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The Team Deakins podcast is an ongoing conversation between acclaimed cinematographer Roger Deakins and James Deakins, his collaborator, about cinematography, the film business and whatever other questions are submitted. We start with a specific question and end....who knows where! We are joined by guests periodically. Followup questions can be posted in the forums at

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  • cavalier👹
    I love this
    Thanks for doing this
  • Instagram Cat Mom
    Love this
    Thank you both for sharing with the Dallas community and for bringing Dallas Film Commission Tony & Andrew on as guests! So interesting to learn more about what states do differently and incentives. Great podcast 😺
  • Cristian Medellin
    For Everyone who wants Insight from true working professionals in the industry
    I've been listening to the Team Deakins since their first release of the podcast. Every topic they talk about relates to the Guests work on and how they got to their current position. This is truly inspiring as it shows how these people, some from small towns or no relation to someone in the industry, can make it to a position in big films. It shows that it is possible, and a good insight of the days/work they put into a project. Without this I wouldn't know what I do now or wouldn't have the courage to say I know what my next steps are to join the film industry, all I wish is that I can one day work along side the Deakins Team as they are a force of beauty.
  • jeffreyahaines
    Amazing podcast for cinephiles
    James and Roger are at the top of their game in the film world and ask some of the most interesting questions as interviewers. Great insight into the magic of filmmaking and how expert craftspeople think, execute, and collaborate.
  • Dame Thyme
    Always learning
    Everything in this is inspiring and informative!
  • rawpanic54
    A true gift.
    As an ex film major and makeup effects guy who is currently using my mid life crisis to go deep into stop motion animation, I happened upon this podcast and can’t believe how much of a game changer it has been for me. As a lifelong cinephile, I usually bore all within earshot as I wax on about different films and their impact. Until now, only a few close friends and my sons, who’ve I raised on a steady diet of Kubrick, Kurosawa, Honda, Scorsese, Coppola, Coens, Tarentino and yes, Roger Corman, would tolerate an exchange with me. I feel like the proverbial pig who discovered a sea of lovely mud to wallow in. The depth and knowledge that is openly and warmly shared by James, Roger and their guests is jaw dropping. Beyond a deep dive into the industry and technique, this podcast is so personal it’s wildly entertaining. As a testament, my wife who will leave the room if I show any reaction to a rack focus, push in, frame or track (you couldn’t pay her to watch 1917 with me) has taken to listening to this on her own. She could not care less about how a film is made, but she enjoys the presentation and information of Team Deakins (with the exception of color science or Arri). Thank you both.
  • Lakin B
    Just amazing
    It’s genuinely incredible that this exists. A must listen for anyone with even a passing interest in movies.
    BEST PODCAST for cinema lovers
    This podcast takes you inside the very beginning of the subject with the insight of Rodger & James. It’s just spot on with excellence all around. Hope to be a guest one day!
  • tekkonkinkreet
    A Marvel
    What a great discovery. Roger and James are so good at drawing out life stories, discussions of technique, and moments of humor, from a truly stellar parade of guests… Any lover of film or student of the craft will find this podcast an inspiring and wonderfully understated listen.
  • Coren David William
    Save Us.
    The world is a much worse place without the regularity of your thoughtful discourse.
  • Mr. Michael
    This is a wonderful podcast series.
    You will learn a lot about not just the technical aspects of filmmaking but about the creative choices a cinematographer makes and the collaboration and inspiration behind so much great imagery. I would love to hear an entire podcast on Deakins speaking about THE WILD BUNCH - which I read his favorite film.
  • jonahlee
    This is the most incredible podcast for filmmakers in the world
    Roger Deakins and his wife James interview other filmmakers in all positions, and they talk about how they got where they are and what the job entails. It should be essential listening for all film students and anyone working in the industry. The fact that all the interviewees know and trust Deakins makes this truly on of the best listening experiences out there.
  • Rezpeni2
    Absolute Joy
    I discovered this podcast a few months ago and have been devouring old episodes, as a film fanatic it just brings absolute joy to hear these masters discuss movies with as much passion and heart as I feel watching them. Please never end this show, it is wonderful.
