President Biden who referred to the Republicans as “FISCALLY DEMENTED!!!” Make tee shirts whilst you are at it!
  • mrs mc gonagall's sister
    Glenn Kirschner
    For Our Next President ‼️👍
  • mehrunes
    A Must Listen!
    I listen every day! I get the best info from the Meidas Touch!
  • Starbuck-cr
    Democracy Super Powers
    These three brothers, Ben, Brett. and Jordi, are an amazing team that provide positive & hopeful commentary about how to support America’s democracy. They make me laugh, cry, & teach me how to get involved. They expose lies & malicious use of information leading to evil autocracy. Give them a try. You will be hooked! I started with a simple podcast & now watch their nightly network on YouTube, support them on Patreon, & have learned how to connect to other grass root networks against the Hatriots!
  • a unhappy boyo
    Best Pro Democracy Network Hands Down!
    The MeidasTouch is my go to podcast for an in depth look at the current state of our politics. The Meiselas brothers (Ben, Brett & Jordy) breakdown the contrast between the parties agendas, motives and tactics. They are unapologetically pro democracy and present the facts with thorough explanations. Ben is a lawyer and law professor who walks listeners through ongoing litigation, court filings and cases. He joins his brothers in discussions that are engaging, passionate and humorous. They have an amazing rapport and you can’t help feeling an instant connection with these brothers. This will easily become one of your favorites too!! They also have The MeidasTouch YouTube channel with their live podcast along with an array of podcasts shows they host on their network. They also share up-to-date video hot takes throughout the day on current breaking news! You will absolutely love this!! They are meeting the need of this moment and I’m so grateful! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Carolinepfan
    Saving democracy one podcast at a time!
    It’s incredible to see this podcast start to show up in the national conversation on main stream media networks. Keep speaking for truth, facts, and democracy! Americans refuse to be gaslit.
  • scamdestroyer
    Meidas Mighty!!!!!!
    It's an absolute delight to hear this podcast every week! It's a pleasure to fight for our Democracy with this great group of esteemed young men!!!!! Thanks guys!
  • Jaisaunders
    If my for trump you guys would have zero news. You are a joke. This podcast is a joke. Oh how will you put food on your table f something happens to trump? You literally should not be listed under politics.
  • Lisa Tuttle in Maine
    At last
    It’s fun to laugh at the unbelievably dumb republicans and the unwatchable media who pretend they are not whackadoodle pathetic, terribly stupid losers. I mean the Republican death rates from COVID are like twice that of Democrats. Some republican governors can’t even manage to provide clean drinking water! They are really doing Darwin’s work and once I get past the gruesome it is a relief to laugh. It has been constant crazy town for years with these idiotic blubbering white republican men and all their Karens. I felt so alone before 😁
  • Es & Oz
    3 bros unite in telling the truth in the NEWS to drown out the lies of MAGA Republican Fascist propaganda. Thanks for a superb job to save all that care.🌹🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💕🌈
  • Witkneeo
    Cult of Trump
    Finally. A news program that understands trump as a cult leader who breaks laws rather than as a savvy politician - and people who love him as cult followers. Thank you for this lens. Also love Jessica Denson and Steve Hassan’s podcasts on the network!
  • pleasestoptbenoise
    Very informative
    I love this show 90% of the time. I hate the small amount of time they play the disgraced former president’s voice. He’s insane and his voice and speeches make my ears bleed but I understand why you do it. The threat is still real.
  • Ribbit6619
    Activists Pretending To Be Unbiased
    My God this is perhaps the most lopsided cast posing as supposedly unbiased, are you serious? At least the neocons over on Ruthless aren’t out here claiming to be something they’re not. These brothers with their deep pockets and constant grifting always have their hands out and donate to nothing but (D) causes to the tune of millions per quarter but we’re supposed to believe they’re totally doing this for everyone with no slant? Uh okay.
  • AmberHouston
    Straight shooting legal round up
    These brothers have no narrative or agenda… just straight facts with lively commentary!
  • Hotspices
    The cure for bothsides-ism
    Fun, funny, charming yet with tons of legal knowledge takes on current events. The team is pro-democracy and calls out current day fascism straight up. The network of shows uploads constantly on youtube. This particular one is the best with the 3 brothers. They are humble and not elite snarky like so many out there. Give it a try if you want to stay updated on political news while having fun.
  • A UK fan
    I am woke, fully awake, educated and aware. Forget MAGA - they are truly the FASCIST RIGHT call them what they are. Their Fascist leader residing in Fascist Florida is a global danger!
    Fighting for democracy!
    I listen to pod and watch YouTube video’s throughout the day, everyday. Ben has got to be the hardest working man in America! He is always on! I love you guys! Glad to see bros on same page fighting for democracy. God bless you all. Keep up the good work. 👍🏽
  • VA Voter
    Thanks, brothers
    I just love the detail, intelligence and most of all humor that the brothers bring to their podcasts. America needs more of this!
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