  • Masta Sheets
    Fantastic Discussions
    I’m not in the film industry, but I’m a lover of watching films with a deep appreciation for the technical aspects of filming and the experiences that are created. The conversations in each episode are accessible to those who don’t work in film. You will learn a lot about technical aspects while enjoying wonderful stories about someone’s career, their path, how they approached a project, overcoming and solving for challenges, likes and dislikes, and other personal experiences. It’s such a joy to listen to, and Isabella and Roger do an incredible job asking open ended questions, or technical questions, and seeing where the conversation takes them. I recommend this podcast to everyone who tells me they are also a movie lover.
  • Pod Love
    Wows !
    Because of the constant “ Wow” from Roger Deacon’s wife I unsubscribed many months ago but today I wondered if Deacon’s wife became cognizant of her overuse of “ Wow” and because John Turturro was their recent guest I started listening and sure enough the Wows came in droves. It’s worse than “you know”.
  • Yepoop
    Film School!
    Thank you, Roger and James! You rock like Hendrix. I can feel the passion and love you have for cinema and it’s contagious. I am a new filmmaker and an older artist (hiphop). I’ve dedicated my life to storytelling on wax and on screen. I’ve read a ton and watched a thousand videos, but I don’t have a film school background. I appreciate this podcast and your website because I’ve learned so much from you and your guests. I love and appreciate you both. Many blessings to you.
  • Jeff Puckett
    Loved it!
    I’ve only seen Mr. Ballards one movie, The Black Stallion, which I love! But after listening to this podcast I’ll be checking out his other films. I found Mr. Ballards cool, low key, way of making movies very intriguing! Mr. Deakins, I’ve not listened to all of your podcasts but the ones that I have I’ve enjoyed tremendously! Have you ever thought about interviewing the film director John D Hancock? I think that would be an interesting podcast.
  • StellaConnecticut
    Love! And need more diversity.
    Fabulous way to spend 90 mins. Many elements make this unique. First, James’ voice is so soothing :) BUT more importantly James herself is a skilled interviewer and producer in her own right. I love hearing from other filmmakers about their craft especially those at the top of their game. The missing aspect? More people of color and women. These voices are crucial to be included, but largely absent. Hearing from Rachel Morrison about juggling life as a mom and an in demand DP... hugely meaningful for me. How about more of that and POC talking about their craft AND experiences in a predominantly white industry?
  • kachikis
    One of the most generous gifts to come out of the COVID lock down. Roger and James thanks for your Art and Craft and sharing these relationships, thoughts and insights with the rest of world.
  • Pauliemango
    Truly one of a kind
    This pod is a gift. Thank you Roger & James for being so generous with your memories, wisdom, and tools.
  • Nlaneo111
    A true BTS of filmmaking
    I went to USC for film and I feel like I get just as much out of an episode of this podcast as I did out of a class there. It’s incredibly inspiring and informative.
  • DaveGeffin
    Stunning podcast
    Thank you Roger and James - you’ve taken the pandemic to provide a silver lining by giving us off the cuff thoughts and insights into both your own careers and ways of operating as well as those otherwise-inaccessible actors / crew / talented others. This is an incredible podcast for anyone interested in cinematography, Deakins and wider film making / storytelling.
  • Gaulen01
    Solo director switch
    This was fascinating - I enjoyed the coverage of this topic on Pop Culture Leftovers, also available on ITunes and Stitcher.
  • Annekwilson
    Great conversations
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. Interesting and in depth conversations with a variety of filmmakers. I always learn something new!
  • ACLegend
    Yo! This podcast is definitely busting. I get so many gems that I never seen from the filmmakers they interview. Like a Cohen mentioning Andrey Zvyagintev and yes all his movies go. Keep asking what inspired them cuz my South Chicago break room appreciates it. P.S shout out to Dave Mullen’s wife for holding him down when he was making 2k a year cuz Northfork definitely bangs.
  • gibbythedog
    Team Deakins
    Best podcast ever. Deakins is God
  • Adrian9OH9
    All The Film School You Need
    The best way to learn about the roles and craft of filmmaking (aside from actually getting involved in films yourself) is through the insights, stories and wisdom shared by respected professionals in the industry. I’ve learned more about the different aspects of production and the dynamics between them from this podcast than I ever did in all my years of film school. A recommended resource for filmmakers wanting to learn more about how the craftspeople, artists and technicians behind some of the greatest movies of all time operate.
  • Viaswage
    I’m drawn to this series like no other. Wonderful!
  • NierOh
    Great show
    Absolutely fascinating
  • srfaye327
    Incredible Resource for Filmmakers
    I’m a freelance DP in SoCal and I have to say the Team Deakin’s podcast feels like I got free tuition for a PhD in filmmaking at USC and given free notes from the professor for every test for life. Seriously though, this podcast has already paid dividends in my career and made me a wiser DP. Couldn’t recommend more!
  • Don Alaa
    Unique artistic value
    Thank you for this opportunity ..
  • joeytosi
    Learning Mastery From A Great Mentor
    Team Deakins gives valuable insight in the craft of film from many important perspectives. The fact that Roger has opened himself up as much as he does makes these podcasts valuable to filmmakers for years to come. This podcast far exceeds any expectations of what I had hoped to learn from this one of a kind team of top notch pros. Many thanks, and keep them coming.
  • charlesbronson
    Educational and good vibes!
    Educational and good vibes!
  • Bellinater
    Heady topics, cozy vibes, every guest is an expert in their craft
    I love interview shows, and this might be the best interview show I’ve ever heard. The mutual respect and openness in the conversations are refreshing, and the guests come onto the show as artists, and they talk inside nuts and bolts about how great films are made. I’m surprised this show isn’t already more popular.
  • Transmogrification
    Multiple Oscar Winner Walter Murch
    Thank you to Team Deakin to educate and entertain your Podcast audience by letting us behind the curtain of the magic of film production. Please ask Walter Murch, multiple Oscar Winner for Sound and Editing to come on the Podcast.
  • CTC5435345345
    Thank you both for doing this, learning so much.
  • Smart489
    Favorite Filmmaking Podcast
    This is my favorite filmmaking podcast for filmmakers. It’s so informative and relevant; and it makes production feel less intimidating and frightening if I make mistakes. James’ voice is sooo soothing! I feel like if I worked with her on set I would feel so much better about whatever is going on.
  • cecesuxlol
    You really wouldn't expect people like Roger and James, who's whole life is mostly behind the camera, to be able to produce such a good podcast. Its extremely informative in terms of technical info and the different roles in the industry but what makes it great in my opinion is that it always manages to stay grounded and human.
  • LBC90211
    Great Gyllenhall ep butttttt...
    Pretty interesting how you don’t talk about Jake attacking a bit actor on set. Only in this industry could you get away with repeatedly punching a coworker in the face on set and storming off. I’d like to believe this wouldn’t happen today and he would have been escorted off set in handcuffs.
  • Fellow Music tian
    Great BTS Peak
    Love listening to the podcast! Great industry insight and storytelling. It’s been a fun way to stay connected to the film industry during the shutdown!
  • Silent Panda52
    Laid back but very informative
    Roger and James are wonderful to listen to, this podcast has such a peaceful feeling but also teaches a lot about the various aspects of filmmaking. I would recommend this podcast for anyone interested(seriously or casually) in filmmaking or the film industry.
  • UrielAdair
    It’s Roger Deakins interviewing other masters in their craft, it doesn’t get any better than that.
  • motweesha
    The best
    The best. Period.
  • bh6677
    Too Much of a Good Thing
    I love the podcast, but I wish it wouldn’t release with such frequency. Hard not to develop a big back log of eps
  • kellestad
    My Favorite Podcast
    I listen to a number of film podcasts and this is by far my favorite. Perfect length, wonderful casual format, awesome guests, and—of course—two masters of their craft sharing their experiences and technical knowledge so generously. Can not recommend enough for cinephiles and beyond. Thank you, Roger and James, for this gift.
  • iliketolaugh54321
    Best filmmaking podcast
    I enjoyed the discussions with director Joel Coen and Denis Villeneuve a bunch. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
  • operaglass
    Lack of diversity leaves much to be desired.
    Why does this podcast only feature male guests? Who are constantly referring to other male artists? Really disappointed.
  • Jessica Lipinski
    BEST podcast I’ve come across!
    This podcast is the best I’ve heard about filmmaking and I mean it. I’ve listened to so many others and usually it’s too vague on a job or position focused on the “main” jobs of film like a producer or director and I haven’t seen many cinematography podcasts let alone one that also talks about all the other parts of filming and everyone involved and connecting it all together. I’m so thankful for everyone involved for making this podcast.
  • bobsob
    Great Resource about how Movies are Made
    Thank you for this podcast. There is nothing like it out there. Masterful artists talking about their craft and how they approach the challenges of each film. It doesn’t get better than Roger Deakins!
  • KEN_JR?
    Entertaining &
    Enlightening. Thanks for Villanueva intervu
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